Zero no Tsukaima II, Episode 4 summary and thoughts.

A new day, a new start for our ‘lovely’ couple. Saito keeps mumbling in his sleep, then turns to side and his hand lands on something, and he makes an absent minded comment that nothing is there. Sure enough – his hand has landed on Lousie’s chest ^^

And with this you just know the day is going to start with a bang, involving lots of pain on Saito’s part 🙂

Sure enough – Saito gets a bit of beating, but their antics are interrupted when a blond girl charges in to the room and declares Louise is coming home with her. Yep – she is Louise’s sister, Eleonore. She has a temper that easily matches Louise and seems quite rash and violent. Now we know which one of her sister Lousie resembles personality wise >.>
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Without bothering to add any more explanations she drags Louise of, who drags along Saito in turn. The company pass by Siesta, and for some weird reason Eleonore decides she needs a new maid, so Siesta gets taken (read: dragged) along as well.

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They get in to two carriages (how convenient – Eleonore even brought an extra carriage along, even though she didn’t have any additional guests planned … now that is some foresight ability :rolleyes:) and ride off, Siesta getting to sit with Saito in one of the carriages,

while Louise gets to share a sisterly moment with her sibling in the other one… can’t you just feel the sisterly love ? 🙂 (Eleonore also mentions something about finding a husband for Louise)

The first carriage suddenly gets rattled, which causes Siesta to fall in to Saito’s arms and make it look like the two are embracing.

Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with Louise, so she uses her magic to blow the carriage up 🙂 (with rather smoking results, if i may say so).

The group arrives at Louises home, which looks more like a castle, causing Siesta and Saito quite the shocku~. Without further delay we are introduced to Louise’s other sister – Cattleya. A specific ‘aspect’ of her immediately draws Saito’s attention 🙂

Unlike the other sister Catteleya has a very gentle and caring personality (and looks like an older version of Louise)… though it seems she has some health problems, because when she answers she is doing just like always to Lousise’s question, Louise shows a sad/concerned face. The family proceeds to have dinner then , and we get introduced to Louises mother. It seems her father is busy and will be back only tomorrow. (ZOMG, an anime where parents are actually present ? 0_o … *runs around screaming “the sky is falling!!*).

The family is eating supper (with a hungry Saito watching from sidelines). The question of Louises marriage is raised again by Eleonore (though there is no particular male in mind) – she believes this is a way for Louise to settle down, because she has nothing to do in the magic academy anyway, because … well, because she is Louise the Zero ^^ (seems like she can’t reveal to her family that she can use void magic). Louise, of course, is not very thrilled by this, and quickly shouts back that Eleonore is the one who is supposed to get married. Eleonore then goes on a fit, complaining that her marriage got called of, and she has no idea why … only that the duke had said something along the lines of “i can not take it anymore!” (Oh, i have a very good idea why he couldn’t take anymore of her – i can’t stand her already, and we have seen only ~5 minutes of her in total).

The dinner ends, and it is nighttime … Siesta is brooding in her room over the fact that Saito has, apparently, chosen Louise. After looking at herself in the mirror (paying some attention to her breasts as well ^^) she concludes she still has a chance, because Saito and Louise don’t seem to be progressing anywhere. On that note she leaves her room and goes to seek out Saito’s room.

Cut to Cattelaya and Louise having some sisterly time together – Louise is getting her hair combed, and she is complaining that Eleonora is always picking on her. Cattelaya responds that she is, probably, showing her concern for Louise in her own way. Then she tells she is worried as well, and asks whetehr Louise is in love, startling the younger girl ^^

The two go to sleep then, but for some reason Louise can’t seem to fall asleep. Cattelaya (after teasing Louise around a bit with love ) tells her that she should go where she wants to be.

Encouraged by her sister’s words Louise goes to Saito’s room, enters and slowly crawls in to his bed, under the covers. After a while she finds herself being pulled in to a kiss and doesn’t resist. Then her hand suddenly feels something round and soft … she quickly discards the blanket only to reveal Siesta, who had been hiding under the blanket and mistook her for Saito 😛 Needless to say – Louise is quite stunned.

What did surprise me though was Siesta’s answer when Louise asked what she is doing here – Siesta answers that Saito invited her to come during the night. (which he, obviously, didn’t).

So … where is Saito himself ? Ironically – he is looking for Louise’s room >.> … he enters one of the rooms under the impression that it is Louise’s and approaches the bed. Actually the room is Eleonore’s, but Saito can’t tell because it is dark. At the same time Eleonore is having a dream about her prince charming (who happened to recall their marriage because he couldn’t stand her ^^).

So what happens when Saito gets near the bed? Why … she jolts up and pulls him in to an embrace (still half-asleep ^^), then pulls him down on the bed. Saito gets kinda excited about the situation, thinking that it is Louise who is acting like this. Unfortunately for him his sweet illusion comes to an end when his hand ends up un Elenore’s breast, which causes her to snap out of her dream-like state. She is, obviously, not very happy and Saito’s pleads for mercy are ignored, as he gets introduced to a whole night fun of S&M. (At least we know where Louise gets her habits from … why couldn’t she take after the other sister ? She would make men melt like chocolate on a hot summer day in that case).

Cattleya wakes up at the sound of Louise returning to her room. After slowly walking up to her sister Louise bursts in to tears and jumps to hug Cattelaya, who in turns takes Louise in to embrace and comforts her.

Next morning – we have a family breakfast, but Louise is looking down. Then her father turns up and voices his displease with the politics this country is using regarding the war. Louise tries to stand up for Henrieta but her father tells her to be quiet because she doesn’t understand anything and can’t do anything either and should just hurry up and find a husband. Father takes his leave, and after that Louise then meekly says she is not ready for marriage. Eleonora and her mother start pestering her about this matter and conclude that there is someone she loves (and of a low social standing judging from her reactions) and are quite displeased. Louise then runs away crying, saying she doesn’t love anyone.

Back at Saito’s room he finishes treating the injuries he received last night (lol) and just when he is done there is a knock on the door. Cattleya has come to visit, and this almost instantly sends Saito in to *drool* mode. He things how pretty and lovely she is, and it would be nice if Louise would grow up to be like this. Cattleya then smiles at him and says Louise will grow up even prettier and nicer than she is, which startles Saito ^^ (She is either very good at guessing people’s thoughts or she reads minds ^^). Then she tells that at this rate Louise is going to marry someone else, and guesses that this is not what Saito wants to happen. Then she says she will tell him where to find Louise – a place where she has always gone to whenever she was upset, ever since her childhood. She then says she is leaving her little sister in Saito’s hands and kisses his forehead, calling him “Mr. Knight”.

Louise is lying inside a boat and crying. Saito walks up to her, but she says she doesn’t know anyone named Saito, because she is being considered worthless by everyone – she can’t even tell her family about her void magic, and thus no one ever takes her seriously. Saito then gets inside the boat, places his hand on Louise and says that he does, and tells her to get up and be counted. But Louise tells him to stop lying, since he had called Siesta over and obviously prefers her, because she is much nicer. They start a rather heated argument where Saito yells that Siesta is indeed nicer, and no one would want a stubborn girl like her or to be treated like a pet. He says “Be it in battle or mission, i would rather have that maid over you!” Then Louise yells at him why doesn’t he just leave then , and Saito yells back “Because i love you!” Then he says (yells) his heart beats madly just from being near her, the reason he protects her is because he loves her, yet she keeps blabbering about that maid! (Certainly wasn’t expecting this). Obviously a moment of silence ensues with stunned Louise and embarrassed Saito.

After a moment Louise lifts Saito’s head and says she is going to kill him if that was a lie. Saito answers that he is not lying and embraces Louise.

Louise pushes him away, obviously embarrassed, and starts stammering … she says that because he has said such things she should reward him (she is so red a boiled lobster would get jealous, as well as shaking lightly) … so he is allowed to touch her anywhere he wants. (Causing Saito to almost pass out ^^). The two kiss and the boat drifts away from the shore.

Think this is the end of this romantic moment? Not quite… Saito pushes Louise down (all the while repeating: “I love you”, and the two kiss again. This turns in to one grand makeout session. (He goes as far as to nibbling (kissing) on her ear … (Although not shown in the screencaps, his leg is placed between her legs). In other words – things are getting quite hot in the boat (appropriate sound effects coming from Louise are also present). While the foreplay goes on the boat has drifted to shore again.

Unfortunately there is a little distraction they couldn’t ignore – Louises’s father, mother and several buttlers are standing around the boat and gapping (obviously not very pleased ^^). Louise quickly throws Saito out of the boat, but her father orders Saito to be detained. Saito pulls out his sword and charges through the guards, grabs Louise (who is just sitting there, spacing out ^^) and runs away, avoiding a magic blast from the father.

The two run outside the castle gate, but the bridge across the river is being lifted and they can not pass. Suddenly a ray of pink magic shoots past them and disintegrates the chains, causing the bridge to fall back in place. Looking back Saito sees Cattelaya standing by a window, magic wand in hand and smile on her face and waving her hand 🙂 (I can see her doing the “Just as planned” evil grin later ^^).

Siesta is waiting with a carriage for them -> they jump in and escape. Louise is resting her head on Saito’s shoulder, and eventually asks him where he was last night … he says he was in Eleonora’s room, which sends Louise in to another angry fit, causing her to yell she knew his words can’t be trusted (about him loving her) and he gets introduced to Louise’s foot in his face. Siesta is listening with a gloomy look on her face, thinking that she is the only one who can make Saito happy.

A very nice episode indeed. Lots of Louise x Saito development here, though i really hope the last scene at the end (Louise being mad at Saito) won’t push the relationship back one level yet again. Siesta is turning dark and gloomy … when did this happen? Either way – looking towards the next one!

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  1. 1 Rajitha June 25, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    why can’t she tell them about void magic?

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