“Nice Boat” Strikes back! – More WTF on School Days…

 EDIT 1: 26/09/07

Okey this is getting ridiculous. If it wasnt bad enough that school days has been delayed for a pretty dumb (but thoughtful) reason now we are getting news that episode 12 will only be a special event. According to here and some hearsay translations apparently Overflow (the creator of the School Days game) will be holding a special preview event where the final episode of School Days will be showed to fans only if the have AN UNOPENED COPY OF SCHOOL DAYS OR SUMMER DAYS GAME. Thats right, it has to be unopened or you will get your ass kicked out by the bouncers *rolleyes*

Whats more they will kindly open the game for you when you get it, which is a load of balls…isn’t this just another one of those scams where you are forced to buy crap? Well not like it is crap but the requirement that you have to have an unopened copy is just dam stupid.

AT-X still hasn’t said anything about this yet but it is just a matter of time.



Another bright spark tried to do their own version of a good end to the series AGAIN!

15-year-old boy arrested for attacking father with ax

I think the article speaks for itself. If this is a new “fad” in Japan then they might as well have a “kill your daddy day” *face palms*

The boat is so nice…its to DIE for!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

EDIT 1: Good news to the fans! it seem that AT-X will still be airing School Days tomorrow at a later time of 21:30pm. That will throw it into Overflow’s face *rolleyes*



1 Response to ““Nice Boat” Strikes back! – More WTF on School Days…”

  1. 1 feeebbbiiieee December 1, 2008 at 9:33 am

    heheheh. . .looking at that pic. i think makoto doesnt have the right to cry cause he deserved this heheh take that you damn bastard!:p

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