Myself;Yourself – Episode 2 – Breaking the ice?

No I didn’t forget about this series, it was just that I have been quite busy these few days. By now I’m sure that most of you have seen the subs but for those how haven’t yet ^^…

In a Nutshell: Sana wakes up from another dream where he sees a very dere dere Nanaka (yep only in his dreams unfortunately). He leaves the house and to our surprise we hear the same old annoying voice coming closer and closer. Aoi trips into Sana’s arms making weird animal noises and apologises. They walk together to school and while chatting. Sana thinks that Aoi hasn’t changed a bit besides some noticeable physical parts. He spaces out which was picked up by Aoi, who quickly lectures him that he shouldn’t space out while walking. And behold! She then runs into a pole head first. Sana can only scratch his cheek and grin.

They soon bump into Shuu and Shuri, who are both walking to school as well. Sana then realises that it may be better to address Aoi as “san” rather than “chan” because she is a year older. Nanaka then strolls past but while she greets good morning to Aoi, she completely ignores Sana and walks pass without a glance at him (the boy is in some deep SHI* XD).

> OP intro here <

In school Sana reflects on what happened yesterday. He agrees that he deserved the slap but then again feels that Nanaka is being totally weird/wrong/bitchy. She stares at him staring at her and he can only respond with a sigh (I detect loser vibes XD).

During lunchtime we see a massive free for all for the bread line. The twins put on their battle face (goddam I just can’t get Nanoha’s voice out of my head – I wish she would just star light breaker them all down instead of trying that dumbass stunt that didn’t work *rolleyes*) and Shuri fakes a jump over while giving us some service. She gives up and they both run into the crowd.
The gang all sit outside for lunch where they look at each other’s “loot”. Sana has an interesting line up of crab pan all the way (though I would think that crab is considered rare). Cursing his luck Sana says that there is nothing much he can do. He then notices Aoi’s apron and she explains that it is in order to keep her uniform clean.

In homeroom it is time to decide who will be the class representative for this year. No one offers to take the job up so Nanaka was picked because of her previous experience. She didn’t mind much but the class also needs a boy. The teacher picks Shuu but he immediately bounces the responsibility onto Sana, who explains that he is better suited to be a leader. After a further backstabbing by Shuri, Sana is forced to take up the job by a unanimous vote.

Later we see Sana following Nanaka because doesn’t have a clue where he is meant to be going. Nanaka continues to be on full tsun mode as she leads him following into the libary. There he bumps into Aoi where it is revealed that she is the libarian there (how predictable lawl). She asks what he is doing here so he explains. Aoi then tells him that he should read a book as this is a normal routine for Nanaka.

Sometime later we see Sana reading a book at a desk. Aoi walks past and enquires why is he still here seen as Nanaka has already left some time ago. Sana freaks out which causes a disruptance throughout the library. A girl then approaches from behind and asks if he is also going to the committee meeting as well. She apologises for eavesdropping but offers to take Sana to the meeting room seen as she is also a class representative. She is the shocked to find out that Sana is a transfer student and tell him to feel free to ask any questions.

Sana finds a seat next to Nanaka however, she remains pissed off with him (goddamit girl!!).

At home Sana lies on his bed thinking about the events that happened. He is rather annoyed with Nanaka but then the phone rings. It is his mother but their normal conversation seems to carry a heavy tone of sadness (for Sana at least).


At school it is lunchtime. Aoi runs up to Sana and presents him with a lunch box. He isn’t sure about accepting it but Aoi tells him that there really isn’t much difference making the extra odd one or two so she will be making him lunches from now on. And oh joy they are a matching pair XD

Over lunch Shuri reveals that she was hoping Sana would make up with Nanaka if they were to be together but that idea kind of failed. Sana is relieved to hear the real reason why she nominated him and she said that it is natural, unlike someone who would sell off his friend, giving the death glare to Shuu.

Sana then sighs and questions why Nanaka changed so much over the past years he has been away. The twins obviously know something but they just say that it is because of what happened the previous day. Sana then flashes back to his mistake and thinks maybe it is his fault after all.

Just then Aoi drops a sausage but fast reaction Sana attempts to catch the dam thing in midair which somehow ended up into Aoi’s chest. Yep…he pinched her chest with his chopsticks XD

Asami returns a book to Nanaka and then bumps into Sana while walking out. She tells him that she was just returning a book with printouts to Nanaka. Sana then confronts Nanaka who thrusts the book into his arms. Sana tries to explain himself to her that he left with Asami the previous day because he wanted to know more about the committee but Nanaka has absolutely no interest in his affairs. She hints that he is getting along with Asami very well.

At a music class the teachers tells the pupils to write down their favourite song and their impressions of it. She then puts on a violin CD while they brainstorm. Sana then remembers the tune played by Nanaka for him.

After school Sana is searching for his pencil case. Moving on Nanaka is called by the music teacher to get her something she left in the music room. Moving back to Sana we see him finding his pencil case in the music room while Nanaka is searching for the papers in the desk. She then hears a familiar tune coming from the music classroom and looking through the gap there he was. Sana was playing the tune Nanaka gave him as a present 5 years ago.


Nanaka is stunned as Sana plays the tune flawlessly. Clapping soon followed as Asami appeared from behind Sana. She asks him about the beautiful melody and the name of it but he reveals that he was given it as a gift from a very precious person. He then finds it strange that he is able to remember the tune. Pressing a key on the piano a gust of wind blows in carrying petals and by the time we know it Nanaka has already left.

The next day Nanaka greets the gang good morning for the first time. Everyone is pleasantly surprised.

Thoughts: And life moves on. A pretty standard “everyday life” episode but with quite a significant bit of development. Firstly we get some fun with the gang as they fight into the pan line – and I thought she was going to jump over *tsktsk*

Next Sana getting voted for being class rep which is a good thing seen as he should be getting along with Nanaka – but as we have seen, she is still in her Tsun mode and ends up leaving the poor guy in the library – but this is another setup seen as a third girl and potential rival shows up. Asami somehow meets Sana by chance and in comes another challenger.

Again Sana talks to his mother on the phone with an “unhappy” expression (something is seriously up with his family!).

Sana actually catch aoi’s chest with his chopsticks…HAHAHA!! Now that was gold!

The end bit was really wonderful to see. I was quite surprised to see Sana playing the piano and the tune given to him by Nanaka all those years ago. But instead of Nanaka making her appearance to thank Sana for remembering, Asami was one step ahead of her. I smell trouble ahead.

Anyway she does seem to be softening up seen as she actually said “hi” the next day – I can see that she was touched by his tune bit this still doesn’t seem like the reason why she was mad in the first place – which is a good thing if she had a deeper reason to be mad.

This is going good so far – and the preview suggests some dere moment from Nanaka.


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