Kodomo No Jikan Period 10 Examination


It’s time to start Volume 2 of Kodomo No Jikan , and even I don’t know what it’s about to bring, guess I’ll find out as I read along…..

Summary: The chapter begins with summer still in full swing and Aoki is stopping by the school to check the pool and feed the classes cat, when the cat bites him.  This gets him remembering about when Rin sucked on his sore finger the first time this happened and he wonders what the kids are up to.  The answer is that they are having a sleep over party at Rin’s house to get their homework done together (Also Kagami is positively beaming to see her precious Rin again, it’s really a sight to see).  Well actually Mimi wants to get her homework done, Rin and Kagami just want to goof around (moreso Kagami who is pretending to be a kitten, maybe she has a cat fetish, it would explain the neko mimi she wears sometimes).

When Reiji get’s home Mimi is a bit surprised and Kagami gives him her best curtsy.  The reason Mimi is so surprised to see Reiji is that she finds him handsome and kind (basically she has a child’s crush on him, but I doubt it’s anything like Rin with Aoki).  We learn that Mimi also doesn’t get along with her brother and she begins to fantasize about Reiji saying flattering things to her when Kagami snaps her out of it asking about a homework question (Mimi still seems to lack confidence, thinking she’s being made fun of all the time for being a bookworm and being an early bloomer.  She also seems to have an inferiority complex in relation to Rin and Kagami because of their popularity).  After answering Mimi begins to fantasize about sitting on Reiji’s lap (As a Girl/Dog hybrid) when the actual Reiji walks in with some Calpis. (Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!  More like the most unpalletable drink in the world and I’ve tried Pepsi Black as well as Black Jelly Beans combined with Root Beer)

This would have been a joyous occasion were it not for Mimi spazing out causing the drinks to splash everywhere, including on herself giving her a see through T-Shirt (as well as I guess to remind us that Mimi wears a bra?) and on Rin’s drawing.  (OH NO!)  Mimi is all upset, but Rin says it’s okay, so all three of them pile into a bathtub together to wash off.  Mimi thinks Reiji will think she’s a trouble maker now, but Rin says it’s cool as they continue to be naked (I’d post a picture for the lolicons out there, but I figure they’re probably off watching Moetan Raws right now so it’s all good.  I’m sure people can wait for the KnJ anime).

After Dinner the girls are going to sleep and Mimi says some gibberish she read out of a book to the moon (possibly some wish making ritual), Kagami’s also in her nightgown and Rin’s in a wifebeater.  When Reiji kisses Rin good night it spooks Mimi as she thinks they are in a relationship, which Kagami says would be against the law.  Rin who was pretending to be asleep says she’s in love with Aoki (Uh-Oh) and besides Reiji already has a boyfriend.  The chapter closes with Reiji looking at a picture of a woman on his cell phone before going to sleep.

Thoughts:  I’ll confess I read ahead a bit, and a lot of this Volume will be focusing on Reiji’s relationships, and this is how things get started.  The chapter is mostly about Mimi and her developing crush on Reiji, and I’m sure at this point if you looked at a character relationship chart it would be the tighest most confusing web of relations since R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet.  I hope to see more of Kagami Kuro (My favourite character) in the coming chapters, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting much focus in this volume (a hunch).  Either way the 2nd volume is off to an interesting start and I guess we’ll learn more about Reiji next time.

Rating: Eight And A Half Out Of Ten


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