Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 10 : Minagoroshi-hen 5, Taiketsu

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!

After crashing on some obstacles in his path, Keiichi decides to brave the adversity, and clash with the village council and even… the Sonozaki.
Again, Keiichi and everyone else will fight for our lovely blonde prankster… and for this, there are never “enough” allies.
But will they make it in time…? Teppei will certainly not wait for them…

Time is against them, so any negotiation should goes on the upper level, the confrontation!
No wonder why this episode title is 対決 – Taiketsu – Confrontation.

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Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen part5 : Taiketsu

Keiichi and the rest of the group are taking part of the village meeting. The objective is of course to convince the village comittee, as the village would be an invaluable force to help Satoko. Mion arrives and asks keiichi to follow her as they have to talk about something. In fact, Chie-sensei and the principal have to tell him something, which doesn’t look exactly good news. Chie asks if they will again go on lobby tomorrow. Of course, Keiichi confirms this. As result, she asks him if they can’t wait a bit for the agency answer. She actually got a point: they are obviously not going school due their efforts to save Satoko and this might be a problem on a long (or even short) run. Keiichi comments about what Ooishi told him before: if they keep going on their fight, they might have to face the villagers who still hate the Houjou since the dam war is over for a long time. Thus, He still wonders why the villagers still harbor grudge against the Houjou. Mion reveals that there might be no hate at all, which surprises Keiichi. Shion arrives with Rika and Rena, and she agrees what Mion thought.

Considering how the Houjou were shunned, people are afraid to suffer the same fate as them if they begin to have some ties with them. The death of the Houjou couple was considered as a distinction* for the dam war. As result, Oryou ordered the village to not have any affair with the Houjou, but absolutely no “forgiveness” directive. Mion then comments it is probably the same for Oryou as she might have forgiven them a long time ago, but unfortunately, her position and the current mindset prevent her to change her stance against the Houjou. Rena then concludes that no one hates the Houjou, but ironically, everyone thinks there are still some people who hate them. Shion ends this, saying these imaginary people are considered as “Oyashiro-sama’s curse”. Rika isn’t pleased that people use Oyashiro-sama name (so Hanyuu) for this kind of things, while Hanyuu is nowhere near of this kind of deity. Keiichi understands that the root of evil lies in the village committee. Keiichi decides to act accordingly and barges in the meeting room.

*Distinction (Kejime): this is the same “apologizing reverence” Shion had to go through a year ago, for what she was doing with Satoshi and her identity, by ripping off her nails.

Keiichi spill the truth: everyone obviously knows what Satoko is getting through right now. However, none of them try to save her… on the contrary, they are trying to hinder Keiichi and his faction. Kimiyoshi argues that they were trying to show it is enough. Keiichi is irritated by this comment, and Kimiyoshi explains they are no longer in the dam war era, thus they shouldn’t act against the bureeaucracy. Keiichi is pissed about this comment, and goes all out claiming it has nothing to do with the dam war, as it is his own battle.

Thefore, Keiichi asks directly and brutaly if they are his allies or his enemies. The men in the meeting are outraged by Keiichi’s behaviour. Kimiyoshi repeats that since the dam war is over, they don’t have any reason to go against the governement. Shion knows it very well and reveals there are many shady deals between Hinamizawa and the governement. In exchange of many fonds, the villagers have to bow down to the authorities. Kimiyoshi is in pinch and wonders how Shion knows all of this. Shion of course explains it is because she often swap her role with Mion, so it is really handy for some situations. Rena and Rika concludes they can’t afford to upset the governement agents. This matter creates a certain commotion among the committee.

Keiichi is of course taking this opportunity, but Kimiyoshi requests the silence and claims this has nothing to do with the current situation. Keiichi then goes straight to the point, reminding them about the original mindset of the village: the unity. Keiichi, despite being really new in the village, says he has pride of being one of them. He then goes on his KOOL speech, reminding them that Satoko is first a member of the village, a comrade of ALL of them. He wants to save her from her uncle’s grasp, and thus asks help from the committee.
Keiichi then repeats the slogan of Oryou, about the whole village will stand for one of them.
Keiichi’s speech hit the right spots, as the men were fully convinced by his high spirit. Kimiyoshi is still concerned but Rika understands this is because He is afraid of someone else. Kimiyoshi explains his family doesn’t hold grudge against the Houjou, while Rika is of course claiming the Furude family is doing good with the Houjou for a long time. Kimiyoshi wonders about the Sonozaki but Mion assures him that even it is her grandma, she will fight. Keiichi then asks Kimiyoshi for the committee support if they are able to convince the Sonozaki. Kimiyoshi promises it, though he warns him that Oryou is a very scary lady. However, Rena claims Keiichi will be as twice as scary when he is mad. Keiichi comments Rena is as twice as scary as he is… kinda true ^^

In Oryou’s room, the group with Irie and Kimiyoshi are facing the Sonozaki leader. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look really well, as Oryou is quickly not interested in this case. Even though Rika is asking for her, Oryou comments she had to pick her own friends. Keiichi reacts about this and approaches her, still kneeling. As he is introducing himself to Oryou, the later comments she know them well, while Mion lately says the Maebara didnt leave a good impression since they didn’t pay a visit even since they moved in. Keiichi is embarassed, but keep going in his request. Akane explains since Hinamizawa council has an agreement with the Shishibone Municipal Governement, it is natural for them keep their collaboration, which Keiichi concludes they won’t budge for Satoko. Akane says it isn’t a concern for the Sonozaki. Shion says the committee will make a move only if Oryou agrees and Keiichi asks her to only nod at them. Oryou is still very nonchalant and asks what they will do if she refuses. Keiichi is extremely bold and claims he will beat her up, so making Mion the new Sonozaki leader, permitting them to get the approval.
Oryou instantly reacts to this, being enraged by Keiichi’s insolence.

As she is threatening him, Keiichi is very impressed by her spirit. However, he has a flashback of Satoko and still fight. Keiichi used the good tact and used his humble tone back, bowing before Oryou, asking again for help. Satoko is not only part of the village, but also a comrade/friend of his.

Akane comments that considering their relationship, it is normal for Keiichi to fight like this for Satoko. Her daughters react about this comment. Akane reminds them it is a matter of distinction, as they are living in a world of moral obligations. Rena then wonders if they will forgive her if Satoko shows her distinction. Akane hardly imagine Satoko kneeling before them. Oryou is tired of this, and comments she might think about this considering how far they went. But Rena is very cheeky and then comments that if they will then do a distinction about what they did to her (the ostracism and the like). This point scores a lot in this psychological battle, which leaves Oryou speechless. Mion’s father makes his appearance and comments about the fact he heard a lot of things about Keiichi from her daughter. Keiichi is embarassed and thought he was some kind of Yakuza boss. Shion confirms this, which freaks him out. The man then resumes his opinion, saying they have responsability for causing trouble to Satoko, and children aren’t at fault for their parent’s mistakes.

Everyone bows before Oryou. She becomes quite annoyed and agitates her arms. She asks them to leave now. Akane has to call it a end, which doesn’t relieve Keiichi, since they didn’t give them an answer. However, Akane reminds him they have to stick with the rules.

As they are waiting outside, Keiichi wonders how it was. Mionis very concerned as it doesn’t look too good with her grandma. However, Rena claims Oryou isn’t angry at all. Then, Kimiyoshi and Akane join them, giving them… good news! Oryou Sonozaki is okay with this. Akane comments this is because Keiichi had guts facing her and his manliness was the only thing which permits them to get her agreement. Keiichi celebrates this victory and thanks them, claiming he will return the favor. Akane is amused since Keiichi will be probably chased by Oryou, armed with a katana.

Everyone is getting back home. Keiichi and Rika has a little chat about the recent events. Rika wonders if they will be able to save Satoko from her fate. Keiichi is persuaded of it, and they will save her tomorrow. Then, Keiichi asks her to not use the word “fate” as if everything is determined from the start. Fate can be changed by their own hands. Keiichi felt he was a bit too blunt and apologizes but Rika turns into her “kuro rika” mode, and will follow what he said. Keiichi proved her many times how fate can be changed. Even the worst situation could be prevented… then Rika mentions it isn’t the worst, as there were 2-3 worlds where Keiichi didn’t even transfer to Hinamizawa, which turned the world completely lonely. Keiichi didn’t understand what Rika said. The chibiko reverts to her “mi~” mode, asking him to keep it as a secret from everyone.

At the Shishibone Municipal building, the supervisor Aida is dealing with a phone call about the sudden pressure from Hinamizawa. The man is very concerned about it and then calls the Consultant Manager of the Child Protection Center. However, the later is extremely nonchalant to the situation, and argues the fact the municipal governement shouldn’t kneel before some neighborhood fuss. Aida is desperate considering the lack of worry from the Consultant Manager.

At school, Kimiyoshi makes his report to Keiichi, telling him that Shishibone refused to investigate their plea. Shion comments how it is stupid from them, since the people of Hinamizawa obviously won’t yield against such matter. Mion wonders what they will do, but Kimiyoshi claims there is no turning back now, and they will go all out. Keiichi is grateful to him and ask everyone to resist to the very end.

In front of the Child Protection Agency, TONS of people are packed, lobbying for Houjou Satoko. keiichi is totally impressed and wonder if the whole village is present. However, Mion corrects him, surprised to see Okinomiya fighting along with them for Satoko. Rika comments how serious oryou was on her order to save Satoko.

Inside of the director’s room, the councelor is observing the outside and is really amazed by the amount of people lobbying. The director is in despair and cannot do anything. Kimiyoshi picks a megaphone, introducing them as the Neighborhood Coalition of Hinamizawa, and apologizes for the fuss. Then everyone resumes their loud plea “Save Houjou Satoko!”. The councelor comments that, at this rate, they might barge in the building. The director is completely in panic, adamently fearing this possibility.

Ooishi joins the fray, but not exactly for the same reason. Ooishi has received orders to disband the lobby. He explains that since it is a building of the governement, it is prohibited to infiltrate it with a specific goal in mind. Keiichi argues the fact they are just attempting to appeal them, but Ooishi says that if the chief of a public office (so, the director of the Child Protection Agency) considers them as hindering their work, they can order the police to simply remove them.
Keiichi is very annoyed by this, as their “enemy” doesn’t even bother to listen to them. This is really bad, as they were able to gather so many people to save Satoko. Mion then concludes they will had to adapt into a long-term run. She explains they wil have to put pressure to get a response within few days.

Keiichi is fine with the proloned battle, but Rena argues the fact Satoko won’t last, and they have to take this chance. Rika agrees with her but Mion says they don’t have any choice but wait…
Keiichi is desperate and wonders when the wind will be in their favor.

Meanwhile… Satoko is in a very bad shape. Teppei is grunty as usual, getting annoyed by a phone call and claims Satoko has a cold (Ironically, this is the truth… apparently). Annoyed, Teppei checks Satoshi’s room, but the door is locked. As he is trying to force it, Satoko arrives and begs him to not go in nii-nii’s room. Teppei explains her he need money and he knows there is a bank account book in this room (the one from the late Houjou couple, that Teppei’s wife, Houjou Tamae, probably hide somewhere). Of course, Satoko doesn’t know about what he is talking about, and still begs him to not mess with Satoshi’s room until he comes back. Teppei is angry and yells her to shut up, slamming her down to the wall. Satoko is crying for her nii-nii… Teppei is annoyed and orders her to shut up and kicks her…

Outside of the building, some men are coming from a very wealthy car… Mion recognize them as her uncles and is very surprised to see them here. The councelor recognizes them as members of the municipal assembly, turning the situation really bad for them. The director is desperate and tells his councelor he is “not present” as he is packing his stuff. Then, they receive a phone call, and the councelor picks it, claiming the director isn’t there. However, this is from the central office… a really important matter so forcing the director to get the call instead. It appears the person is no one else than the Mayor of Shishibone City.

Oryou and Akane payed a visit to the Mayor. The later doesn’t mind at all but is very amazed to see Oryou coming in person in his office. She explains there is a young good fellow… she was very impressed by Keiichi and even asks Akane to take care of him, for her. (Tsundere to the very bitter end heh…)

Someone is coming from the agency, and Mion points at them. Keiich, the group and the huge mob of villagers are rushing towards them. Keiichi asks if they are from the counceling center. The man reveals himself as the director, which surprises everyone a lot. As he is bowing and apologizing for the trouble, everyone is celebrating their victory! While the councelor makes a call to the Houjou house. Keiichi is asking for Satoko to wait for them, as she will be soon freed. However…

Teppei is still with Satoko and stops only because of the phone call. Satoko is lying on the floor, still begging for her nii-nii while she has nasty bruises all over her body…



Thoughts :

Much like I said on AS, I was very surprised that DEEN still take their time on the final part of the confrontation. Frankly, my hat off for the pace, as it is quite a gamble (yes, I’m referring to some people who complain about “it is boring”). Much like last week, the plot progression of this episode is very logical and can’t be skipped. Heck, the clash with the Sonozaki was a bit cut short. I hope people will understand the root of evil of Satoko’s mess is beyond huge in size: it hits the whole village and this is the reason why it became a RULE against Rika.

The content itself was very very nice: Keiichi again demonstrated his manliness. Who needs a big mecha, while you can own people with “mere” words? Ho well, GAR K wasn’t the only interesting fact: they actually hinted well that Oryou is a tsundere, which isn’t exactly anyone would think (sole exception… Rena, of course ^^”)
Now then… there is no way to complain about “what? the child center doesn’t help Satoko? PLOT HOLE!”. If you are still not convinced, have a look on my analysis ^^”

Now, as for the quality itself, I didn’t see any problem, heck it was even better than last week (I believe i didn’t see any dubious chara design shot)
However, as for the tracks, I think I will seriously complain about the lack of change and the repeating use of “drama” one while action and tension are possible to (yes, I was expecting something like Fearlessness…). I begin to be a bit concerned how the last scene of Minagoroshi-hen will turn… I hope it won’t be screwed just like how Hell and Heaven Fight was with that tasteless track…

The execution was very well done, especially the end with that simple but effective cliffhanger, building some tense if they will make it or not.

Well then, as you can see, another excellent episode. As i already warned on AS, DON’T WATCH THE PREVIEW. It is HELL spoilerish.

Well, see you soon for another higurashi entry ^^


4 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 10 : Minagoroshi-hen 5, Taiketsu”

  1. 1 Hecman September 7, 2007 at 10:22 am

    Wow! Your fast K! Thought I was only one hanging around at night. I eagerly await your summary!

  2. 2 Hecman September 7, 2007 at 11:23 am

    From what I can tell from this episode, Rika manage to do major damage control on rule X and Z. Which is freeing Satoko from her evil uncle and getting support from the Sonozaki family.

    But is it too late for Satoko?

    What happened to Hanyuu in all this? Spying on Teppei?

    Why doesn’t that door open? Trapped by Satoko?

    Rika Vs Fate looks to be 50 to 50 now.

  3. 3 klashikari September 9, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    let’s see:
    1) It doesn’t look like “too late”, but the time left is so short as you can see…
    2) Hanyuu… well it is hard, i guess she let herself as an observer around Rika. She is usually not too far from her.
    3) Satoko locked the door, to prevent teppei to go there, though this safe measure is of course not good enough, that’s why she came when she heard him trying to force the door.

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