Sky Grrl’s Episode 09 (Delta Force)


The episodes name is Delta Lock actually, and with it we finally get to see the action some or all of us have been craving.  Let’s get under way right now then…..



1st Step: Karen Looks Scared And Useless…..But Cute


2nd Step Ichijo Gives The Order And Provides A Discraction


3rd Step: Otoha Paralyzes It


4th Step: The Girls Make A Delta Formation Ala Pegasus Knights From Fire Emblem 3


Open Fire


5th Step: Explode

Have A WORM Problem Call The Sky Girls And Their Five Step Program Will Ensure Your Neighbourhood Is WORM Free

The episode even starts with a bang with the girls executing the Delta Lock attack, the only efficient method currently known for defeating WORMS.  This involves Otoha jamming her MV Sword into the WORM to inject it with Nanomachines, and all of them to then form a triangular position around the worm, and to  activate a synchronized signal that traps the WORM inside a sphere of energy.  They are then free to pound away with it using maximum force and the WORM is successfully destroyed (neat little system by the way, hope it doesn’t become a Monster of The Week routine though as it seems a lot like a more complex version of say Daitarn 3’s Sun Attack or Combattler V’s Choudenji Spin).

After the excerise the Comm team is discussing Otoha’s adeptness at wielding a sword, and also to keep her away from any ranged combat.


The Fact She’s So Happy And Giggling After Just Completely Obliterating A Living Being In A Simulation………………………..Is Kind Of Hot A Turn On

Karen writes to her bro after this, recounting all that’s happened, so I passed out for a little while, but then some officials were talking about how a WORM appears to be heading for an Oil processing plant to attack, and that they frequently seem to attack oil plants (Uh Oh…..please don’t tell me this is going to turn into an environmentalist theme where the WORMS are trying to teach us that we need a cleaner more renewable source of energy.  There’s nothing wrong to that, but it’s done to death, and Al Gore is right her and all, so there’s no need for an extra push).


Move Girls……For Great Justice

The Sonic Divers, no Sky Girls are finally scrambled for real combat to take on the approaching worm, but Karen seems really disturbed (get it together girl).  There’s also some cool music.



Otoha’s Game Face, Hair Blowing In The Wind.  PREPARE FOR LOLI POWAA!


Ichijo’s Game Face. ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAA


…..Karens…….Uh Oh, Please Don’t Chicken Out On The Others

Soya gives the order to descend.


Dramatic Heartbeat 


 Dramatic Doki


Feeble Gasp


Point Of No Return

Breaking below the cloud cover, the girls see that the WORM is a giant turtle and back at Obama base Soya whispers “Don’t Die”, to himself (encouraging words).  Apparently the girls cannot use the Delta Lock yet either because of the WORMS Level B+ defensive capabilities (whatever that means), so they’ll need to weaken it first (IT IS A SUPER ROBOT FINISHER).


Don’t Bug Out


Turtle Power Is No Match For Grrl Power. They’ll Lick That WORM Yet

The girls begin there attack with Ichijo firing some machine gun rounds and Otoha strafing the worm with her laser weapons, but Karen unsurprisingly bugs out (KNEW IT!)and misses her chance to attack.  The WORM now aggro’s and fires off some sharp looking projecting from under it’s shell (It’s like a Zerg or something).


Chop Chop Master Onion

Things seem to be under control until Ichijo asks Karen for a strategy, but Karen is paralyzed with fear and gets tagged by one of the onions, only to wake up in a hospita bed with Otoha at her side (no sign of Ichijo though).  Apparently, Otoha managed to rescue her after the attack, but there’s no word on what happened with the WORM yet.  The doctor who designed the Sonic Divers also comes in to visit Karen and tells her it’s alright to be afraid and to face that fear instead of denying it’s existance (The Mantra of Fear eh).






You Know I Actually Feel Kind Of Sorry For Her



Some time later Karen is sitting on the bench looking very defeated (and you know, for getting blasted out of the sky and only ending up in an arm cast, she’s doing pretty well.  The girls of the future must be made of iron or something).  Otoha worries that Karen might leave the team and Ichijo says that if that happens, it will be Karen’s decions to make.  Meanwhile Takumi comes by with some food and he and Karen go to the hanger to chill with the maintenance crew and have some tea.  When Takumi leaves, Karen remembers something from her past in a quick flashback and takes off with a look of determination on her face, blowing right past Otoha and heading to her hospital room, where she spends the whole night typing something up (it looks like a battle plan for dealing with Gamera there).  Meanwhile, the officials are discussing how ten days have passed since the WORM’s approach to the oil processing plant, and that when production shut down it disappeared.  They plan to resume production and have 8 destroyers stand guard, but one official points out that conventional weaponary will not work and they need the Sonic Divers support.  Another official points out that once the Vic Viper is finished production, then they can go back to more traditional modernized weaponary, instead of what they see as a toy.  Just then a call comes in to the room, the WORM has reappeared upon reactivation of the plant, and the destroyers aren’t fairing to well.


In The Future Battleships Will Be Less Effective Weapons Then Girls On Hangliders

Soya reluctant to send the girls out after what happened to Karen last time does so anyway after seeing the looks of determination on the girls faces and they are off again.










Now The Series Is Approaching The OVA In Terms Of Overall Consistency Of Animation And Eye Candy

The rest of the destroyers are shot down as the Sky Girls approach, but not to fear sailors, your about to be rescued by little girls.


HEY! Can’t A Giant Turtle Monster Relax On It’s Back Without Getting A Barrage Of Air To Surface Missiles In The Face!


Or Getting It’s Skull Ripped Open By A Screaming Girl

The WORM begins to regenerate from Otoha’s raging MV SWORDO! attack rather quickly, but Ichijo puts the heat on it with another missile barrage.  When the WORM prepares it’s Sin Spawn like attack Karen feeds the data for the projectiles paths to the other girls and Otoha is able to deliver another strike to the WORM followed by another missile barrage to the open wound by Ichijo (My Blood Is Boiling) crippling the WORM enough for a Delta Lock (Complete With Cool Music).  As the worm lifts off into the sky, the girls transform into there A Modes (Pictures really can’t do this justice, people will just have to see the episode) and prepare the lock.  As Otoha prepares her cut, the WORM launches one last desperate barrage at the plant, but Karen is too quick and shoots them down.


Total Lolidomination


This Shot Sort Of Reminds Me Of The Oil Ocean Stage In Sonic The Hedgehog 2

After the victory, Karen writes to her brother, telling him how she overcame her fears and managed to help her friends.

Thoughts:  Now this is more like it.  After two weak episodes last time, the folks at J.C/Loli Staff finally get it right again.  Not only is Karen finally developed a bit beyond her obsession with her brother again, but she also gets to be useful with her impressive tactical abilities.  The animation is also much improved in this episode, both in terms of consistancy and actual movement.  Previously I had noticed that many battle simulations featured a close up of a weapon firing, and the target exploding, and it just wasn’t very exciting.  Also there was a lot of fanservice type shots in this episode, both in terms of the girls, and in terms of the hot blooded and fast paced explosive battles.  It won’t be beating Gurren Laganns battle choreagraphy anytime soon, but theres a lot to be said for Otoha’s screeching “MV SWOOOOOOORDO!” while cutting a giant enemy wide open.  Speaking of the WORM and the battle, this whole episode felt a lot like a Gamera movie, from the turtle like WORM, right down to it’s attacking the shore, with tanks at the ready to open fire…..quite uselessly.  Luckily the Sky Girls saved the day, and I’m glad to see we are finally out of the training stage, and Karen finally got the developement she needed for me to no longer hate her character.  The only real complaint I have is that the episode just kind of ended with the battle.  It would have been nice to see a debriefing or the whole team congratulating Karen on her performance.  Maybe we’ll see that next episode though.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


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