Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 9 : Minagoroshi-hen 4, Koushou

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!
Satoko is fully struck by the horrible fate Teppei represents. However, Keiichi and the rest won’t stay idle, and even Rika will gather her strength to save her dear friend. Will they be able to do it? Well, you will see… Keiichi will demonstrates how far his godlike skills are. No wonder why this episode is called 交渉 – Koushou – Negotiation !


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen part4 : Koushou

Keiichi makes a big announce to the whole class, with the rest of the gang. The main topic is Satoko, and Keiichi talks about the fact it is too strange for a cold to last 3 days without any visit to the clinic. This point is indeed relevant, and many pupils are wondering what is happening. Keiichi then reveals the truth, as it is because of her bastard uncle. Rena reminds everyone how Satoko was a year ago, and also the Sonozaki twins mention that Satokow as happy with Rika, and thus, it is clear she has been forced to go bakc home and being restricted to see anyone. Keiichi then claims Satoko is their comrade, so all of them will save her! However, Tomita wonders how. Keiichi then goes further in his KOOL speech: He explains that they were submitting their alert to the Child Protection Agency, but they were not convinced and still act petty. Thus he asks them to lend their power to him. Chie-sensei enters in the classroom and wonders what’s going. She quickly understands the situation, hearing Keiichi that they will save satoko altogether.

However, Rika intervenes and hinder Chie-sensei, saying it is for Satoko’s sake that everyone are doing their best. As she is saying she is powerless, Rika knows she has to depend on everyone. But at least, she can prevent Chie to stop their attempt to save their friend. Chie-sensei is dumbstruck, but the principal pat her shoulder, agreeing with the youth. They will do their best shot! Chie-sensei has no choice but agrees, but asking then that she will go with them. Everyone is rather relieved of this, and quickly make their way.

Everyone is in the child protection agency. Keiichi announces they are 17, schoolmates and teachers of Houjou Satoko. The young attendant warns them they are too many, then Rena asks her to prepare for them a bigger room. Understanding, the young attendant asks them to wait, as she is preparing this. The group is facing the counselor with his assistant. As expected, the counselor claims they are cautiously taking care of the case, which doesn’t relieve Keiichi and everyone else. Much like what Rika predicted to Chie in the previous episode, Satoko told to the agency employees that she wasn’t abused. The twins can’t believe they are following blindly her words. The counselor keeps his stance, as it is a peculiar case, and the victim’s aknowledgement is a core part of it. Therefore, the counselo even states it isn’t even easy to say if she is really in state of emergency. This comment pisses Keiichi a lot, and Rena calms him. It is a failure.

On their way back, Keiichi is very irritated. However, Mion shows that people won’t give up, and the other classmates won’t let it end like this. Shion then compares this situation with the Dam War, and how everyone was united for one cause, fighting as one, much like they are doing now. Keiichi grasps the “Hinamizawa Spirit”, but Mion mentions it won’t work if they show up with the same people, so Rena believes they should gather even more persons. Keiichi asks Mion if it is really impossible to recruit adults. As you might expect, the neighborhood is unlikely to get involved, asthey still harbor grudge against the Houjou. Keiichi can’t help it, and then will take action !

At the angel mort, Keiichi is dumbstruck because the answer of the “new ally” is negative… it is… KAMEDA-KUN! Kameda is sorry and can’t help him, as tomorrow is a DESSERT FIESTA XD.

Keiichi is very annoyed and molest him. Rena tries to ease the tension, saying if they shouldn’t let him free for tomorrow but Keiichi doesn’t want to, and begins another KOOL K speech, about how a guy doesn’t deserve sweets if he doesn’t even help a girl in distress, which totally brainwashes Kameda. The later kneels down, apologizes and will follow K’s lead!

Kameda then calls forth his own faction: the nerds lurking in the angel mort! a HUGE army! K, the general gives orders to the new troops. Rena is impressed and they look like they will be more than 60 (if we add the school, Kameda’s baseball club and his fellow desserts nerd comrades).

However, shion correct her as they will be more: her colleagues in the Angel Mort heard Keiichi and will spread the word among their friends as well for tomorrow. Their rank grows exponentially! As she is witnessing it, Rika wonders if it is the power to demolish Fate.

At night, Keiichi pays a visit to Irie, who obviously accepts Keiichi’s request. He wonders if it is really okay, but Irie assures it is, and that Takano and Tomitake will join them as well, mentioning it is even Takano who suggested the idea. As a flashback, Takano and Tomitake explain that despite they couldn’t do anything (due Rika’s request) they can at least accompany them for this. Irie then says everyone will do their best tomorrow!

Keiichi leaves the clinic and meets with Ooishi. The later knows the matter, and Keiichi expects him yo join their cause. Unfortunately, Ooishi’s duty restrict him to be involved in civilian matters. But instead, he warns Keiichi about something very important, and they should give up: The Child Protection Agency actually have a discussion with the Sonozaki. Ooishi tells him that considering the influence of the Sonozaki, it will be really bad for them if they get on the bad side of the main family of the Gosanke (probably due Mion’s presence). Unfortunately, this matter just gives the opportunity to Sonozaki Oryou to hear about this matter, which can lead to a dramatic aftermath. As an advice (instead of a true warning), Ooishi tells to Keiichi that he shouldn’t fight beyond a certain point , otherwise, they will be confronting with the village itself, as the Sonozaki will probably go hostile, considering their everlasting grugde for the Houjou. Keiichi thanks him for the information, but claim he won’t give up, saying Satoko’s is his friend/comrade, and they will show their power to help her!

At school, Keiichi sets the battleplan: Mion will lead the school group, while Shion will take care of the angel mort waitresses squad. Keiichi will take the lead of Kameda’s group. However, an unexpected guest arrives…

…it is Satoko, who finally was able to go to school. Chie-sensei explains that since the Agency employees came, it was possible to make her back to school, and Keiichi says then it should be a relief, to satoko. However, Satoko answers flately that “her fever was lasting 3 days”, with her indifferent and death gaze… Satoko is extremely polite and slow on her speech, apologizing for the worry. Everyone notice it, and ask her if she is okay. Satoko repeats her fever didn’t drop for 3 days, confirming it is the truth. While she is going to sit down, Mion is struck as no one has even asked about her “cold”. Rena believe it is probably Teppei who ordered her to answer this. Mion concludes that Teppei probably back himself up like this, so he will get away without any trouble as he is letting Satoko back to school, so no problem with the school and/or the child protection agency. Shion is horrified by this, and Keiichi cannot hold anymore and walks towards satoko.

Keiichi is again worried about Satoko, but the later assures him she is fine. Since her nii-nii is no longer here, she is doing her best alone. Keiichi offer her a reward for her determination with a pat on her head, which she accepts, but makes her cry. Keiichi notices it, and the rest is approaching her, asking her to confess the truth, assuring her they will fight for her, and the whole class is eagerly doing this. Tomita and Okamura tell her they won’t give up, and tomorrow they will play together. Then Satoko mentions the Agency has indeed came, and Shion is worried if Teppei did something on her as result.

Satoko once again says she is okay, but Rena doesn’t accept it, saying it is a lie. She says Satoko isn’t fine and everyone knows it. Rena then talks about what happened to her a long time ago (Tsumihoroboshi-hen). She says she though no one would help her, so she was convinced that she was doing everything for the best, as result, she didn’t accept and grasp the hands that Keiichi and the rest were giving to her. Then Rena says that to find her way to the world she wish for, both parties must go towards each other. This is an important lesson someone taught her. Therefore, Rena asks her hand. Keiichi assures they will save her, but need again just a little more, so he asks her hand as well. Satoko is almost breaking, thanking them “earnestly” everyone, but…

…As she is trying to finish her sentence, the principal footsteps can be heard, and Satoko LITERALY freaks out, and panics. She shelters her head with her hands, and flees in a corner of the classroom. Everyone wonders what is happening, and the principal enters. Satoko repeats erratically that her uncle will do…
Satoko collapses on her knees. Rika quickly rushes at her, and hugs her, assuring everything is alright and her uncle isn’t there. Satoko argues she heard him coming over here and that he came to get her…
Rika tries to calm her and asks her if she took her injection today. Satoko cries on Rika’s chest.

At the clinic, Satoko is sleeping, and Keiichi asks how she is doing. Rika explains the injection calmed her. Keiichi wonders what’s this injection, especially Rika mentioned earlier. Rika explains Satoko is sick, and she got hallucinations and other stuff. They suddenly hear Satoko crying and struggling, while Irie tries to restrain her. Rika rushes towards her, assuring that everything is alright, but Satoko keeps crying for her nii-nii.

After some moments, Satoko is finally resting and Keiichi and Rika have a discussion. Rika explains about Satoko’s panic: as she is feeling that everything is attacking her, even if someone tries to say otherwise, Satoko won’t be able to tell what is the reality. This is the reason why she must have an injection everyday. Keiichi then asks Rika if Satoko couldn’t stay in the clinic and being admitted. But Rika knows she will refuse. Rika explains that if Satoko doesn’t comes back home, Satoshi’s room will be destroyed. Keiichi is shocked, and Rika says Satoko said it during her panic state: Teppei doesn’t mind if Satoko runs away, but threaten her that if she does, he will burn satoshi’s room. Satoko panicked and swore she won’t run away, and she wants to protect satoshi’s room until he comes back.
Keiichi is really pissed off, and claims he should have killed him after all. Rika quickly grabs his arm, asking him to not lose his temper, especially after what Shion and the rest got through. She mentions she told him this, as he would understand. Keiichi knows it, but it is hard for him to withstand it as well. Rika tells him that saving satoko is a difficult task, and she tried to save her many times, but without any success. However, this time, Keiichi is different and she believe he will change fate. Keiichi is calm and confirms this, as he will beat crap out of fate.

Everyone, the school, the angel mort staff, kameda squad and the clinic trio are present. Keiichi, Irie and Rika are discussing with the councelor of the child agency, as of course, they are way too many to assist closely. Rika can’t believe she has been chosen. In a flashback, Rena believes it should be rika to follow them as well, since she is satoko’s best friend, and everyone agrees.

Rika is talking with hanyuu, while Keiichi is determined and keep discussing. Rika thinks again being satoko’s best friend, but she mentions she is a sideline character, always acting like a spectator and not able to help her. Hanyuu asks her opinion, and Rika says everything depend on Satoko’s aknowledgement about being abused, as everyone has already tend their hands towards her. Hanyuu wonders if someone will be able to change satoko’s mind. Rika realized that Miracle happen only if everyone combine their power, while being if someone is missing, it won’t work. Hanyuu then concludes because of satoko it won’t… but Rika corrects her, saying the problem is herself. She knows she is the only one who can unlock Satoko’s heart, but even so, she was doing nothing for it. Then, she concludes if she doesn’t enter in the fray as well, the miracle won’t happen.

However, hanyuu reminds her she already did this kind of things countlessly, and she got betrayed in the end. Rika concludes this situation won’t repeat, and so says if this world is a failure, she will give up. This is her last chance. Hanyuu is very worried about what Rika said.
Rika decides to fight, even if it means her death. She ironically asks Hanyuu to pray for her, the best she can so she will be able to shatter fate of 1983. Then, she stands up and speaks as well to the councelor, saying since they need satoko’s plea, Rika will make her do it, to save her.


Thoughts :

I feared a lot that this episode could be quite fast paced to the poin they could jump already on the next stage of satoko’s case. (reason why i thought it would be epic). I was fortunately wrong, and it is a pleasure to see that DEEN don’t hesitate to take their time to nicely depict everyone feelings and determination.

Yes, “nothing” happened in this episode. However, I can claim this episode was very powerful, as it is the best and most logical progression of the current plot state. Basically, the anime avoided the horrible “i found the solution!” out of the blue, from nowhere. The story shows how much everyone care for Satoko, and how far the unity can go. Obviously, you ABSOLUTELY cannot convince such system with petty words, so I was very impressed that they sticked closely on the game script again, as everyone was pleading for Satoko’s case, more and more, wave by wave.

The most important point is probably Keiichi, K the charismatic Magician of Words. Frankly, his skills are so well demonstrated here that I felt bad they skipped it in Tsumihorobish-hen (as i said, his skills were the biggest reason how he could save Rena, while in Onikakushi, even the earnest plea of trust of Rena wasn’t able to reason Keiichi). Passionate, strong and charistmatic leader, Keiichi’s abilities are shown as going much like their interventions: wave by wave, much like in a crescendo manner.
What i mean…? Just like last week: next week will be EPIC.

The visual quality of this episode was fine, though slightly below the usual standard of the series. . You might go “meh” with the follow pictures: [School Group], [Irie, Keiichi and Rika]. I believe the problem is most likely the raw, and since the first pic happen on a moving scene, it isn’t that eye candy… The second picture looks like a unconsistancy on the overal character design. Fortunately, both scenes last only 2-3 seconds, and the rest of the episode isn’t affected. Last nitpicking might be some “weird eyes” for Rena, on some shots of her sad expression, during Satoko’s scene in the classroom. However, the animation was even better than last week (especially for Satoko and Rika)

Again, the BGM timing was very neat, especially the heartwrenching moments with Satoko, who was completely shattered. Hell, the situation was far more powerful than tatarigoroshi, which make me hate Teppei even much more that it was already before.
I’m just whining a bit that Kawai Kenji is still using “dramatic” tracks all the time, while some “reckless” and “action” tunes were used for some parts in the game. (mainly “Cross-Examination” and “fearlessness”, the later being the core track for their fight for Satoko)

I definitely believe it was the best way how they could develop and evolve the story on Satoko’s case, and I feel a bit bad that some people might skip/go fastfoward, because it is “boring” or “nothing happen”. This is basically nothing new happen that it is IMPORTANT!

And so, i’m done with episode 9 summary. I hope i won’t be too busy tomorrow for the Analysis, but i believe it should be done as usual, around 2 AM GTM+2. Hope you will stay tuned with me on Higurashi ^^
See you soon !


5 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 9 : Minagoroshi-hen 4, Koushou”

  1. 1 Hecman August 31, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    Just like to say thats a amazing overview once again. Hmm… I wonder how Rika is going to convince Satoko to break fate? Will Satoko remember something from the past worlds?

  2. 2 klashikari August 31, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    The problem is Satoko’s state doesn’t really help for any reminiscence.
    Also, I don’t think any of her “past” experience can help her, as she was eternally destined to be “broken” each time the bastard teppei comes back. (and no, yakusamashi would hardly count so…)

    However, you can tell Rika will do her best as a friend, a very dedicated one. I won’t say anything else.

    *sigh* i finally updated a better summary (structure more conventional and less goofy, correction of mistakes and misinterpretations, etc)
    I will work on the Analysis ^^

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