Da Capo II, episode 3 summary and thoughts

Da Capo time again. Will this episode allow for some Koko x Yoshiyuki development, or will it be interrupted time and time again due to random encounters and event, pulling Yoshiyuki away from the poor girl ? Surprisingly, this episode manages both – introduces a new character (The school Idol Nanaka, who turns down a confession at the very start) and furthers the relationship that came about at the end of ep1.

Another morning for Yoshiyuki, only better – this time he would get to eat some breakfast himself, instead of having to fix some for Yume, since Otomoe is home and cooking breakfast for them. (Don’t be fooled by Yume standing in the kitchen – she is just stalking the pot. She couldn’t cook even if her life depended on it :)). During the breakfast conversation about Minatsu comes up, and Yoshiyuki tries to come up with an explanation. When he tells Minatsu is a transfer student and the teacher asked him to look after her, Otome wants to know why him. Since he can’t tell the truth he says it is because he is good at english, but immediately fails to comprehend Yume’s “Could you pass me the soy, please” asked in english. No biggie – since it is late, he runs away 🙂

Koko is walking to school alone, looking somewhat ‘sad’ and we have a flashback about Yoshiyuki running away with smoking Minatsu (heh). As she ponders over it Yoshiyuki catches up to her and leads her aside to explain what happened. (I will be damned – a male lead who is not clueless about how Koko might have felt about it 0_O). But he actually considers telling the truth to Koko, but just as he is about to say it (after some visible inner struggle) he is stopped by Koko who says he shouldn’t force himself and that she trusts him. Yoshiyuki is happy, but then realizes it is late, so he grabs Koko’s hand (much to her surprise) and the two run towards school.

When in school the two witness Nanaka being confessed to by another guy, but he gets turned down and she runs away.

It is time for lunch and Yoshiyuki sneaks out of the class a few seconds before the bell so that he could get a head start. However, as he rushes to cafeteria he hears the ‘warning sound’ of Minatsu. As such the poor guy is forced to abandon his quest for food and has to tend to Minatsu. Sure enough – the annoying robot has managed to get overheated, so Yoshiyuki picks up the banana that has fallen out of her bag and feeds it to her, and as a reward gets to listen to her antics for a while.

Naturally, any advantage he gained from the head start is long since gone, and he finds a huge line in front of the bread stand. Much to his surprise Nanaka turns up and asks whether he needs any help. Looking surprised he can only agree and watch as Nanaka goes forth and gets to buy bread without line, because all of the male students move aside at her approach. She hands the bread to Yoshiyuki and says “see you later, Yoshiyuki-kun” and leaves. As Yoshiyuki wonders why she knows his name he notices all of the male students glaring at him angrily (evil aura included), so decided to make his escape.

After school Yoshiyuki wonders where Koko is and gets told by Akane that she has club activities (some childhood friend and boyfriend you are, huh). As he is walking through the halls he hears singing and takes a look inside the musics classroom. Of course, the singer is Nanaka. Yoshiyuki apologizes for interrupting and thanks her for the bread earlier, and receives a very friendly response, taking him aback. Before he gets to ponder why Nanaka is so friendly with him he is greeted By Wataru and Koko who just arrive on the scene. Koko is being immediately hugged by Nanaka and he learns that Koko is Nanaka friend (which would explain why she was so friendly towards him) as well as Koko being in the band. Of course Nanaka doesn’t like the idea of him addressing her in any other way than Nanaka, although he is somewhat embarrassed calling her by her first name.


Turns out that Nanaka is the band’s singer, Koko plays the bass (i would be damned if i would have guessed :P) and Wataru – the drums. They are missing a guitarist, however,which Yoshiyuki notices during their practice. As it turns out though – he can pla a guitar very well, which surprises everyone. Of course, he ends up joining the band.

Since then the band starts practicing together quite a lot, and Yoshiyuki can finally enjoy Koko’s homemade lunch. Granted, it is together with the rest of the band, but sure beats him not having a chance to eat together with Koko before. In the end, joining the bad helps Yoshiyuki to get much closer with Koko as the two share the time they spend.

Oh, we get a bit of Minatsu running around, taking some notes on Bananas. Not like anyone cares about this though.

Moving on … one day after school Koko agrees to help Yoshiyuki practice and they go to Yoshiyukis’. After otome is done disturbing them by repeatedly opening the door to inquire about todays supper, Koko and Yoshiyuki are left alone. After a while of awkward silence Yoshiyuki suggest they start practicing, but as he gets up it turns out his leg has fallen asleep. As such a situation unavoidably calls for, he ends up falling down on top of Koko, and the two spend a good while in that position before Otome turns up again, wanting Yoshiyuki to go buy some ingredients for the curry she is making.

When he gets back they have another dinner guest – Minatsu, who happened to run in to Yume on street, at which Yoshiyuki is not very pleased. (Not like i blame the guy ^^). Minatsu is surprised how good Otome’s curry is, but she gets to undergo a minor shock upon learning Otome puts bananas in there (hey – at least we can be sure she won’t go smoking for the next 8 hours).

It is late and both Minatsu and Koko prepare to leave. Yume nudges Yoshiyuki to escort the girls since it is dark outside. Of course Minatsu is quick to announce she needs no escort and dashes away, leaving Yoshiyuki to escort Koko. She is happy that Yoshiyuki agreed to join the band, and Yoshiyuki admits he did it because he wanted to learn more about Koko, because he realized how little he actually knew about her, which makes Koko very happy. Ze End.


Well now, this was a very enjoyable episode, much more than i was expecting. Although we get introduced to a new character, the episode has also plenty of developments regarding Koko and Yoshiyuki, unlike the MInatsu episode that hogged all that time for itself for virtually nothing. Surprisingly, introduction of Nanaka brought Yoshiyuki and Koko that much closer.

Nanaka turns out to be a very pleasant character herself as well – she is bright, cheerful and very friendly with those close to her. Those who want to root for her because you are still carrying a torch for Kotori – don’t, as she is nothing like Kotori at all personality wise (save for being the school idol) . Actually i prefer Nanako to Kotori (not like Kotori was my favorite anyway), and unlike Minatsu, i am always up for more Nanaka screentime.

I have no idea what to think of the romance side though – i was ready to write Koko out as soon as she appeared, but not so anymore. Yoshiyuki seems to have a genuine interest in her, so this isn’t the one sided stringing along as i had thought it would be. There is also a clear llack of love rivals (unless Nanaka turns out to be one, but that is highly doubtful), which i was expecting of Otome / Yume. I feel the relationship of Koko and Yoshiyuki is approaching the no turning point, where it wouldn’t make any sense for the two to break up due to some event. Could we be actually heading for a Koko end ? (not like i mind – she is a nice girl whom i would rather not see engulfed in flames of drama and angst).

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