Kodomo No Jikan Period 11 (Flashback Time)

No this doesn’t mean I’m off vacation, I just read a Kodomo No Jikan chapter and thought I’d make a super quick return with it.  It’ll still be at least until after my birthday that I start doing full episode/lengthy posts. 

A much more serious chapter this time around (sort of), it’s still summer vacation and Reiji is remembering some unfortunate memories about his past (and now that Sugita Tomokazu is doing Reiji I’m left to wonder how badly he’ll fuck this up for the anime with his monotone voice, cause when your sensei is Hikaru Midorikawa and……but that’s for another time)……..

Summary:  We begin with Reiji waking Rin up for an interview with Aoki, in a rather touchy/feely sort of way (NO! You can’t touch her there you pedophile.  I KNEW IT!).  She pretends to be drowsy, but behind his back you can see a little smirk on her face, she knows she get’s to see her sensei again.  Rin is deliberately trying to pick most revealing clothes possible to show off her…..er goods I guess to Aoki while Reiji reminisces about his past.  In the dream he thinks about his horrible father who never said anything positive (Reiji got a perfect grade and all he could say was that he better have with all the money they were investing in him), is an obvious alcoholic and had a mistress, and his mother that abandoned him because of it.  Apparently both his parents ended up dying in a car accident (by that time he hated both of them), effectively ruining his life, and he was sent to live with his cousin Aki in Tokyo.

As it would turn out, Aki was Rin’s father and the legend herself is even lolier in this flashback.  Things went well for the three of them, Aki was very sympathetic of Reiji and cared for both him and Rin deeply, providing the parental support that Reiji never had as a child (he’s a high schooler now).  In a test of Aki’s character, to see if things aren’t to good to be true, Reiji actually tries to figure out if Rin was used as entrapment by her to blackmail the boyfriend who got her pregnant and took off, and he learns that the boyfriend actually wanted Rin to be aborted and that’s why she’s a single mother.

That night (flashback still) Reiji wishes his mother could have been more like Aki and Rin (5 years old)  seeing him crying comes in to comfort him.  The two take a fraternal liking to each other and Reiji starts looking after her as a babysitter of sorts.  They even start bathing together, where Rin starts poking at Reiji’s you know what (It begins already).  Eventually Aki adopts Reiji, but he wanted to marry her, they love each other and the chapter ends with Rin, who was pretending to be asleep (that devious little girl) sees them sharing a passionate kiss.  However, in a subtle bit of foreshadowing that made Key famous, all this happiness appears it may not be meant to be, for Aki is shown coughing at the end of the chapter (She’s gonna get Keyed obviously).

Thoughts:  Kodomo No Jikan takes a turn for the semi serious here as we learn a bit about Rin’s mother, Reiji’s past and how Rin was always some sort of empath/trickster nymphet.  They must have gotten Jun Maeda to guest author this segment as it has that Key-like undertone where nobody is ever allowed to be happy and just as things are going good you get the sense somebody’s going to get tagged by a moving vehicle (A special form of death I refer to as getting Maeda’ed), or get turned back into an animal/die of an “illness” (which I referred to as getting Keyed).  Still we’ll see what the next few chapters have to offer, and hopefully this manga doesn’t turn into a Key game for too long.  That said I liked the chapter nonetheless, just that I’ve been dealing with this plotline a lot recently.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten


5 Responses to “Kodomo No Jikan Period 11 (Flashback Time)”

  1. 1 Kaioshin Sama September 9, 2007 at 7:37 am

    Well here I am to appreciate my own writing sort of. I guess I feel I do a good enough job that I should give myself a pat on the back, cause nobody else is going to give a damn.

  2. 2 Kilano September 11, 2007 at 3:50 am

    where can i download the manga chapters?
    i can’t find chapter 3 and 5 q.q

  3. 4 Varxtis September 25, 2007 at 1:51 am

    Just out of curiosity. . . does anyone know how far the manga has gone and/or how many chapters have been subbed and/or available. I have up to (what seems to be) chapter 29 (they go to a festival)
    did I say and/or enough times. lol :3 >_< Hoo Rah

  4. 5 Varxtis September 25, 2007 at 1:53 pm

    Oh, never mind. . . ^_^ found the answer on my own. Jeez it feels so much better when that happens.

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