Stroke of BAD luck – DKZ

Isn’t this just great? your PC blows up and it takes 2 weeks to sort everything out including buying a new one and waiting for some experts to recover the data *sigh* now they tell me that my old modem won’t run on vista…I think this must be my bad luck for year all in one go ~ not to mention how it was the last 3 weeks of my summer holidays meaning that right now I am using a school PC (new modem arrived today so hopefully I can get back up by tonight) XD not a pretty sight seeing everything at once but after lasting a good 3 years it was time to put my PC to rest (after raiding all the good components *muhahaha!*).

well i’ve missed out on a lot of anime the pass thre weeks so it would probably take a while to get me back on my usual blogging track (amongst other things) ~ but as a final note…IM NOT DEAD YET! dispite my name *rolleyes*

oh but the good thing that did come out this that i managed to catch up on some past series I left to collect dust and to finish my coursework for school XD

 list: air gear, narutaru,  mahoroba heartful days, evangelion (at last after putting it off for so long), kage kara mamoru, kanon 2k2 – and a few more i can’t quite remember lawl ^__^


1 Response to “Stroke of BAD luck – DKZ”

  1. 1 innominate September 5, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Welcome back! xD

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