FLY! ~ Sky Girls Episode 3

Being fashionably late as always I bring a rough summary of sky girls episode 3 O.O (as usual I apologize for any wrong points/assumptions I make).

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In a Nutshell: The sonic diver trio is briefed on the workings of their motion suit and how the nanoskins will be able to protect them in battle. Later they get changed into their suits for a simulator practice. Otoha calls Ichijo by her first name which annoys the girl. And so their training soon starts with Otoha and Karen pretty much failing on their first try. Ichijo on the other hand seems to be a natural.


“failed but nice poses O.O”

Next the girls are taken to a rollercoaster ride where they are tested on their eye sight moving at speed. Ichijo manages to complete the task and so did Karen (without too much trouble besides screaming her lungs out) but as for Otoha, she completely failed. The training continues with track running.

That night Karen and Otoha are in the bath together. Otoha calls Togo a devil while we see Karen rubbing her sore ankle. Next we see Karen getting a drink form the vending machine. She then hears sounds coming from a room where she sees Ichijo training with weights after taking a peek. The secretary girl then bumps into Karen they sit down to have a chat. The girl tells Karen why Ichijo is trying so hard to become an ace pilot.

Moving onto Ichijo, we see a flashback to when she was told about the civilian pilot defeating her in combat. She then tells herself that she will become stronger.

The next day the team is taken to have a test pilot of their sonic diver. Togo tells the team which sonic diver belongs to whom and Otoha become overjoyed when she hears that the green one is hers to pilot. She goes over to touch her machine when a guy in an afro pops out to tell her “do not touch”. The guy then becomes perverted seeing Otoha in her suit and is punched over. Three more people then come walking in and Togo tells the team that they are the mechanical team.

The boss guy introduces the mechanics to the team and the mecha they are in charge of. It then turns out the guy Otoha knocked down was actually in charge of her sonic diver.

“Meet the team”

The team then gets onto their sonic diver and attaches their “tail cord” to the frame. Information in then transferred to each mechanic’s computer. Ryohei is surprised at Otoha’s compatibility rate with her frame and concludes that it much be a mistake.

In the control room the commander tells them to commence with the test but it seems that right now only ichijo is qualified enough to do so. Ryohei says that his mecha is the strongest but as for the piolet…Otoha gets annoyed as that statement was aimed at her directly. Otoha wishes Ichijo good luck and she blasts off. The initial take off was perfect and Ichijo is ordered to change into mode 2. She does and it appears to be working at first. However, suddenly the sonic diver becomes unstable and Ichijo was ordered to return. She was about too but her sonic diver becomes berserk and control is lost.

Togo goes to the control room to see what is happening. It seems that they are out of options and the commander is only concerned for the safe retrieval, he suggests a dangerous procedure which will endanger Ichijo’s life. Togo gets mad. Down below Otoha grabs Ryohei and tells him that she will blast off to save Ichijo. The guy refuses. News about the procedure reaches the team down below and Otoha begs the guy to let her go. He soon gives in and orders her that she will have to succeed so failure is not an option. Togo punches the commander down but his response is still the same.

Ryohei launches Otoha into the sky. The take off was perfect but Togo orders Otoha to return. Otoha agrees but after she retrieves Ichijo. We next see Ichijo proceeding with the rescue mission by giving Ichijo a piggy back ride. They return with no problem but the landing was mistimed with the moving truck which spelt doom for Otoha. Ichijo then uses all her force and will power to gain control of her machine and manages to hover back to the landing pad. Safe!

Success! And the team is relieved. Otoha thanks ichijo but almost calls her by her first name again. Ichijo says that it no longer matters and thanks Otoha.


“Relieved moment”

Thoughts: Awesome!! Well what else can I say? Again we see more development but this was a blast. Nothing like a bit of failure at the start to strengthen a friendship bond 😀 it is expected that we would have episodes like this so I am not bother much by it. Development and teambuilding is needed for the story to take off and this is just what we got. By my estimation I would say that the action (and the team’s first battle) will take off within the next 2 -3 episodes so it isn’t too long to wait. What hidden powers do Otoha hold? And will Ichijo ever act more dere? Let’s hope this series continue to improve with time ^.^


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  1. 1 Elizabeth May 25, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Hi! I love reading your reviews, and the Sky Girls is my top favorite anime show…I know its been a long time, but if you ever have a spare moment…do you think you could review the rest of the series? It really picks up after episode thirteen, and the end is actually quite bittersweet (a little rushed though). If no I understand, but I would really appreciate it if you did! Thank you! XD

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