Sky Girls Episode 06 (The Great Bra Caper)


So last episode of Sky Girls people were dealing with Deathkillz and an aerial demonstration with a cliffhanger ending that implied that the worms were back.  Now we have me, fresh off of dropping Lucky Star from my blogging list after it turned out to contain more self-referencing and advertising then I can handle, and a whole new perspective on Sky Girls.  Can we assume this episode will continue the serious tone set by the ending to the last one….weellllllll let’s just read along and see what happens shall we…….



Awwww She’s All Cute And Talking In First Person.  Isn’t That Moe.


You Know When This Little Girl Turns Into The Cocky Arrogant Looking One From The Opening, It’s Going To Be One Hell Of A Transition

HOLY CRAP, SHITS EXPLODING EVERYWHERE!  AND THERE’S ELISE VON DIETRICH….ahem there’s Elise Von Dietrich, the cocky looking girl from the opening, except she ain’t that cocky looking here.  On the contrary it’s hard to tell since she looks as loli as she does in the opening, but I think this is a flashback to the war with the worms.  Elize is talking all cutesy and in the first person about how she’ll fight too and stop the monstrous worms, but a German looking gentleman says she needs to survive as she’s mankinds last hope.  He stuffs her in an escape craft of some sort as despite her protests and she continues to bang on the glass in futility (Use your super loli strength (TM), come on they all have it, your no exception) as she see’s the complex with the man (whom I’m assuming was her father) explode in a ball of flame.  (HOLY CRAP THAT WAS DRAMATIC).


The Key Plot Point Of The Episode Is This Object.  Everything That Happens Stems From The Bra….Sort Of…..

Back in the present (?) we see Otoha opening a washing machine in the laundromat to find one gigantic cup size bra left behind. (Wow Ultra-Dramatic To Fanservice in ten seconds)  Well of course she’s gotta try it on…..but it’s a no go, her breasts are to small. (Little does she know that is the desired trait these days. Big Breasts and Developed Bodies are so 90’s)  Back to drama, the Base Commander is in his room talking about the reports of devastation in Europe and that there are no known survivors to report on the details. (We all know the cause though)  He comments that the Sky Girls project needs to pick up the pace in order to counter the mysterious threat.

Meanwhile, more importantly, Otoha is lurking in plain view forming a ring around her eyes, spying to see who the bra might belong to, when someone just the right size (according to her) walks up.  But wait, it’s Karen, “What Are You Doing Otoha-Chan, Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?”  “Karen-Chan’s Are Unexpectedly Big, Sigh When Will I Grow Bigger Breasts?” (There there Otoha).  They go to have lunch and continue to puzzle over the…..item when Nanae walks up and asks what’s going down.  She’s the next suspect and Karen starts measuring off her theoretical proportions (With Serious Mathematical Calculations For Serious Stuff.  Put That Brain To Use Karen) like that one perverted guy that’s in every harem series known to man that knows every girl in classes bra size…..ahem.  Nanae insists it isn’t hers and Otoha decides to go over and tease her with a faux inspirational speech about small breasts making it big in the world…..which you know THEY ARE RIGHT NOW!(By the way, can they do that to officers in Japan’s Military)  Silly Girl, Silly, Silly Silly!  Eventually the guy Karen has a crush on (the one who brought back her pen) comes in and she panicks, stashing the bra behind her back (Like he might somehow mistake it for being hers, being all flatchested and all -_-;)


This Qualifies As A Fanservice Shot Right?  You’ve Gotta Upload The Fanservice Shots….Right?!

The quest continues down the hall, when Otoha bumps into the Chief Mechanic and he pokes fun at her carrying around a bra that’s obviously to large.  Otoha get’s angry but doesn’t step on his crotch like she does in the OVA this time, she just sort of stomps on the ground. (He should consider himself lucky)  Ichijo shows up now and her breasts seem to be the perfect size, could the mystery be solved) In the exercise room Otoha talks about Ichijo’s perfect breasts (I’m getting a bit uncomfortable with this discussion now) and how it’s always such a huge topic for women.  Ichijo splains it to her quite frankly that breast size has nothing to do with piloting and that if she has times to worry about such things she should put it to use in practicing.  However, she also seems to take what Otoha said about having the perfect size right and grins a bit.  Just then the alarm sounds.


Obligatory Changing Sequence Complete With Charlie’s Angels Music

The girls suit up to some Charlies Angels sounding music (I’m not really kidding much here either, it sounds like 70’s funk music) and are off. 


Oh Noes It’s SIN!


Ah Karen, Helpless As Ever

Over the waters they find there whale, or rather what Ichijo knows to be a WORM.  The Control crew realizes this is no practice session this time around (HOORAY!) and Ichijo demands some answers, only even even Supervisor Soya has no idea.  He’s pissed at the Base Commander and now the girls are in for the fight of their lives.  Karen worries about the fact that neither she nor Otoha have any real combat experience, and Ichijo busts out with the badass line that…..


Then You Better Start Learning Now, Let’s Go!

And now they go in for the attack.



Oh No It Employed A Flat Chested Lolish Girls One Weakness.  It’s The Dreaded Spiked Tentacle


Look Out For The Sin Spawn Ichijo

As the battle get’s underway the girls aren’t doing any real damage to the WORM’s thick skin, they’re going to need a better strategy.  Otoha tries to draw her sword as the WORM uses one of it’s spike tipped tentacles to swat her away.  A distracted Karen is also swatted away, and when Ichijo tries to shoot away some projectiles the WORM shoots out of it’s mouth she to falls prey to the blinding speed of the WORM’s Spike.  Eventually the WORM goes to bite Otoha’s Reijin and it’s……Simulation Over (DAMMIT!  This Whole Time It’s Been Another Simulation!)  Oh well, at least we got to see them try to kick ass in one of those cool no holds barred mecha battles over the ocean, where the losers almost certainly a goner.  Ichijo is pissed about losing and Soya demands some answers.  Apparently the order came from intellegence to insert the WORM into the practice sim, but we all know by the darting eyes and the shady demeanor of the Base Commander that he has all the details, he just isn’t sharing them.  It finally dawns on Soya what the true purpose of the Sonic Diver Project is.


SKULL LEADER YAROI!  Wait Wrong Series

At the harbor Ichijo demands to know the purpose of the Sonic Divers as well and Soya relates to her the story of how he (implied) injured his hands and it’s up to a new generation of fighters to take up the fight as the militaries main ranks. (or rather as my friend puts it, “The Military Personel All Look Like Ten Year Old Flat Chested Girls”.  Yeah basically it’s up to flat chested girls to take up the reigns, not a new generation, but you know since Men can’t do anything…….yeah)

In the hanger Otoha is informed by the Mechanic Ryohei that her reaction speed is slower than the others.  Otoha is disappointed, but then Nanae stops by to show Otoha that even though Ryohei said she wouldn’t show any improvement, her performance has in fact been improving gradually over the sets of practice simulations and drills they’ve been given.  Also apparently Ryohei botched the maintance on the Reijin and it’s been sending data to slowly to the Control Tower, defeated he apologizes.  (Haha yeah, make the man apologize, haha yeah men suck girls rule, ROCK ON!)  By the way it’s here that I notice that the Sonic Diver teams regular uniforms bear a striking resemblance to Nazi SS Uniforms, what’s up with that.


Debriefing.  HAHA!  Get It, It’s Like They’re Wearing…..Ugh Never Mind. I’d Never Be Caught Dead Finishing Such A Lame Pun Anyway


You Know I Don’t See What She’s Complaining About.  She’s Got An Amazing Body With All The Thin Proportions And The Prominent Navel, But At The Same Time Lot’s Of Muscular Power.  I’m Practically Drooling, But Then Again In Anime That Qualifies As Below Standards


I’m Not Sure How She Manages To Conceal That In The Officer’s Uniform, But It’s A Neat Trick

In the change room Otoha and Karen talk about he hard Nanae works, not only doing all the data processing, but helping out wherever she can.  While in the bath Nanae worries about what Otoha will think when she finds out, certainly it will crush her spirit.  Well when Otoha goes to give her a special push-up bra, whatever trick Nanae used to make things look smaller falters and out they come (not out of the shirt, but out of the tape or whatever she was using).  Poor Otoha.

Thoughts:  Darn this episode could have been so much better.  It’s gets a 10/10 on the fanservice account, but I really wish we got to see more of Elise then just her crying and screaming, and you know, the whole thing turned out to be just another practice scenario.  Still each character gets a bit of development, Karen is clearly infatuated with the wiener boy who rescued her pen, Otoha is improving slowly, Ichijo is angry and wants answers, Nanae has huge boobs and is like some sort of Yamato Nadeshiko, Elise when she shows up for real is probably going to be like Asuka, traumatic past diguised by an arrogant  exterior.  All in all it was an average episode, but I really hope there’s some more plot next episode, we have our characters built up pretty well now, let’s develop them alongside the plot from here on out.  I have a good feeling that things will start to pick up next episode as the WORM’s have clearly made their reappearance and the girls are being trained to fight them off.

Rating: Seven Out Of Ten


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