Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 6 : Minagoroshi-hen 1, Meiro no Housoku

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!

Fate couldn’t be beaten, and even after a desperate attempt to save at least someone, everything was completely useless for Rika. However, a new world has risen, and while it doesn’t look as perfect as before, it appears that Fate begin to wither a bit… chance? or deception, much like how this chapter name, Massacre Chapter, implies? You will see. Today, the title is 迷路の法則, Meiro no Housoku : Laws of the maze, very fitting for the start of this chapter.

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Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen part1 : Meiro no Housoku

I wanted to know the world that was outside of the well.
So I tried hard to get out from the bottom of the well.

I wanted to know the world that was outside of the well.
So I climbed up numerous of times despite falling down over and over again.

But then I realized it.
The higher and higher I climb, the pain increases when I fall down again.

When my interest in the world outside of the well began to equal the pain,
That was when I finally realized the meaning of the story to Der Froschkönig

-Frederica Bernkastel
(Translation Rights: kj1980 from Animesuki Forums)


Minagoroshi-hen Prologue…
Rika is constantly reborn in Hinamizawa, June 1983, living this fate over and over again. The world changes with each instance, leading to different events. Rika then talks directly to “us”, the watchers, that we probably know there are “rules” or “facts” which are true considering each arc.

  1. The first rule is “insanity”. Rika takes examples with Onikakushi, Watanagashi/Meakashi, and finally Tsumihoroboshi. Despite everyone kindness, once fate is on the moves, these persons are driven into insanity, commoting atrocities.
  2. The 3 hinamizawa murders: Tomitake and Takano are always murdered. and shortly after, she is killed as well, whatever the circumstances are. Therefor, it means the perpretator has a strong will, since the occurances are simply overwhelming. Even if Rika knows many things from worlds, we “watchers” didn’t witness yet, she wasn’t able to figure out who is the culprit and why.
  3. The incidents in Hinamizawa are rumored to be organized by the Sonozaki family.

Rika wish to vainquish fate altogether, and thus, having access to her happiness.
A new hinamizawa is about to be born, and Rika wonders if she will be able to save everyone…

Then, she asks Hanyuu to proceed in the new hinamizawa.

As soon as Rika “enters” in the new Hinamizawa, she appears to have fallen from a cliff. The gang (minus Shion this time) is really worried about her, and everyone asks if Rika is okay. They don’t slack off, and quickly make their way to her. While they aren’t around, Rika calls forth Hanyuu. The auauau spirit makes finally her “official” appearance.

Rika doesn’t waste time, and immediately asks Hanyuu in which year, month, day they are. Hanyuu panics, which doesn’t really please Rika. She is able to answer: early june 1983, the Watanagashi Festival will occur on sunday the week after next, and tries desperately to count how many time left they have. Rika is really concerned, because there are only 2 weeks left before the doom point. Hanyuu comments that the time they are able to travel back gradually becomes less each time. They couldn’t do any better with their powers.

Keiichi and the rest are quickly there, and make sure that Rika isn’t hurt. Rika is fine, but then asks something strange: Does keiichi remember about anything about the Watanagashi festival…
Unfortunately, “this keiichi” isn’t able to understand what Rika istalking about, and says he wasn’t in Hinamizawa last year, so it will be his first time to assist the Festival. Then Rika asks if Keiichi remembers that he once was on the rooftop of the school, but this puzzles him even more, and everyone else wonders what’s wrong with Rika; Mion is scared that Rika might have hit her head back in the fall. Rika is disappointed, but soon reverts back into her “Nipa~” mode, assuring there is nothing.

Black Rika complains of her own hopes, being too high this time. If keiichi was able to remember of the events from the different worlds, he could be able to be a great help. Hanyuu says there is no way he could.
Still Rika argues that Keiichi was able to do so (Tsumihoroboshi-hen), and thus, was able to save Rena.
Hanyuu then says that both of them were able to live more than hundred years worth in these worlds, but this miracle only happened once…
If things could happen like this more easely, they wouldn’t have so hard time. After all, Hanyuu believes it is their fate, and they will end up, disappearing without being able to do anything.
Rika is a bit surprised by her “disappearing” comment, since no one was able to see Hanyuu except Rika. Hanyuu confirms that she was in Hinamizawa way before Rika was born, and when she did, she was the only one to be able to see Hanyuu.

Rika becomes suddenly silent, and shows a pot of hot pepper/spicy food. She immediately eats tons of this, which instantly bother Hanyuu, literally feeling the burn! Hanyuu isn’t able to stand spicy food, becomes upset and a bit whiney. Rika doesn’t satisfy herself with this, and finishes Hanyuu off with her glass of wine, which of course makes hanyuu feeling extremely sick. As you can see, Hanyuu is directly linked with Rika’s body perception. (much like what I was implying in Episode 3 Analysis ^^)
After this little prank, Rika is wondering whoever between Keiichi, Rena or Shion will take action in “this” world…
She would like to prevent any tragedies bu…she doesn’t have time… only two mere weeks…

Next morning, Satoko receives her nutriement injection at the Irie’s hospital Institute. Before she could even feel the pain, the injection is already done… You can tell Satoko doesn’t really stand needle.
Then, Irie asks Takano to proceed the usual examination. She then asks Satoko to follow her for the usual quiz, though she isn’t easy with them, since Takano usually asks her difficult questions. But this time, the later assures her that her questions will be fun. Hanyuu will accompany Satoko.
Rika then asks to Irie how Satoko is doing. Everything is alright, and her bad reaction last week was only because of some sudden change in her organism. However, Irie explains that whatever they do, Satoko is stuck in LEVEL 3 (L3), and there isn’t any medical treatement for patients who have already reached this stage. Even if the medication can suppress the symptoms, a complete recovery is… impossible.

Takano shows the usual “fancy ink symetrical stain on a sheet of paper” psychologic test, and asks Satoko to says what this “picture” makes her think of. Takano then jots on Satoko’s comments. Hanyuu soon joins her, and “participate” in that quiz too. Meanwhile, Irie says that he won’t give up, and will definitely find a cure for Satoko. Rika doesn’t worry about it and truely believes in him, this is the reason why Rika is cooperating with him in his research, saying she is his precious guinea pig. Irie then asks her to not tell anything about it to Satoko, Rika doesn’t worry about this, saying that Satoko believes these are nutrient tests.

Satoko is done with the quiz, and still complains about the usefulness of these tests. Rika “doesn’t know”, but Satoko then thinks it is okay, since Irie provides her a living wage in exchange of these tests. Then, Takano and Irie join them. the former gives to Satoko the medecine and injections she will need at home. Satoko takes them, and says that today they will have a special day. Takano asks if they need to be accompanied by car, but Rika says she doesn’t want to bother them in their job. She say it is okay for them to be on their own.

Irie then enters in his MAID HEAVEN mode: He “offers” the opportunity to the club that he has TONS of maid oufits available (in ANY size, even for the chibiko duo!) if the batsu game consist of Maid cosplay! Of course, Satoko and Rika are reluctant to this. He goes berserk, and asks them if they want to try them right now, but Rika declines the offer politely. Afar, Hanyuu observes them and bears a sad expression.

Keiichi joins Mion and Rena by Bicycle, late as usual. He wondes where are the chibiko team, but Mion says they should be probably alread at this place. Keiichi wonders where they will go today, Mion just says it will be better to be kept in suspense.
The location is in fact a toy store, owned by Mion’s relative (this is the same event in Watanagashi-hen/Meakashi-hen). There are many children, Satoko, Rika and Hanyuu are already there. Of course, Rika is depressed since she experimented it many times, and both her and Hanyuu predict the result of the day:
The trio will be late, then Mion will suggest to play cards.

Keiichi, Rena and Mion finally arrive. Keiichi asks why there are so many children. Mion answers this is because this is a very special event today, and the prize will be 50.000 Yens (approximatively 420$ / 310€). Keiichi is completely caught off guard and most likely fired up for today. Satoko notices them, and goes greets them.
Once inside, Mion explains the store owner is one of her acquaintances and said she helped him many times to attract customers with her games etc. Keiichi and Satoko have high spirits, and they are ready to go full force in this challenge. Rika tries to stay “normal”, and comments they will be able to buy a lot of soy sauce with this money. Keiichi wonders what game it will be, which can involve so many contestants. Mion again says it will be in suspense.

Rika sits down, and comments that usually Mion’s activities are decided on a whim. Hanyuu tells her to not hope too much, since anything planned beforehand tends to stay the same because of fate. Rika knows this, but still want to expect something. Keiichi then notices Rika’s behaviour and asks if she is bored. Rika says this isn’t it, but this is hard to be excited for something predictable. Keiichi is a bit surprised, and asks if she knows which game it will be. Rika tries to quickly withdraw her statement, but he still ask if Mion told her which game it will be. Rika then admits she knows which game it will be, along with its result. Keiichi thinks Rika foretells the future, as expected from Furude Miko, and is very interested to know the rest.

Keiichi asks which game it will be, Rika answers it will be cards, and the line up will be decided with lottery. Then, she begins to announce where she will be assigned, same for Okamura, Keiichi, Tomita, Mion, etc. Keiichi is very interested, and can’t wait to see if she is correct.
Then, the store owner begins to announce the start of the event: he then presents the game, the exact card game Rika predicted! Keiichi is completely dumbstruck, while Rika is upset of the result. Mion then asks everyone to draw a paper, which will assign them their place.

Keiichi is a bit worried about this, but Rika says it is now his turn to draw a number. Keiichi’s place is exactly what Rika has foretold, which surprise him even more. Mion, Rena and Satoko take their sit, and will do their best. Keiichi is really creeped by this, and is speechless. Rika tries to acts naturally, then Keiichi says he heard it from the elders: that Rika is the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama, so it grants her the power to predict the future. However, Rika corrects him: she doesn’t foretell future events, it is rather that everything has been already decided by FATE. No one can undo it, not her, nor Keiichi. Keiichi doesn’t say anything, and Rika comments that Fate is unbreakable…

However, Keiichi is suddenly amused, and claims that the power of a man can oppose fate. Rika is a bit oblivious to what keiichi is trying to say. Keiichi asks her to watch him, being able to beat the crap out of fate. Then he apologizes to Mion, saying that he played this card game too much already, claiming the game isn’t fair for everyone since he is a master of it. Keiichi then stands up, and asks the store owner if they can change the game. The later doesn’t mind, but it will depend if everyone else are okay with this. Mion is wondering if Keiichi isn’t making up this story, since in fact he might suck in cards. Keiichi uses his KOOL speech skills, claiming he just want a fair game for everyone. Mion understands and asks another game then.

It is now a “pop up pirate” game, though the barrel, pirate and knives, are replaced by a giant strawberry, forks and a doll. Mion then comments that indeed with this game, skills don’t matter at all. As expected, Rena turns into her Omochikaeri mode.

Keiichi talks to Rika, saying that Rika was horribly bored back then. He then thinks she really doesn’t want to play cards. Rika admits it, and doesn’t hide it anymore. Keiichi then tells her that she should simply raise her opinion, and shouldn’t surrender herself to fate, otherwise, she is a goner.

It is now 3PM. As expected, Mion stops the activity. Keiichi isn’t really pleased by that sudden interruption. Mion apologizes, telling him that she has her part job now. The store owner arrives, and calm things down, promising to distribute the winning prize next time.

For now, here is a compensation… which is… the Doll of Doom.
Keiichi isn’t that excited with it, while Rena is sure loving it. Mion, on the other hand, teases keiichi about that.

Keiichi suddenly raise the doll, and Rika tries to prevent him to proceed. But to much her surprise, Keiichi gives the doll… to Mion ! She isn’t the one who is completely dumbstruck, Mion as well, but she quickly tries to decline the offer, arguing that she is boyish, just like Keiichi said so.

But he then says that she is really girly, which touches her a LOT. Mion looks at Rena, but the later say to not mind about her, and feel the same. Keiichi then orders her to take care of that doll, and she gladly say she will do it. That scene simply stun Rika.

Mion leaves, and Hanyuu pops out, being also surprised by the card change and even now.
Rika then comments that if keiichi didn’t give the doll to Mion, it would have hurt her feelings, thus triggering the tragedies of Watanagashi-hen/Meakashi-hen.
Rika then wonders if “this keiichi” would be able to notice Mion’s feelings if she didn’t tell him anything before. Keiichi changed the fate of the cards, and also prevented a very tragic fate as well. Hanyuu is speechless, but bears a sad expression, then disappears. Keiichi, Rena and Satoko ask Rika to leave out.


Rika finally has the resolve: You can break fate as long as you believe you can. Keiichi taught him this important lesson…
Something different is about to happen. Rika will fight for good once more!
She raise her head, and look determined. She will stand against fate !


Thoughts :

This it it ! Minagoroshi-hen is on the move, and one of the best arc of Higurashi is about to be revealed.
I must say that I was really pleased by this : Minagoroshi introduction was extremely well done, despite the time constrain.
“Frederica” explanations were there, though i’m a bit complaining that they didn’t explain blatantly rules X, Y, Z, and some reasoning behind it.
Also, another nitpick is the “lack” of contrast with Rika sudden hope to fight fate. In minagoroshi, things were much more intense, since despite rika’s light hopes, it was utterly crushed, and much more implied. then, Keiichi gives her faith.

But that aside, the rest was really excellent. They did cover the true Minagoroshi, so which was supposedely following Tsumihoroboshi. that’s why Rika is persistent with Keiichi in this chapter, while in Yakusamashi, she was dead hopeless.
They didn’t go too bold, thus the doll scene was “matching” their mistake from season 1. (In the original story, the store owner was supposed to give to EVERYONE a doll, except Mion since she has already some “advantages”. This is why keiichi giving a doll to Rena hurts her, because Rena already had a doll, but Keiichi really didn’t pay attention to Mion as a girl.), so only one doll, which prevent anime watchers to be confused.
I will cover this point in the analysis anyway.

As far as this episode goes, the quality is pretty much the same. I’m really glad, because it appears DEEN will be really consistent in their job.
Also, they FINALLY use new tracks, and despite they aren’t as powerful as dai’s masterpieces for the games, they are really pleasant and match very well. (the melody used in the minagoroshi prologue was really superb)

The pace, as i mentioned was a bit rushed, but the density and the meaningful hints behind are well done, and they follow the original game well to me.

Well, now, things should go crescendo from here!
The analysis of this episode should be ready tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned with higurashi !
See you soon for the next “Klash’s Overload Babbling of Higurashi” !


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  1. 1 Hecman August 30, 2007 at 8:48 pm

    Amazing overview! So badly want to learn Japanese and play the game to get the full story. Oh why oh why are some many languages in the world? But I do wonder whats the deal with soy sauce and Rika?

  2. 2 chocolove27 March 15, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Thanks for posting this blog. Getting all those pictures seems hard…

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