School Day Finale getting the shaft ~ LAWL! ~ Ep 12 “Nice Boat”

What possibly could have been the bloodiest episode to date has been shafted all the way to hell. Its a dam shame that  TV Kanegawa suddenly decided to no air school days this week but dam, they could have provided something better to look at than this:

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Apparently, speculations say that this is due to the killing of a policeman at the hands of her own 16 year old daughter yesterday, which could have caused this episode to be unsuitable for airing. Talk about bad timing. But this could be an indicator that this final episode may be very bloody to have provoked such a reaction from the station. Lets all cross our fingers and hope for a miracle.


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EDIT: We have confirmation that the killing of that policeman was indeed the cause of School Days not airing. Read more here.

Kaioshin’s Piece:  This is Kaioshin now, I don’t know a lot about School Days, but I just wanted to use this incident to talk about something I’ve noticed.  Now as we all know in America, following a certain incident at the Super Bowl, censorship has risen to a new high, but for some reason I’ve noticed the same has been happening in Japan.  Moetan had an entire episode cut, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan 2 was heavily censored, series can’t even use anything from Gundam to poke fun at and that word has to be bleeped like it’s some sort of curse word, and now the finale of a series is cancelled do to something that happened in the episode (The Bad End everybody has been looking forward to most likely, so now the thing that so many people have looked forward to, may not happen unless there is a DVD release).  This is a problem.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this as a whole or what happened, but I think TV is slowly becoming a poor venue for anime to reach it’s audience and that there is a reason we are seeing the internet as a new method for distributing certain series (Wings of Rean comes to mind) and why a number of series are getting OVA (Kodomo No Jikan), Theatrical (Code Geass) and TV releases of their content rather close together, and why DVD’s seem to come out within a month of the episodes actually airing, instead of just as Boxsets when the whole thing has finished.  I think that studios are starting to realize they need a contigency plan in this age in case something goes wrong and they need to really on a back up plan to save face and make up the loss.  Anime is definitely becoming more risque with the loli trend, and either TV executives are going to have to acknowledge the shift and adapt, or the studios are going to need to find a more direct way to reach the fans, as this year has shown us that things just aren’t working like they used too.  Whatever the case, there’s a problem and it needs to be remedied somehow.


3 Responses to “School Day Finale getting the shaft ~ LAWL! ~ Ep 12 “Nice Boat””

  1. 1 Cubus September 19, 2007 at 8:05 am

    The time where you could watch almost everything uncensored and stuff on TF is over since a few years. I realy hope Studios get the hint and start thinking bout new ways to distribute their shows. Like you said over the internet. That way you could filter your audience if you want to. Like checking your age via your id or so, for shows who arent suited for younger people.

  2. 2 Miracle Mind Method April 17, 2013 at 5:38 am

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  1. 1 School Days 12 err… i mean Nice Boat « あとごふんだけ~ Trackback on September 19, 2007 at 9:08 am

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