The trainwreck goes on – School Days episode 11, summary and thoughts.

First of i have to apologize for the rather impressively large hole in the series summaries – due to various reasons (my very unexpected lack of interest in School Days included) i had been … er … slacking off with the summaries. But at least i should be here for the end of this trainwreck of a romance show.

It is school, and Makoto is observing the empty seat beside him – Sekai is missing. So, where is she ? Thats right – angsting at home. Shes curled up in bed, and we see her cell phone besides her – it is displaying the goodbye message from Setsuna who left for France without telling her.

Switch to Makoto’s apartment building, and the first thing we get to see is … a shot of a nice ass! Apparently the absence of Sekai is not stopping Makoto for getting his daily fun. One would expect for the owner of the nice behind to be Otome … it appears to be Hikari though. LOL. I will let you know when i figure out how that happened, as the only thing we know about Hikari is that she really does not like Makoto. So how did she end up in bed with Makoto ? No idea, and it seems the scriptwriters don’t know either, so lets focus on the important things – fanservice shots the barely clothed Hikari can provide us with.

Hikari then stars bugging Makoto whether he is not worried about Sekai and shouldn’t he be seeing her if he has time to screw with her. Being the considerate guy he is, Makoto asks why she is talking about this right now. Hikari points out that Sekai has been missing for a good while now and he should be worried, but Makoto just pulls his blanket over his head and comments how much of a bother this is. Hikari says he probably has appointment with another girl, but Makoto says he is only sleeping with her. When Hikari keeps pressing the issue Makoto comments how everything has become a bother, pulls her in the bed and kisses her.

Oh, Kotonoha is not forgotten – we see her sitting on a bench during night with that lifeless look in her eyes. Next morning she is on the school train, typing something on her cell. Still looks lifeless though.

Sekai is still sitting in her home, looking angsty. Enter flashback about her confronting Makoto about Otome, saying that he is all she has left now that Setsuna is gone, and asking whether she is not good enough for him. Of course being the manly man he is, Makoto asks what has he done.

Hikari arrives at Sekai’s apartment and tries to talk to her, but Sekai does not look exactly thrilled. When Hikari comments Makoto might get unfaithful (as she knows first hand) in her absence (LOL, when was he ever faithful to begin with ?) Sekai shuts the door on Hikari. More of zomby Kotonoha. At school we have Otome complaining to her gang of bitches about Makoto, but they don’t feel like helping to look for him. Otome leaves, and the trio starts discussing how they ‘shouldn’t be left out’ and have to go after Makoto as well! (This is where i start to band my head against the keyboard at this ridiculous stupidity).

Enter another nice shot of Hikari’s behind – seems like they have been doing it at school as well. Hikari is still displeased with him not visiting Sekai, so she tries to ask him about it … as soon as she says one word (“Ne …”), Makoto delivers a genius comment – “What ? Another round?”… this guy is simply hilarious. She yells at him about Sekai a bit and leaves, Doesn’t look like the bafoon is interested though. In the mean time we have another daily dosage of zombified Kotonoha, only it seems to be getting worse – now she is talking with her cellphone. Yes, talking to her cellphone, because there is no one on other end. Someone better give the girl a hug before it is not too late. (If it is Taisuke, never mind what i said about the hug though).

Sekai is still angsting in her apartment, looking at messages from Makoto in her cellphone, saying how he only wants her and crap like that … Meanwhile Makoto is about to have a hot foursome withe the 3 bitches, oh the irony. (And i think at this point my keyboard is broken and my head really really hurts from making repetitive contact with the said keyboard, courtesy of the completely idiotic script of this episode). Oh, lets not forget the zombie Kotonoha who is sitting by a christmass tree in a park, still talking to her phone.

Meanwhile in her home Sekai suddenly feels like throwing up. In the bathroom a sudden realization hits her as she places a hand on her belly. Uh oh … looks like someone forgot about protection during their bedtime activities. Now Makot is going to have to act responsible and *wakes up* oh, was i dreaming? Chances of Makoto feeling responsible are next to none, but maybe i am jumping the gun with this statement, so we shall see.

Next day Sekai goes to school, much to everyone’s surprise. She approaches Makoto saying she needs to talk to him, sounding all serious. Then she breaks the news to Makoto. How does the protagonist of the show react? Why … moving away from her to the edge of the seat and asking whether there is not a way to make it not happen! Brilliant first reaction, Mr considerate. Sekai says thats why she came here – to talk to him about it, but he angrily shouts at her he wouldn’t know the answer anyway. Then Sekai stands up and yells at him it is his child, so he should think seriously(since when was he capable of that?), effectively ensuring the whole class knows about this now. Then she gets the urge to throw up again, but instead of supporting her Makoto stands up and moves a step away from her with a surprised face. (Do i see any angry mobs going Makoto’s direction yet ?)

Sekai’s lying in an infirmary looking upset, but quickly cheers up at the thought it is Makoto’s child. (Girl … that is nothing to be happy about). During the gym class everyone is discussing the news, which seems to spread like wildfire … well, everyone except the zombified Kotonoha who still seems oblivious to everything around her. The three bitches say they should be fine, because they did it properly. (Allow me to take this moment to laugh at their affair with Makoto and the immense amounts of crack it must have taken to come up with that ‘plot twist’).

Hikari talks to Makoto and dumps him, saying she doesn’t want to end up in Sekai’s situation. Makoto is walking through the hallways, followed by whispers and such, showing the rumor has spread through the whole school already. More of zombified Kotonoha.

Makoto is at his home, looking rather unhappy. Magazines are scattered on the floor and he throws one against the wall in frustration. He is bitching about Sekai saying the thing out loud, because it has, seemingly, cut off his supply of girls willing to lay down before him. He gets a call and instantly gets extremely happy seeing it is from Otome. (I got extremely disgusted at his expression and tone though). She arrives at his home and Makoto looks hyper about it, but Otome stays outside and wants to talk to him, but Makoto cuts her off saying that if it is about Sekai then he is not at fault. Then Otome says she now realizes he was a much nicer person during middle school and leaves. + Points to Otome for having a brain it seems. She gets in to an elevator and calls him an idiot.

Neither Makoto nor Sekai are coming to school. Sekai is at her home, cooking dinner for herself AND Makoto. She looks happy to have his baby … when will she wake up and realize the bastard has no plans of feeling responsible over it >.> Hikari calls Sekai to see how she is doing and after the conversation swears to herself not to go near Makoto again. Meanwhile Makoto is on a train, bored/unsatisfied expression on his face. (awww, someone feeling sex deprived?). Zombie Kotonoha is still doing her thing – talking to the cellphone. Otomoe finishes her dinner and along with her leftovers throws out a picture – a picture of herself and Makoto from middle school.

Makoto is strolling along the park being frustrated that nobody is picking up his calls. He slips and falls on his behind, getting his coat wet. (Yatta!). He stands up and produces the most humorous quote of the day: “What does this have to happen to me?!” followed by a no less impressive statement – “It was all going so well just recently!”. I think he should try for a comedian – he could do a marvelous idiot act without acting. Then he runs in to Kotonoha, who has snow piled upon her.

She is happy to see him here (still zombified though) and keeps going on and on how she wants to be the perfect girlfriend to Makoto. The guy finally seems to notice Kotonoha’s condition and begs her to stop, but she just keeps talking about being the perfect girl for him. Finally he hugs her and confesses his love to her (and where did he suddenly gain that realization after showing her aside up until this point ?… oh, right – potential target to bang now that everyone else is keeping a distance). Upon hearing this Kotonoha’s eyes turn back to normal and she hugs him back.

Honestly i think this is where School Days finally fell apart. If someone is able to enjoy every girl throwing herself at Makoto for no apparent reason, especially ones having no connections to him – good for you. I broke both the Keyboard and my head however. The Hikari thing MIGHT have made sense, if only they bothered to explain it … but the three bullies throwing themselves at Makoto for that foursome was what pushed this episode in the zone of surreality. For the last episode i am simply going to sit down and enter it with a “humor me” approach. This is so ridiculous it is no longer a tragedy – it is comedy.

If the writers wanted to make things more unpredictable for game players – hats off to them, because i certainly can’t tell where this is going, nor the fact whether they themselves know. The direction is so all over the place i have no idea how they intend to pull together this mess of a story. But we shall see – perhaps they manage to pull a satisfying ending, though i am not having my hopes high for that. Till next week and the last episode of School Days.


10 Responses to “The trainwreck goes on – School Days episode 11, summary and thoughts.”

  1. 1 Kaioshin Sama September 18, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Man, poor Skyfall. First Zero No Tsukaima and now School Days. I guess the theme of our blog has now become humour and misery.

  2. 2 ItAintEazy September 19, 2007 at 12:21 pm

    Welp, since the series finale has been “love-boated” I’ll go ahead and speculate about the Hikari situation.

    Well, you see throughout the episode, Hikari has been literally throwing herself at Taisuke, who is too obsessed with Kotohana’s DD breasts to even notice the advances of Hikari. Hikari, being dick-starved (or feeling rejected, whichever one you like), goes to the one person she knows will be game for some coupling. Apparently in the H-game, Makoto “comforts” Hikari in his own way after she was rejected once again by Taisuke. So there you have it, Hikari gave up on Taisuke and got some sexual healing from the man-whore.

  3. 3 deathkillz September 19, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    Hence, making Hikari a slut and should die like the rest of them *_*

    The girls in this series are way to horny for their own good (excluding Kotonoha and Kokoro ofc)

  4. 4 aya valentine March 17, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    I’ll put it this way. School Days might be a slightly more realistic version of a harem hentai game. Or just a horrific one. But it’s still a harem game. And that means that the main character, no matter who or what he is, is going to have an aura of attraction so strong that girls will make up stupid excuses to be with him.

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