Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!! – Episode 27 Final –

And so this brings about the end of another series for this season. Feeling kind of depressed now having to wave goodbye to another series, and as the hole gets bigger hopefully it will be filled again soon enough. Anyway this is the final episode for this awesome series. And sure enough, it went out with a BANG!

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In a Nutshell: A brief flashback to the scene before Simon appears from Nia’s ring. The figure continues to put words of despair into Nia’s head right before it started to drain her data. Despite this, Nia tells the figure that they would never understand the meaning and Simon will definitely come. Sure enough Simon appears with Gurren Lagann and the anti spiral coating around Nia is broken. Drills detach from Gurren lagann and the whole team appears, looking pumped up to kick some fricking ass. The anti spiral is shocked at how they escaped but Simon replies that he doesn’t care about any of that crap, this is DAI GURREN DAN! And with those words TENGAN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN IS BORN! (note: ZOMG the hell is up with that size – but just to emphasize on how epic this has all become! *drools over the opera background music*). The anti spiral responds by creating a mecha of the same epic proportions. Lord Genome explains that the anti spiral’s mecha is going to give them absolute despair by wining. Simon is surprised that he has his body back but nothing is impossible in this super spiral universe. He gives a hint of daddy care towards Nia and tells Viral that he is no longer a king, on the battlefield they are all warriors.

TTGL (tengan toppa gurren lagan) and the anti spiral charge towards each other in a clash of the titans, literally. However, TTGL seems to be inferior as they are knocked flying into the next galaxy. Yoko materializes and giant rifle and fires at the enemy. The anti spiral is unfazed and tells them that they have absolutely no chance where their probably for a successful attack is 0. However, Yoko then notices an open spot and fires. The shot cracks the outer shell of the sphere and Nia tells the team that that is with the anti spirals reside. The anti spirals say that this is true and reveal that they where once spiral beings but have now sealed their own evolution. They question if Simon has the same determination as them to protect the universe and he says that he does. Simon says that he will protect the tomorrow that is everyone’s by fighting and stopping the spiral nemesis. The anti spirals say that they cannot!

As the fight continues, the anti spiral comment on how the spiral beings lack the determination to protect the universe and that spiral energy has reached the limit that is this reason that is why the anti spiral will destroy them. TTGL is then smacked down and it seems to be over as the team loses spiral energy. The team worries about not being able to protect earth and just then it seems that they have been knocked all the way back to earth. It seems that the battle has created a bypass into the spiral universe and the anti spiral becomes intrigued with their homeland decides to stretch out their arms to grab it (and to crush earth by the looks of it *shakes fist*). Back home Kiyal pushes Kiyon outside to look at the sky; sure enough even Rossiu is gobsmacked seeing the image up in the sky.

Dayakka and Gabal uses their spiral anchor and hooks back the anti spiral, swinging them around over head before smashing them downwards. Attenborough then fires his crap and they actually hit the anti spirals doing minimal damage.

The anti spiral continues to comment on how they are struggling, Simon replies by telling them that their tomorrow will not be decided by the likes of the anti spirals. He tells the anti spirals that they will protect the tomorrow and the universe – even stopping the spiral nemesis. The anti spirals responds by grabbing two galaxies to form a giant energy ball. They then launch their infinite big bang attack (lawl cheesy name XD) which collides head on with TTGL. The anti spirals tell them that this attack will absolutely assure their victory it does look bad for the team. But Lord Genome thinks otherwise as he tells Simon to leave it to him.

On those words Lazengann materializes in front of TTGL and blocks the beam going into overdrive mode! He tells his daughter not to be depressed, and having come this far already he has decided to create a new tomorrow where the spirals can live in. Nia then fades out of existence for a split second which causes concern for Simon. However, nia tells him that he must do what he came to do and Simon agrees. The anti spiral increases the power of the attack and destroys Lazengann, but the energy was turned into a giant drill by Lord Genome’s final act and tells Simon to take it. TTGL swallows the drill and powers up (note: power up? It was zomg wtf BBQ HAXX power up! Hehe). The amount of power received was so great; it even broke the energy rating dial.

Simon tells lord Genome that they will continue to fight together and the anti spirals at this time is just pissing themselves with disbelief. Simon now charged with this power attacks the anti spiral with limitless amount of drills. And the fury of attacks continues. The anti spirals are question why they have such power and Simon replies that it is because they evolve. They move forward with each drill rotation unlike the anti spirals. The anti spirals continue to question why the spirals do not understand their own limit but Simon responds by saying I isn’t their limit but that of the anti spirals.

As the battle of drills rages on Simon tells the anti spirals that his drill is that which is creating the future. To those who have fallen and to those who continue to follow the path, he will carve out the future with his drill! Charging for the final time he clashes TTGL with the anti spirals on a deadlock they both get impaled in a gigantic explosion. Chouginga flies out towards the anti spirals but is stopped, next Arc GL files out but is also stop finally gurren lagann itself comes out and viral throws lagann right into the anti spirals where Simon uses his lagan impact drill for the last time. Simon drills right through the enemy. The anti spiral then tells Simon to protect the universe well and he replies “of course”. The area explodes and people on earth cheer as they watch the fireworks up above. And it seems for some reason Rossiu is able to call Simon and tell him that spiral beings from across the universe is cheering them on. (note: first plot hole I have seen so far. Now where did those come from – and why do they all have lagan with people who look so familiar inside – alternate universe? XD).

Back at home Coco jii welcomes Nia back and gives her a dress. She turns to Simon to show the dress off and looks at it with contempt eyes. At the wedding everyone is gathered to watch the ceremony under the flutter of falling sakura petals. Everyone cheers when Simon and nia kiss but Yoko notices Nia’s back fading away. Simon already knows and tells Nia that he will never forget her even if the universe is destroyed. Nia smiles and tells him that it won’t happen seen as everyone is working so hard to protect it. They declare their love for each other and Nia disappears.

Simon says that he is fine and that he knew that this would happen. Viral then says that it is because Nia was an anti spiral being herself. Gimmy Tells Simon to use the power of the spiral but Yoko tells him that Simon isn’t god. Simon says what dead is dead and should not be forced to come back. He hands Gimmy his core drill and leaves everything to Rossui. He tells them that he is just a digger and that there is someone else out there more suitable to go through his path. Putting on his coat he walks off after catching Yoko’s ring. Leeron comments that it has been fun.

20 years later we see Rossiu (who looks exactly like the priest XD) and Leeron (who hasn’t changed on bit – oh my god he is a monster) talking in a highly advanced world. Rossiu wonders where Simon is now and Leeron replies that he is probably watching from afar. The scene then moves onto Yoko (obaa san ;___;) who receives a call from Nakimu. Some children says goodbye to sensei Yoko and she waves back. Gimmy is then seen wearing Simon’s core drill and is besides Darry. In space Viral is on Chouginga and is heading to other spiral worlds.

We then see a cut scene to Nia’s grave next to Kamina’s. Later than night we see a kid trying to crack a coconut kind of fruit with a drill. He finds it difficult but after some advice from a man behind he succeeds. The kid is impressed which causes the man to say an all too familiar phase “who do you think…” but he is cut off seeing the kid’s lack of interest. He gets is now, he is no longer anyone anymore. The kid looks into the sky and exclaims with excitement at gurren lagann. The kid wants to join them and so the man describes the sky’s lights are all stars. Boota then pops out from his coat and he finishes by saying that the stars are also where their friends wait. The man is of course Simon.


Thoughts: “I won’t cry…I must be strong…because Simon didn’t cry…”

Oh god this series sure knows how to tear a person up from the inside out. I just loved this episode for all its worth. The fight was done perfectly and it doesn’t feel that they have left anything out and as for the emotional ending twist to the series I just felt like another piece of my existence as died.

Somewhere in the back of my head I just knew that we weren’t going to get a complete happy ending for Simon and this actually is what makes the whole experience so dam memorable. In life instances no one can fully win and this just reflects that fact. As a hero Simon has done well to go through all that hardship and still remain in one piece.

The ending marks significance as he hands his duties to the next generation and retires as a hero. Watching everyone appear so old in the epilogue is really hard to take as in stories like these you would never want the characters to become old and feeble. That image is just erased but that is the beauty of such an end. It is like a peek into the actual life of real people as we travel together on this adventure. Watching them age and eventually disappear is yet another part in life. Quite philosophical if you think about it 🙂

I am totally touched by the final mood given from the final episode and it acts as a motivator to do your best in like, just like Simon did.

Oh god I am totally going to miss this series but the empty hole left behind by this series will soon be replaced with another one so until next time –

Deathkillz ~~~~xx~~~~

23 Responses to “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!! – Episode 27 Final –”

  1. 1 Daisuke CP9 September 30, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    This finale was pretty damn memorable…I cried both tears and manly tears…Just wow man…

  2. 2 Airiothemimic September 30, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    I love this series! I can’t wait for the OVA and the OST. And the game! OCTOBER!

  3. 3 torrent October 2, 2007 at 5:33 am

    Wait, what the hell happened to with Boota? did the series prologue in episode 1 never really happen? That’s kind of confusing…Then again they changed him so late in the game I guess there wasn’t much other choice.

  4. 4 deathkillz October 2, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    It is speculated that the scene that happened in ep 1 and him turning into a humanoid in ep 26 was all apart of the dream like alternate universe the anti spirals created. But yea, i’m rather sad to see the event in episode 1 not happening >_<

  5. 5 Kanapox October 3, 2007 at 8:00 am

    Gurren Lagan is, by far, the best shonen anime I’ve ever seen. What the heck, I haven’t seen ANY other series, animated or not, with so much power to move me to tears. It’s quite amazing because it’s so full of cliches already seen again and again, that I’m still wondering why they work so well in TTGL. It’s not that we don’t have heroes here and there in several anime series, but they lack the power to inspire. Maybe it’s because all the cast of TTGL are equally brave and inspiring. While other series have only one hero, TTGL is full of heroes willing even to die if that is neccesary for something greater than themselves. Maybe it’s the combined effort of all the group that show us that human beings are much more powerful united than standing alone.

    When I see series like TTGL, I know I’m never gonna get tired of watching anime. It’s so rich of stories and feelings that touch you so deep.

  6. 6 webrunner October 4, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    The Laganns weren’t who were cheering- those were the Dai Gurren Dan. The cockpits everyone was in were the Laganns- how they GOT them is an exercise left up to the audience, however.

  7. 7 mer-der-ah December 19, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    jeeeeeez…. bloody good series, but wtf happened to boota after he evolved? kinda sux that boota turned into a conscious being then just got left out of the ending. you’d figure boota and simon would still chill together. musta been the pinkish fur that drove them apart!! lol

    too bad the pc game got ditched and the only other one right now is for nintendo ds, where the hell is the ps3/psp version?!@$ don’t leave us out! boo hoo.

  8. 8 game_boi December 19, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    By far i think this anime… is the Best!. .., awesome! ..not your ordinary anime.

  9. 9 Sayuri May 10, 2008 at 12:26 am

    FYI people,Boota WAS in the ending.If you watched past the credits you would know,but of course you gotta go look for yourselves!

  10. 10 AnimeMusicFreak October 4, 2008 at 12:01 am

    does anyone know the song that plays during the Katin fight when he is plunging into the dense space i think it goes some thing like ***bro bro fight the power*** and it repeats plz e-mail with a link for download or name of song would be very nice of you 🙂

  11. 11 Arctic Fox October 7, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    That would be Libera me from Hell.
    And it’s Row Row fight the power.
    Youtube it. I don’t have the actual song.

  12. 12 MJ January 9, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    YEA!! greatest anime eva!! juz when i tot i was losing interest in anime, gurren lagann managed to remind me why i loved anime so much when i was younger. thank god i found dis anime!

  13. 13 Riikachii February 25, 2010 at 3:52 am

    Wow, I’m so simple minded. This last part tore away at my sanity. I just might have to re-watch some of the episodes, just so I can get everything clear! Man! But I do agree, great finale! Can’t wait for the second movie! Great anime. One of the greatest I’ve seen. *Clap clap clap*

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