WHO THE F**K DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?! ~ Gurren Lagann episode 25

After delaying this series time and time again, I was thinking about only blogging the last episode or so (while I am still trying to get back on track after my unfortunate hiatus), but for some reason this episode touched me so much that I am unable to resist. This series has once again broken through the GAR barrier into something more “godlike” – Something which GAINAX should be heavily praised for.

The ongoing suffering continues as the team struggles with their fight against the anti-spiral (bastards). We were left with a cliffhanger from episode 24, where Cathedral Terra was sank into an ocean (in the middle of space *scratches head*). Now the ship’s spiral energy has been drained and what looks like a hopeless situation is about to get worse.

In a Nutshell – The episode starts off with showing Chouginga still sinking into the ocean. The ship continues to sink while the enemy amass up above. Attenborough goes on a button bashing frenzy and fires the ship’s weapons. However, they soon dissolve within the ocean which becomes an unexpected shock. Lord Genome says that the death spiral field in the ocean is absorbing the spiral energy hence causing the beams to disperse. Simon then responds by producing more and more spiral energy to raise the ship. He believes that he is able to product more energy than it is being absorbed if he had faith. As the ship begins to rise, the mass of enemies up above begins to thrust downwards, in an attempt to keep it underwater. Missiles were fired but they aren’t enough to keep all the enemies at bay and they begin to land onto the ship.
Meanwhile from the ship’s hanger, Gimmy asks Kittan if he is afraid of dying. Gimmy admits to being scared but Kittan responds positively. He tells Gimmy that everyone is scared of dying but that shouldn’t stop him from looking forward to the future. Jougan and Barinbou must have also thought the same. Kittan then boards his gunman feeling depressed at how poorly he motivated Gimmy and Darry. As usual he feels inferior to Kamina but Yoko tells him that this isn’t true. Yoko praises Kittan for being a fine man and he blushes.

They then both launch off and confronts the enemy. Yoko nearly becomes fish food but Kittan manages to save her while losing his left arm. Yoko apologizes to Kittan but he confirms that it is nothing. HE then asks her if she can introduce him to her “children” when they get back. Gimmy and Darry soon joins the fight. During the fight Gimmy catches sight of some objects ahead in the murky waters. Upon closer inspection it seems that the objects resembled Lagann and Lord Genome reveals that these must have been spiral warriors who confronted the anti spirals in the past, but failed. The anti spiral then tells the ship about how the area they are in now will be their grave – the spiral graveyard. It seems that in the area is formed by the spiral death machine, which is currently pulling the ship inwards. Simon continues to offer words of encouragement, telling the team to not let the anti spiral’s words affect them.

Refusing to let it all end here, Simon orders for the Death Spiral Machine to be taken out. Everyone agrees and so the ship begins its descent again, towards the core. Lord Genome tells them a plan. It seems like the area is super dense and not even the chouginga can last too long inside it, Lord Genome then says that if they are able to clear a part of the barrier around the Death Spiral Machine, then they can destroy the core using missiles. As the Chouginga draws closer to the core, parts of the ship begin to food. Dayakka orders them to seal off parts of ship and sends Tetsukan to help Reite. Boota is also teleported as he jumps into the beam. Meanwhile we see one of the drills on gurren lagann break which causes Simon quite a bit of pain. Viral then tells Simon to rest for a while. Boota then shows up and tells viral (in pig mole language) to let him in. Boota gets in and then releases a sudden amount of spiral energy which repairs the drill in a flash and begins to power the gurren lagann. It seems like humans aren’t the only ones to have spiral energy.

The ship soon enters the firing range of the Death Machine and a spiral bullet is fired in an attempt to destroy the outer barrier. However due to the pressure, the bullet was blown up before it reached the barrier. Time is running out which causes Yoko to volunteer to go out, but was stopped by Kittan. He decides to take Yoko’s place and has the next bullet loaded onto his gunmen. But before he heads out, he grabs Yoko and steals a kiss. He then apologizes for being selfish but Yoko only embraces him back.
Kittan launches and despite the high pressure manages to blow a hole in the barrier. However, he is unable to fire his missiles and soon after his gunman is crushed under the pressure. From what seems like an all loss, Kittan emerges from his small gunmen while carrying one of gurren lagann’s broken drills. With the flames of GARNESS at his side, Kittan launches a Giga Drill Breaker Attack! With all his might and spirit Kittan launches his final attempt to save his friends. As he was about to vaporize Kittan is impressed with how powerful spiral power can be…
After the core blows up, Lord Genome comments that the chances of success should have been 0%. With the core destroyed, the whole ocean reverts back to being spiral energy which energizes the whole ship, allowing Chouginga Gurren ~Lagann to be born in an instant. Now shimon is pissed….

Thoughts –

“Do the impossible, see the invisible, ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA!”
“Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable, ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA!”

These are words that are reflecting how I feel right now. Kittan sure was one brave soldier and Gar in his own right. I actually got quite emotional seeing such a great man go – second only to what happened to Kamina, it was just heartbreaking. I have to say that the choice of BGM during his final scenes where done to perfection, the opera like feel to Kittan is like a final tribute to a great man. Yes, his final moments where enough to prove that he isn’t just other fool who will be pushed around.
Yoko really has her way with the males. It seems that her “kiss of death” is becoming more and more infamous for the series. Is she really going to stay a black widow all her life? But hell I won’t mind sacrificing myself if I got a kiss from her.
Now as we have it, Simon is pissed off. No more mister nice guy and he will be going full out. With an infinite pool of spiral energy under them…do they stand more of a chance now? GAOGAIGAR!!!

3 Responses to “WHO THE F**K DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?! ~ Gurren Lagann episode 25”

  1. 1 Arakan7 September 16, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    OH this series is DEFINITELY deserving of honor of being made into an AMV w/ Origa’s song ‘Rise’. It fits so well and will leave the masses orgasming with GAR-ness. 😀

    Kittan, you have become equal with Kamina in your own way – rest well soldier for you have entered into the eternal gates of GARdom for all time.


  2. 2 Betrayer September 18, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    Gurren Laggan has to be the best anime ever or at least must be with the elite up there. Take that from someone who has watched more anime that what many around here have lived (no joke, Im 35, started watching it at around 7yo, married, job and kids and still love to watch anime over anything else on TV, heh even my kids like it too ^_^).

    This series who shines because of the epic story of people doing the impossible possible, the ultimate underdogs, pretty much resembles in that part at Space Battleship Yamato, which ironically, was the first anime I watched.

    I have to laugh at the Yoko jokes around, kiss of death ^_^, at the precise moment Kittan kissed her, I thought to myself, he’s gonna die. Pretty well done, and the music was simply awesome…quite emotional also.

    The only thing I dislike from this series is that it will end soon. I just hope they don’t do another Eva-end, if you catch my drift. ^^

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama September 19, 2007 at 2:39 am

    I know exactly what you mean. Before Gurren-Lagann even aired (in fact almost a year before when the announcement came) I had a feeling it was going to be good. Though at the time I had no idea it would be received so well by the community. For what seems the longest time, people have assumed mecha is an inferior genre and that the only way to go was Slice of Life and Moe series. Now more than anything I hope Gurren-Lagann provides the foundation for a resurgence in Mecha’s popularity. The 80’s are slowly coming back to fuse with what’s happening now. This was my one sole dream in 2006 and it’s finally happening. I couldn’t be happier in all honesty.

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