Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 8 : Minagoroshi-hen 3, Yuragi

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!

The pieces against fate are almost completely gathered. However, there is still someone which can be affected hard by Fate. Do you know it? Don’t you know it? Well, Hanyuu isn’t pessimist for nothing, though it isn’t related to the irony of the end of episode 7.
This episode will deal a huge blow on what we were expecting as a perfect scenario. Don’t be fooled by its title, 揺らぎ – Youragi – Fluctuation, which doesn’t refer to hope.


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen part3 : Youragi

The episode starts at night, with two… “not really friendly” men going upstairs of a old appartement. In the room, we see Rina, quickly trying to pack her stuff, alongside with a good stash of money. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t really fast enough and didn’t expect these two goons arriving that soon. These guys aren’t exactly happy with what she has done. Her pitiful whines will be the last thing she will ever breath in this chapter.

The next day, around dusk, Rika calls forth Hanyuu, but weirdly enough, the spirit doesn’t show up. Satoko didn’t come back yet, and this makes Rika worried a lot.
Rika leaves out, and while running, has a very bad feeling about this, and doesn’t want to believe to “this”.

Once arrived around Satoko’s house, she prays God, hoping she was wrong, but she is suddenly surprised by Satoko, who called her from behind. Rika’s prayers weren’t heard: Satoko bears a dead look, and was coming from the town, carrying various junk food, along with several bottles of alcohol. Rika is absolutely not relieved, and soon, she will have the confirmation of this.

Houjou Teppei opens the window, and yell at Satoko, complaining she let the kettle on when she went out. Satoko is scared, apologizes and says that’s becayse he told her to go immediately to the grocery store. Teppei loses his temper, and hurls at her feet his ashtray, yelling she must hurry and come back with the stuff.

Satoko then tells to Rika she will live in her house from today on, which shocks Rika. Satoko justifies that since her uncle is back, they both “want” to live together in this house. Teppei screams again, and Satoko makes her way, leaving Rika extremely worried.

At night, Ooishi receives a phone call, and it is Rika, who used the phone booth. She tells him she has something to talk about with Akasaka, but Ooishi informs her that Akasaka isn’t in Okinomiya. Both he and his wife are on an onsen trip, which leaves Rika dumbstruck. She asks about his lodging, but he doesn’t know, and asks if it is urgent, but Rika then hang off the phone. At this rate, Fate will be the same, but Rika violently hits the telephone, swearing she won’t give up.

Rika requested the intervention of the Yamainu for Satoko, which surprises a lot Irie. Takano admits she heard despicable things about Houjou Teppei, but she then wonders if the Police or the child protection center shouldn’t be a better solution. Rika doesn’t agree, raises her voice, saying it will be too late. She then tells Irie that at this rate, Satoko will fall back in the same state of last year.

Irie is really affected by this, but he is concerned to send the Yamainu after him, saying this means they will…(kill) that man. Takano says that the Yamainu was dispatched as Rika’s protection and cannot be used for any other reason, but Rika tells her she is close to Takano as well and the three of them share the same wish ! This is why she is pleading for help, which turn both adults quite uneasy. Takano is concerned, and asks to Irie what they will do.

Irie makes his decision, and asks Takano to accept Rika’s request, which relieves her a lot, while the nurse doesn’t look too sure.
Irie explains they can’t afford loosing Satoko, so he he also asking to her. Takano is unseasy, but accepts and will give it a try.

Unfortunately, at night, Takano announces them the yamainu can be dispatched. It is revealed that Teppei has been marked by the police. Since Mamiya Rina has been killed recently, the police keep an eye on Houjou Teppei. Therefore, the Yamainu can’t take actions, since there is a high risk they will be spotted by the police. Takano then humbly apologizes to Rika, saying until the police mark is still on Teppei, the yamainu is unable to proceed. Rika asks her when an occasion can be got for him then. Takano says “probably during the Watanagashi Festival”, which makes Rika enraged.

Rika yells it will be too late, and smashes the table.

Rika is completely angry, complaining she always cooperated with them, but in return, their powers they could provide appear to be useless.

Rika keeps going in her hysterical yell, claiming she finally understood that world is finished, and points at them, saying Takano can go burn herself at the montains, while Irie will commit suicide. As her erratic behaviour goes on, she yell them to die.

At night, back at home, Rika is finally calm (probably by drinking several glasses of wine). She tells to hanyuu that she surprised them a lot back then. Hanyuu says she told her so before: if she keeps her hopes to high, she will be betrayed by her own confidence, and it will be a painful failure to her. Rika says this is because everything started quite nicely. Then Hanyuu says this world is hopeless, but tells her she should withstand it, and someday, it might be something different. However, Rika says she won’t be able to wait for several decades, countless worlds worthing only 2 weeks at most. Rika doesn’t believe in it anymore and is shown drunk. She begins to sleep on the ground, saying she doesn’t care of this world anymore, nor for the worlds to come… Hanyuu is ver worried about what Rika said.

At school, Everyone is around Rika, asking her what’s wrong with Satoko, being absent like this. However, Rika is not in the mood, and remains silent. Chie-sensei asks her once again, but Rika asks them to shut up, stands up and says she will go back home.

Chie-sensei is however able to stop her, and both of them are talking in her room. The teacher realizes the problem when Rika told her about Satoko’s uncle. Rika, still completely dead, asks her if she is able to do anything. This comment makes Chie-sensei a bit uneasy.

But she then claims she will pay them a visit, and will be ready to listen to anything Satoko will tell her and if there is a problem… but Rika cuts her, saying it is useless to contact the child protection center: she reminds her that Satoko lied on a report before. Without any solid proof, they won’t do anything. Chie is upset of this, but still remains devoted to this.

As they are leaving, Keiichi and the rest ask if it is really true that Satoko’s uncle is back. Keiichi mentions he heard that Satoshi and Satoko were abused by him in the past. Rika doesn’t answer, and Chie ask them to stay calm, and for now, she will take care of this case personally. However, Shion isn’t calm with this, and reminds her teacher that things will be the same when Satoshi and Satoko were abused back then, and she knows it. Shion complains they couldn’t do anything and it will be the same situation than a year ago. But chie-sensei claims it won’t, definitely. She then leaves the rest to Mion. Hanyuu appears and is worried about Rika, but Rika says no one can do anything much like in the other worlds, and this world is completely hopeless.

Chie-sensei arrives at Satoko’s house, but she is rudely “greeted” by Teppei. She introduces her as satoko’s teacher, and asks him where is Satoko, saying she have something to tell her. Teppei defiantly says Satoko has a cold. Chie-sensei understands, and asks if she will be able to go to school tomorrow. Teppei doesn’t know, and litteraly cut the discussion, closing the door. As Chie tries to call him back, she hears he is coming back to a party of Mah-jong with his friends.

Later, around dusk, Shion wonders why Chie-sensei leaves after this. Rena stops her, telling her that their teacher cannot do anything past this point. Chie decides she will talk about this with the principal, and immediately makes her way.

Shion cannot hold her anger any longer, and is also leaving, but Mion stops her, asking where she is going. Shion claims she will go and save Satoko, as Satoshi entrusted her to Shion. Even if she has to kill Houjou Teppei, she will save Satoko. Everyone is shocked about this.

Shion realizes this is the BEST solution and will do it. Rena and Mion try to calm her, but it is useless. Since everyone doesn’t do anything, she will do it.

Rena asks her to not proceed, and walks towards her, telling her killing won’t solve anything. Shion then begins to tell them she knows how Satoko suffered, how Hinamizawa doesn’t give a crap of her, that both her uncle and aunt tortured her, that satoshi also disappeard and his whereabouts are still unknown, and despite this, she knows Satoko tried her best to withstand this. Rika is silently observing the scene, while Shion claims she won’t let things going like this and makes her way out.

However, Keiichi intervenes, and blocks the door, which surprises Shion and Rika as well. Shion isn’t happy with this, and commands him to get out of her way. Keiichi keeps his KOOL, and is afraid he can’t let that.

He knows that if she kills Teppei, she will regret it for the rest of her life. Shion claims she is prepared for this, and doesn’t care being arrested afterwards, if she can save Satoko. Keiichi then reminds her that she wants that everyone lives in their usual happiness, but as being a murderer, she will shatter this completely.

Shion is even more irritated, and yells him to get out of the way. She then grabs a chair, claiming if he doesn’t move, she will kill him first. Keiichi finds the situation quite interesting, and defiantly tell her to do so. Shion answers the taunt by the same style and says she will do it, as Sonozaki Shion will obliterate any enemy on her way. Keiichi then yells her to do so then.

Mion tries to convince Keiichi, since Shion is REALLY serious. But Rena stops her, saying if it is Keiichi, it will alright, definitely. She comments that Keiichi will surely calm her, but Mion wonders how. As Rena is staring at Keiichi, we see a flashback of the “Hell and Heaven fight” from Tsumihoroboshi-hen. She says everything will be alright.

Shion screams to keiichi to not interfere, and smashes his head violently with the chair, which makes him bleed. Shion is exhausted and drops the chair…

…but Keiichi kept his KOOL (and his almighty smirk), asking if it calmed her. Shion realized what she has done, and silently goes back, and sits down.

Keiichi says he doesn’t what to do either, while Rena is approaching him, cleaning his bloody face with a handkerchief. But keiichi says they will definitely find a solution to this matter, that’s why he asked them to believe in him.

Then, the principal and Chie-sensei enter. He then ask them to leave this matter to him. Chie explained the whole case to him, and understand the situation. He will call the child protection center. However, Shion mutters it is useless. As an answer, the principal says that if you begin to have negative thought, you already lost the battle. He promise that he and Chie will do their best, as Satoko is their cute pupil.

Hanyuu is surprised about this, especially from this other world, whereas keiichi was the one who killed Houjou Teppei. Rika says in this world, Shion was supposed to be the one who will kill Teppei. But the unexpected intervention of Keiichi prevented it. Hanyuu is worried, but Rika claims she already told her that she doesn’t expect anything anymore.

At night, it appears that the principal’s attempt was useless. The child protection center staff investigated the house but Satoko didn’t ask for help and denied the fact she was abused. Keiichi asks to Mion why Satoko acts like this. Mion tells him, Shion told her that ever since her brother disappeared, Satoko felt it was her fault and she withstood everything as a trial. Thus, the presence of her uncle is also something she wants to bear alone, as she is expecting Satoshi to come back someday. Rena comments that she is probably doing this as an atonement for what she did to Satoshi (as being sheltered by him all the time). Rena says she was still worried about that keiichi could be the one saying the things shion did. He then tells them that in fact, ever since, he felt he already killed Teppei with his own hand a long time ago. And as result, the tragedy was still in motion. Keiichi then says they can’t let things at this rate. Since Satoko doesn’t ask help, Keiichi believes they should be those would act against this. Rena agrees, and mentions that someone told her a long time ago that if everyone unite together, they can find a way for anything.

At home, despite what he said, Keiichi is thinking what they should do. His father wonders what he was thinking about since then, and if it is about the auction. Keiichi decides to explain the problem, and his parents understand the issue. His mother comments violence will resolve anything. Keiichi assures her he wasn’t thinking about this kind of things. His father then tells him that a Fight cannot gain any support if you don’t stick with the “rules”.

At school, Keiichi suggests they should all go to the children protection agency, so they can explain them in detail the situation. Keiichi asks Rika to goes with them as well, but Rika asks him if they can really shatter Satoko’s Fate. Keiichi says again he told her that you can change fate with your own hands.

Rika is okay with this. hanyuu asks her if it is okay. Rika knows it is useless, but she would like to see how Keiichi will deal with this struggle. Just as something to kill time until the end is there…

Unfortunately, at the agency, the attendant isn’t exactly positive of their possibility to act in satoko’s case. She assures they are on Satoko’s case and they aren’t leaving her out. Keiichi argues they didn’t do anything yesterday. As an answer, the attendant reads the report as parents and child are under observation. However, the mention of “parent and child ” irritates a lot Shion, saying it is “uncle and niece” and she is questioning they true involvement in this case. She apologizes and confirms what Shion said. that aside, she assures they are surpervizing this case so both parties have a wholesome life. Rena and Mion then say Teppei neglected Satoko for a whole year, and the code about the caretaker has obviously been broken in some way. Keiichi follows it up with the fact Satoko wasn’t at school for 2 days and asks them to not follow at heat what Satoko claims. The attendant understands and flately says she will put these information foward to the investigators, and thanks them for the information.

After this, everyone are sitting on a bench, bitter on this failure. Mion comments if her name can play in this, as the sonozaki are still in conflict with the Houjou. Shion is really angry at her grandma, keeping this non sense up.

Keiichi suddenly apologizes to Rika because he wasn’t able to do anything despite being a bigmouth back then. Rika is completely in wreck, and doesn’t believe keiichi. Keiichi told her before that they can shatter fate, that’s why Keiichi, saying such things now… she can’t believe them. She cries and then says she doesn’t want to give up after all.

She wants to save Satoko and she asks help to Keiichi, to break this fate, and save Satoko. Keiichi is dumbstruck and understands it. He agrees with Rika, smacks his cheeks as an awakening, and claim they shouldn’t sulk but rather take action with rage ! Rena is still worried what they will do then, and wonders if he has a plan. Keiichi answers positively, as this one is based on a tactic that Keiichi is very skilled at.


the episode ends on Rika, still crying, but really surprised by Keiichi’s hope.


Thoughts :

Here comes the major episode, which shatter this perfect world. I was completely excited by this one, and it turned to be another expectation completely fulfilled. As people were wondering if they missed an episode due the straight start, I must say I couldn’t see this episode differently : Despair isn’t something gradual, and can pop and brings the batshit HARD, even when people were just “asborbing” the various elements of hope from last week.

The quality of this episode was a bit reduced (again the limbs), but DEEN didn’t screw with the “distorsion”, far from the abominations from season 1 (geh… especially Shion during the whip scene in Meakashi-hen). The animation didn’t suffered though.
The new BGM work very very well, and are well timed. I just hope they will use the appropriate tones for the end of Minagoroshi-hen.

This episode quality is extremely near of the marvelous execution of Episode 5. As far as I can deduce the next episode, it should be definitely epic. Keiichi will soon prove what the word “GAR” means. (K will be bakc at full force with his “magician of words” mode, much like how he did with Shion in this episode)

I’m overly confident for the next episodes. It should be finished within 4-5 episodes, so they will nicely develop the pasts and other KAKERA for Matsuribayashi-hen.

Again, my apologizes for my lateness, especially for the screencaps and thoughts. Exams are quite a priority over here ^^” Well then, the Analysis should be up soon. (if not within 6 hours, it should be done tomorrow). See you soon !


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    Aw… Poor Rika! I feel bad, because all she wants to do is help Satoko… TT^TT

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