Da Capo II, episode 2 summary and thoughts

Another week, another episode of Da Capo. Considsering the rather unexpected events at the end of previous episode, this one should bring us some much awaited answers – how is the newly founded relationship between Koko and Yoshijuki going to progress, and how will the Nemu twins (yes, this is how i prefer to refer to them) react to the news. Oh, perhaps we would also get to find out about the mysterious figures appearing at the very start of the episode for a split second.

Otome and Yume arrive at Yoshijuki’s doorstep early in the morning, only to find out their onii-chan has already left. (I guess this is a good time to note that they don’t live in the same house – Yoshijuki is staying at Sakura’s place. Why was Yume there last time around ? Well, apparently she has no qualms about barging in to other people’s home. Granted, Sakura is their relative. Moving on …). As expected, Yoshijuki had left early so that he can walk to school together with Koko. Of course Anzu and Akane are trailing right behind the two. After a little while, being the good (and mischevious) friends they are, the two try and force Koko and Yoshijuki to hold hands.This is where the Nemu twins catch up to them. Yoshijuki is a bit troubled, but Yume declares it isn’t any of her business whom her onii-chan is dating. Otome has no objection either, and the two sisters leave. (Honestly, i was expecting quite the reaction from Yume … Otome seems like the type to keep everything to herself even if she had any feelings towards him anyway, but Yume seemed unexpectedly unfazed b this).

At school Yoshijuki is looking up some date spots in a magazine. (sheer brilliance, ain’t it ?) This of course causes him to be assaulted by Wataru. Enter Koko who has made a lunch box for Yoshijuki and wants to eat it together (which deals a crushing blow to Wataru ^^). Suginami pops up and starts offering his advice on best lunch spots in school. Somehow Yoshijuki ends up mentioning the secret stairway in Sakura’s office, peaking Suginami’s interest to the point where he simply drags Yoshijuki away, leaving the poor Koko behind.

Indeed – the two find the stairway in Sakura’s closet. Now, it wouldn’t be very good to keep the watchers anxious, so the two descend in to the darkness. (Mysterious, isn’t it ?) They end up in a room at the end of the stairway and find a blue haired girl lying inside a capsule.

As usual in such situation, it wouldn’t be fun without any unexpected happenings. As such, Yoshijuki accidentally pushes a button that sets of the alarms and flashing red lights. Doesn’t take long for the girl to awake either. (Who can blame her, with all the ruckus going around). She seems quite angry for being forcibly awoken and manages to bump her head against the glass before getting out of the capsule.

One thing becomes clear pretty fast – she dislikes bananas and humans. The later Yoshijuki gets to make sure of first-hand, as the girl punches him. (god, i hate this brat already). A group of people in lab coats (including one of their teachers) show up and lead the girl, Minatsu, away. Maika (the teacher) explains that Minatsu is a robot and tells Yoshijuki and Suginami to forget what they just saw. She also reminds them they are going to be late for class, and true enough – the bell rings. Most important part of this whole ordeal – poor Koko didn’t get to have lunch with Yoshijuki.

Later at home Yoshijuki thinks about robots and them having human-like emotions, but in the end decides to drop that thought since he is not going to see her anymore anyway. (which pretty much seals the deal that he will see her again). True enough – the next day he is lucky (or not) to find out that Minatsu will be enrolling in his school and Maika asks of him to help and keep Minatsu’s secret. He is also given one hell of an instruction manual.

Of course, being the dedicated person he is, he occupies himself with the manual hard enough to forget about his lunch with Koko. To make up for it he later treats her to an ice-cream in a park. Their hands touch as he is handing her one, and the two blush furiously. Uncomfortable silence ensues … after sitting there for a good while (and i do mean GOOD while, as the sun is already basking the sky in crimson) he tries to force himself to hold Kokos hand … and almost succeeds. Almost. He pulls his hand away before touching hers earning a disappointed sigh from Koko

As the two are about to leave because it is getting dark Yume and Minatsu show up. Minatsu gathers that Yoshijuki is Yume’s brother and ponders why the two have different family names, which get Koko and Yume suspicious as it seems that Minatsu already knows Yoshijuki despite the fact that she only transfered here today. Yoshijuki is saved from answer by Minatsu’s watch starting to bleep. She opens her bag but gets kinda panicky what she can’t find what she is looking for. Soon after smoke starts coming out from her ears and her eyes glow red. (Anyone having season 1 flashbacks yet?). As such, Yoshijuki grabs Minatsu and throttles away.

Minatsu manages to explain that she needs to eat Bananas every now and then or she will overheat. As such, Yoshijuki is desperate to find some bananas quickly. Luckily for him Anzu and Akane are walking nearby, each one holding a chocolate covered banana. As such he rushes to them , takes their bananas and speeds away, leaving the two ladies without their snacks and without a word of explanation. He feeds the bananas to Minatsu who gets better. Although she still doesn’t like bananas, she admits that having them covered in chocolate makes it easier to eat them. Yoshijuki’s troubles are not over, as he is confronted by Akane, Anzu, Koko and Yume who all want and explanation.

What can i say – overall a pretty boring episode. We got introduced to a new character, which is not likable at all. Admittedly, i have never seen a tsundere loli robot before, and after seeing one i would have preferred it to stay that way. As for poor Koko – as expected, various circumstances keep getting in the way of her and Yoshijuki, preventing the two to deepen their bound. I think it is pretty obvious Koko is going to get her heart broken in the end. She is a sweet girl with little to none faults and i feel like rooting for her, but the way i see this ending is: Otome, Yume or bust.

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