“MY EYESSSSSSS!!!” Seto no Hanayome, Episode 16

*sigh* WordPress is really a pain… as you can see, some entries were salvaged, but unfortunately, this entry wasn’t…
Can’t be helped, i will rewrite this summary, with more accuracy since i got my hands on Otacon release.
Speaking of fansub release, I would suggest you to NOT download [Your-mom] release for the episode 16. not until they fix what they have done. to be short, their current “release” is the episode 15 with subs of episode 16 on it. Not sure if it was a joke or a mistake (erm…hard to not notice…), but wait for them for a fixed version, or go with Otacon release.

Well then, much like i wrote before, episode 15 was kinda weak after some thoughts. Hopefully, this one put SnH back in its usual formula : initial situation – fun – more fun – BOMB – madness.
Not as hilarous as golden episodes 10, 12 and 14, but scores well. (well in my book, that is ^^)

Shall we start?

Seto no Hanayome, Episode 16 : Minority Report



Night… the dark scenery is bathed by a soft moonlight. Everything look really peaceful and beautiful until… an annoying chorus of “gyo” can be heard. This is indeed the 3 brothers, lurking around, without any obvious motive about this. Suddenly, a figure can be seen, tall and elegant, standing on a high place. This shadow then leaps and whacks the 3 fish trio. She acquired her target, the school.

The episode starts with Nagasumi and Saru. The later asks to Nagasumi if he heards about these rumors of monsters, haunting around the school. Some half-fish half-human atrocities. Of course, it doesn’t take long to Nagasumi to figure it is no one else than the 3 retarded brothers. The only thought of it chills him out.

Homeroom starts ! Gouzaburou isn’t really in a good mood. nevetherless, he introduces to the class a transfer student. (much like Nagasumi said… this class sure has a lot of “transfer students” recently…).
The new student maks her entrance, giving a big impression to the class : a mature, posed, slender and quiet girl.
Her name is Shiranui Akeno. San notices she is carrying a longer object, and wonders if it is a katana. Akeno also notices San, picks her notepad and begins to jots some things on it. She then sits between San and Luna.

Luna quickly makes her acquaintance with Akeno. The later greets her as well, using her full name “Edomae Luna”, suggesting she already knows who she is really, the idol “LUNAR”. Luna fake her surprise and is touched about this mention, and enters in her “Megalomania mode”. Then Akeno asks why an idol like her is doing in such school. Luna answers this is for “San’s Sake and their friendship”. Akeno jots on ther notepad once again.

Homeroom is done. Incho asks to Akeno if she has prepared her textbook. However, the transfer was too sudden, so she couldn’t. San then offers her to share hers and that doesn’t bother her at all. Akeno appreciates her generosity a lot. Then Luna interfer with again her megalo state, and offers her textbook (and many other books) to Akeno. Despite she is already fine with San, Luna keeps going and slams on her desk all of her books, and then immadiately sleeps. Akeno draws out her notepad again, and jots on it.

The scene switches with Nagasumi and Saru. The later has an epiphany with his “old Master mode” and reveals that they have another bishoujo. Nagasumi is in shock!
Then Saru activates his “Saru Eyes” device, and litterally scans Akeno’s gorgeous figure. The results are gathered quickly, and he can’t believe that akeno is beating San and Luna “bishoujou”ness altogether. He then notices her chest, which has been bandaged, thus restrained… The Mass, Volume and Curves make him wonder if she is really a middle school, and goes into meltdown ! Completely crazed, Saru gets wild, drooling and is ready to jump at her at any moment. Fortunately, Nagasumi stops him, kicking the crap out of him.

Nagasumi then introduces himself to Akeno. However she seems to know him already, and consults her notepad. Then she tells him he has a rather close relationship with San and Luna, and then asks how it is. Nagasumi is embarassed by this question, obviously because of the secret, and tries to be “natural”, though his stress doesn’t really help him… Akeno notices his efforts to keep the secret and jots on her notepad.

It is now Kai’s turn ! He approaches her with the saber topic, as he noticed that she was carrying a Kanseito or something of that style (being a swordmanship fan is sure… “handy” in this situation). His charming smile doesn’t affect Akeno at all, and much like Luna, she is able to identify him and asks him why such a rich guy like him is going in this school. Of course, Kai answers that it is for LOVE ! but Nagasumi interrupted him, flately saying that Kai is a stalker. Of course, fight ensues, and Kai mentioned he will show him the power of the whales…” Akeno keeps jolting on her notepad.
Then Akeno intervenes, and stun Kai with her sheathed Katana, yelling he failed.

Everyone is surprised, and San asks what Akeno has done to Kai. She then shows her the notepad, with various information about kai and what he has done today. She mentions that Kai “whale pride” isn’t something to brag before humans. San realizes that Akeno is a mermaid. The later tells her that her mission is to evaluate the merfolks around, a mermaid exam in fact. Any merfolk who fails in the human society will be sent back in the sea. Akeno tells her that Gouzaburou knows it, and she disposed Maki (who is stuck in a figure package).

Nothing will save San, and she will have to pass the exam alone, without any help or whatsoever.
The examination starts !

Math Lesson ! Masa is giving another math problem with his usual… “peculiar” way of teaching, which once again impresses Mawari, but also Akeno, who judges that Masa has no problem and is fine.
Akeno reminds San that, as she can see, the examination is not only for San, and thatif any merfolk fails, that one will be sent back to the sea. San freaks out, and notices Kai, who is already a goner.

Kai wakes up. Saru mentions that San is staring at her. Of course, due the blow and his usual fantasies, Kai mistakes her pity and sad look with embarassement of love. San is completely scared, and rushes, which makes kai think that she gonna hug him. Akeno is still jotting on her notepad.
In the next period, the students have their science lesson in the lab. San is completely stressed and poured a unstable product, which creates some smoke, than a huge explosion. Of course, Akeno notes this in her notepad.

Later on, Nagasumi is worried and asks if Akeno knows why San is in such bad shape. She answers that he should directly asks to her. Nagasumi finds San on the rooftop, and tries to determine what is happening. However, Akeno is behind him, which freaks San out completely. This situation creates a misundertanding between the three, and San run away.

P.E ! Girls are playing some dodgeball, while the guys are running. Saru is completely a boner, and get excited at the sight of Akeno, especially her chest, which is no longer restrained by the bandages she had under her seifuku. Saru mentions this to Kai, who tries to stay “faithful” to San (but that doesn’t prevent him to stare at the well endowed mermaid examiner heh…). Kai feels guilty, but Saru argues that it is normal for guys. Then kai feels some bravery, and want to apologizes to san, and remove the visor of his astronaut helmet.
Of course, you know the result : his agoraphobia kicks in.

Nagasumi is dumbstruck by their stupidity, then looks at San, obviously depressed. He wonders what about her but… he suddenly senses a huge murderous intent behind him ! Fujishiro-sensei notices Nagasumi, and isn’t happy at all that he is slacking off and staring at sportwear girls during his lesson. Nagasumi tries to justify himself because of the two other idiots, but unfortunately for him, these two already got back with the main jog group. Nagasumi is forsaken, and chased by Fujishiro.

San sees this and panics. She tries to prevent Akeno to see this, but she got hit by the ball. Luna then approaches her, but fake her compasionate side, while taunting “discretely” san. Akeno is speechless of her schyzophrenia-like personality. Akeno tries to comfort San that Luna doesn’t fail : she is litteraly a failure as a human being.

In classroom, Nagasumi asks once again if San is really okay and tells to her thatif she has any problem, she can tell him. This discussion is much serious and nothing hinder them. San is touched and assures him that there isn’t any problem and she is doing her best so their daily moments will be the same. Nagasumi is okay with this and tells her to not push herself too much.

Akeno is surprised about this serious resolution. San is resolute, since she promised she won’t tell anyone about the exam. Then Akeno tells her that she should stay herself. she agrees, and then cheer herself up, being the “usual san”.

Speaking of which, the “usual San” has the horrible habit to always be in the wrong place, at the wrong moment.
When San stands up, her chairs hits the closet behind her, where a vase is “innocently” on it.
Guess what? the vase loses its balances and spills its content on San’s legs, which turn into her mermaid tail with a fancy noise.

That sound is kinda loud, and everyone in the classroom wonder what is happening. Akeno reacts immediately and incapacitate everyone in it (weirdly,Kai included). As she is leaving the classroom, Nagasumi enters and woners what is happening. Akeno orders him to dry San’s legs quickly.

Outside, Akeno declares she won’t let anyone enter in the classroom.
Suddenly, a weird chore can be heard : another “gyo” fest. The students are scared by the 3 fish brothers gang, but Akeno whacks them immediately, extremely annoyed by their lack of discretion for their identity.

It is now Kai’s turn, not really pleased about what she has done to him. As he is drawing out his Katana, claiming being the best swordman of the sea world, Akeno doesn’t let him proceed in his “war cry and attack declaration”, and disable him again, by poking his eyes!

San then leaves the classroom, telling to Akeno that her legs are now OK.
However, Akeno is extremely irritated because of san’s reckless actions, despite her warning. She immediately attacs San with her sheathed Katana. San has barely the time to picks Kai’s saber, and parries Akeno’s strike.
After a little skirmish, Akeno asks if San is prepared to face the consequences. San is then shocked of this.

However, Akeno doesn’t disqualify her yet, mentioning she wasn’t able to beat San, though she failed. Thus, she is leaving San alone, until she is able to defeat her.
Akeno walks off, giving an tremendous impression of respect.

Thoughts :

After the little disappointement from last week, I was expecting something better to settle things. Fortunately, my expectations weren’t “betrayed”, and this episode was really enjoyable.
As i said in the lead of this entry, it wasn’t as madly and explosively funny as 10-12-14, but the comedy was solid.

The introduction of Akeno is really interesting, as she is another “rival” for san and the other merfolk, but not exactly as how Luna and the cat are.
That said, her role will probably give more balance, but also more opportunities for insane situations ^^
And finally, as a huge fan of “Swordmaiden” in general, I must say that her style, design and personality are really interesting. Probably my future favourite character.

Next episode will involve her once again, and the “rivalry” will be present. I can’t really wait, considering how was the “rivalry” episode between San and Luna, and i’m already drooling at that scene, where Akeno carries her saber under a moon scenery ufufufu…

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