Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 11 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MILD spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these mild spoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED). Good reading!

Well well… this week was rather a shocker huh? Humm…? You disagree? Well, it is a bit relative how some persons can determine that kind of outcome or not, especially with some missing pieces.
That said, it is rather good to check the invaluable “data” we got with this episode which will probably be connected with what we got from season 1 until now.
As usual, nothing which is from the future events. However, much like the summary and the episode 5, I suggest you to watch the episode and think about it by yourself first.
Minagoroshi-hen Analysis: [Meiro no Housoku], [Unmei no Kaekata], [Yuragi], [Koushou], [Taiketsu]

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!

Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. Satoko’s resolution
  2. Rule X : Hinamizawa Syndrome
  3. Rule Y : The Mastermind(s)

No random things this week.


Please tell me what happened in this night.
It’s like the cat inside the box.

Please tell me what happened in this night.
You don’t know if the cat in the box is dead or alive.

Please tell me what happened in this night.
The cat in the box was dead.

-Frederica Bernkastel
(Translation Rights: kj1980 from Animesuki Forums)


I. Satoko’s resultion

Much like Rika’s despair in episode 8, I believe the drastic change with Satoko is very natural and it might be somewhat “rushed” for most people as the contrast with the 3 previous episodes is kinda huge.

Well, I guess it isn’t required to summary her past again, let’s look for the facts.
Basically, Satoko was engulfed by a double predicament: Not only Satoko was under the effect of the terror generated by Teppei, but her own self esteem was kinda crippling her thus forcing her to reconsider her own person.

As a child, Satoko lost her parents quite early but also the only dear person to her after 2 years of calamity.
This is psychologically stressing, as the problem isn’t only with the abuse but also in the child’s psyche. Why is that? Because she doesn’t have any reference with what happened. How can a child understand reasons beyond her? As a preteen, it is quite commendable how she was “lasting” until now.
The whole village despised her because she was a Houjou (though it is not as futile as that), her brother vanished and her uncle just uses her as a toy. Instead of being broken (which should have happened before, even when Satoshi was around), she was “withstanding” the pain in a certain extent. This is much more impressive considering she had LEVEL 3 of the Hinamizawa Syndrome, while bearing Teppei’s horrible treatment.

Talking about this point, it is very clear that despite how Satoko’s behavior is, the disease affects her a lot, making her unstable since some mere glimpses of the past can affect her a lot. And guess what? The syndrome has a clear effect considering the following TIPS from Tatarigoroshi-hen, [Notes of Grudge?].
As you can read, she is kinda erratic in her thoughts (talking dead guy huh?) and had some murderous impulse as well.

Why was she trying to not cry? Remember what Rika said in Tatarigoroshi-hen: Basically, Satoko was always clinging to Satoshi, which makes him “share” her pain. His sudden disappearance created a state of shock as he fled Hinamizawa without any reason. The fact her birthday was coming soon might be another factor in that point. Think like a divorce: If the child doesn’t see any apparent reason, they will try to craft one to ease their own “curiosity”, and for Satoko, it was quite blatant she might be the reason (not to mention “Mion” outburst in the school some time before the disappearance).

Now… How was she able to have a change of heart?
Keiichi fought for her like a madman. As Rika confirmed about this unbelievable situation, Satoko has no longer issues about her past and status. The fact the village finally accepts her is a sign she isn’t an intruder, which will make her life DAMN easier and will lessen the impact of the past, because her parents were the cause of her predicament.

Then, Rika shattered Satoko’s righteous but painful bravery of withstanding everything until Satoshi comes back. Rika assures Satoko that simply “withstanding” isn’t an act of Strength. Not only it doesn’t resolve anything, but in another subtle way, it is another proof that Satoko is trying to rely on her nii-nii which isn’t making her strong. Asking and accepting help isn’t an act of weakness and cowardice… Rather, it is courage since it is also a way to face Teppei. Satoshi was able to face their foster parents due his constitution. Satoko, for her case, already suffered way too much and facing her own fears and misplaced beliefs are enough and a true demonstration of strength.

With only that phone call, Keiichi and Rika were able to demolish Satoko’s disarray. That’s the reason why it took so much time to save her. Not only they have to fight for her own status in the village, but also to make her realize what she should do and RECONSIDER. As Rena and the rest tried in the classroom in episode 9, she had to make her step as well, and she did!
This is how her case was finally resolved. No wonder why she was helpless and hopeless in Tatarigoroshi, isn’t it?


II. Rule X : Hinamizawa Syndrome

This episode was really insightful for what is going on in Higurashi. Let’s see:

  1. LEVEL 3: This state can generate strong paranoid state, and might be unstable. A subject under this stage of the disease cannot be cured by any means. However, some medicine can suppress the effects of the disease.
  2. LEVEL 5: The terminal stage. The subject is under the effect of psychosis and will feel the urge to scratch their throat, which can lead to a Hemorrhage shock (as demonstrated by Tomitake, Keiichi and Rena). The psychosis differs depending of the subject, but it is strongly implied the syndrome also act as a very strong stimulator for aggressivity and killing impulses.

We can assume that LEVEL 1 should be a state of being infected but without any symptom. LEVEL 2 would be roughly how keiichi was creeped in the very very early part of Onikakushi. It appears LEVEL 4 (most likely how Rena was for a good part of Tsumihoroboshi-hen) is a strong paranoia with hallucinations. (Considering how Satoko reacted in Kai episode 8, delusions might happen in LEVEL 3 as well, though it is hard to gauge)

If we consider this important information, it is now possible to understand completely what happened in the previous arcs, without thinking “the characters are just nuts by nature”.

  1. Onikakushi-hen: In this chapter, Keiichi didn’t build enough trust with the group. As he also got the truth in a hardcore way because of Tomitake, his suspicions might have trigger some evolution with the syndrome. Considering how the incidents are not explained and that he strongly believes it is a chain done by some culprits, his curiosity leaded him to further distrust. While everyone is “hiding” something, Ooishi spill more oil in the fire about the “interesting coincidences” between the incidents and each of the girls’ past.
  2. Watanagashi/Meakashi-hen: Shion was very affected by the syndrome because of her own impulses and the heavy past she got with the Sonozaki (she is the “true” heir as you should know. Ever since “Shion” became the current Mion, Shion wasn’t really in good terms with the Sonozaki, especially with Oryou. If you add Satoshi’s case a year before the present days, it is quite normal).
    As her inner “demon”, more likely the syndrome madness and her blood temper when it is about Satoshi, she was quickly drown in the spiral of insanity considering the almighty RULE Z for her. If you add Ooishi’s suspicions about Satoshi’s disappearance (that he truly killed the aunt, but the Sonozaki tried to cover him up so one of their family member won’t be related with a murderer) and Takano’s scrapbook while Shion was investigating the incidents, it is quite clear she was completely stuck in this process.
  3. Tatarigoroshi-hen: The syndrome probably encouraged Keiichi to kill Teppei. As I shew you how Keiichi snapped REALLY in Tatarigoroshi-hen in a earlier analysis, it was already a dark path for it. We can finally add his friends’ behavior (who were desperately covering him, by playing dumb) didn’t help for his paranoia. Then, Takano’s behavior, Irie’s “hypocrisy” and Satoko’s delusions (as she still thought Teppei was alive, since she was ALREADY broken) just finish him off in his madness.
  4. Tsumihoroboshi-hen: Very similar to Keiichi’s case in Tatarigoroshi-hen. Rena thought no one would help her, and did something irreversible. Even with the support of her friends, the uneasy paranoia about the possible discovery of the corpses might happen defiles her completely. Various points just twisted her trust, and she turned paranoid against them, much like Keiichi in Onikakushi-hen.

The syndrome itself is a generator and a catalyst for the paranoia, which can quickly turn into delusions and psychosis. That is the reason why the cases differ a lot depending of the subject but also depending of the situations.

Now, one interesting fact is the possible way to get a vaccine and also another substance which can drive the subject in the LEVEL 5, even if this person doesn’t show any symptom.
It is strongly implied that the vaccine, if applied before any contact with the syndrome can counteract the syndrome completely, even if the subject took the stimulating substance that “that person” had. Of course, it appears the effect of the vaccine isn’t everlasting, considering that Irie’s group is still researching for the moment, and that Tomitake took it (well a fake vaccine) just before coming to Hinamizawa.

in Summary:

  1. Any person not vaccinated before getting in Hinamizawa is certainly affected by the Syndrome.
  2. The vaccine can withstand any stage of the disease, even if the subject is injected by the stimulant.
  3. The stimulant isn’t possible to trace, as it appears it is not only unknown but not suspicious either.
    It is strongly implied in this TIPS that the coroner didn’t see anything abnormal. [Are there any drugs that induce suicide?]
  4. As seen with various instances, being infected by the syndrome doesn’t mean the subject will always turn crazy or erratic. As we can see, many villagers were healthy and well, and some people were able to live correctly elsewhere. (Ryuuguu couple, Natsumi Kimiyoshi and her family when they were in Okinomiya, etc.). It might be “activated” (evolving or downgrade the LEVEL) depending of the situations (finest example: Rena after what happened with the divorce and the school. Her return in Hinamizawa eased her psychologically and thus, “soothing” her state).
  5. Considering the various case of coroner reports in the TIPS, we can assume the pathogen of the Syndrom is either impossible to trace or deteriorate/vanish by itself upon the death of the subject/host.

That’s a very pesky disease if you ask me…


III. Rule Y : The Mastermind(s)

If you are reading this, you obviously know the consequences and you should already have watched the episode anyway. So… 鷹野三四Takano Miyo is the “villain” of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Surprising? I don’t think so… Basically, it is already possible to have high suspicions or even strong steel belief it is her with the first season alone. Granted, i guess the lack of “Demon’s script” (which is Reunion, episode 1 of Kai) might impair the theories.
Let’s summary the clues:

  1. Onikakushi-hen: There isn’t exactly anything which can give any idea of her “evilness”. Granted, we witness her “interest” in the tales and legends of Onigafuchi and also the curse of Oyashiro-sama.
  2. Watanagashi-hen: It is shown she is with Tomitake, trying to lockpick the sacred ceremonial tools warehouse. A very important clue is given at the end: Takano’s corpse was BURNT despite being strangled to death prior this. And how do you recognize a charcoal body? Bingo the dental print. If we happen to consider a possible way to alter these information, anyone can be considered “dead”. (It is ironically the opposite in Fullmetal Alchemist)
  3. Tatarigoroshi-hen: probably another huge hint. Takano meets Keiichi with her car. Weirdly enough, she had Tomitake’s bicycle in the passenger space and said the trunk of her car was already full. Of course, it is hard to guess at first that Tomitake is in the trunk, but the fact she is there by CAR with Tomitake’s bicycle is kinda too strange. If we mention her eerie talk about the corpse and that they didn’t meet today, it is quite obvious she is suspicious.
  4. Meakashi-hen: This is the first time we see Takano approaching directly someone who will turn mad. Her scrapbook and involvement with Shion is not a coincidence.
  5. Tsumihoroboshi-hen: Even more blatant than Meakashi-hen. Takano has crapload of scrapbooks, and quite teased Rena with ridiculous theories.

In Onikakushi-hen, Takano didn’t have to take action, considering she already knew about him. (gossips, Irie’s reports, Yamainu reports, etc). We don’t know anything for Himatsubushi-hen of course.
So aside of these chapters, Takano was “hunting” for a prey. Not that I claim she had a specific target in her mind, but is quite clear Takano was trying to plant some paranoid “seed” in Rika’s friend(s). The amount of scrapbooks shown in Tsumihoroboshi-hen is kinda a solid proof that Takano doesn’t know who will turn crazy but she has a complete arsenal to turn someone like this, with eerie theory which can match the “target”.

Now it is true that she could be considered as a “good person” and discovered something that she never should to begin with (much like what Akasaka and Ooishi believed in the “Demon’s script”)
However, the fake death is something too strange. Again, it is possible she was taken into custody, but the Tatarigoroshi hint implied a lot she had a personal agenda, despite “being with Tomitake before getting abducted, then strangled to death and then burnt“.

Reunion and the Demon’s script confirm this, as she was able to “foretell” the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. The later is obviously not possible to foretell without any knowledge or whatsoever. But Akasaka and Ooishi couldn’t think her as the “culprit” despite the corpse issue, considering they don’t have any clue of her suspicious behavior. Worse, her “fanatic” research about the Onigafuchi was a good cover for her in a way…
Know why? the RULE Z. Everyone thought the Sonozaki are involved in gruesome cases, and might be the culprits of the “bizarre incidents of Hinamizawa” the past 4 years.
Takano even says herself in this episode: the villagers are too “stupid” as Oyashiro-sama (and/or the Sonozaki influence) is so deep rooted in them that the inconsistency with her “corpse” doesn’t have any negative impact (except for us, the “witnesses of worlds”).

Now, after the discussion about “how she is the villain”, now the “means”…
The problem is most likely the lack of clues for her motives. Like I wrote several times about the “mastermind(s)”, even if we know her identity, without the motives, it is plain meaningless. It might makes sense in a way, but it is kinda not enough (much like how it isn’t enough to know that it is a disease, the Hinamizawa Syndrome, being the cause of the madness and so RULE X).

There is however interesting facts with this episode:

  1. Takano is a Major, so probably working for the Government.
  2. The Yamainu is her personal elite force. They weren’t under the control of the Irie’s group at all. Even the later doesn’t know it.
  3. Takano is assumed to be much more connected with the government officers than Tomitake thought.
  4. It appears they WERE doing researches about this “stimulant” but they “disposed all of them”.
  5. Takano changed Tomitake’s vaccine in the shadows.

The fourth point is very important: Tomitake’s surprise is a very huge hint, implying the team was working on a cure, but also on something able to trigger instantly the LEVEL 5 on a subject.
If we mention Tomitake’s reaction to this injection and Irie’s shock when he understood Tomitake died from the psychosis of LEVEL 5, it is pretty clear they (and/or their authorities) quickly stopped the researches of this substance which can give “control” of the syndrome.
Considering Takano manipulated Tomitake’s vaccine, it is safe to assume the substance is nothing else than a stimulant and not a boosted Syndrom itself.
The last point is also important: it appears she planned her “betrayal” before Tomitake was getting back in Hinamizawa this june 1983 (Remember that Tomitake doesn’t stay in Hinamizawa all the time and goes over there in some instances. In this episode, it is strongly implied Tomitake was going to leave… to Tokyo maybe?).

If we also put in the equation her “dream”, which is probably linked with this TIPS [To *yoko], it might be a motive why she planned this massacre even if her mission was to “diffuse the bomb with Irie and Tomitake”, so curing the syndrome.
I know, Takano’s first name, Miyo doesn’t end with a “yoko”. But who says her name was her real identity? I mean if she has enough power to draw military force, to the point she can lead a massacre and fake her death… I don’t see anything surprising she can be under some disguise.
Then again, it might be also an associate or even her direct commander if we try to speculate. Of course, the childhood dream is kinda persistent with this kind of request isn’t it?
This TIPS is certainly very peculiar, isn’t it?

That said, it is very clear Takano’s intentions are very strong. Simply put, despite the randomness of the worlds, except if RULE X interferes, Takano always kills Rika without fail, and the disaster occurs. That means there isn’t probably any instance where Takano isn’t driven in this path of carnage, and her resolution is simply steel forged. This is the reason why this episode is called “Strong Will”, a direct reference to her (and not exactly to Satoko) and especially the Minagoroshi-hen prologue, where Frederica believes the culprit(s) of RULE Y is/are determined in her murder.

However… talking about Rika’s murder… remember what I wrote in other analyses? Rika’s murder is the “trigger” of the Disaster. As you can see, Takano didn’t activate the massacre plan in Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen… Why…? Because Rika was killed BEFORE she could lay her hands on the chibiko miko.
As some interesting facts, Tomitake and Irie mentioned that “if something bad happen to Rika, it will be a problem”… Takano also comments the syndrome is a bomb which can explode. That mean Rika is maybe the key to drive everyone insane.
However, the case of Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen prove it isn’t the case. The [Meakashi-hen credit roll] shows that EVERYONE (even Irie) are living and well, except keiichi who died because of his heart failure.

Thus, something isn’t exactly right: Why does Takano have to get Rika in the equation? If we speculate Rika is an important piece of her scheme, it is contradictory with the fact that when Shion kills her, Takano didn’t act. And seriously, the “watanagashi” style murder is kinda ridiculous to put it as a “factor” to create this genocide.

We still need more pieces to resolve the “mystery”. But even this… We will witness Rika’s struggle against a fearsome enemy, insanely much more powerful than hers and the bunch of friends she has.
Soon, the title, 皆殺し編 – Minagoroshi-hen – The Massacre Chapter will show its true meaning…

…This Fate of June 1983 is veiling completely hope…
…Brave souls are trapped inside of a dream…
…unknown to their impending demise…

As an undeniable truth of Fate

Now… Doom is inevitable? Will everyone be happy?
This is your decision to witness the possible arrival of a miracle…
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai continues…


I’m done… i’m finally done…
Seriously, I had many sweat with this entry, as it was hell hard to analyze this bulldozer episode. True enough, it has already many truth, but the various hints and the like were really meaningful, but also very foreshadowing. Therefore, I took extra care to avoid unnecessary information or dumb spoilers.
Now that BATSHIT has made its entrance, you will see how things will go, and how it will be heart wrenching…

I’m already fretting a bit how the final scenes will be animated, and seriously… chances it will be overkill for us are high. The wait is killing me, and surely enough, being spoiled doesn’t help…

Hope i will see you soon for another Kklash’s Overload Babbling of Higurashi” !


15 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 11 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments”

  1. 1 Dark-Pie September 16, 2007 at 7:58 am

    I must admit, I had small suspicious of Takano Miyo when Ooishi mentioned that she was dead before burned “alive”. But never that. Never had it occured to be who she really was. Or how heartless she is. I think the stage is set for Irie now. I can’t wait! the excitment is great.

    So yeah. like I asked before, how much longer do you think this arc will be now?

  2. 2 klashikari September 16, 2007 at 9:50 am

    Considering the pace but also the official information, Minagoroshi-hen will be done with episode 13.

    the Titles :
    #12: Hinamizawa Syndrome
    #13: Finale

    The next 2 episodes will be a big slap in the face

  3. 3 NetNN September 16, 2007 at 10:52 am

    That’s means in Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen, Shion madness was unintentionally save most of the villagers? Because it seems that when Rika didn’t got killed by Takano the desaster won’t happens. So, without she knowing, Shion’s madness is the savior of the Hinamisawa.

    Quite inronic isn’t it.

  4. 4 Dark-Pie September 16, 2007 at 3:12 pm

    Wait what? Didn’t Keichi’s monolouge ( right after Satoko hugged Rika ) say that watanagashi was one day away? Then how did all those bruises and broken bones get fixed up when we see Satoko heading for the festival?

  5. 5 klashikari September 16, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    The bruises weren’t that severe except the 2 on her face.
    They didn’t forgot this detail and put 2 band aid. one at the upper part of her right eye (near of the eyelid) and the second around her lips.

    And no, she didn’t have any crushed bones or anything. Teppei was “just” dealing pain with superficial blows. He only resorted to “brute force” when Satoko was “betraying” him and this was only when he got interrupted. You see that he simply “slap” then grabbed her and slammed down on the ground.

  6. 6 Hecman September 16, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    Klashkari what do you mean that something more “insanely” powerful will confront Rika and her friends? Ain’t Taknino Miyo and her Yamaniu dangerious enough to deal with?!

    Dark Pie, I thought it was weird too but got no idea how that is possible until now.

    You know… In Watanagashi-hen, Ooishi explained to K at the end that there way too many corpses walking around. I wonder if both Mion and Shion are dead then who the hell popped out and began to kill K!!!

    The laws are rock solid right? Then if Miyo and Tomitake die… Rika dies soon after but Miyo is alive. Therefore, Rika can’t die in this world right?

  7. 7 klashikari September 16, 2007 at 9:42 pm

    you didn’t exactly get the situation i believe.
    The thing is: as i explained in the analysis of episode 7, the world can change for some facts, since certain events might change due of a probability (for instances, if akasaka believed rika the first time or not, if Keiichi moves out to hinamizawa etc)

    About Takano, I said that she is insanely more powerful, because of her means (governemental forces) and her revolve, which is always present in any world. Her plan is hindered only if Rika doesn’t die by her hands, according watanagashi and meakashi.

    Just like i linked the meakashi-hend end scroll, Keiichi died from a chronic heart failure. Meakashi proved that Mion and Shion were dead and there is no way one of the Sonozaki twin would be with Keiichi. Let’s not mention that a corpse like this should be spotted by anyone in the hospital. The bloody “mion” at the end of Watanagashi is a DELUSION, a pure hallucination because of the big stresses (demon talk with “Mion”, 2 near death experiences, etc) and the fact ooishi talked about “a walking dead”. There isn’t anything supernatural. It was a plain hallucination

    finally, the laws were concluded by frederica due her point of view and experience. She DOESN’T know that Takano faked her death in each arc. She thinks she is a victim as well, because she is involved with Tomitake and Irie.
    therefore, Rika never had any suspicion towards her. Takano is ALWAYS alive in any world, since her death is definitely not existent.
    But Rika concluded that Tomitake and Takano death were part of the rule, as they were ALWAYS killed, no matter how is the world (so the strong will)
    The only difference is if Rule X interfers, and so Shion.

  8. 8 Hecman September 17, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    Ah! I understand now. Just like the needle in the food. Thanks Klashikari, for clearing that up for me!

    You truely are a fan of the series. You probable knew it was Takino from season one all along!

  9. 9 klashikari September 17, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    The franchise itself is my favorite, period (before this, it was FMP, so you can tell i’m not exactly a creep freak to begin with). I can’t tell how many times i cursed myself that i don’t have basic japanese knowledge, nor the funds to buy everything ~~” (at the very least, getting the games and daybreak were fine, though my purse became quite lighter)

    but let’s be honest: nope i wasn’t able to figure Takano completely (not that getting the past is possible, but rather details such like things like the disease, etc). However, the clues in the season 1 was striking so much for me. Basically, even since Watanagashi-hen, the “hallucination” part creating some inconsistency/mystery in the plot turned me totally on “doubt ANY information you can gather in the series”.

    Granted, i believe it would be hell harder without any TIPS from the game, but I guess i was too persistent and got a steel belief she had a big involvement in the mess. (and finally, the demon’s script + the crapload of scrapbooks gave me a field trip XD)

    the thing is the season one was really very very focalising on the atmosphere, rather than the mystery and the characters.
    The major commotion about Higurashi is sadly “KILLA LOLIS” which annoyed me like no tomorrow, considering the excellent potential of the characters, and the surgical effectiveness of the plot. (the amount of “now THAT MAKES SENSE!” with meakashi and tsumihoroboshi is somewhat scary ^^”)

    I was thinking to write some essay on higurashi around january, but i quickly withdraw that idea considering the amount of time and the danger of such things with my spoiled “status”. But thanks to the second season and the blog offer, i decided to go on with kai.

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