The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #11 (Part 1)

Another tie this time around and the interesting part of it is yet to come, it won’t be obvious yet, but for now let’s get underway……


#12: Anise Tatlin From Tales Of The Abyss

Alluring Quality 6/10:  Not half bad at all in this category, though not as strong as like you suck.  Plus look at the image on the right where she’s got the hand on the hip, some of the others.  The twin tails, leg stockings, pink outfit and yellow hair ribbons do wonders for her character design as do her amber colored eyes.  Plus the hands behind the back pose she uses througout the game is hard to resist.

Callousness 6/10: Yet what’s this, when a certain event happens in the game, she proves not to have not cared about the main character in the slightest and treats him like the worst sort of dirt beneath her feet at what is the worst moment of his life.  Further more, turns out her entire reason for being with Luke up until then was to weasel her way into getting his inheritance (sort of).  What’s more, she’s actually a spy working for the enemy.  In the end Anise learns the errors of her ways and manages to show some compassion for a fallen enemy, but for of the game she’s just kind of without scruples and thus she gets the highest score in this category anyone has gotten up until now.

Power 7/10:  I’m going to go out on a limb and say Anise is unbalanced in terms of power.  She has high Attack, Magic, Defensive, Endurance and Area of Effect capabilities, plus she rides around on top of a giant doll that punches things, and can cast very high level magic.  Not only is she a jack of all trades, but shes kind of better at everything than most other characters, held back only in the fact that she has longer charge times.  Give her chambers to lessen charge times and bow before her might.  What’s more she even has costumes for her dolls to enhance her abilities even further.  Compared to the rest of the characters in the game, she’s very powerful, but compared to some of the other lolis in my ranking, not so much, so she gets a seven.

Lolidom 7/10:  High points here too.  She’s the kind of loli that will beat you senseless and then make you feel pathetic buy ridiculing you about the fight being too easy, or just make you feel inadequate.  Your gonna lose, she knows it, yet she enjoys making you feel right leg bent, not even bothering to look at the enemy, twirling the rod, towering above the battlefield, establishing dominance and  ready to cast some high level magic, man that’s kind of a turn on.

Loliness 10/10: Listen to her voice, asking to be carried, being all chirpy and making silly faces…..yeah it doesn’t quite get more loli then this.

Overall 36/50:  Now we’re talking, but this is just the beginning or the middle tier.  Stay tuned for part 2, which when I added up my scores really surprised me.  How fitting that it would be……..well you’ll see.


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