Moetan/Lolitan/Gundamtan Episode 02 Examination

If one magical loli running around isn’t good enough how about adding a new one, only make this one a snobby rich girl with a superiority complex and a huge temper who has no business getting any of ZA LOLI POWAA…..


Lolicon’s Should Be Aware That This Is Just A Heck Of A Lot Of Snot And That You Aren’t Seeing Your Wish Fulfillment Fantasy

Summary: It looks like the world Arks came from has contracted a magical Loli Bunny Girl to track him down, causing him to sneeze all over Ink when Loli Bunny Girl mentions his name. I should also mention the lyrics to the opening are so hilariously bad as to be funny and amusing.


We Now Take You To Buckingham Palace….APRIL LIES!

Actually we start with an outside view of Bitchy Richs house, or as we saw her from last episode Ink’s pseudo rival friend Sumi, who is oversleeping before being woken up violently by her crazed maid kicking the bed over.


Note The ZZZ In Her Hair. This Girl Somehow Has The Power To Convey Her Emotional Status Through Her Shapeshifting Ahoge

Sumi starts babbling something about the Earth Federation’s weapons (Project V from Mobile Suit Gundam) closing in on her (I always pictured her as a Zeon officer). Sumi mentions something about the morning rays of the sun suiting the celibate body of a 17 year old (I think she’s confused about her age). Then as she’s heading to off to get changed the devious made steps on her pajama’s cat tail causing her to trip (I get the feeling the maid secretely hates Sumi).


“It’s That Hateful Nijihara Ink!” I Wish Her Ahoge Made The Metal Gear Solid Discovered Sound Effect When A Guard Finds You

On her way to school in her limo, Sumi sees her rival for Nao’s love, Ink, standing outside of her Nao-Sama’s house and orders the chauffer to stop the car. Ink bugs out again as Nao’s sister comes flying out of the gate and crouches behind the fence. However, this time Mio spots Ink and offers to call him, which causes Ink to bug out and decline. All the while, Sumi is behind a gate (Ahoge Gloved Fist) daring Ink to try and muscle in on Nao. Sumi demands that she be left at Nao’s and the evil maid is all to happy to oblige, taking off like a bat out of hell. The poster beside Sumi’s also changed for some reason. Meanwhile Nao has come out of his house causing Ink to bug out and he misses her because he has his face buried in a cell phone (Back at Sumi the posters changed again).


Stop Means STOP!

Ink takes off after Nao, but a determined Sumi drives past her and forces her to stop leading to the most random scene imaginable.


Actually Not So Much. These Scenes Occur…..


Whenever There’s A Collision. It Replaces The Usual Dust Cloud. Quite Clever I guess.

Both Ink and Sumi are knocked clear flat on the ground from the collision, when the suave pedophile from last episode comes up again (Is he like summoned by falling lolis). Anyway he tells Ink how pretty she is before the cop calls out and he is forced to bug out, not before saying a classic Zeta Gundam line from the next episode preview that maybe me and 4 other people know. Also he completely fails to take advantage of Sumi who is still lying there Ko’ed.


Next Time On Kidou Senshi Zeta Gundam

That is until Sumi gets up really fast, clocking the cop in his glass jaw with Loli Power and Ko’ing HIM instead. Sumi is spooked and she grabs Ink and says they have to get out off the block fast before they get into real trouble. At school Nao is slacking and Sumi is called on to read an english passage which sounds like it might be from Grappler Baki, however she stumbles near the end of the sentence and tries to make up her own passage, causing the teacher to admonish her. Ink has to translate the line back into English now (Oh that’s hardly fair considering it will sound flawless when she speaks it as a native Japanese speaker), and of course being Moetan and Japanese she pulls it off perfectly, much to Sumi’s chagrin.


Arks Is So Proud of Ink’s Ability To Speak Her Own Language That He Decides To Lust After Her Thighs

Meanwhile, Arks senses something outside that looks like a Shadow Cat, but more importantly Sumi is giving Ink the evil eye, blaming her Japanese speaking skills for her lack of English Speaking Skills, so she decides to try and weasel in on Nao (Heart Ahoge). When her offer to take Nao on a vacation is rejected (Skull Ahoge). He says he needs to learn lessons from Pastel Ink, which surpries Sumi (Question Mark Ahoge). Oh well too bad (Thumbs Down Ahoge).



It’s all Ink’s fault (Finger Pointing J’Acuse Ahoge) as Sumi gives Ink the evil eye and marchs over to her. As her rival though Sumi decides to call things a draw as she stumbles out of the room, tripping once.


When Did He Get So Small?

The trouble alert sounds through Ink’s phone at this point via something called Magi-Mail and Arks tells ink to take a look. Ink enables the Magical Change at this point, but is seen by Sumi who comes in for a closer looks (Looks like they’ve gone the play the whole transformation route). As Arks drools over Ink’s transformation and Moetan gives him the evil eye before flying away, Sumi sees the whol thing.


This Is Imporant To The Plot

The Trouble Alert seems to be some guy pinned between his car and a wall, so Moetan goes in to try and use her Loli Super Strength to pull the car off him. It’s no good so Moetan instead uses Loli Power to summon the Mega Glove from Super Mario RPG and lifts the car off of the guy in one go (I bet he feels pathetic to be saved by a little girl). However, the trouble isn’t over as Dream And Illusion Space (DAIS) floods the area and the Shadow Cat from earlier comes out to greet the pair.


Pissed Off Loli Sumi EYECATCH!


Pissed Off Temepera Sumi With Power Upgrade EYECATCH! All Mortal Can Run For Their Lives.

The Shadow Cat tells a scared Moetan that elementary school girls should keep quiet (Ink should stop pretending she’s in highschool now and go back to Grade 5). Anyway it turns out that the scary Shadow Cat is just a little kitty that Moetan pokes fun at until it pulls out two bazookas and starts firing randomly.


The Hyper Bazookas From Gundam More Or Less

Arks and Kitty fight it out until it looks like Kitty has the upper hand. However, drawing his inspiraton from a Shounen fighting anime cliche (the cheering villagers for whose sake…..) Arks manages to win in the end. Afterward Arks explains that the Kitty is Kakusu a friend from the Magical Kingdom who has started referring to him as “Rival”, which reminds Moetan of Sumi. Recess is over though so it’s time to get back to school like a good little girl as the mysterious Blond Bunny Girl looks on. Back at school Sumi is blaming Ink for her problems again, guessing correctly that she is the reputed Pastel Ink keeping Nao busy (All Previous Ahoges Plus Star Ahoge). Sumi does a haughty laugh as she leaves the room knowing Ink’s secret, but not before plonking on the floor again first, leaving a very flustered Ink worried about herself being exposed.

On the way home Sumi sees Kakusus being accosted by some wild dogs and with the power of trance music playing in the background chases them off. Seeing that Kakusu can talk too, and Kakusu hearing about a talking duck from Sumi, the two go back to Sumi’s palace together. Meanwhile Moetan is teaching Nao to say “Isn’t There To Much Late Night Anime, I Wonder If The Production Staff Is Okay” (With accents that are all wrong). Arks spends his time reading Nao’s porno mags when Nao asks Moetan if there’s anyone she likes. Embarassed Moetan tell him to keep studying.

Over at the palace, Sumi and Kakusu decide to team up to get even with their respective rivals. Sumi is given her own Magi-Mail Phone and transforms for the first time before a nosebleeding Kakusu:


Tempera Sumi

With a haughty laugh Tempera Sumi tells Ink too just wait and see (I can hardly wait). Too bad the maid comes up and smacks Tempera Sumi from behind for being to loud and cosplaying, giving us a nice view of her butt.

The episode ends back at Ink’s as she’s coming out of the bath she gets a message telling her she earned twenty points for saving the guy under the car. Arks explains that this is apparently some sort of community service sentence and if Ink gets enough points then Arks can go back to the Magical Kingdom.

I love the beat on the ending tune by the way.

Moetan Corner: No Attack During Transformation Scenes (A Golden Rule I Must Say)

Thoughts: Despite the budget drop from the first scene I really liked this episode. Sumi is simply awesome with her Ahoge, which gives a new meaning to the term wearing your emotions on your sleeve (or should I say hair). I can’t wait to see what she has in store for Ink now that she has her Magical Loli Powers too. She kind of reminds of the Princess character from Powerpuff Girls, a rich girl who always wanted to get even with the Powerpuff girls for being more popular and got her father to design her a powered suit that was more than a match for all three of them. Now I wonder if Tempera Sumi is going to use her powers for good or to dominate everybody, given her rich snobbish attitued. Who knows. The bunny girl that has shown up frequently remains and anomaly that will likely be revealed next episode. Also the Gundam References are piling up almost as much as the Harui references in Lucky Star (It looks like I should probably cut that show a little bit of slack though as it’s not the only show pulling in popular references this season, although it’s certainly the most overbearing and troublesome). I hope that it doesn’t become the dominant point for the English Lines and detract from the actual show like Lucky Star is having trouble with lately, but we’ll see. Though a Gundam character has already crossed the dimensional barrier. Overall the episode was very amusing to me, there was a ton of fanservice that appealed to me, but didn’t impact the shows quality much, and now there’s a lot to look forward to next episode. Finally the fact that Kakusu is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama who is like a god of Gar to me is just awesome. I have to wonder whether the studio had me in mind when they made this show as everything is like a direct assault on my awesome sector.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


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