Myself;Yourself – Episode 3 – Ice Broken –

And here comes episode 3 right on que hehe. Boy has it been a treat for me to witness one of the best chracter turn arounds I have seen to date. Nanaka has proven once and for all that she isn’t just a cold hearted bit*h and while she hasn’t fully explained herself yet this has got to be one of the biggest steps for her since she met Sana again. And you know which girl I would be rooting for 😀

In a Nutshell: The Wakatsuki twins are at home doing some “exercise” while talking about the SanaxNanaka situation. They try to brain storm on way to get Sana and Nanaka to become friends again.

The next day whilst having lunch we hear that they are planning on taking a trip to a river. Shuri tells Sana that she will invite Nanaka as well but he doesn’t seem so sure. Aoi goes over the top with her voice as usual and tells them that she will prepare lunch, but Shuu has other plans saying that there are plenty of fishes in the sea…I mean river. Shuri isn’t so sure about him being bigheaded about this but he says that it is alright.

Shuu then reminds Sana to bring a swimming suit seen as they will be taking a trip to a spa afterwards. Aoi gets excited again exclaiming that it is a new spa only just recently opened.

Back at the classroom we see Nanaka looking in her pocket mirror. However she drops it after being bumped into by some jackass (idiot =.=) and it rolls towards the door way. While she was about to pick it up as luck would have it Sana steps on it and breaks the mirror (right another idiot who doesn’t watch where he is going *rolleyes*). He quickly apologizes but surprisingly Nanaka was quite calm about this saying that it wasn’t expensive anyway. The twins can only look at each other and sigh.

After school Nanaka walks across a shop and sees Sana with Asami inside buying something. A look of annoyance appears on her face as she then walks off.

The next day to her surprised Sana gives her a gift; a new mirror to replace the one he broke. So actually he was shopping with Asami to choose a new mirror for her. With this slight misunderstanding cleared up the twins as Nanaka if she will come to the trip as well. She happily agrees (whow newsflash! :D).

Later that day we see Nanaka at home happily admiring her new mirror. She remembers back to when they used to frequently play at that river and a flashback reveals a sweet, charming and seriously cute Nanaka handing out some home baked cookies. Seeing everyone eating her cookies is a joy and she decides to bake some after a long time for this trip.
The next day they are gathered at the bus shutter. Sana then announces that he also invited Asami to come along as well and while the others don’t mind Shuri seemed a bit disappointed.

On the bus Asami tries to explain to Shuri about how she got dragged into this but she really doesn’t mind saying the more the merrier. Asami then takes out a mirror from her bag – one which is exactly the same as the one given to Nanaka. Shuri notices Nanaka’s saddened face and sighs at Sana for being a baka.

At the river we see the boys set up the BBQ. The talk about how convenient it is these days to be able to rent such things though Shuri is unsure whether it is a good thing or not. Shuu then reminds Sana about an event before where he tried to start a fire by rubbing sticks together and how stubborn he was causing some major embarrassment. Sana manages to shut him but by strangling him.

In the next scene we see Shuu getting out his fishing rod when Sana comes up to give him something. It was the present he received 5 years ago which he is now going to be using. So he has kept it all this time as Shuri happily asks him about her glove as well. Yep he has kept that as well. Aoi envied the two seen as her present was eaten. But Sana said that isn’t true as even non material gifts will be remembered. Nanaka then flashes back to when he was playing her tune.

Shuu asks if anyone would like to go fishing as well so Aoi joins in. However, she somehow manages to hook her own skirt and reveals her panties ^^ she then becomes confused as she isn’t able to comprehend this concept called fishing as well as knowing the trouble that she is in at the moment. A furry of “pull” and “don’t pull” is then tossed around as Sana catches a fish. Poor Aoi? XD

Later we see Shuri getting annoyed at Shuu and demand an explanation for the lack of fish they caught (which remains at the count of 1). Meanwhile Aoi is preparing the BBQ which causes Shuu to become depressed and hyper because no one believed in his fishing skills. Poor Shuu ^^

Asami is the gutting the fish however as Sana walks past he gets a glimpse of the blood on the knife and experiences a shock attack.

We then see him going to the river side to cool off where he picks up a pretty shell. Shuri then tells him that they are ready to start eating where she notices something strange. But Sana just shrugs it off as being nothing.
The gang then have a toast before they start the BBQ. Shuu acts like the clown again before they stare eating.
After eating more than his share Shuu then announces that he can really do with some desserts which prompted Asami to get something from her bag, while Nanaka was about to get her own special treat.

Asami presents a beautifully baked cake which gained her a lot of praise. Nanaka looks on from far off and sadly puts her cookies back into her bag. Shuri asks her if she wanted some cake as well but she declines the offer.

At the spa the boys are waiting for the girls to get changed. Aoi, Asami and Shuri soon walks out while the boys do what boys normally do; admiring the goods. Too bad Shuri seems to have the short end of the “development” stick. Next up is Nanaka but as face palm has it she is wearing something completely inappropriate *rolleyes*.

Next comes some random fun with Aoi’s fearing the slide…thinking that there are sharks at the bottom of the slide. My god is she naive and that screaming voice just rips my ears apart.

They soon take a rest around a table. Shuu notices that Sana has this watch on his wrist the whole time and asks why. He doesn’t give a proper answer saying that it is waterproof and refuses to take it off when asked (really suspicious). Nanaka notes that it seems to be quite special to him which makes Shuu blurt out that perhaps it was a gift from a girl which causes Shuri to give him a good kick. Nanaka then leaves the table to go swimming (obvious excuse).

Later on the gang begins to depart with Sana, Aoi and Nanaka walking together. Suddenly Aoi raises another nostalgic trip down memory lane when she begins to talk about Nanaka’s cookies from a long time ago. Nanaka then tells them that she does have some cookies and they decide to have tea at Aoi’s place.

While Nanaka tells them that she is unsure whether they are good or not we see both Sana and Aoi snacking like pigs. Sana thanks Nanaka for the cookies and gives her the shell he found earlier. We see Nanaka treasuring the shell as she puts it against her chest saying that she is really happy.

Later on sana gets another call from his mother. Moving back to Nanaka we see her happily playing with the shell thinking about how this was a present only given to her.

Awwwww ^_^

Thoughts: This series just keeps getting better and better. Right, whoever thought that Nanaka was a bitch better go eat their words or else I am going to chase them with a bloody knife! Little do I need to say this episode is a huge plus for me on Nanaka’s personality! While it still doesnt justify why she was mad with Sana in the first place, just seeing her character change for the better is so amazing. Nanaka has changed about 90 degrees from her attitude towards Sana before this ep and wow…she is so much more loveable (not that I didn’t love before but now she is just LOVE).

I actually thought it might take a while longer for her to come out of her isolated shell but it is evident that Sana’s remembrance of her tune has deeply touched her for such a drastic transformation. While Nanaka hasn’t completely lost her tsun side she is communication more and showing where her feelings lie.

Sana made a huge mistake in this ep by accidentally crushing Nanaka’s mirror but to my surprise she didnt go into a rage or show much dislike towards Sana. And the happy yaro manages to redeem himself by buying her a new mirror which she is treasuring right now (as this is a gift from the one she loves isn’t it obvious?). However, the downside to all this is that asami is proving to be more of a competition than previously thought – but Nanaka has only herself to blame for this sudden rival

anyway asami was also brought the same type of mirror given to Nanaka so I guess this counts as being even. at the river scene she further showed her threat by gaining more points from Sana by bringing in a cake where Nanaka was ready to hand out some home baked cookies (which was her speciality and aimed to bring back some nostalgic feelings), too bad for nanaka, she was one step too slow and ended up putting her cookies away again.

but what i like about this ep is the fact that nanaka later got a chance to gain back some point when she actually told sana and aoi that she backed some cookies after hearing them talk about nothing other than cookies! I guess fate was on her side but then again it was nanaka’s assertiveness which allowed her to express her feelings.

That is basically the main major point of this ep – to show that nanaka isnt a bitch (yea carry on eating your words) and to show that asami is a real rival.

other funny bits that went on included aoi hooking her own dress while trying to fish and zomg nanaka wearing her school one piece to go to a water park XD (may be a turnoff for some but I found her more attractive that way)

ah…back to the SD ref. I was actually quite surprised to see Sana react to seeing the blood on the knife so much. While we can speculate that this may have something to do with nanaka’s past I think a higher possibility would be to link it with his family – just a gut feeling so the former may be correct in fact.


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    thanks 😉 waiting for the subs ^>^

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama October 17, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    Liking Picture 2….A LOT! There’s a lot to be said about a cute girl in rather tight fitting shorts trying to kick you in the face.

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