Sky Girls Episode 10 (When There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood)


We last left off on an exciting note, with the girls toppling their first worm and Karen showing she indeed can do something besides ramble about her Onii-chan.  What is next for our pr-e-t-t—-y Sky Girls…….


Queue Rock Cafe


Nice View


When Working Near A Training Otoha, Make Sure To Maintain A 500 Meter Distance

So our episode starts off like the Megazone 23 Part 1 OVA with Ryohei pushing his motorcycle to the max (I swear I can almost hear Rock Cafe in the background of my own mind).  Back at the Obama Base (I thought they were leaving), Otoha is practicing her Kendo in the hangar alone when Ryohei pulls up with his Badass (haha, a Garland is the most badass bike, everyone knows that) bike.  Otoha has some mental issues and decides to make motorbike noises while straddling the bike (this might have been hot if she didn’t sound so absurd).  Some teasing ensues and Otoha is about to club Ryohei with her Boken when the maintenance tells them to knock it off and get to the training session.


The Inside The Locker Room Shots Are A Staple Of Any Mecha Series Prominently Featuring Girls


Baked Clam For Dinner Anyone


This Is Kind Of Hot For Some Reason

After suiting up, and talking about the chief mechanic Oto like he’s the greatest man ever (I believe this is the first time I’ve either noticed or seen this character by the way), the girls attack a training WORM for practice using the Delta Lock.  Otoha has a strange sensation upon plunging her sword into the worm however, and Karen calls out to her wondering what’s wrong.  Otoha says it’s okay, and noting that “Zero’s” performance seems a little fast, she chalks it up to a maintenance error and the Delta Lock is proceeded with successfully.


Now She’s A Food Critic Among Other Things

Back at the base, the girls comment on Takumi’s curry like concoction for about a minute and a half.  With Ichijo brutalizing and saying it lacks punch.  When Ryohei walks in Otoha badgers him about his maintenance job saying she felt something weird.  Ryohei responds that his maintanence is always perfect, and Otoha threatens him with a spoon telling him he better not screw up with “Zero”……or she’ll……spoon??????  Anway what Otoha said to Ryohei really got to him, so he goes to recheck Reijin’s maitenance detail from last time.






Phew It Was Just The Captain Now I Oughta Do My Rounds



Later at night, while hacking away the computer and scarfing down cookies and milk, Nanae is scared by Soya suddenly taking her cookie and making a completely unnecessarily scary face.  He scares her with the threat of ghosts right before she has to walk back to her night security check (why would you put somebody small and frail who works in intellegince on security detail).  In the hangar she sees a weird spirit floating around Reijin, and this spooks her enough to make her scatter (I was expecting a terrorist to pop out more than that actually)…..but wait, a strange hand picks up her dropped flashlight, someone else is there.


In Case Inside The Locker Room Cam Wasn’t Enough Now We Get Inside The Shower Cam Too


Omega Alpha Centauri Sorority Meeting.  Sorry You Can’t Come In

A terrified Nanae finds Ichijo just stepping out of the shower and relates her story to her.  Back in the dorm, the girls all decide to investigate, except Ichijo who is porking out on some Potato chips and obviously afraid of ghosts (and we know this because the moment it’s suggested, some goofy soul music starts playing in the background).


The next day during briefing the girls are badgering Soya about spooking Nanae, but he says they should probably ask Oto since he’s in charge of the hanger and would know better what scared her.  On the way the girls run into the twins and they decide to go together…. a little too enthusiastically (as a side note, despite Ichijo’s constant claims against having any superstitions, apparently she cares spirit wards around with her….you know, the talismans meant to ward of evil spirits).


Otoha = Skeptical, Karen = Saddened, Ichijo = Positively Terrified.  Can We Say Roll Rotation

At the hanger, Oto supports the theory that the ghost is real.  You see, the hangar was built where a military hospital used to be, a morgue specifically and he claims the ghosts of the deceased like to wander the hanger now.  He makes special mention of the ghost of a boy that likes to wander around the hangar at night, and that one person that say him fainted dead away with a fever that lasted a week.  For that reason he warns against lurking in the hangar at night (superstitious much?).


Man! The Ghost Trap Ain’t Looking So Technological These Days




Poor Ryohei….Always Destined To Be Otoha’s Bitch


In the mess hall, Ichijo calls it all bullshit (still with the act) and Karen thinks they should call of the search for fear of being cursed.  Icijo however is willing to go there at night to investigate by herself.  Of course the rest of the girls come along anyway and when Otoha thinks she sees the ghost she pounces.  It turns out to just be Ryohei with a flashlight and as expected he’s none to happy, nor surprised to find his eternal tormentor Otoha has done it again.  The girls confront him over this incident and Oto comes out to make Ryohei confess that the light was him and that he’s been stealing gas for his motorcycle.  The ghost story wasn’t real after all, and Oto admits he concocted it to keep people away so as not to disturb his investigation into the missing fuel.  Ichijo boasts (more in relief than anything) that there was no ghost after all and they all leave Ryohei up to the chief.

Apparently the story about Ryohei stealing gas was bullshit too however, as Oto comments to Ryohei over some hot coffee that he’s been pulling all nighters again.  He wants to know why and Ryohei claims it is because he want’s to satisfy Otoha with his maintenance job on Reijin and doesn’t want her to know and doesn’t want to feel inferior to her (he also seems to have a crush on her or something).  Oto and Ryohei go over the maintenance of Reijin one more time in the hopes of resynchronizing it for Otoha, and Oto gives Ryohei a confidence boosting talk as well.

The next day the girls are practicing and Otoha has no problems with her “Zero”.  She comes in to thank Ryohei and tells him not to focus to much on his bike.  He says that’s too bad and that he was going to take her for a ride, but if she wears her motion slit he’ll still think about it.  That of course goes over great with Otoha (No beatings this time though). 


I Look Just Like Otoha, Only I’m A Boy….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (That’s My Reaction To The Fact I HATE Shoutas)

Later that night, Soya is finishing up work on the Kouryu (the battleship they still haven’t transferred too) details and he convinces Ichijo to take a tour around the hangar with her….that is if she isnt’ chicken (McFly).  Ichijo tries to calm herself, but then BWAH, IT’S THE BOY GHOST!  Soya can’t see it and Ichijo chalks it up to her imagination run wild….but when they leave……………..the ghost appears and disappears on the cockpit of the Reijin one last time. 

Thoughts:  Two minor developments this episode.  One is that there’s apparently a real ghost haunting the hangar (could it be that of Otoha’s long lost brother, come to visit her beloved Sonic Diver) and Two, that Ryohei isn’t just all brawn and no brains.  Despite what it may have appeared, and a bit obvious to many I guess, Ryohei deeply respects Otoha’s strength and willpower and may well have a crush on her (whether that is legal is not for me to decide.  She looks a whole lot younger than him, but who knows with anime these days).  I liked the Ryohei part the most, as we actually get to learn a bit about him.  He’s no Astonaige Medozo, but he’s definitely one of the more lively personalities in the show.  We also see a weaker more fragile side to Ichijo in her fear of ghosts, but other than that, this was a fairly standalone episode and not much happpens.  The eyecatch makes it obvious that her royal majesty, the overly perfect and equally as haughty Elise Von Dietrich will be appearing next episode.  This is the moment I’ve been waiting for for a long time, as everyone probably knows that the “Crotch Stomping Lolis” invariably end up being my favourite characters.  Can’t wait.

Rating: Six And A Half Out Of Ten


1 Response to “Sky Girls Episode 10 (When There’s Something Strange In Your Neighbourhood)”

  1. 1 FlareKnight October 19, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    Didn’t think it was a bad episode. Certainly got to understand Ryohei a bit better. Really working overtime to figure out exactly what the problem might be. Doubt he’d want to feel his work had been not up to par.

    Really does seem like there is something that may develop with him and Otoha.At least right now it’s a lot of banter between them. Who knows with anime these days if it’s legal.

    And Elise is on her way. No doubt she’ll make quite the impact on the group when she gets there.

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