Clannad Preview For Fall 2007 (?)

It is I Shin-Oikamas, the evil twin of Kaioshin-Sama. Join me as I preview Clannad, the Kyoto Animation TV Series for 2007…..

As we all know, Clannad is a masterful little game by Key, and the glorious folks at Kyoto Animation have chosen to adapt it. Now, as we all know….

Kaioshin Sama: Uh Shin, What The Hell Are You Doing?

Shin Oikamas: What do you mean?

Kaioshin Sama: This Space Was Reserved For The Gundam 00 Preview, You Can’t Just Waltz In Here And Take It.

Shin Oikamas: That Gundam Shit By Those Trainwreckers At Sunrise Can’t Compare To The Glory Of Clan…

Kaioshin Sama: That’s Not The Point. The Point Is That I Reserved This Spot For Gundam 00, We’re Doing Gundam 00, And That’s How It’s Gonna Be.

Shin Oikamas: HAHA! That’s What You Think! I’ve Brought My Trump Card Along To Oust You And See That The Glory Of Kyoto Animation Triumphs In Your Place!

Kaioshin Sama: Ugh…..Sigh! Fine, We’ll Do This The Hard Way. Play Your Card.


Shin Oikamas: You’re Screwed Now Kaioshin, Meet The Might Tomoyo Sakagami. You’re About To Bet Pummeled By Her 64-Hit Combo!

Kaioshin Sama: Uh Oh! She’s Pretty Damn Strong, I Might Be In Trouble….Wait A Sec, I Just Remembered Something. Can I Play My Card Now?

Shin Oikamas: Go Ahead Fiend, I Know First Hand Nothing Can Beat Clannad. Tomoyo Has Six Attack And Three Defense, You’re Doomed! AAAAAAHAHAHA!

Kaioshin Sama: If That’s So Can I Play A Valid Pair Of Cards?

Shin Oikamas: Go Ahead, Tomoyo Will Crush You Anyway!



Kaioshin Sama: Behold My Gundam Exia, From The New Series Gundam 00. We Shall Now See Which Series Get’s To Be Blogged. Begin The Damage Calculation Step!

Shin Oikamas: That’s Easy, I Win! Tomoyo Does 6 Damage, And I Have Her In The Back Row! You’re Card Only Does 2 Damage Via Range, Not Enough To Beat Her 3 Defence, And Since Your Gundam Buttsexia Only Has 4 Defence, That Means She Creams You!

Kaioshin Sama: That’s What You Think Shin! With Setsuna’s Bonus To The Gundam Exia, It’s Range Becomes 4, Which Beats Tomoyo’s 3 Defence, And It’s Defence Becomes 7, Which Is Just Enough To Withstand Her 7 Attack. It Looks Like I Just Barely Win!



Kaioshin Sama: Looks Like Gundam 00 Wins The Card Duel Against Clannad, And Thus Earns The Right To Be Blogged. You Can Go Now Shin Oikamas, But I’m Keeping Tomoyo For My Harem Cause She’s Kind Of Cute.

Shin Oikamas: You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me! I’ll Be Back With A Full Team Of Reinforcements, And Show You The Power Of Kyoto Animation Characters.

Kaioshin Sama: And I’ll Be Ready.

Well folks, Kaioshin here again after that bizzare little episode. Yes I will be blogging Gundam 00 when it airs this Fall and I have pretty high hopes for it. If you’ve seen the promo videos for it, things look a lot more up close and personal in terms of the battles, the character designs are more varied versus Gundam Seed Destiny, and it brings things back down to a lower tech level (by appearances) then they were in Gundam Seed. This time around all we know is that there are 4 Gundam Pilots (Known as Meisters) who are chosen by an organization called the Celestial Beings to prevent war from occuring. How that will happen, or any other detail as to who the Gundam Meisters will be enountering is unknown at this time. I’ll update as more knowledge comes in, which will hopefully happen with the next issue of Newtype Magazine. By the way, that character I used to save the day against Tomoyo (a fine girl in her own right) is our Hero Setsuna F. Seiei. What’s interesting is that he comes from the Middle East, a war torn region in our own time, and since Gundam 00 will be taking place in our own A.D calendar, I wonder how that will all play out.


Amuro: I’m The Narrator.

That’s right, I almost forgot to mention, but Tohru Furuya, the voice of Amuro Ray from the very first Gundam back in 1979 will be voicing the narrator for the series. That’ s a really nice treat for us Gundam fans, so I really look forward to that. Other than that, there isn’t much more to say until either the first episode airs, or a magazine releases some information. I hope people will enjoy Gundam 00, and that they enjoyed the mock up duel between me and my evil twin. I need to prepare for his counterattack, so for now I leave people with a trailer for Gundam 00.


2 Responses to “Clannad Preview For Fall 2007 (?)”

  1. 1 CCCP May 17, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    That was funny, but still somewhat painfull in that the narrated card duel brought bad Yu-gi-oh flashbacks.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama May 17, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    That’s great because I’ve frequently been told by other bloggers that I’m too serious. And the Yu-Gi-Oh dialogue was what I was poking fun at, it’s true.

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