And Now For Something Completely Different: My Top 20 Megaman Songs


Who said everything on this blog had to be about anime…..not me that’s for sure.  Partially as a vanity thing as well as an attempt to convey some of my inner humanity (which I’m sure is there) I want to present my favourite pieces of music from what I personally think is one of the finest video game series for soundtracks of all time

Number 20: Boomer Kuwanger Stage From Megaman X

Some people are probably already going, “Wha, why that one?”.  Well listen very carefully to the beginning.  Listen to that silence all but for little high pitched beat, then you get the 4 beats and then the song launches into it’s full loop, which is catchy all on it’s own.  One of the things that I feel is part of making a good song is a catchy lead in to get your attention, you don’t want to give it away all at once before the song get’s going.  This is going to be a common point of discussion as I run down the rest of the list.

Number 19: Dr Wily Battle From Megaman VI

It’s short, it’s repetitive, but it gives me the feeling of a tense final battle, which it should be doing.  It’s also like the only good song in Megaman VI, but it’s my second favourite boss theme from the entire Megaman series.  How about that….

Number 18: Dr. Wily Battle From Megaman IV

This is my favourite Megaman Boss music from the entire series.  It’s short, but it’s one of the most intense boss battle themes I’ve ever heard in a video game and thus beats out even the later SNES series of Megaman games and even the Sony ones in terms of creating a tense atmosphere for the tough bosses of the series.

Number 17: Intro Stage From Megaman X 3

I can remember waiting forever to play this game and this intro stage tune made it all so worth it.  The stage starts of with a bang, but you have no idea what’s going on, there’s scrolling clouds and this fast paced beat in the background, then suddenly a battle breaks out and well……this music makes you want to just fly through the stage.  You’re Pumped and that’s the whole point of an intro stage, to get you ready.

Number 16: Astro Man Stage From Rockman And Forte

I’m going to be straight up, there’s more tunes from this game then from any other game in the series.  This game honestly has one of my top 5 favourite soundtracks from the SNES era on it.  Anyway, one of the best examples of good stage music is that it convey the themes and atmosphere of the stage.  This stage is confusing, and so is the music to be honest.  It’s eery, you’re not sure what the deal is, but I find myself looping this song endlessly on one of those Full Moon nights.  Good stuff.

Number 15: Shadow Man Stage From Megaman III

The song is catchy enough on it’s own, but then you find it’s all been a big build up for a funky breakdown near the end of the loop.  Very cool stuff, especially since I would hate this stage without the song as it’s a pain in the ass to get through.

Number 14: King Stage 1 From Rockman And Forte

You’re gearing up for what will turn out to be the final battle in the Megaman Classic series, so you better have some good music.  Good thing this starts us off with some really tense music before seeming to give a chorus that cheers on the Blue Bomber towards his final battle.  For some reason the best Boss Stage music in the games always happens to be the first area.  Just a thought to consider.

Number 13: Magic Man From Rockman And Forte

Circus music Anyone? Like all stages in Rockman And Forte, the music fits the stage perfectly.  The timing almost seems impeccable too.  It almost seems to know where you are going to be in the stage at any given time and sets the pace of the song to fit the mood.  Damn cool.

Number 12: Gravity Beetle Stage From Megaman X III

Thump Thump Thump, cool lead in too a really catchy and involved song that has quite a few false endings to the loop.  You didn’t get a lot of long songs back in the day, but Capcom seems to have put extra effort into this one.

Number 11: Elecman Stage Megman

I honestly used to hate this song, but now I count it among my favourites.  I’m not sure what it is, but it really pumps me up, especially the first you hear.  Not the build in, but the first portion.  Perhaps it’s like one of those “Indescribable Feelings” like Konata got from Lucky Star, although not in such a thinly veiled Aya Hirano promoting way.

Number 10: Metal Man Stage From Mega Man II

Any song I can listen and groove to for hours on end is a good one.  This tune has one of the funkier beats in Megaman, isn’t hard to memorize the beat to and for me is one of the most loopable songs in the series.  I also really like the sudden stop partway through the song.

Number 9: Groundman Stage From Rockman And Forte

This is one of the most relaxing songs I’ve hear in a Megaman game, when I’m not in the mood for something funky, something fast paced or something dramatic, this is one of my picks, though not the top one from Rockman And Forte.

Number 8: Springman Stage From Megaman 7

This is actually something of a recent discovery.  I hadn’t heard the theme in a while and was flipping through my track lists when this one came up.  I’m a sucked for the high pitched wailings of synthesized music, so couple this song with a funky beat, a rather long loop and good overall composition and this song instantly found a place in my top ten, beating out some previous favourites.  It’s my track of choice when I need something upbeat.  I also have my own special shuffle to it.

Number 7: Pirate Man Stage From Rockman And Forte

And this is my song for when I am feeling nostaligic.  Something about it, the little seesaw beat going through the background, with the mellow tones brings me back to the days of my youth, where everything was more carefree.  I especially love the part that kicks in at around 0:36 in the song link.

Number 6: Tengu Man Stage From Rockman And Forte

This is my favourite kick back and relax song from the whole series.  It kind of has a calming effect to it, like the kind of music you would listen to at the beach.

Number 5: Cold Man Stage From Rockman And Forte

The best song in Rockman and Forte but for one.  It’s like all the best parts of Pirate Man, Tengu Man, Spring Man and Ground Man rolled into one.  This song already starts off amazing with 8 simple notes and a great background beat that gives the nostalgia of Pirate Man and the more simplistic relaxation of Ground Man’s tune, then at about 0:30 into the video there’s a tempo change and you get the upbeatness of Spring Man and the relaxation of Tengu Man.  When I listen to this song I feel at peace, but a part of me also yearns for the epic, one piece to the perfect song is missing.

Number 4: Sigma Stage 1 Intro from Megaman X

Capcom schools us all on how to make one of the most dramatic “Intro To The Final Battle” in a video game series.  That build up goes 14 seconds, 14 SECONDS before it even yields to the actual stage music, tension is building, awesome stuff is going to happen, and it helps that the stage is extremely well designed as well.  The song also uses that kickass buildup in the actual chorus as well.  I really love this song.

Number 3: Dr. Wily Stage 1 From Megaman II

Since everybody loves their remixes, this video with the guy rambling and playing that stupid Okusenman theme over the stage music is actually the least offensive video I could find.  Clear Ripoff.  Anyway, this is definitely a must know song for any Megaman fan and easily the most hot blooded song in the whole franchise.  It has so many different portions to it, is long, fast paced and really gets the blood pumping just like Sigma Stage 1 from Megaman X only moreso.

Number 2: Megaman III Title Screen

Noooooooooo!  Don’t turn it off yet, what you hear at the beginning is something that just wasn’t done all that often back in the day.  It’s a 30 second buildup to the real theme.  It’s actually something of a hidden tune as most people I would imagine would get bored and press start before it really get’s going, but once that song hits 30 it’s out of the gate.  The song sounds saga ending and in a way it is as many regard Megaman III to be the last time the series was truly a fresh concept.  You want to play the game as the music just makes it sound awesome, however in order to do that you’d have to press start and turn off the awesome music.  I once listened to this song for about 4 hours straight.  Perhaps my favourite little insignificant part of this tune is at 0:46 when all musical logic points to a note not existing, but it reverses part of the tune played up to now… sounds really cool.

And Now……………………………………










NUMBER 1:  The Museum Intro Stage From Rockman And Forte

In terms of Megaman music, sheer flawlessness.  This song’s loop is almost two minutes long making it one of if not the longest tracks in Megaman history, it has a 10 second buildup with the simple relaxation factor of Ground Man, leading into another 20 second buildup with an added layer of music, then at about 30 seconds in comes the part that makes me feel nostaligic and relaxed, combining Pirate Man and Tengu Man into one.  Then about 50 seconds in comes a false ending followed by more buildup with another added layer……………….then 1:12, where it combines everything that is good about Megaman music into one 30 second breakdown that makes this song my favourite Megaman Song of all time, and one of my favourite video game tracks of all time.  This song almost feels like it allows me to transcend my corporeal state after a certain amount of time listening to it.


1 Response to “And Now For Something Completely Different: My Top 20 Megaman Songs”

  1. 1 sadakups August 8, 2007 at 9:15 am

    Numbers 3 and 18 are personal favorites of mine.

    And yeah, the title BGM in Mega Man 2… that’s like, one of the best. Loads better than 3.

    X4 had some great tunes too. The Sky Lagoon (X version), Storm Owl’s stage and Jet Stingray’s stage = pure win.

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