Myself;Yourself – Episode 1 summary and impressions.

Seen as all the other romance series has been taken up by Klash and Sky by a process of “I want that one!!” and being the first to call dibs…I am left to blog this series: Myself;Yourself (not that I mind really seen as I already had my sights set on this series as a potential “good one” outside of the others i.e. Clannad, DC II). I actually watched the RAW first but didn’t find any free time to blog this first episode so, gomen ne for being a bit late ^_^.

Note: Before watching, everyone should have ear plugs ready.

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In a Nutshell: The episode starts with a group of friends having a party of some sort. It seems to be a farewell party for a boy named Sana and his friends start to present him with farewell gifts. Finally it came to a long haired girl called Nanaka who explains that her present is actually a melody on the violin. The audience become silent as she pick up her violin, ties her hair back, and begins playing a melody filled with emotion (and love by the looks of it). The room soon fills with the magical tune coming from her violin but she stops abruptly, it turns out that she hasn’t finished learning the song so she makes a promise to Sana that she will finish the song the next time they meet. He smiles and gives a nod.
On the train we see a teenage boy waking up. A few years have passed and Sana is returning back to the town he left behind so long ago. He looks out of the train window and flashes back to a scene when he left. In the scene he sees shuu chasing the train trying to tell him something but due to the noise, he actually didn’t hear anything.

OP song starts ~

Sana arrives at the station and begins to reminisce on the five years he has been away as he walks into town. He thinks to himself how the place hasn’t changed much but then noticing that a shop that used to be there has moved, so he takes that back. He then walks to the shrine and reflects more about his past. He flashes back to a scene with Nanaka during a festival where he gives her a present. It was a hair accessory that he won earlier but seen as he has no use for them he is giving it to Nanaka, but in a fashion where it is obvious that he fancies her.

Back to the present, Sana notices a miko girl behind a building watching him. However when she sees him noticing her, she gives him a deadly glare and walks off (and I declare now, I love TSUN!! :D). Sana doesn’t think anything of it but while walking he comments on how pretty she looked.

Walking to a building he notices a mean looking old man. In his embarrassment he then asks for a fortune slip, which tells him that he will experience misfortune, especially with relationships. He ties the fortune on a nearby “fortune rack” (or whatever they are called) and again feels like someone is watching him. Sure enough as he turns around he notices the same miko girl staring at him with intense eyes.

He soon moves off and finds the apartment where he will be staying. Ringing the bell he asks on for his key through the speaker. An excited (and extremely squeaky) voice immediately recognises him as Sana and funs out of the door in excitement (time to put your ear plugs in folks ^_^). The hyperactive girl goes super hyper over Sana and even falls over. She then tells him that she is indeed Aoi and he pulls her to his feet. He kind of didn’t recognise her because the way she has changed – heavily implying on her busty chest. But Aoi misunderstands (or is clueless to the size of her chest) saying that it must be those dorky glasses (but zomg I love glasses! :D). Sana tells her that she looks really good with glasses and she is relieved.

Aoi takes Sana to his room and introduces him to the desk. She offers to help him unpack but and he thanks her but seeing what was inside the first box he quickly changes his mind (naughty, naughty boya). With no use she then leaves the keys to Sana and tells him that he can call her if he wants anything.

Later that evening Sana begins walking home after doing some shopping. He enters a book shop and flashes back to a scene where Aoi was having difficulties choosing a book – seems like miss Aoi has always been a lover of books.
Sana looks at a book that has his interest, he reaches forward but as he does so another hand comes in. It was Aoi and she is ecstatic to know that he is also interested in the same book. Going absolutely hyper she begins to spoil the whole plot for Sana, she even goes as far as to telling him to cover his ears while “telling” him the whole story – in super high speed of course XD.
She apologises afterwards but Sana doesn’t mind. He then asks her where there is a good restaurant around but this prompted her to invite him over to her house for dinner.

At the dinner table Aoi’s dad begins to say the things what all adults say; “oh my, haven’t you grown”. He reveals that he is 16 and Sana’s mother comes out with more food. She tells Sana not to be so modest and that he should become her son-in-law which promptly causes her husband to choke. She is actually kidding but from the looks of it Aoi doesn’t find it much of a joke – love potential 1.

Sana returns to his room. He lies on his bed and begins to think about Aoi and how grown up she has become. Suddenly the then imagines what Nanaka would look like and this becomes a fantasy where a grown up Nanaka jumps onto him, on their first meeting since five years (oh boy he is going to get a shock – hehe). The phone then rings and he picks it up after snapping out of his dream. It was his mum calling but from the tone of his voice he doesn’t seem happy to talk to her.

In the morning there was someone ringing the door bell. Sana opens the door to see Aoi, but she quickly blushes seeing him in his shorts. He quickly closes the door to get change before opening it again whilst apologising. Aoi tells him that they are going to be late but Sana just reveals that it is okey to be late today. Falling on the floor Aoi moans that she hasn’t had breakfast yet so she invites herself to make him some as well.

At school Aoi asks Sana to keep what happened today a secret before moving off. A female teacher walks into a classroom and introduces herself to her new class (ZOMG HOTNESS!). She then introduces a transfer student and on cue Sana walks in. Shuu immediately recognises Sana, and this becomes a reunion ceremony.

During break Shuu and Sana catches up on old time. He was asked why he came back so suddenly but he responds vaguely. They seem to be having but then a girl walks in. Sana recognises the girl as the miko at the temple the other day but saying so quickly changed the girl’s expression form angry to mad. Shuu tries to tell Sana something important but he was cut off when the girl comes up and slaps him across the fact. Sana was caught off guard and was about to scream back when he notices the familiar hair accessory on the girl’s wrist. Yes, this is in fact sweet sweet Nanaka five years later.

Thoughts: I promised myself I was going to blog a romance and action series so here I am hehe.
Boy what a first start! From what seemed to be rather generic, especially with the whole “returning after X amount of years” series, this is actually shaping up to become something good with the twist in the end.

Immediately I would say that I have fallen for the long haired, tsun goddess and this is a sure indicator that the drama will begin right off the bat! So far, I am placing my bets that Sana did something unforgivable towards Nanaka, which prompted such a ferocious attitude. Even at the shrine we could see that she has a natural dislike towards Sana but the reason is still unknown – naturally.

There must be a misunderstanding somewhere down the line but that will be revealed soon enough. I just hope that Nanaka will give him a good ass kicking before making up to him (which brings me to another violent goddess of this season; Tomoyo XD).

Note: Aoi’s voice is indeed proportional to the size of her chest – and you can all take out your ear plugs now ^_^.


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    Myself; Yourself 01

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