Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 5 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MILD spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these mild spoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED). Good reading!

Time to analyse the best episode of Higurashi so far! Well, much like its summary, I put a “mild spoiler” warning for this analysis as well, considering the huge amount of information, which is piercing further the darkness coil around the truth. Fear not, I will still stick on the anime material as usual. But once again, this article might be a “too convenient” assistance, so try to craft your own theories from there before reading this. That said, here are the previous Analyses. Don’t hesitate to read them at your leisure, if you didn’t already: [Reunion], [Oni Gokko], [Muryoku], [Yoteichouwa]
Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!

Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. “Janitor” henchmen: Skilled Professionals
  2. Great Hinamizawa Disaster
  3. Rena’s Hat, and its message
  4. Satoko’s Murder

Much like last week, no random things. There isn’t anything to talk about and the mood is just too huge.


I. “Janitor” Henchmen: Skilled Professionals

Let’s begin this analysis with the basta… i mean “villains”.
As you could see, these guys were… simply professionnals, I would even say assassins and the like. If we consider everything from the start, the picture of their prowess is really easy to figure out. Let me summary :

  1. Onikakushi-hen: the henchmen stalked Keiichi (Van “incident, Episode 3), they also restrained him after Rena’s “madness”, and finally, they were under the orders of Irie.
  2. Watanagashi-hen/Meakashi-hen: They are absent. Convenient right…? No disaster in these chapters as well…
  3. Tatarigoroshi-hen: They are not shown, but Irie “killed himself”. Kumatani and Ooishi are also “missing”. (See TIPS The Great Hinamizawa Disaster Casualties List)
  4. Himatsubushi-hen: They are the culprits who kidnapped the grand-son of the Minister, who was in charge of the Dam project.
  5. Tsumihoroboshi-hen: They have minor appearance, but they pretend to be men from the Forest Service, for some Fumigations.
  6. Nekogoroshi-hen: They faked the accident involving the lost child and his father. Even in the present, before the Watanagashi Festival, one of them is lurking around the Yagouchi Quarry Site.
  7. Yakusamashi-hen: They faked Irie’s suicide and took the control of the broadcast building next to the Irie’s hospital institute. They also killed Kumatani, Rika, Rena and Satoko.

These actions are simply facts, and there is absolutely no way to ignore them. Granted, I believe most of you -if not everyone- already got really suspicious about them, since Onikakushi-hen.
Well, there is now something to understand: These professionals are…simply damn skilled, and well prepared.
How can we determine this? Let’s see the important points:

  1. Himatsubushi-hen: Their prowesss against Akasaka and Ooishi weren’t something to laugh at. Also, Ooishi and Akasaka commented that they were well trained, much beyond the petty Sonozaki Yakuza.
  2. list for Yakusamashi-hen:

  3. One of them had a suppressor on his gun.
  4. They have combat knives.
  5. One of them has a pair of Night Vision Goggles.
  6. They were able to rush quickly where Rika was. They were also able to track Satoko for a long distance, and they even ambushed Rena while she was fleeing.

Their equipement is simply beyond simple goons. They are most likely near of “army level” with these. Also, basing on their physical traits, discipline, steady reactions etc, they have the qualities of excellent soldiers. Considering Himatsubushi-hen and Nekogoroshi-hen, these guys are lurking in Hinamizawa from a long time (at least, more than 5 years). With their experience and abilities, no wonder how they were able to be that fast in the various chases.

There is now absolutely no doubt they are working for an extremely powerful entity/organization, if not the governement. As mentionned in Reunion, the disaster itself has too many holes, and this chapter proved it once again, but I will rant about it in the second point.

That said, there are many questions raising about them : whose/what organization they are working for? Motives/Reasons? Why only now, and not before, since they took at least 5 years?

That aside, since they are the culprits of various things, wouldn’t be the same culprits for the previous incidents? It is extremely hard to tell, since we don’t know why they perform all of these things to obliterate the village. And this why it becomes extremely hard. Don’t you think there is something contradictory?
Let me remind you of something: they kidnapped the grand-son of the minister, who was the main leader of the Dam Project. Of course, everyone (and probably some of you, watchers ^^) thought the culprits were hired by the Sonozaki (or were the sonozaki). However, in the very same chapter, it is immediately proven by Ooishi and Akasaka that they are way above the level of the Yakuza. Meakashi proves also that Sonozaki didn’t lay a hand on Satoshi. These 2 facts mean that the Sonozaki aren’t THAT bad, and some kind of “fear” is coiling the village, which is as powerful as true manpower.
Thus, they are obviously a third faction like I stated in some instances.

What is the contradiction you ask? Well… Why did they “help” the hinamizawa village with the kidnapping? Since it ISN’T the Sonozaki behind the Kidnapping, that mean the cancelation of the Dam Project is also something required in their agenda… but this doesn’t make sense, since they are killing everyone, with some dubious cover. Do the hinamizawa villagers have something really specific? Impossible to tell for now.

That contradiction aside, let’s see how they could intervene in the bizarre incidents:

  1. 1979, disemboweled foreman: If we aknowledge the fact they (them or their boss(es)) had to stop the Dam Project, that would explain the first incident.
  2. 1980, Satoko’s parents: They fell from a cliff. There is a way to force an accident, but it is a bit stretchy and hard to picture without the details.
  3. 1981, Rika’s parents: “Mysterious” illness. Well, a specific poison isn’t something impossible.”demoning away” the wife either…
  4. 1982, Satoko’s Aunt and Satoshi: There are high chances that Satoshi was indeed the culprit, and that the junkie was a scapegoat. The fact he died quickly in jail after being arrested is really too convenient.

Still… Why would they do that anyway…? Do they need to generate the curse by itself?

And still, another question: Why do they need to kill Rika?
This episode blatantly shows they are mimicking the sacred Watanagashi Ritual on purpose, for obscure reasons, and there is absolutely no way they rely on the “it is in fact a curse”.

Time will tell… but the mastermind(s) are really required to understand their mission. Nothing seem to be random in their pattern and plan.

II. Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Here we go people! The main dish!
So… Like all of you know, the Disaster is no way in hell a natural disaster. Rather, Reunion proved there are too many inconsistancies to believe in such lie. Of course, there isn’t any hint to understand why they did it, as explained in the other analyses and the above points with the Henchmen.

That said, another summary might be great to refresh our memories:

  1. The GHD happens only after the Watanagashi festival in 1983.
  2. Irie is killed each time the GHD will happen, but as a “prevention”, considering the timing.
  3. Rika is killed in each arc, but when the GHD occurs, she is killed in the same manner of the Watanagashi Ritual: eviscerated, and her inners are spread around.
  4. The henchmen are clearly the main actors around, especially for Rika.

Now, let’s try to find some hints of what happened in Hinamizawa, since the causes and reasons are too shady.
so, we can’t answer the “Why” and the “What” yet.

1) When

This is the easiest question: Rika is the “clock”. As you could see in Tatarigoroshi-hen, Rika’s death isn’t really late at night, but rather in bright afternoon. But at least, her death is just the harbringer of doom.
About this, it is interesting to note that Satoko’s presence might be the reason why Rika was killed way before : well, she is alone, so a really easy prey.
That said, it is safe to assume they obliterated the village around end of day. It is indeed an excellent tactic, since like Ooishi said in this episode, people sleep at night (good guess, captain obvious!).

2) How & Where

This is the interesting point. How? Since hinamizawa is a rather big village (2000 inhabitants), even with a whole squadron, it would take ages, and this might be really a pain to match everyone death.

Did you notice something weird in this episode? I believe a lot of you were wondering why the school was filled at this time. People might think they died in the afternoon, but much like I said earlier, the afternoon is too dangerous, since people might be scattered in the area (some villagers might go in Okinomiya, or even beyond Shishibone city). Also, note that Rika’s death is always BEFORE the disaster (for 2 obvious reasons: a) matching the “curse” theory, b) because if she doesn’t die before the disaster, she should be gased as well…)

This, everyone were asleep. No reason for them to be in such places… except for an emergency. If these people are that ressourceful (as shown with the Henchmen equipement), being able to “fake” an army isn’t hard, so pretexting an emergency, that might help them to group packs of villagers in wide but closed spaces. (no way they could do that only in the school ^^). That explains why weirdly enough, the village chief Kimiyoshi, and the Sonozaki leader Oryou Sonozaki were in the classroom as well.

This is the main reason why there is the second inconsistency outside of the time: their CLOTHES!
Why would the students come in the school with their casual clothes? This is even more blatant with Shion, who had even her high heels. This reinforce the following thesis : “Everyone were called for an emergency, and they were forced to group themselves.

As for the mean… obviously, they used a gas, so it would fit the cover. (cheers, captain obvious!)
However, what about Hydrogen Sulfide? Coincidently, it fits the “cover”, but also the weird case in Nekogoroshi-hen.

3) Who

This is extremely difficult to say. It is kinda obvious the mastermind(s) won’t show up (or at least, not in the front line) in such plan. That said, the important thing to determine: Does the SDF squad is innocent in this case? or are they involved in this conspiracy?

This is extremely difficult to say.
Basically, it is extremely hard to believe the SDF, the true army of Japan would be corrupted and would do this without any problem whatsoever. Even with secret agents lurking around and spying on the executioners, I would hardly believe that all of the soldiers would be able to withstand the guilt of this. This is a GENOCIDE, people! Not a petty murder, especially that these villagers are not they usual enemies to kill.

That said, there are some points which make them hardly “completely innocent”:

  1. Bodies: I would hardly believe they toyed like idiots to pile up the bodies. thus, such pattern is really too obvious… However, it might be explained as an effective way to separate and count the “categories” of casualties. (bunch of kids there, the elders over here, etc)
    (“oi… hey captain, it is normal that these kids are in a pile?” “yeah grunty, now do your job, scrub!“)
  2. Time: as explained by Ooishi, people outside of their house during this period of time is completely ridiculeous.
    (“Kei-chan? what are you doing while it is midnight!?” “Isn’t that obvious? I’m training for Koushien!“)
  3. Time, bis: they are… well, really FAST to get through a complete rural village, with a big squad, large enough to secure the area and to evacuate the corpse .(and if lucky enough, the survivor(s))
    (“Say captain… How were we able to come in that damn village, with so much equipments and crew, before dawn?” “Shut up scrub! Take care of that rotten granny instead!“)

On the opposite way, there are 3 points which make them “not associates”, aside of the gruesome nature of this extermination:

  1. They investigated, and they found Rena’s hat (a very precious proof), and sent them to the Okinomiya Police Office.
  2. They could erase Satoko. Indeed, it would be awkward if Satoko is gased in a different hour, but what would prevent them to simply kill her without blood, and hide her body, much like what happened with around 20 people?
  3. Both their reactions for Satoko in this chapter, or for Keiichi in Tatarigoroshi-hen are really genuine. It is hardly believable they could do such comedy, when a very dangerous threat appears for the extermination plan.

As you can see, the GHD becomes more and more clear, but everything is rather meaningless without the Mastermind(s), and especially their motive(s), and their mean(s)

As for the “henchmen” alone, it might be possible that they did everything without the SDF involved in there. We don’t know the full ressource of the enemy, nor their numbers. The henchmen might have just split into some groups. I would hardly think they were able to chase Rena, while chasing Satoko.
For your instance, the extermination happened after Rika’s murder. So that mean that everything happened between the very moment Satoko fled the Shrine, and when she was awaking on the shore.

That means her pursuers wouldn’t have the time to get Rena, except if they did meet her after the bridge, but that doesn’t make sense time wise.
We can safely assume there are many more than 4.

III. Rena’s Hat and its message

First, let me speculate how/why/when Rena wasn’t with everyone else.
There are two theories about it:

  1. Rena was happy-hunting/resting in the junkyard
  2. Rena was late during the emergency call

Both theories are really solid, let’s develop them :

1) Rena was happy-hunting/resting in the junkyard
There are high chances that Rena, after school, just went for some treasure hunting. As you all know, Rena can be extremely mad, due her Omochikaeri mode when she spot something “kaii”, thus much like in Onikakushi-hen, she might stay in this junkyard until dusk/nightfall.
An alternative possibility might be that Rena was fleeing her house because of family issues (read: Rina, invading the house), and she just isolated herself in her hideout. Of course, there isn’t any indication if Rina is in this chapter (but she is certainly with Teppei, since the later didn’t get back home), but we can’t discard that fact, and be aware that Rena might not kill Rina if she didn’t spot her in that café, when she was pimping money with Teppei in Tsumihoroboshi-hen.

That said, after her hunt/rest, getting back at Hinamizawa will lead to 2 things : Either Rena is intercepted by the goons, or she witnessed the slaughter.
I believe the later is the most plausible thesis, since the former would seal her fate quite fast. (well, I think they would assault her discretely, and not going reckless). Much like Satoko’s case, I tend to say that Rena approaches the village, but instead of seeing the SDF cleaning the GHD mess, she might have seen the live extermination…

2) Rena was late during the emergency call
This is also something possible as well: If for any reason Rena doesn’t go quickly with the rest, she might have sensed something wrong. (do not forget that Rena is really smart, and can notice clues sharply)
Thus, she might : either make her escape, or discovering something, and it would lead to her hellish sortie.
This theory is a bit weaker than the very first one, because Rena is really attached to her friends and her father. That’s why, it sounds a bit weird that Rena is slacking off during the emergency call.


But how can we be sure she “escaped”? Well the hat is self explanatory. And Satoko proved it. But how she did that? let me clarify the situation first : What we saw while Satoko was in “trance” was NOT a flashback.

Satoko NEVER met Rena in the first place, that is easy to determine, since they would obviously help each other. But what is this sequence then? Basically, Satoko EMULATED Rena’s situation with hers, according Ooishi’s information:

  1. Rena was around the mountain
  2. She was there around the time the GHD happened, so in extent, around the time Rika died
  3. The hat is blood stained

Thus, Satoko remembers of her trial in the woods. She most likely replaced the same situation for Rena, because of the blood stain. Thus, by “transplanting” the said emulation on the area Ooishi mentioned, it isn’t that hard to understand that Satoko could guess Rena’s demise, due the environment and the lack of ways out.
Much like what Ooishi thought, Satoko was able to confirm this with her own experience.

However, Ooishi is UNABLE to determine the meaning of this hat, because he lacks of something important: the fact there are murderers!

Why? What about Rika?

The problem is the watanagashi-style. Much like what happened in Hinamizawa before, gruesome incidents happen, and it isn’t hard to believe that a crazed fanatic killed Rika, who is the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. Thus, NO NORMAL villager would harm her, but only a madman. (this is even reinforced since last year, the culprit was a junkie)
Also, the hat doesn’t mean anything, even with the blood. Yeah the hat and then what? the blood stain, despite being large, might be because she had an accident, etc. Without her corpse or her living presence, the hat doesn’t mean anything, especially that the “crazy” theories about the GHD are only done by Ooishi, and it is safe to say that many people would ignore the details and believe the disaster was either natural or from a curse.

On the other hand, Satoko knows NOTHING of the disaster. She indeed knows there are murderers, and that all of the village has been wiped out but that’s that. She is only able to tell what happened to Rika, because she heard Rika’s kidnapping, she saw her corpse, and she was fleeing from the killers. So she can easely claim there are murderers, but since the SDF was already on the stage, she didn’t have the ability to know what happened in the village. (she would hardly have the experience, nor the will to determine it anyway…)

But there isn’t any solid proof to link both cases.
This is why Rena’s hat is extremely important, since it is the key item to join together the 2 puzzle pieces, which are held respectively by Ooishi and Satoko.
Ooishi’s piece will obviously explain in “why” there were murderers, while Satoko’s piece explain that these murderers have something to do with the villagers death.

To be accurate, this is what we can understand with the “Ryuguu Rena’s Hat” and “Rika’s murders are professionals”:
The disaster isn’t natural, the governement lied about it. There are goons who are erasing the witnesses, and burrying any evidence.
And since they DON’T KNOW that Irie was killed (instead of a suicide) and that Kumatani was also silenced, things are pretty much too shady. But the explanation of the hat itself is something critical!
so this is because of this that they did…


IV. Satoko’s Murder

Satoko has been admitted in the Hospital of Okinomiya (or Shishibone). The problem of this is… the lack of information. Considering the state of confusion, no one would ever think something THAT big as GHD would be a conspiracy. This is the main reason why Satoko didn’t have any protection, since except Ooishi, no one seem to have doubted of something.
The other biggest hint is probably Ooishi’s colleague, who was jsut “worried” about Kumatani. Even Ooishi wasn’t expecting something else than “being late”.

Well then, much like what I wrote earlier, Satoko would be really a big threat for the Organization if she still lives. But i believe that the “conspirators” don’t know about the hat. (except if the Nurse eavesdropped their discussion, which is not impossible)
Satoko is a serious menace, because even she is in a “vegetable” state, her presence alone isn’t something normal: she was completely worn out, and was the sole survivor, because of an odd reason. This is probably why Ooishi forcefully ask her about Rena’s hat: Satoko and Rena were probably the only persons who weren’t on the disaster location, and they could probably witness the various “inconsistancies” before Ooishi and Akasaka had to investigate much decades later.

And if Satoko happens to survive, and being able to tell her tale, things are quite bad for the organization, since the investigations will probably push out the Lockdown, and they might discover too many clues.

But… why did Rena survive in Tsumihoroboshi-hen/Reunion then?
This is probably because Rena didn’t witness anything.
The very reason she is alive is probably because Rena was quickly arrested and sent to a hospital. Because of the school incident, Rena was probably considered insane, and she wasn’t that much of a threat (claiming a bio attack, and various things with alien won’t really help her…). Also, since she is a criminal, there are high chances that the police was extremely cautious of her case.
On the other hand, Ooishi’s speculation in Reunion that the hospital personal manipulated Rena is really possible, especially considering this episode.

On the other hand, Keiichi didn’t have the same luck in Tatarigoroshi…
The season 1 cut what happened after the Disaster, this is the main reason why Yakusamashi-hen exists: the end is extremely similar to Tatarigoroshi, and the aftermath is really interesting. The other extra in this end is they merged Tatarigoroshi with Taraimawashi-hen, one of the original arc in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri. (Rena’s hat came form that chapter)
I would suggest you to read the TIPS (not really one but…) from Tatarigoroshi-hen, which is Maebara Keiichi’s Interview.
Yakusamashi-hen answered blatantly that Keiichi didn’t really die peacefully. However, I’m not that sure the goons really killed Keiichi, because he was already in advanced stage of madness and body disorder. Also, He died in November 1983, which is awfully long. But that doesn’t really matter huh…?

Thus, as you can see, it isn’t a childplay, and Rika suffered many worlds, to get always the same result… heh… do you believe a child will be able to face such ridiculeous enemy? Fate itself should probably grin about this.

…This Fate of June 1983 seems to be unbreakable…
…a crushed soul has been extinguished…
…yet, Fate will repeat again…

…Like a clockwork…

Now… Doom is really inevitable? Will everyone be happy?
This is your decision to witness the possible arrival of a miracle…

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai continues…


This episode completely blew higurashi standards. Therefore, I spent many extra time on it. (I think I stayed on this analysis for…4 hours ^^”)
I believe this Chapter is really fundamental. Despite the fact it doesn’t really reveal anything new, the execution and the various hints turned completely the tide of the reasoning.
Now, I hope I was able to be sharp in this. Unlike last episode, there weren’t many “foreshadowing” hint, so, everything came on this entry quite “naturally”, without trying to carefully compare with Minagoroshi-hen and Matsuribayashi-hen.

Once again, don’t hesitate to take part of the discussion, and leave a comment, either of the content, or opinions of this analysis.

That said, Yakusamashi-hen was really an almighty “filler chapter”, and you gotta better tighten your belt, because the ride will be INTENSE (and this is a WEAK word for Minagoroshi)
You will see by yourself ^^

See you next week for the start of the 8th arc (7th in the game) : 皆殺し編 迷路の法則 – Minagoroshi-hen Meiro no Housoku – Massacre Chapter Maze’s Law.


15 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 5 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments”

  1. 1 cherishingnews August 4, 2007 at 4:29 am

    hey i think i have an idea what happened..

    rena was keeping watch of satoko and rika coz satoko said there was someone stalking them.

    1. the henchmen heard satoko scream
    2. they ran up the stairs of the shrine
    3. they saw rena and satoko
    4. satoko ran away
    5. one of the henchmen signalled 2 of the 4 to go catch satoko
    6. the other 2 ran up the stairs to catch rena
    7. they kill off rena
    8. satoko at the same time falls off the bridge

    can this actually be a theory or are there flaws innit? coz i reeli dont know.

  2. 2 klashikari August 4, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    I think it is a bit difficult that Rena was keeping watch of Satoko and Rika because of the following things :
    1) Rena wasn’t convinced, and Mion just confirmed her doubt
    2) It is really hard to believe Rena would watch over them beyond midnight, especially that nothing foreshadowed the impending doom. Even if Rena is dedicated, it is a bit too streched for her character and situation

    also, keep in mind that Rena would hardly leave her friends in need for help, and furthermore, i would hardly believe she would go in the mountain, instead of the village.

    Heck, the direction where she was fleeing is self explanatory : she tried to ran away from the village. I would hardly believe she would get far away from Hinamizawa without checking it.

  3. 3 Hippopo August 4, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    Klashikari, i think i’ve followed you from AS to Anima’s website (french language publisher) to here :).

    Today i break my longtime net lurker habit because i want to thank you for this great entry. One of the best read i’ve had on an anime blog, and worth the effort you spent on it.

    It’s almost painful not to have the time to contribute to discussions about Higurashi Kai, it’s so much better and closer to the original work than the first season.

  4. 4 klashikari August 5, 2007 at 12:16 am

    Haha, Merci beaucoup ^^

    Things were so crazy because of this episode. Considering English is far from being my native language and my rampant berserking fanboyism, 4 hours were sometimes a ridiculeous short time for what i had to do. (many head cracks for the facts and elements to point out, “proof reading” and the like XD)

    That said, I think you don’t need to throw a wall of text for a contribution, though indeed, a good sized message might be intresting, especially for higurashi ^^

    Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, while passing by (anyone, of course ^^)

  5. 5 sadakups August 5, 2007 at 5:01 am

    As Rika once said, “Pachi, pachi, pachi, nano desu!” *claps*

    Impressive analysis. I never thought that I’ll find the answers to the questions that I have in this place after watching the greatness that is Yakusamashi-hen 4/Episode 5.

    Now I wish those bastards who only see Higurashi as a show composed of “killers and people getting killed” would see otherwise…

  6. 6 Exilon August 5, 2007 at 9:48 am

    Wow, amazing entry here – it pretty much cleared everything that needeed to be cleared, and hinted about what needeed to be hinted.

    Since Minagoroshi-hen is the most important chapter of the games, I hope the anime will keep up with this magnificency and do a better job with it.

    Congratulations, the analysis was really great (and I didn’t find any typos, so you definitly put a lot of effort into it :P).

    Now we’ll just have to know who the mastermind of this is (I have a suspicion, but you never know… xD).

  7. 7 Christine August 13, 2007 at 11:45 am

    I get the feeling that Keichi might play an important role in ending all of this. Because in one of the arcs, he did have slight memories of the past lives, right? I remember Rika talking to him about it, hopefully someone can remember something. D:

    What a tragic anime. I wish I could play the game. XD

  8. 8 Tyciol March 19, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    That sounds like a cool theory to have Rena watching, but there’s nothing indicating that, I don’t think they split up to go chase her or anything.

    Keichi’s remembering is important, and remembering in general is important… in one arc…

    But in the end it doesn’t matter, it’s not the remembering that saves them, it is their subconscious changes, they don’t need the specific memories to work together.

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