Sky Girls Episode 08 (Will The Lolis Stand Up….In…A HOT TUB?! Oh God!)


So last episode was a huge throwaway episode, and this time we apparently have a hot springs episode (do we really need one, I mean they have a nice enough bath on the base).  Oh well at least if the episode goes nowhere we’ll probably at least get some loli fanservice

Okay WHOA! WTF, Seriously Right Off The Bat

Summary: The episode begins with what has to be the strangest drawing of a Motion Slit I’ve ever seen (Is it trying to do Mazinger Z’s Breast Fire), and the little girl the Sky Girls rescued talking about the big sisters that rescued her (and I’m kind of glad this element wasn’t the throwaway I thought it was) via an narrative letter.  The letter also invites the girls to visit the hot springs nearby as a thank you for rescuing the villagers.  Otoha really wants to go along with Soya, but Nanae thinks it will probably be too difficult to get leave at the moment.  This doesn’t discourage Otoha much and she imagines an idealistic “Pretty Sky Girls Hot Spring Getaway” (I’m starting to get the sense Otoha might have written the lyrics to the opening song).  Unfortunately Ichijo agrees with Nanae.

Meanwhile, a commander (hidden in the shadows) is briefing Soya Togo thathe  has been promoted to the rank of Captain (Naval rank, which is one rank before Commodore) and that the Sky Girls are being transferred to an active unit (meaning the training phase is probably coming to an end soon).  Soya doesn’t seem to happy about it though and when the Sky Girls ambush him with their request, he grants it….but he’s going too.

Otoha’s Imagination Running Wild Again

During the girls duty for the day the maintance chief also asks to send the Sisters, Ryohei and Takumi along.

Getting A Little Crowded In Here

Nanae chooses not to go and get’s teased by Otoha about being worried about people seeing her huge rack (Otoha is rather chipper today isn’t she).

Ichijo Get’s Into Vacation Mode By Being Herself…..She’s The Cool One

When they get there things are still in bad shape, but the girls still try to make do and utilize the springs.  The little girl is also happy to have the Spy Girls (Idea for a new drama) here with her, but Otoha only knows of the Sky Girls (Small Joke as my Grandpa would call it).  The people split up into chore teams while Soya goes off to partake of some fly fishing, leaving just Karen and Takumi in the cabin they are using (Oh Please God No).  Meanwhile back at the base Hooters (okay fine Nanae) is wondering if the girls are enjoying the springs.

Ichijo Gets In Touch With Her Canadian Side

Actually they are all doing chores and Karen is having trouble chopping carrots (What a surprise), but Takumi being the gentleman he is talks her through it (by the way, Otoha and the sisters are cleaning duty, Ichijo is in charge of firewood, Ryohei is handling the supplies from town, and Karen and Takumi are doing dinner).  Karen’s really having trouble working with Takumi out of shyness (I get the sense she’d be really easy), and Takumi starts to comfort her by saying he’s having trouble integrating into the staff of Obama Base (HOLY SHIT!  The Base Is Called Obama Base!  WHOOOOOOO YOU ROCK BARACK!).  Meanwhile, Otoha and the Sisters say they’ll go check out the hot spring now causing Karen to have a spaz attack (what else is new) and they find the wall isn’t to sturdy (That Fuckers comin down, always does in anime).  The girls start to strip to try it out, but a noise from the bushes, which Otoha thinks is Ryohei, turns up the girl and her mother.  They’re out picking flowers (and are starting to seem a little bit suspicious) and head off with the little girl saying she’ll see the Small Girls later (HAHA! Running Joke!).

Later on during dinner the girls go off to find Soya and he finally tells them that they’ve been activated to fight the WORMs, which Ichijo refuses to believe since they were all supposed to have been annihilated.

You Just Knew Something Had To Come Along To Spoil Otoha’s Chipper Mood

Otoha feels betrayed by Soya and the rest of the girls who won’t say anything and runs off into the evening with Karen close behind and Ichijo stays and says she’s ready to throw her life down for the militaries cause and follow orders.  She also bitches out Soya for not informing her that he’d been promoted and says he should remember something so important.  Speaking of important……

When Even The Manliest Character In The Series Can’t Catch A Break You Know Things Aren’t Going Well.  It’s Tough Being A Man In A Girls World

Meanwhile, Karen tries to comfort Otoha, but since she is useless she barely makes any headway until Ryohei comes to bring her back to the camp (seriously, when the guy who Otoha likes least is able to comfort her better you know you suck.  Come on Karen, do something useful instead of wishing your brother had the incestuous thoughts about you that you do for him).  During dinner it turns out that Otoha is the only one who didn’t know about the transfer, and the little girl shows up again to ask the Super Girls to accompany her to her fathers grave.  They burn some incense at the gravesite and the mother (who apparently is just a guardian) tells them that the girls father died during the last war and she never knew what he looked like.  The girls resolve to do their best to see that the looming conflict isn’t as destructive as the last one and then Soya and Ichijo finally join up with the group and they head to the springs.  It ends up being a renewed Chipper Otoha that knocks down the wall.  Of course clearly this is all there fault (man the men in the series have it tough, always have to play to the tune of the Sky Girls) and they all get clocked (especially poor Takumi).  Meanwhile back at the base Nanae has the baths all to herself, and she wonders when she’ll actually be able to go to the hot springs with Otoha.

Hot Spring Highlights (This Sounds Like The Name Of A Donkey Kong Country Stage)

Thoughts:  Ehhhhh…..for a series called Sky Girls, we sure aren’t seeing the Sky much, but we certainly see the girls this time around.  Here the girls are treated to one more break before being transferred to the front line (read Action), where we’ll finally get to see what they are capable of in a combat situation.  Of note is how each character deals with the information.  Nanae chooses not to confront it at the moment (though in the end she seems really torn up that she has very little time left with her friend Otoha), Soya broods over it, Otoha freaks out over it, Ichijo embraces it without a thought, and Karen wishes her brother would come boink her.  The little girl was pretty cute with her drawings, but the running joke was a little too childish, even for a little girl (though perhaps they were trying to show how childish Otoha is, which doesn’t need much doing, but is always good for laughs).  Now we stand on the brink of a new setting for the series, and there’s sure to be some combat within the next few episodes.  Time to fly Sky Girls.

Rating: Six Out Of Ten


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