“NaGARsumi” Seto no Hanayome Episode 26

*Huge Time Jump*. Yes it has been an awful while I didn’t review any SNH episode. I apologize. Nope i never dropped the series, but many thing happened (I had to recatch 17-18, and at that time, not only I was very busy, but my secondary HD got owned, which screwed my possibilities to rewatch and to take caps)

Now, I believe this episode deserves completely a review, considering how great it puts an end of one of the best anime comedies ever!

Seto no Hanayome, Episode 26: The place where you return

Nagasumi, Kai, Luna, but also Saru are in the Mikawa submarine, heading straight to the enemy’s lair. Of course, Saru is oblivious to what they will encounter, and thinks it is something similar to a theme parc.
They are reaching a mine field, but they don’t lose any time with it.

Meanwhile, Mawari and Inchou are worried, but obviously can’t do anything from the bridge in saitama.

Back with Nagasumi and co, Luna has enough and uses her supersonic voice to clean the mine field.

Nagasumi’s father comes back and wonders where his son is. His wife doesn’t know, but suspects he has something to do as a man. The daddy understands it pretty well.

Meanwhile, in Yoshio’s palace, Gouzaburou tries to break a rock wall, but there is a wall of steel underneath. Masa comments about this mansion being completely isolated from the outside world. Fujishiro is as indifferent as always and says the situation is worse, while staring at the “I don’t want to be eaten – nagasumi” picture on his cellphone. Maki is impatient and uses recklessly her shell machinegun, but it has no effect either.

Ren calms her, but Maki is desperate and can’t imagine what would happen if Yoshio lays his hands on San. Gouzaburou is surprised about Ren’s behaviour but she quicklys laments and blames herself as she thinks it is her fault, trying to make San happy with this trip. Everyone assures it is absolutely not her fault.
Gouzaburou is pissed but helpless, wondering what he can do.

Yoshio is spending leisurely his free time with some of his friends, during a party he organized. The playboy boats about the fact he could pick san, which is quite a stunt, considering his friends’ reactions.
Meanwhile, Akeno is observing them, obviously not easy with this. Yoshio notices her and invites her in the fun, but she is reluctant, saying it might be a problem if the capital hears about his overboard fun. Yoshio doesn’t give a crap about it, explaining this is because they don’t want to deal with him that he is sent in this resort. Akeno tries to argue, but Yoshio is then serious, reminding her he is the rule here.
He then asks her to prepare San for the ceremony.
Akeno leaves the room and slams the door, greeting her teeth, obviously angry about what she is doing.

Nagasumi and the rest decide to charge in the building, causing a huge quake and breaking Seto Family jail. Yoshio wonders what it is about, but his security staff is slacking off completely.

Nagasumi leaves the submarine but he quickly realizes they are literally surrounded by TONS of goons. As they are yelling about this stuff, Kai is going reckless, grabs nagasumi and leaps in the fray.
Soon, Kai’s men leaves the submarine as well and follows his lead.

As both factions are clashing altogether, Luna decides to activate the Battle Song, which of course, turns both armies into complete brainwashed battlelust soldiers. Nagasumi is completely freaked out and wonders how he is able to be unaffected by it. Well… he reached the MAX LEVEL, considering the sheer amount of death experiences he went through, thanks to the mermaids.
Luna orders him to quickly rescue San.

Nagasumi storms in the main hall, where Yoshio is spending his time with his friends. He then yells, asking where Yoshio is. The later is completely indifferent and wonders if he isn’t the human who was engaged with San.
Nagasumi confirms it and asks him to give back San. Of course, Yoshio doesn’t care about it and begins to be annoyed by Nagasumi. He then calls forth Akeno.

Akeno arrives, and much to nagasumi’s surprise, she reveals herself as an enemy, as she can’t disobey the nobels since she is a trainee knight.
Yoshio then assures he will take care of San, though Nagasumi did “it” first to her. Nagasumi is oblivious to what he is talking about, and Yoshio begins to be glad it is the case.
Nagasumi is angry, but Akeno prevents him to go further. From here, Nagasumi and Akeno clash in their own conviction, and Nagasumi manages to convince her: Akeno’s knight ideal is contradictory with what she is doing.
She then slashes Nagasumi, but it is revealed she didn’t do anything and becomes his ally. From afar, her chief is amused and comments how Akeno is liker he brother.

Yoshio is still nonchalant and doesn’t give a crap about it. He then snaps his finger, calling forth… a GIANT MONSTER EEL.
The beast is… his “pet”, and he claims it can eat anything, be it human or mermaid. Akeno protects Nagasumi, and got badly hurts, as she is slammed to the wall.
Nagasumi is helpless and is getting eaten alive. However, Gouzaburou appears and is able to hold the eel bare handedly. Gou-chan isn’t happy wiht Yoshio, but the later is still absolutely not concerned.

He then calls his security staff, who finally comes to help their liege. Nagasumi and Gou-chan are completely surrounded by hundreds of Yoshio’s men, prepared to kill them. However, they are suddenly blasted by a huge beam-like fire.

It is Maki, who was definitely impressed by Nagasumi stunt and speech. Masa is is here as well, dealing with scrubs with his katana.
Fujishiro powns many grunts with his kick alone, claiming Nagasumi is his prey and no one will eat him except fujishiro himself. (his stomach growls by hunger by the way)

Gouzaburou then let his battlecry, and the whole seto group is dealing with Yoshio’s goons. Ren is taking care of an injured Akeno. Fujishiro doesn’t waste any time and… declares” itadakimasu”… huh yeah, he is helping himself, and really eating (cannibal? XD) the enemies, shocking Akeno and the remaining goons in the process.
Ren then says they will take care of it and so Nagasumi can run away. However, Nagasumi disagrees, and says he must save San by himself.

His speech was so charismatic that even Gouzaburou aknowledge it, by giving him a coat. Maki, Masa and Fujishiro are taking care of the enemies, and yell at Nagasumi to go on, to fulfill his man words. Nagasumi uses the knocked out eel to go “upstairs”, but suddenly, a second eel emerges. Akeno and Ren decide to do a duo, and combine Akeno’s sword energy with Ren supersonic voice. The combination is powerful enough to one-hit KO the second eel.

As Nagasumi is keeping going on the “eel bridge”, a third eel emerges. This time, anunidentified object falls from outside, and crashs through the building, dealing a superb blow on the third eel.
it is edomae, giving a magnificent quote “I shall return!“. Gouzaburou is surprised by his “visit”, while Luna is freaked out that her father still wears the sailor fuku. Terminator claims he is a stranger, so he doesn’t have anything to do with nobles or Tokyo. Luna warns him about something on his back, and He begins to deal a powerful punch to the “no so KO” third eel.
The situation keeps going, as people go panzer. (Note that Edomae is using some eye beam)

Yoshio enters in the room where San is abducted. He is undressing his top, not worrying abou the “noisy guests”. Then, Nagasumi barges in. Yoshio is annoyed by his persistence, while Nagasumi is pissed, thinking Yoshio did something, as he is topless. However, Yoshio kicks him violently in the stomach. Nagasumi wonders why San is in such state and then realizes there is a weird smell: Yoshio explains this flagrance has an effect on the mermaids, and it would be troublesome if San doesn’t obey him. This definitely make nagasumi angry.

Nagasumi doesn’t yield and tries to punch Yoshio. Unfortunately, the later easely parries him, taunting him. Nagasumi doesn’t pay attention to him anymore, and begins to apologize to San, admitting it was his fault and he will no longer be so careless. Therefore, he can’t accept such farewell. Yoshio doesn’t care about his speech and strengthen his grip, making Nagasumi dropping the ring from his fist.
The ring falls on the ground, making a sharp sound. This noise awakens San, who is crying. In a desperate attempt to make her snap out, Nagasumi begs her to stay with him.

Yoshio is still annoyed by Nagasumi and decides to be serious: he draws out his gun, claimign he will die. Suddenly, San is awake, and talks to Nagasumi, completely lovey dovey. She couldn’t hear anything except Nagasumi’s plea, which completely relieves her.
Yoshio is dumbstruck about this stunt, and wonders how this situation could turn like this. San is angry and speaks like a yakuza to Yoshio, saying it is his fault and that he is a silly playboy. The later is very pissed off by San’s comment, as he felt like an insult and aims his gun towards her. Nagasumi quickly puts himself before her, enraged. Yoshio wonders if he wants to be killed, while Nagasumi is outraged how he can points his gun towards her.

Nagasumi decides to attack, and San is about to support him with “Eiyuu no Uta” (Song of Heroes, the same used in the concert episode). However, she is too slow and Nagasumi is shot down.
San can’t believe it, while Yoshio smiles in glee.

NaGARsumi !

As San cries his name out loud, Nagasumi sotps his fall with his feet, VERY strongly. Nagasumi has in fact stopped the bullet with his teeth! San is surprised that Nagasumi still can do this while he didn’t even listen to the song. Nagasumi claims that as long as he is with San, he can hear it, and get power. Then, Nagasumi turns completely berserk, empowering himself into his “DRAGON FORM”.
The pressure is so intense that Nagasumi literaly generates a fire field around him.
Such power is even sensed by the three eels and other allies. Saru announces the Thunderstorm!

Yoshio understands the danger of it and tries to take Nagasumi down with another fire. However, Nagasumi is sto strong that his aura stops the course of the bullet, and overwhelms completely the playboy with an insane fire attack.

Who the fuck do you think we are !?

Yoshio is completely freaked out. NaGARsumi is walking towards him, claiming what makes a real man is chivalry. San adds that what makes a man dependable is chivalry.
Chilvary with Mermaid (Ningyo Ninkyo!).

Yoshio is completely helpless and keeps shooting at Nagasumi. The later keeps his insane cool and parries BARE HANDEDLY the bullets, while talking that yoshio has no chance to stand against chivalry. Yoshio doesn’t get how Nagasumi can be like this, and wonders if it is a must die situation. Nagasumi confirms he was already prepared to die. San adamently says this is why he will never beat nagasumi.
Then, Nagasumi performs a lethal combo on the poor playboy, dealing hundreds punchs on him. Nagasumi then finishes him off with 3 tremendous punches, as he is yelling it is for san.

Nagasumi then deal the ultimate punch, slamming the poor victim so far away that Yoshio knocks his ees down on the wall. He is completely beaten up and loses his human form, which is revealed as… a very ugly catfish.
Everyone goes completely surprised by this and even his goons begin to pick many pictures.
Akeno’s chief comes but assures him he won’t tell about Yoshio’s disgrace.

The scenery is lightened up by the outside light, and Nagasumi picks up the ring. As San is approaching him, Nagasumi is embarassed, not knowing what to say.
San begins to sob, apologizing to him. Nagasumi asks her to not cry, as it is his fault too. Then Nagasumi promises he will do more and more efforts for her. San is speechless and Nagasumi walks towards her, putting the ring on her hand. San is fixating it and Nagasumi finally adds he loves her, asking her to stay forever by his side. San cries with joy, accepting gladly this. She then leans on him, asking him to take care of her, despite being a useless bride.
The touching scene is of course seen by the other ones. Maki is in shock, while Gou-chan is of course not happy about it, restrained by Masa. Ren and Akeno enjoy this sight while Luna is more concerned about her annoyance towards her father, still in his sailor fuku. Kai and Fujishiro? Well, Kai is still owned by his agoraphobia, while Fujishiro is… “digesting”…

The episode ends with an epilogue of the school life, returning back to normal…
Completely? not really, considering that Nagasumi kept his “ZOMG MANLY GAR” form, freaking Kai much. (considering how nagasumi is, he looks even stronger than edomae)


Thoughts :

After This episode definitely kicks ass. A very fitting end, packing so much things: GAR, action, GAR, madness, GAR, comedy. Did i mention GAR?
No seriously, it was really an amazing episode, and almost felt as EPIC as Gurren Lagann (especially San/Nagasumi Chivalry, similar to Viral/Simon who the fuck do you think we are!?)

Aside of some tiny flaws with the design of some cheeks, the quality (visual, animation, sounds/BGM, seiyuu) is amazing, and they surely put the budget of the series in this final one.

It will be a pity to have no more SNH… I sincerely hope a second season will be planned soon. There isn’t any hint for any confirmation or denial about this, that’s too bad.
SNH is definitely one of the best comedy series ever. Second to none, except Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Both are just disputing the crown in my book ^^

Once again, I apologize for the huge time lapse. That said, i hope you have enjoyed this series ^^

Total Score of the anime series: 9/10

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    nice anime

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