“goshujin sama” Nekomimi modo! ~ Doujin Work Episode 4

Gah for some reason this week’s RAW torrent was nowhere to be found so I had to compromise using youtube *sighs*. Well in any case it doesn’t affect my enjoyment for the series, so let the good times roll 😀

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In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with our friends on a train where Najimi is sitting away from the rest, fast asleep. Justice asks Tsuyuri what they are doing and she replies that they are stalking Najimi. A flashback then reveals that Najimi was actually keeping the location of her job a secret from Tsuyuri which annoyed her and so she now wants to know the truth. Justice understands but is unsure. Tsuyuri says that it is ok as Najimi probably didn’t want to tell her the truth because it is embarrassing for her who is a “M” (apparently so Tsuyuri uses the word “M” throughout the episode to describe Najimi as a tsundere. Justice is afraid that she might be working at a dangerous place (back onto the pregnancy joke XD) and vows to protect her.

They reach their stop but we see Justice being left behind to his own fantasy. He catches up and Tsuyuri asks him how, he then shows some beads that sora dropped along the way which formed a trail. A moment of happiness soon followed.

They reach the place where Najimi disappeared off too but Tsuyuri finds it strange that she isn’t working already seen as her shift should have begun already. A expression mark then appears to the side of their heads and they walk into a cosplay nekomimi café, where Najimi greeted them, “goshujin sama”, in the most moe voice she can muster XD. Everyone is just speechless whereas Najimi realizes that she had been stalked.

And college called out to Najimi using her waitress name “luna” which caused another shock flow. Sora is close to tears. Najimi then tells them to be quiet and shows them their seats. Sora then points out that Najimi chose a job with a good pay no matter what it involved doing, Najimi kind of agrees. She then takes the order and leaves.

And the next person to walk through the door turns out to be the guy from last episode. Justice asks Najimi how often that guy has been to this place and she tells him every day. It seems that the guy is working upstairs as well but only joined 2 days after Najimi became a waitress. Very suspicious what his aims are.

Najimi then soon returns with the omelette rice. Najimi asks Sora if she wants a message written with ketchup but Sora then directs that message to Tsuyuri. She then tells Najimi to write, “Najimi is a prostitute”, Najimi flips and asks why she has to use her own name. But as far as we know her name is “Luna” which causes her to carry on writing with a red face. Tsuyuri then calls her a “M” which causes her to empty the contents of the bottle and she puts the plate down and walks off. The surrounding customers then say that she is a tsundere.

Next we see Najimi asking Hoishi if he wanted a chocolate message. He tries to get her to write her real name but hesitates due to Justice’s death aura! He then asks who Justice is to be standing in his way every time and we get a reply that he is Najimi’s childhood friend. Justice then goes to say that he has shared a bath with Najimi which causes uproar (though the truth is that the story way 10 years ago).

The guy refuses to back down and says that he can get her to cast magic. He then takes out a black card and asks Najimi to upgrade her service which costs a lot more but he gets a photo with her as sora states.

Justice loses but Tsuyuri saves the day by causing the picture to fail. Before Justice leaves he tells Hoishi that they will meet again. Hoishi says that he comes here every day so bring it on! Justice then says that he will beat him if he teases Najimi and upon saying that the guy has the name of his love. The guy then leaves triumphantly.

Justice goes crazy and tells Najimi to quit. She refuses and reveals her true intention for working at the place. It seems that she intends to study doujins in the above store. Tsuyuri and Justice are touched. Justice tells Najimi that he won’t visit anymore, but instead he will work here.

Thoughts: ROFL HAHA! Another great episode for chuckling your lungs out 😀 I must say that what makes this series special has to be the colourful characters. Everyone has their own special trait which is all oh so unique. I just love how Justice seems to want to protect Najimi from all evils like how a father would protect their child, I guess he already has plenty of practice with Sora (though we still don’t know her relationship with him). Tsuyuri on the other hand is you devil or angel! She just can’t keep her nose out of other people’s businesses which is awesome when she then turns her shock of the truth into enjoyment. That tsundere gag really hits the spot XD.
I am looking forward to more of this wonderful series ^.^.


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