Please to meet you! Zero! ~ Sky Girls Episode 5

Sky Girls is really shaping up to become a great series in my books  while some may find that it is rather slow moving, to me I feel that it is just fight for a high potential, action pack series like this one. I think that patience pays off dearly and soon enough we will see some aliens being blown up in no time ^.^

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In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with a high tension conversation between Togo and Hizuki. It seems that there are orders for the sonic divers to come into use as soon as possible but we hear Togo telling him that it is still too soon for the girls to go into action. Before Togo leaves we hear from Hizuki that if the girls fail in the inspection/demonstration then the sky diver section is to be dismantled. Ichijo hears this and is somewhat stunned. Ichijo tries to ask him what the commander meant but Togo tells her to forget about it.

Next we see Ryohei messing around with the specs for Otoha’s Reijin but is interrupted with Otoha starts to do kendo chops right next to him. He gets annoyed and asks her why she is there; we get an answer that she wants to be besides “the kid”.
In the next scene we see a meeting between the girls on their manoeuvres in which they need to master for their demonstration. Ichijo suddenly ask if that is all there is to the meeting and then storms out after a grunt from Togo. Next we see the girls on the simulators again but failing miserably when they keep crashing into each other during flight. The engineers comment on how Otoha and Karen aren’t able to keep up with the eager Ichijo but also how Ichijo is performing weirdly.

Togo ends the simulation soon after because it needs maintenance. Karen tries to cheer Otoha up telling her that this is only their first practice. Ichijo hears this and begins to get angry. She asks them if that is how they really feel and the walks off. Togo then calls for Ichijo. Karen and Otoha then bump into Takumi who was working in the kitchen. He tells them that he is still trying to be a good cook and is called off, Otoha is impressed at how hard working his is.

Moving back to the situation with Togo and Ichijo, we hear ichijo ask him why he didn’t tell the other two about their demonstration and how important it is. Togo shrugs off the question and then says that he doesn’t want to give them unnecessary pressure. On the other hand Ichijo says that pressure will have a positive effect and that she doesn’t want the unit to be disbanded. Togo then tells Ichijo to think of something seen as they are a team.

Ichijo goes to the beach to de-stress and that’s where she sees Otoha swimming. She asks why she is always so happy and we hear an honest reply. A brief moment of awkward silence which is then broken when Karen shows up. Ichijo asks them what if the team was to be disbanded what they would do, Otoha lets out a gasp and says that it would be a terrible thing to be unable to fly in the sky. Karen then answers that she wants to please someone (her brother). Ichijo is then encouraged that they will do fine and we then see various scenes of their training progress. Ichijo is even cheering Otoha after screwing up.
Next we are outdoors again. Ichijo leads them to an Aquarian type tank and explains that they are going to practice synchronized swimming. On goes the music and we see our girls jumping in. We then see cut scenes to an actual practice flight and the girls are successful in pulling off the “vertical cupid” manoeuvres.

Now it is revealed that the training they have been through is all for a demonstration to the higher ups. The girls are both shocked and a bit confused, Togo gets Nanae to tell them their training spot and that is all. The next day we see the team do some target practicing. While Ichijo manages to clear all her targets, Karen misses 2 but Otoha misses all of them. We then see Otoha in depression and walking from the simulator.Later we see Ryohei tweaking raijin. Otoha comes walking in looking like she has lost all her usual spirit and starts to swing at thin air with her wooden katana. Ryohei is unable to look over this quietly and tells her off. She then tells him that she never used to like kendo (incomes flashback to her granddad’s words of wisdom). Ichijo then comes in and tells Othoa to never give up giving her a great confidence boast.
With practice we see that she was able to clear the targets the next day.

Soon the day for inspection came and the girls getting ready to take off. Togo gives them the order to take off and the spectators look on. The demonstration starts and they were able to pull off the cupid movement with perfection. The commanders are impressed but are unsure about their fighting abilities.

We then move onto the target practice. We see Ichijo and Karen destroying all their targets, but now is the true test for the team. Togo prays that Otoha does well. The targets are flung up but then we hear a beeping sound. Raijin refuses to move and Otoha becomes despite. She begs Raijin with all her might. Rajin then drops his gun and out comes a sword from its side. Back to the control room everyone is stunned.
Otoha then visualizes a strange scene where we see a hug source of light over water. She then says the word: zero and moves to take out the sword. The training continues and we see Otoha skilfully chop all the targets. The commanders are impressed.

At the end of the day Togo announces to the team that they have passed and are now official pilots. Otoha is happy and calls her mecha zero. Ryohei is confused but doesn’t press matters further. In Hizuki’s office we see on his laptop of a picture where an area is engulfed in fire.

Thoughts: As I have already said at the start that plot is progressing smoothly ^.^ while nothing major is happened we do see development of skills and also character. Otoha proves once again how fluctuation her abilities can be. Sometimes she can seem like the strongest while in other times she proves to be under poor standards. Also for her character we see that she isn’t at all that strong. She can be effected by failures which shows her human side (and I like it a lot :3). In the end on the surface it looks like just another day but really it shows slow but steady development for the future. Teamwork and leadership is the key ^.^


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