CLANNAD, Episode 2

It is finally time to introduce the 2 last girls of the main cast: Kotomi and Fuko!
Much like last week, this episode introduces the rest of the cats nicely, and as you can see below… LOTS of things happen, for our pleasure ^^


CLANNAD, Episode 2:

The first step

The episode starts right from where the first episode ended : Nagisa asks if she can accompany Tomoya to the place where the wishes can be granted. Then, Nagisa wonders what Tomoya is doing there, if he forgot something in her house. He replies that he was just taking a walk, but then immediately asks her what was that about.
Nagisa just explains she was performing some drama line, the play she would like to do once the drama club is revived. As she always practices there, so she decides to give it a shot, since Tomoya was around. He comments that she looks decided for the drama club. Nagisa confirms, and will do her best.

Another scene involving the lone and strange girl. She is pilling some screws, electronic parts etc. The boy comments there isn’t anone for the girl and it is quite natural, since there isn’t anything which is born or dies. The girl has made half of a puppet/doll with the scattered parts, and the boy comments she has done this body for him.
The boy wonders if wishing is the only thing he can do. Meanwhile, the girl approach “him” and tends her hand towards “him”.

Tomoya is on his way to school, but he suddenly hears someone to get out of the way… it is Kyou, on her scooter, getting dangerously close to him ! Tomoya barely has the time to dodge her, while she hits a tiny fence.
Kyou is a bit hurt, and complains to Tomoya, who “should be more careful”. He obviously said she stole her line and it is her fault. Kyou is embarassed and laughs loudly. She explains she is not really used with it, since she got her license only last week.
The scooter doesn’t have any scratch and she says she won’t charge any repair then. Quite ironic, since he is the victim. Kyou laughs and is back on her scooter, rushing to school.

Tomoya then is joined by Youhei, commenting on Kyou. Tomoya is surprised to see him going to school so early, but Youhei tells him he has some business…
… yup, as you might expect, Youhei challenges Tomoyo AGAIN, who the later is obviously not pleased by his persistence. Youhei justifies himself that he wasn’t on his top form last time, which is the case for now.
Tomoyo is fed up and asks him to stop, otherwise he might be unable to come back to school for a while.
Youhei freezes a bit but doesn’t mind anyway, since he wonders who will be unable to do so.
Tomoyo can’t help it, and asks Tomoya if he will be her witness, for the self defense. He agrees and even confirms it is the case.

Tomoyo asks him what he wants her to do (like making him unable to stand up for a while) but Youhei claims she won’t be able to do such thing and charges her with a punch. However, Youhei is really too slow for her, and Tomoyo is already below him, ready to punish him with… a literal RAIN of kicks. Tomoya is very impressed, while Tomoyo asks him to open the dust chute.
Tomoyo performs a magnificient rotate kick, which projects Youhei poor body right in the cavity. Youhei is half “swallowed” in it, barely keeping himself out with his hands.

Youhei cries for help, while Tomoyo is crouching in front of him. She comments he will fall if she release his fingers, and so she asks him what he wants her to do. Youhei panicks and shakes his head, but Tomoyo says he wants to fall then, despite he says he didn’t even answer it. She slowly removes his grip, by lifting his fingers, which make him… falling in the conduct.
Tomoyo then wonders if she hasn’t gone too far, but Tomoya assures her that Youhei is probably alright. He then checks him up by yelling in the conduct. Of course, they can hear Youhei complaining about his loss. She is “relieved”, and hopes this will put an end of this stuff. As she is leaving, she comments that when she sees them, she feels nostalgic. Tomoya doesn’t get it, and she says it is nothing and he should forget about it.

2 guys are uneasy, and Tomoya check on them, wondering what is going on. The guys recognize Tomoya and tell him about that ghost story. They are afraid and claim the girl does exist and was in the hall. It appears she walks off and give cursed items. Despite she looks like a normal girl, she is clearly different. Tomoya is kinda spectical

Tomoya goes upstairs and checks the library. It is not locked, and he takes advantage of it to take a nap, but he is then surprised to see a girl, alone, helping herself with books (and optionally, having a bento around). The girl has a book open on her lap, and she picks a pair of scissors, obviously going to cut the page. Tomoya stops her immediately. The girl notices him and is surprised. He says this book isn’t hers and it will be a problem if she does that. However, she doesn’t answer, and keeps her puzzled look.
Tomoya checks on the 3 books on the ground and comments how they look really difficult (well… you bet: “Outlook and History of Cosmic Physics“, “Current Cosmic Theories“, “Wave Equation“… not really books for amateurs…)
He asks her if she is skipping classes as well, and wonders why she is bare footed.

Then, the girl picks her bento box, unting the wrap. She begins to mention it is homemade and she is quite proud of “this part” especially. Tomoya is a bit puzzled, mentioning that food is also an off limit in the library. Shen then asks him if he wants to eat as well. Tomoya is speechless, but can’t help it and kneels next to her.
Considering how far the situation has gone, he accepts, but it appears the girl has only one pair of chopsticks. Tomoya helps himself and eats something (tamagoyaki?). It is delicious, and she is quite glad with this.
He then stands up and tells her to put everything back in order, as the next lesson will start soon. She doesn’t say anything, and he wonders if there isn’t anything else. She suddenly tells him “see you next time”, which puzzle him a lot.
Once on his way back, he wonders if she is the ghost…

Tomoya talks with Ryou, and she explains the girl was probably Ichinose Kotomi. Kotomi is known to be quite a genius: Top Ten in every subject in the national exams. Considering she is able to do so even while she is studying by herself, the school doesn’t mind her at all. Tomoya comments that it is then not surprising she is special… Speaking of weird people, he then complains about Kyou. Ryou asks what’s up with her sister, and he then says she comes to school on her bi…

But he can’t finish his sentence, as Kyou barges in the classroom, looking for him. He wonders what’s it, but he is instantly silenced with a hurled dictionary, neatly thrown next to him. She is quickly in front of him, asking him to follow him now. Ryou is puzzled, while some guys wonder what was about with the “bi”. Kyou grabs his collar, and wonders what he was about to do, by blurting this in classroom. Tomoya says it is because of the Bi… but Kyou prevents him to finish his sentence, reminding him that she might be expelled as coming to school by bike is prohibited.

Back in the classroom, Ryou asks him what was it about.
Tomoya then begins to use a loudvoice, saying to the whole class that Fujibayashi Kyou is BI (i’m serious, it is THAT). Everyone around is shocked, and Ryou doesn’t get it. Three guys are talking about “not only with guys, but also with girls…?”. One of them concurs, as Kyou is somewhat masculine as well.
Ryou finally understands, and is quite shocked. Kyou storms once again in the classroom, grabs Tomoya and in a dark look (“You….”). Ryou is behind them, saying Kyou never told her that. Kyou says she shouldn’t believe this, and it is in fact BAIku (Bike), so about her scooter, while Ryou is “crying”.

Tomoya is outside and sees Nagisa with a broom, wondering what’s up. She doesn’t say anything but he decudes she is in charge of some cleaning duty and he asks if she is doing this alone. She is lowering her head, and Tomoya is worried a bit, asking her what’s wrong. Nagisa reverts back her usual smile, asking him to wait for her, as she is almost done with her task.

Tomoya and Nagisa are in the empty room, and they are making the flier for the drama club. When Nagisa finished it, Tomoya thinks it is a bit bland, but she doesn’t know what to add. He then has an idea, and suggests her to put that “the cutest female club leader is waiting for you”. As Nagisa is writing it, she realizes what it is about, and wonders if it is about her. Of course, Tomoya confirms it, which doesn’t exactly please her, making her standing up. He says she might attract stupid guys which is exactly what she doesn’t want to and comments Tomoya is much more qualified for the president role.

However, he reminds her that he is just helping her and that she has the responsability. She doesn’t know if she is capable for this. Tomoya says she should hang on, and can do what she likes. She reacts to this and wonders if she can apply this on the flier, and he agrees with this.
She quickly puts efforts in it and… Tomoya’s face becomes a bit sour.
Nagisa is singing happily “dango daikazoku“, while drawing TONS of dango on the flier.

Tomoya isn’t exactly thrilled by this, while Nagisa says she loves Dango Daikazoku. He assures her that it won’t do any good, as it is really old fashion already. Nagisa says she thought it would be cute, and is down, wondering if it isn’t any good.

Tomoya changes his stance, saying it is alright to use what she likes, crossing him arms, insisting he told her to do whatever she likes. As result, Nagisa is hyper and says “Tonkatsu!” (pork cutlet), which takes Tomoya off guard. She realizes this and explains she has the habit to cheer herself up, and will reward herself with a favourite dish. She thinks it is weird, but Tomoya assures it isn’t. Instead of pork cutlet, he will offer her some big family of dango.

Staring at the flier, Tomoya is skeptical, but hears a girl voice, getting hurt. He enters in the classroom, and sees a girl alone, using a cutter, sculpting a wooden star. The girl is VERY concentrated in it, but she cut herself again. She then turns her head, and finally notices Tomoya who was observing just next to her. Several seconds later, she panicks and runs away, yelling. As she stops, she is staring at him, in sort of a defensive look.

Tomoya wonders if he scared her, and apologizes. He then asks if it is the room the art club uses and if she was doing an art club home activity, but she shakes her head negatively twice. Thus, he wonders what it is about with this star.
The girl says it is something she REALLY loves, so much that she is completely in trance, overwhelmed by happiness (optionally, with tons of glimmering stars, and even star shaped bubbles).
She is so high that Tomoya checks on her, noticing the bandages on her left wristle, and takes from her hands the cutter.
She finally stops spacing out and realizes Tomoya has her cutter. He lectures her that the blade is chipped and she should use proper tool. He advices her to get a proper knife from the art club, but the girl asks him to give it back. Tomoya doesn’t, and the girl repeats again, but much more determined. He comments that her hand must hurt, but she denies it.

He asks her to show him her hand, and as she is touching Tomoya’s hand, hers aches. Tomoya confirms it, but the girl doesn’t give up and assures it doesn’t hurt, despite trying to not cry. Tomoya then talks about the “high five” in basketball. She doesn’t get it, and he explains that it is done when one marks a point. She is okay, and literally reproduces a shoot (she is completely overboard).

Tomoya is caught off guard, but plays along. As they are clapping their hands… you know the result: she kneels down in pain. Thus, Tomoya leaves and says he will keep her cutter, while she is obviously not really happy with this.

Tomoya puts the last flier on the wall, and he is joined by Youhei, surprised about his involvement in such thing. Tomoya wonders what he is doing, and Youhei claims he is under some training to defeat Sakagami Tomoyo. Then, Youhei is quite surprised about the drama club, as Tomoya despised people taking part of club activities before. This mere remark angers him.
Youhei leaves him, and then Tomoya is surprised from behind by Nagisa who asks if it is true that he hates club activities. Tomoya assures her it is just an old story.

At home, Tomoya is making some dango, since the original things are obviously too old and they are not sold anymore. Then, his father appears behind him, commenting how nostalgic it is. Tomoya reacts quickly and stays away from him, with a very hostile face. His father is turning towards him, and nicely asks what he will do with these. Tomoya reluctantly anwers he will give them to a friend, and his father wonders if he can help him, which makes Tomoya “stepping back” again. As he is picking one stick of dango, Tomoya has a flashback of Nagisa from this afternoon, and yells him to not touch them.

Tomoya erratically stands up, yelling him to cut it off. Tomoya is very angry, and asks him “Talking like I’m stranger! What am I for you!?”. His father tries to calm him down, but Tomoya picks up the dango bag and runs away. Outside, he stops himself, out of breath and meets Nagisa who is sweeping the street

They are in the parc. Tomoya shows her the dango he made, and she is very very happy. She reveals that she was depressed all the day: she was supposed to do the cleaning duty with her class, but before she notices it, she was left alone. Even since she was little, people poke fun of her because she is clumsy. Nagisa then explains she was always alone. However, she is now cheerful, thanks to Tomoya.
Tomoya then talks about what he and Youhei talk earlier. Youhei and Tomoya were enrolled in the school because of sport: Youhei was in soccer, while he was in basketball. but he quickly stops after being dragged in.
Nagisa wonders if he hated basketball, but he is evasive, as it isn’t like that and he didn’t touch a basket ball for a long while. She then suggests if they should play some basketball tomorrow. Tomoya tries to not to, but Nagisa tells him she will wait for him tomorrow, after school.

Tomoya is in Youhei’s room. The later is lieing in the bed, very drowsy. Tomoya is blankly sitting, remembering of Nagisa’s appointement. Youhei then asks him to skip school today with him, especially since saturday is only a half day. He is okay with this.
Some time later in the afternoon, he notices the weather is still bad. Youhei comments that Tomoya was checking the window for some time. The later finally stands up borrowing a umbrella from Youhei.

Once in the school grounds, he sees Nagisa, who was only in school uniform with a basket ball. He rushes to her, covering her with his uniform coat. He calls her an idiot, and she should have gone back home once the rain starts falling. Nagisa still says that it wouldn’t be good if she wasn’t there while Tomoya would come. He argues the fact there wasn’t any certitude he would come, but Nagisa is okay since he is now here. She then says this is because Tomoya is always helping her, so she wanted to do this for him. Tomoya wonders what will they do with this rain

Nagisa asks him to show her how he shoots. She then mimicks the movements, and Tomoya takes the ball, dribbling a bit. As he is about to shoot, he drops the ball and kneels down.

Nagisa is worried, and Tomoya explains that he had a fight with his father a long time ago, and hurt his arm. Since then, he is unable to play backetball anymore, because he can’t raise his right arm above his shoulder.
Nagisa is surprised and steps back, apologizing for giving him more trouble, but she then has a headache due of the fever and collapses.




Thoughts :

After the very neat first episode, the second episode had to forge quickly how the series will go, as losing the pace in such critical part of the start can be a huge prejudice for later on.
And this week, it is an excellent episode, as the characters’ interactions were really nice and enjoyable.
Lots of fun as you can see with Kyou, Youhei+Tomoyo. The bi joke was really something I wasn’t expecting in such genre/mood, and seriously it cracked me up a lot. Way to go Tomoya, you are much more vicious and playful than Yuuichi XD.
Tomoyo’s scene was also great, as it wasn’t a simple beating, but a sheer demonstration of what REALLY happens, and how Tomoyo can be merciless. Youhei still didn’t learn from it, and we might have more battles, though i don’t think it will follow the same pattern ^^

After this welcomed comedy part, the interactions between Nagisa and Tomoya were once again very natural, and the evolution and bound are neatly progressing. I really liked how Tomoya was confronting his father because not only the dango represented his relationship with Nagisa, but also the literal message: family.
Here is the point: Tomoya has almost the best reasons to hate his father: being beaten to the point to not play the sport he liked before, seeing his father as a trainwreck after his mom’s death, and finally how he felt like a stranger. Thus, this person was like a harbringer of doom for his family, and “touching” the dango might lead to this. Of course, it is only a symbole, and Tomoya is overreacting. But considering his trauma, it isn’t surprising for him to protect what remains important to him from the man who “destroyed” his family.
And this is where the “dango” are important, because even if they were for Nagisa, it was a hint he doesn’t want his father to approach her, or her family.

Speaking of Okazaki-san, he is really pithiful, in a sense that ever since his wife died, he went through a spiral of misery. I can easely imagine that Tomoya’s accident wasn’t an isolated abuse, and he might have gone stupid physical abuse on his son before, due his unstability and alcohol issue.
I believe this accident was also the trigger why he is so distant with Tomoya. At first, people might think he is kind, but in fact, he is rather cold to me, due how he calls his son (Tomoya-kun, instead of any affective pronoun or such), and how he doesn’t sound exactly compassionate nor familiar/friendly. He really looks like a doll or something, which is why Tomoya freaked out and doesn’t understand what he is for him.
That is the irony because it is clear he cares for Tomoya, but he is probably afraid of hurting him again, especially what happened before. He is a gambler and an alcoholic, so nothing like a model. So basically, he is truely a bad father, and involving emtionally back with Tomoya might make things worse. That’s probably why he is distant, so he won’t bring any harm. And considering his despair, I believe he doesn’t think he is able to do any atonement towards Tomoya after what happened in their life. That said he is doing some efforts to keep a “neutral” mood between them, it doesn’t work well… as he is trying to be close to his son, he was unfortunately not able to be careful with him, leading to this predicament.

I believe Nagisa and her parents might fix this issue, but Tomoya is sure trapped in a very very difficult situation, and the horrific part of it… it is realist and hard to resolve.
This is why I believe the drama was well introduced because this issue is something which has its origin far in the past. It isn’t something which is supposed to be “built”. Rather, it is a bad situation carved in Tomoya’s family environment and anything can spark this.

Aside of the well timed drama, the introduction of Kotomi and Fuko was also nice, because they were in “his path”, as Tomoya was ditching classes, and they were on his way, not so conveniently if you ask me (much like how Yuuichi meets Mai for the first time at night, because of Nayuki’s book he forgot)
Kotomi is very strange but quite interesting, especially her “see you next time”, very intriguing. meanwhile, Fuko is quite the moeblob, and I’m wondering if she has something special, aside of her insane obsession with carved wooden stars.

The quality of this episode is on par with last week: vibrants colors, detailed character design, various nice touches (especially they really pay attention with the fact Nagisa and Tomoya are under a tree), and the animation is very solid. Much like last week, Tomoyo’s chun li deadly attack is impressive, while the unknown girl is once again absurdely animated… they doubled/tripled the amount of unique frames… the too smooth animation is a way to make feel this scene “surreal” ? I don’t know, but it is very outstanding.

This episode pace was really neat to me: transitions weren’t cranky at all, unlike last week (after tomoyo’s fight).
Really nothing to say about the BGM or seiyuu: they fit nicely the timing and the situations, giving many natural vibes and cohesion in the story telling.

Thus again, an excellent episode, and i’m looking forward to the the next one, gladly ^^


5 Responses to “CLANNAD, Episode 2”

  1. 1 sane_person October 12, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    :3 Good summary and thanks.

  2. 2 FlameStrike October 13, 2007 at 12:57 am

    Nice analysis of the episode. The part with Tomoya’s dad was well done, the tense atmosphere and how he talked like he wanted to help but made it sound like he was a stranger intrudeing or something.

  3. 3 innominate October 13, 2007 at 5:32 am

    Wave functions and astrophysics!

  4. 4 dimarkitetk13 July 23, 2008 at 5:44 am

    whoa! Pretty awesome summary and review. Impressive, you’re quite writer. I could never compare your entry to any other site. by the way i was planning to put some entry about clannad, well actually i already have two entries but still could not make up my mind on posting another entry about this series good i found your site. by the way i’ll quote your summary of course i’ll link it back to you and if you also like we could exchange links, i’m also writing about anime series, most of my entry is about d.gray-man, hunterxhunter manga and naruto though. But we still can share some points of view regarding anime. heheh. i hope to hear something from you soon… see you..

  5. 5 dimarkitekt13 July 23, 2008 at 5:46 am

    oopss my username spells incorrectly actually it’s dimarkitekt13… heheh.. sorry, it was an honest mistake, i just realize after i saw the snapshot..

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