Sky Girls Episode 07 (Naming The Pre….Pret..ty..ty Sky Girls)


Summary: Well we’re 7 episodes in and the team realizes that they don’t even have a name yet.  Odds are they’re gonna need one and this is the time to do it…..

Right off Otoha suggests some ridiculous names like Pretty Miracle Fantastic 3 and Flying Musume, but those are rejected by Soya for being to idolish (ATTABOY!).  Now it’s up to the girls to figure out a good name that represents the three of them (How about Flying Lolitas).

There’s an air show going on at the base right now (with Back To The Future sounding music) and the girls are taking a stroll to enjoy the atmosphere today.  More importantly though, Otoha points out that Karen’s onii-san is supposed to be coming today, but even more importantly, all the folks are psyched when a military truck tows in a new prototype fighter craft.  It’s……


The Vic Viper?  Does It Have Options Too?  I guess Kadokawa Isn’t The Only Sponsor Who Inserts There Own Works Into Other Media

According to the base commander, the Sonic Divers aren’t set in stone, and thus the brass who has just arrived in a convoy, wants to see the test of the Vic Viper to determine if it’s more traditional approach would be more suitable for the next generation of Air Force weaponary.  Meanwhile in the hanger some hardass looking guy introduces himself as Captain Hisaki to Otoha, saying he’s the pilot of the Vic Viper.  He says that the Sonic Diver is more like a toy (generic dick officer) and Otoha get’s pissed saying that while the Vic Viper may be a great craft, so is her Zero.  This of course breaks the chain of command.  That’s okay for Hisaki though, he just calls Otoha a brat and says the results are on (he’s like…..fucked, never challenge a loli to a duel in anime.  Common Sense). 


Back on the fairground Ichijo bumps into one of the upper military men who recognizes her by calling her Ojou-Sama (I’m guessing Ichijo’s family must be a strong power in the military), and wishing her luck in the demonstration.  There also appears to be some bad blood between Ichijo and her father as well.


And General Ichijo Is Promoting The Vic Viper Too.  Damn You Vic Viper *Shakes Fist*

Meanwhile Karen is pulling a Mikuru and glancing around all Moe looking, we’re never actually going to meet her brother I gather.  Not only that, but to add insult to injury Karen also see’s a little girl playing with her older brother seconds later and thinks about what she wish she had.  Ichijo comes over and yells at Karen to hurry up as there demo is about to start, and I think the little girl just said Uguu~, and there goes her balloon.

And thus as we approach our eyecatch, everybody is in the ready room moping about how a man has screwed them in some way (boy that’s er….yeah people know what I mean) and it’s time for GRRL POWAA~.


First However, The Vic Viper Shows Off.  The Brass Thinks It’s Better Than A Bunch Of Dolls, The Girls Are Impressed, But There’s Been A Landslide.  Who Will Save The Children (Come On There’s Gotta Be Child Trapped There Crying For Mommy)


As a result of the landslide the festival is halted so the military personnel can prep a helicopter for a  rescue mission, however the helicopter breaks down on takeoff, so of course the Sonic Diver unit has to go.  The Sonic Diver units go to the disaster site and save a mother, a loli and a cat.


See It’s A Cat


Meanwhile A Bunch Of Pedophiles Gather Round To Watch An Episode Of Sky Girls

The day is saved an the military sees that the small size of the Sonic Divers and there adaptability is useful for the military and so does Hisaki too (blahblahblah).  We also learn that Soya was orignally going to pilot the Vic Viper had he not been injured (may come up later on).  Otoha also waves to the audience watching by the way, readers can tell me if this is breaking the fourth wall or not. 


The Sky Grrls Are Born From The Waves Of…………….A Girls Bathtub

Later on a news broadcast at night the rescue by Girls From The Sky, or Sky Girls is covered, and in the baths Otoha says the team shall be called Sky Girls.  FINALLY!  There’s you major plot development for this episode!  This episode ends (mercifully) with Soya learning that the West Europe Base has been destroyed and that the Sky Girls are to be transfered to the new battleship Kouryu (the one from the OVA).

Thoughts:  Holy crap this was a bad episode.  When the most interesting plot development takes place in a bathtub, you knowing your episode a gutter runner.  Firstly everything is dealt with in the most cliche way possible in this episode, from the generic comments by the military brass on why the Sonic Diver unit should be disbanded, to Soya getting pissed at the commander, to the asshole rival pilot (in like every mecha series where there’s a competition to decide the next line of military units, the rival is often an asshole, some are really well developed and interesting like Gold Goa Bowman, others are not, like this episodes Captain Hisaki), to the natural disaster occuring to let the Sonic Divers show why they are a vital unit in the military.  Even the Helicopter felt it needed to get in on the cliches by exploding.  Secondly, the animation was bottom of the barrell this episode.  Things were consistant in how they looked, but the movement was at an absolute minimum.  This is just not acceptable when the purpose of a majority of the episode was to show off the Vic Viper.  Thirdly, why is it here.  I mean I love Gradius and think the Vic Viper is badass, but I’m growing sick of sponsors feeling they need to cram their own material into anime series.  I have a feeling that part of the reason this episode turned out so awful was that Konami leaned on J.C/Loli Staff to fit the Vic Viper in there, and they couldn’t work it in such a way that made sense, so it brought the rest of the episode down with it (I’m wondering if they may have even had to rewrite the episode on a short deadline as well.  Finally, I really hate Karen’s storyline.  I get that she’s in the series to try and provide the Moe factor, but her constant fawning over her brother complex is getting old, and I’m sure is mildy disturbing to some of the series viewers.  All in all only two very minor plot developments happened this episode, and those were that Otoha named their unit Sky Girls, and they are now being transferred from the base to the Air Craft Carrier from the OVA (and the stuff that happened in the OVA was rockin eye candy).  Hopefully, now the series will start moving towards the war with the WORMS.  They also need to hurry up and introduce Elise already as the series needs a new character (and much less Karen).  The series is also clearly overdue for a new plot arc, and this episode shows it more than anybody.

Rating: Two And A Half Out Of Ten


2 Responses to “Sky Girls Episode 07 (Naming The Pre….Pret..ty..ty Sky Girls)”

  1. 1 XenonMazi September 23, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Wow, how humiliating for the Vic Viper to be featured on such a lame anime… Konami, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

  2. 2 YeahNahNope August 9, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    I wonder what if the vic had been “product placement”-ed in a more popular anime like strike witches? but since it looks like a high tech alien craft it might turn out to be one of the baddies (but hell it would still look cool)

    LOL strike witches and sky girls have the same character designer Shimada Fumikane (most but not all) I hope the third illustrations that became an upcoming anime ‘Busou shinki’ (property of konami there’s already a vicviper-tan) would at least be good :p

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