CLANNAD, Episode 3

This week’s menu…? Many slices of humour, cryptic electrician, cute pet and some problems for the drama club…
That’s rather lots of things for this third episode. Let’s see ^^


CLANNAD, Episode 3:

One more time after a Cry

The episode starts right from the bat with the unknown girl and the boy, who is now in the doll body. He explains he is now born in this world. He choosed to be with her in this world, sacrificing in the process the possible benefits if he was born in another world. The girl encourages him to move with this body, and he is commenting that his memory is stagnant, unable to recall where and what he was doing until now.
After another attempt, the boy succeed to reach the girl, who congratulates him for his hard work.

Tomoya visits the Furukawa Bread shop. He meets Akio who isn’t mad at him, but rather sarcastic just like usual. Tomoya came to get some news about Nagisa, and Sanae arrives, telling him that she only has a mild fever. However, since Nagisa has a weak body, the doctor suggested that she should rest for today.

Akio thanks him, and even offers him a bag of Sanae’s buns. Tomoya is a bit reluctant, but Akio assures there is nothing wrong and these will be leftovers anyway. However, he said a bit too much, and Sanae is crying, and fleeing again. Akio then picks three of her breads in his mouth, and tries to chase her, claiming he loves them.

Tomoya believes he shouldn’t worry about them. Then a woman enters in the shop, and wonders where are the shopkeepers. Tomoya tells her they are outside for a little while, and offers his loot to her. She wonders if it is alright, but Tomoya doesn’t have any problem with that.
She gladly accepts them and takes her leave. Tomoya comments how she is pretty, then takes his leave as well. On his way, Tomoya comments how nagisa is stupid because she knew she was sickly.

On the street, a unknown man is approaching Tomoya, and forcefully abducts him for some matter. He shows to him a huge dent on his car hood. He is complaining about it, and takes Tomoya as a witness. He then accuse the other guy, an electrician. The later keeps his cool and says he didn’t drop any tool and wouldn’t hide it if he did. Of course, the car owner doesn’t believe that. The electrician then says he doesn’t mind to pay the repair fee, which is almost looking like he was admitting it.

He then begins a strange monologue about the fact he wishes that the man would reflect about if “the electrician was right or wrong”, next to his dearest person. Both the car owner and Tomoya don’t get what he is talking about. The electrician keeps going with his “charismatic” speech, about how people are hurting each other, which makes natural that they don’t trust each other. But, that means that being unable to trust someone is like being unable to not feel their love. Then, he wonder if the car owner isn’t feeling lonely, without any satisfaction etc. The man is quite embarassed, while Tomoya feels uneasy that such corny lines could be said with such seriousness.

Tomoya wonders if it isn’t a cat. The man checks and can’t believe it might be true. As Tomoya suggests what would have happened, a FAT cat prowls under the car and leasurely makes its way out.

Everything is solved, and the electrician is thanking Tomoya and gives his business card to him. Tomoya is then with Youhei at his room, and the later can’t believe that he met the true Yoshino Yuusuke. (legendary MC). It appears he was a famous musician, and Youhei got a “best of” compilation made by his sister. He suggests Tomoya to listen to it, as he is taking a tape and putting it in his radio. Tomoya is completely surprised that his friend has a little sister. Youhei plays the song, while Tomoya is spacing out, thinking about Yuusuke.

Youhei “wakes” him up, and talks again about Sakagami Tomoyo. He believes that Tomoyo is in fact a cross-dressing guy, since it isn’t possible that a girl can be stronger than a boy. Tomoya wonders if he is really serious, but Youhei is resolute. He then assures him that he will prove it tomorrow.
Tomoya makes fun of it, telling to the cat that youhei didn’t realized it yet, but he is really a pervert.

At school, Youhei is confronting Tomoyo again, but he is not really fighting and he is talking about some “boring” stuff.
Tomoyo is first hostile, but then quite puzzled how Youhei’s character changed. However, the later sets a “trap” to her, asking her if she can lend him her razor. She doesn’t understand why she would. This answer appears to be what Youhei wanted, and the later is triumphant, saying he was right and asked Tomoya if he heard it as well. Of course, both Tomoya and Tomoyo are oblivious to what Youhei is trying to imply with the razor answer.

Youhei summaries that she admitted she had a razor. However, Tomoyo said that her “why” was more like why she would lend any of her personal object to him. Then, she punish him again, telling him this is quite rude to ask such thing to a lady. The kick counter didn’t rest and took where it was from last time, incrementing to a whooping 743 hits! Youhei is knocked down, complaining she was going to kill her. Tomoyo doesn’t stay any longer and walks off.

Tomoya goes downstair but sees by the window that Nagisa is eating alone in the courtyard again, looking very depressed. However, the later notices him as well. She is a bit bashful but is finally able to wave at him.

He joins her, and both of them are apologizing each other. Nagisa is then crying a bit, out of relief. She then says she is an idiot. Tomoya then steals her bun, tearing a little bit, and gives it back, claiming she might be an idiot, but it isn’t bad. He adds that he is an idiot as well, so they are at the same level.
Tomoya then tells her that if she feels like crying alone, she can come get him. As feigning his consideration, he mentions this is because it will help him to not be bored. Nagisa is touched and will do it.

Suddenly, two hands are gropping Tomoya out of the blue. It is fuko, who is trying to get her knife back. He sure has it, but Fuko claims she is okay. Tomoya then does the same trick again: paw => big five.
Nagisa comments how she is hurt, while Fuko does the same thing (mimicking the dribble, etc). Fuko is crying from pain.

Tomoya decides to go further, and that she will play the boxer and his trainer. Fuko has to put her palms in front of her, open, while he will punch them. Both Nagisa and Fuko are frightened by it, and Nagisa tries to stop him, but Fuko is okay with this.
While Fuko is afraid and does the “one-two”, Tomoya doesn’t do anything and puts her knife in her hand. She finally realized it but the bell rings.They are ready to go back to class, but Fuko approaches him and gives him her wooden star. Tomoya barely has the time to realize it that Fuko already ran away.

Youhei is sleeping in classroom, and Tomoya is waking up that it is time to go home. Then Tomoya claims they are 100 years later, and everything was destroyed. Youhei half asleep is believing this stuff, but realized he is real, and Tomoya explains he became a cyborg.
Tomoya can’t believe Youhei is dumb enough, and Youhei finally snaps out of this.
Then, Tomoya notices something in the courtyard.

Once there, both found a weird animal, It is very affectuous to Tomoya and they found it incredibly cute. Tomoya comments it has a charm that no dog or cat would have. Youhei wants to pet and catch it, but the animal is afraid of him. Despite this, the blond guy managed to catch it, and is quite amused that the little animal doesn’t like this.

Suddenly, a loud yell is heard, and Youhei is struck HARD by a big book. Then, Kyou performs a splending kick right on Youhei, who is knocked far away. Tomoya asks him whoever between Tomoyo or Kyou is the strongest, but Youhei is of course ranting about that attack.

Then, he comments abouthe saw something light blue with the sole of the shoe. Kyou is blushing then gets very annoyed, and deals another giga kick, yelling him to forget about it.

The little animal jumps in her arms, and she is ranting about what he was doing to her baby. Tomoya asks her if it is her pet, and she confirms, as it is a baby boar. His name is Botan. Tomoya comments how it is a “delicious” name, but Kyou feigns deaf, asking what about it, and he quickly withdraws what he said.

Tomoya is with Nagisa, and both are in the reference room. Tomoya thinks that she would need a book or something for the open house of the club, as she is probably not proficient enough in speech and stress. Then, a student arrives and welcomes them.
She asks if they want something, and Tomoya asks bluntly some hot coffee, which doesn’t please Nagisa. But the student doesn’t mind at all.
She serves them with a cup of coffee, and Tomoya is surprised how it is good. She introduced herself as Miyazawa Yukine.
After some introduction, they could get some books for Nagisa, and they go further in the little discussion. Yukine explains this place stores the books and other stuff (old tapes, etc) which aren’t used, sort of a secondary library. Tomoya is jokingly relieved this place could have turned into some café. Yukine says she has some guests visiting from time to time.
Tomoya thinks this school has many unique persons, but then corrects himself and it might be the city…

Tomoya and Nagisa are back in the empty club room, and they are training her. Tomoya tries to play some “new member”, asking some questions (about the objectives of the club, etc). Nagisa is quite determined, but she isn’t fluid in her speech, and doesn’t exactly know what to say.
Tomoya is kinda worried because it doesn’t look exactly promising, especially that she is supposed to do some play as well. She admits she is a total amateur and doesn’t know the details behind such activity, which doesn’t relief him at all.
Tomoya tries to resume the training and asks what kind of plays they will do. Nagisa is oblivious and he begins to quote some of them. The fact Nagisa is surprised completely turned him off.

Things don’t really go smoothly… Nagisa isn’t really able to tell which genre the play will be… Later on, as Tomoya is asking what was these things on the flier, Nagisa is completely overboard about it, giving many information about the Big Dango Family.
Tomoya cuts her off quickly and explains it would be disastrous if she goes so enthusiastic with this subject. Nagisa is a bit down, but he reminds her that her high spirit is alright though it isn’t that good if it is for the Big Dango Family.

They do a break, and Tomoya asks why she wants to act so much. She explains she likes it, and it looks fun to do it with everyone. She goes further, saying that she couldn’t attend school because she was sick. Since she couldn’t participate either the plays or practice, she was quite longing for it. So she cheered herself up, but even in high school, she wasn’t able to be present a lot. Despite this issue, she doesn’t give up and wants to do it. Even though she is ignorant or clumsy, she still wants to give it a shot. Tomoya believes this is enough then, and even suggests she should say it during the open house as she said what she wanted to. She wonders if he is saying the truth, and Tomoya claims it is the case, as he says what he thinks. Nagisa confirms this and this hurts sometimes as well. He then cheers her up.

Nagisa and Tomoya are going downstairs, but they notice that the bulletin board on the current floor doesn’t have the flier anymore.
By chance, Yukine is passing by and she informs them that the student council removed it. Nagisa and Tomoya wonder why. Yukine says it was probably not approved by the council first and it required a stamp (as shown on another flier). Tomoya thinks that the rest is probably removed as well.
Speaking of the devil, there is a general announcement, and Furukawa Nagisa from Class 3B is asked to come to the Student Council office immediately.




Thoughts :

Despite we are still on the early stage of CLANNAD, this episode was really much stuffed of events, which might give some rush feelings.
Frankly, I enjoyed this episode a lot, considering the sheer amounts of highlights on various characters. Yusuke and Yukine (and some foreshadow presence for this unknown woman at the furukawa bread shop).
But the star was probably Botan, who stole the “cutest animal” award right from the bat. More win for Kyou i guess ^^

Let’s see for the “review”.
Content wise, this episode was, like I said,  very stuffed. Mainly comedy, which was welcomed and fitting the “school life” phase. Youhei was certainly not spared in this episode (and he will suffer much in the next episode, according the preview ^^’). That said, it doesn’t give mere “random comedies”, but gives additional traits and details of the characters (motherly Kyou, brave (and very airhead) Fuko, insane Akio, etc).
Frankly, I felt them very well blended in the school life (though of courses, Tomoyo and Fuko were a bit overboard, but nothing really bad), which also gave many interactions to Nagisa and Tomoya.
The coup… i mean the 2 friends are still on the “plot”, and it is really heartwarming how it goes.

Things don’t go too smoothly, as seen in the end, which will trigger the start of a “phase” about the drama club I guess.

As for my opinion about this segment,  I would only complain about the clear “cut” between the “day” when it ended with Kyou and Botan and started quickly with Nagisa and Tomoya. Aside of this, the transitions were fine, and the pace of the “jokes”, “normal moments” and “developments” was balanced and well associated.

Aside of the new characters, the unknown girl in the alternate world is still very intriguing, butconsidering the change of seiyuu, there is almost no doubt it isn’t young Nagisa (see my deduction over here).

Now, for the episode itself, the quality was TOP NOCHT as usual. the Unknown girl sequence was still ridiculously neat in animation and even longer than before. Meanwhile, the colors are very bright and lively, which get even more emphasis on the outside shots (Nagisa and Tomoya in the courtyard for example).
The animation associated gives a nice result. Tomoyo and Kyou’s kicks are very fluid, while Botan’s movements really make him look very lively.
These 2 points are captioned nicely with a very good camera angle and the like.

In regard of the sound, nothing to nitpick about. The seiyuu did a nice job. Nakahara Mai (Nagisa) and Nonaka Ai (Fuko) were even more convincing with the different tones and expressions.
As for the BGM tracks, they are well timed and I didn’t felt much they are from the game. More likely they fit very well their respective scenes.

Overall, this is another excellent episode, full of heartwarming and amusing moments, leading to a plot involving Nagisa and Tomoya.


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