Lucky Staruhi Episode 15 Examination

Class 3-B, Kuroi Sensei, Ow My Ears, Yeah Yeah….Wait The Hell?!……


At The “Greatest” Concert Ever:

-Oh geez a Haruhi Suzumiya song breakdown, I haven’t seen one of those in like 8 minutes.


The Jam Of Haruhi Suzumiya….You Know For A Second I Though This Was Some Sort Of Jam Packet That They Were Pushing In This Episode.

– Given how things work in Otaku Land, some person who thinks they are funny will probably make a joke on 2ch, that will turn into a meme and then somebody will catch on, contact a Japanese Jam company, slap Haruhi’s face on the bottle with that same facial expression we’ve seen for the past year on all merchandise, and it will sell like no food product seen in Japanese history.


Konata Claims To Have Beat Up Guile An Yet She Can’t Get Around Tubby Here. Highly Suspect Konata

– Higher, Higher, Hiiiiigher. He Ya Go!


You Know I Swear I Saw A Special On Alien Abductions On The Learning Channel That Showed A Recreation Of An Encounter With An Alien That Looked Very Similar To This Thing And Was Also Holding A Glow Stick….Hmmmmm


Who Is That Again? Oh It’s On The Tip Of My Tongue, I Swear I’ve Seen Her Many Many Many Many Places Before But Can’t Put A Finger On It. Perhaps I’ve Seen Her So Many Times Saturation Has Clouded My Recollection Of The Subject

– “She Was Awesome”, “So Cool”, “So Amazing”, :This Feeling I Can Hardly Describe It….Wait It Is Us The Lucking Star Crew Telling You, The Viewer To Go Out And Buy The New Haruhi Concert DVD On Sale This Week”. GAME PENALTY!

– Tsukasa’s outfit is kind of cute here by the way with the star on it.


At The Cherry Blossom Festival:

– Konata coughing up Sakura Petals here is kind of amusing. She’s really not entirely there, which I like in a character.

– So wait Kagami’s fish is going to turn into a Butter Troll and come back to eat her.

– Wait this is another festival, everytime there’s an episode on a festival, I’ve noticed there’s always a huge amount of Kadokawa product placement, we shall see….

– What is it with Tsukasa and butts. She constantly shows off her own and now she’s talking about it getting cold. This girls a hussy in the making.


You Know For A Studio Who So Many Claim Has Peerless Animation And Attention To Detail, This 30 Second Midriff Cam Is Pretty Cheap

– Loving the budget save here by not showing anyones lips moving and just there torsos.

– I honestly have no idea why Kagami thinks the fish will be a wife beater if it turns into a human. Is she implying only fat people beat their wives?

At Konata’s:

– Cool echo effect on Kona Pops there in the beginning. Don’t know if it was deliberate, but it sounded like one of those Super Robot speaker effects when they are doing their special attacks.


Henshi Turansforrrrrmu! What’s He Going To Turn Into


Sensei Sentai Doctor Blue

Poor Kona Pops getting teased for his police troubles by his own daughter.

– Hey Super Loli Yutaka is back! Hooray!

– Yui making a bust with a leek….as if she could even do it with a shotgun at point blank.


Konata Feet Service. Lolicon’s Can Lick Em If They Want….I Guess

– Konata learns the Golden Rule on April Fool’s day. Although Kuroi joke is a lot meaner. You’d have to be a gamer to understand what it feels like to have someone or yourself accidentaly overwrite a critical save file. It’s like a heart attack and a stroke are happening at the same time.

– Aw…why is she dragging poor Miyuki into this.

At Kagami’s:

– Speaking of which, Tsukasa is a goody two shoes too. She lies about lying just so she can feel like she belongs. That’s like something I would do, but just for the hell of it.

– You know girls, it’s April FOOL’s Day, not April Lie Day. The idea is to screw around with people anyway you can, not just limited to lying. Although these girls are generally all such goody two shoes that I guess anything really nasty is beneath them. Good for them.

At Konata’s:


You Know I Can See The Haruhi Bunny Figurine There KyoAni. You Might As Well Just Bring It To The Forefront And Have It Be The Subject Of The Scene. Naw I’m Just Teasing. If They Must It’s Preferable It Be In The Background Like Normal Product Placement

– Nice blatant reference to Yuki’s reply of unique in response to Kyon asking about a book she was reading. Konata thinks she’s sooooooo clever quoting popular anime culture. Reminds me of me.

– Wait who are those other new girls. Don’t tell me Kona Pop’s found them on the street to complete a 5 member loli harem.

– Hey Freeza’s back commentating the quiz show….HOORAY!

– For a second when they said Kyoto I though it was because of the studio and that we were in for some sort of advertising blitz promoting their efforts through the Luck Star girls reactions. Usually that works fairly well. Good thing it’s still just a quiz show. Shame I always expect some ulterior advertising motive behind every segement at this point in the show now as a result of it’s increasing presence in recent episodes. Looks to have finally died off though now.

– Kagami scores a point, that’s exactly how it is in school. Show of hands for those who sat quite when they weren’t 100% sure of an answer in school.


– The girls talk like they’ve never been to Miyuki’s house before. This is quite possible since they barely ever seem to see her and we just saw her house for the first time last week, and only the front foyer. There description sounds a fair bit like my house.

– Enter Minami as voiced by Chihara “Phone It In” Minori. Anyway that sequence was about as complex as Lucky Star has ever gotten in it’s jokes. Not to shabby a setup for the visit to Miyuki’s house….but….They never bother to go.


At School:


Take It From Somebody Who Knows, This Is Pretty Much What You Will Look Like If You Stay Up All Knight Playing Games. You Also Feel Like Somebody Just Punched You Several Times In The Face And Like You’re Head Weighs 2 Tons.

– I really liked tired Konata’s appearance here. Highly Amusing.

– Everybody in the same year is in the same class, except Kagami….Bwaaaaaaah! Most Depressing Music Ever… April Jokes Day….wait wrong day, I mean no, the most depressing song ever is Awakening Souls from the Victory Gundam OST. Anyway Yutaka and Minami are in the same class and she actually does seem happy, just quietly so.


It’s Fang & Forehead. Does The Combination Remind You Of Tsuruya. How Clever! Go Buy Haruhi Merchandise. There’s A Good Boy.

– Fang & Forehead’s transition to background characters actually made them stand out more. How bout that…

-Like the shit eating grin on Kagami here. I think that’s the first time I’ve actually seen anything like that in Lucky Star.

– Looks like teach pulled a Konata and stayed up all night playing games.

– Miyuki is class rep again. Natch.


Konata Just Became A Looney Toons Character With That Bandage

– Yutaka’s quite naive to assume the Chihara Minori voiced character might actually be exciting. How crushing it would be if this were reality.

– Yutaka’s A MANIAC! MANIAC!

– In all honest Chihara Minori isn’t stand out awful here. She’s improved to average now.


Wait A Sec, The Idealistic Pictures Of Blushing Girls, The Awful Music, The Corny Dialogue, THIS IS AN EROGE OPENING! Although The Trademark Character Showcase Proves Konata Is The Only Character To Pick From. Looks Like Kona-Pops Game Is Better With The 5 Loli Harem In Front Of The TV.

– Reality bites huh Konata. Although your life is practically a harem game in itself with your father as the star.

– Note to self, big sis Konata not good with directions.

– What’s with the sudden animation boost at the end of the episode here where the girls describe their day.

– What’s this about Potemkin villages their Konata. Are you saying your imagination is like one, cause let me tell you….

– Miyuki goes to bed way to early, real men…..I mean, the cool people go to bed at 4:00 AM. Oh and Konata are you even trying to follow her advice.


– God Shut Up Akira, SKIPPED! Oh wait that “I’m A Lieutanent” remark is a line from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam said by Quattro Bagina/Char Aznable, when someone calls him colonel.


Was that really even a song?


Not bad at all really. The only GAME PENALTY is for the Haruhi concert, which really is just an advertising spot for the soon to be realize concert DVD’s. As such the episode hits about a 9/10. Chihara Minori seems to have proved herself at least tentatively worthy of having a Seiyuu career beyond her luck in voicing Yuki Nagato in a popular series. She’s quiet here without sounding like she’s phoning in her lines. Konata is tops this episode with tons of good jokes about her gaming nature and otakuness, which is when the series is at it’s best. There’s also some character development for each character including the ones who were introduced including Kagami’s sadness at being left out of the class with her friends in it, Miyuki’s history as class rep, Yutaka and Minami’s friendship, Sojirou considering remarrying, Kuroi calling the Konata pot black, and last butt not least Tsukasa’s butt. Yes this episode is as good as Lucky Star gets, but for a few budget saving scenes like the midriff sequence to avoid lip flapping. Overall and great showing though.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


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