Autumn series 2007 – Thoughts and impressions

Seen as we are pretty much in with this season’s new series, I thought it would be a good idea to give a general view on all of the ones I am currently following, which is a lot hehe. Note: I also tried to sum up the series with one word at the end of each “analysis” /cheese X3


Title: Bamboo Blade
Rating: C+ (B?)
Episodes Viewed: 3
At first, I didn’t know what to think of this series having not had much experience with “sports” titles. However, after seeing Tamaki-chan doing what she does best I was soon fully captivated with her timid yet aggressive personality. She really is the Nodoka that should have been but wasn’t XD. The atmosphere in this series is somewhat more relaxed than what I thought it would be; with frequent random cracks and chuckles one could think that this is the main jest of what it has to offer. However, this is just the start so it is still too early to judge; I expect the competition to be heating up soon enough with the main character’s bet on the line; the main bet being sensei’s stomach.



Title: Blue Drop
Rating: C
Episodes Viewed: 3
Now I bet most people who have viewed this series are victims of the label that is attached to this title. Ever since Strawberry Panic finished last year we haven’t come across another serious yuri series (or so it seems) that will surly capture the hearts of all you perverts (j/k) out there looking for some nice girl x girl romance/action. I am unsure what to make of this series yet seeing as the first episode was kind of bland and slow moving to the point where it felt dragging. Come the second episode, I was a lot more impressed with the development but still find it confusing with the mix of reality and fantasy. When the mecha starts to appear en masse I think this can really become a good story but for the moment it is relatively average.

“Yuri fanboy?”


Title: Clannad
Rating: B-
Episodes Viewed: 3
I think it must have been in direct relation to Kaio’s influence as I don’t really see anything special with this series. While this may be biased or not, I still remain that this series isn’t perfect. The plot seems jumpy at times (which is confusing seeing as you would expect the story to flow and be connected from one event to the next – instead I find it hard at times to know which day we are even on). The characters are generic, as expected from one of KEY’s visual novels but they aren’t bad. The badass rebel girl reminded me of Mai only with more flare (ZOMG 528 combo!! XD) but it is a shame to see the side character remain as side characters for the time being. I guess more time is needed to develop these characters as with Kanon, Ayu was introduced early on but her story was only completed after all the other girls. What I do like about this series is the depth it is getting into especially for Tomoya. I would say that out of Air, Kanon and Clannad – this series has to win for having a male lead who isn’t just “happy go lucky” in that sense that they aren’t totally “innocent” before all the shit starts to rain down 🙄

“Dango ~ Dango ~”


Title: Da Capo II
Rating: C
Episodes Viewed: 2
Disappointment! So far this series is proving to be another round house chase just like any other harem series. Ok I may be exaggerating a bit but this is what I feel like when watching it. We have seen this kind of plot reused over and over again I just think it gets boring after a while. While I enjoyed the first season (not so much the second as the plot never progresses any further from the first), this season seems to be lacking in the imagination department. I guess the good thing about this is the way Koko manages to get her confession in without wasting to much time, then again she has just raised the flag to NOT become the chosen girl looking at the competition coming for the guy’s “sisters” (another cliché :rolleyes:). One can only hope some drama can save this series.

“Sakura is still loli” O.O


Title: Dragonaut The Resonance
Rating: C
Episodes Viewed: 3
Now when we think of this series what do we automatically cry out for bloody murder? “BIG BEWBZ!!!!” That’s what 🙄 Thankfully the service doesn’t last for very long seen as the with the second episode proportions remain fairly normal, unseen or covered up (and I must say, I am not a person who falls into the category of a lover of big busts). This actually generated quite a lot of hype and conversation, well if you call conversation as being people who goes around saying “BURN!!!” then yeah, there is quite a bit of it. As far as the plot goes it is pretty standard stuff, yet I find it mildly interesting and thought provoking. Just what are those “dragons” and why do they look like monsters from yugioh, digimon etc? 🙄 But so far I think I am mainly in it for the prospect of some bodies being tossed around, and ofc the drama that follows when we have a Suzaku/Athran X Lulu/Kira pairing up of main characters.

“Now shoot me you emo!!”

Title: ef – A tale of Memories
Rating: B-
Episodes Viewed: 2
Now this is one of the first romance series which attracted me upon first viewing. But sadly shaft has found another Guinea pig for its usual hit and miss experiments. However, while Negima?! Failed for the sake of failing I still have hopes for this series seeing the potential it holds and how Shaft is clearly holding back from any extreme forms of “art”. Some of the animation is just drop dead stunning from the realistic looking skies to the snowfall and “fluorescent aura” around the characters – which also seems to make it feel highly magical and fairy tale like. But the downside to this is the seemingly doll-like body movements of the characters and the amount of “far away shots”. Inconsistent animation is evident but it is minor imo (unless you are really being nit picky on the detail). As for the story, I am quite fond of the different “plot shift” style but so far the main bulk of the story has been focused on Chihiro and Renji so it feels a bit one sided atm. Hopefully the other male leads will get their fair share of screen time soon.

“Love for the eye patch girl ~”

Title: Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji
Rating: B+
Episodes Viewed: 3
Now this was a shocking discovery. I must thank Klash for forcing this series upon me seeing as I did overlook it due to the highly undesirable character designs, which was extremely off putting (in a one peace sort of way :rolleyes:). A story about a guy who has hit rock bottom now finding a chance to become rich with a slight catch, he has to battle it out with other contestants in a twisted game of rock, paper, and scissors. Highly entertaining to watch as Kaiji falls into the depths of despair after being tricked in this fusion game of cards and yuhioh (literally). Really nice series and worth picking – if the style doesn’t kill you first XD


Title: Genshiken 2
Rating: B-
Episodes Viewed: 1
I guess it is still too early to judge this series considering it has only just started and it is a sequel to the first series, which was amazing mind you. Here’s hope that this new season won’t disappoint seeing as I have quite high expectations for it to be on par with the first season at least. Anyway the animation is one point I would pick on. I have no idea why the animation went from good in the first season to absolutely horrible in the OVA. Thankfully the quality of this new season isn’t as bad but it isn’t that good either, well at least not to the point where I want to poke my eyes out ^^. Anyway it is an interesting fresh start to the series where we see the team going for their big break. Oguie is the one I am looking forward too the most seen as she is the girl who is relatively left undeveloped compared to the others. I find her so moe when she keeps stating that she hates otakus being one herself, while blushing at the same time. Heres hoping that Ohno can put her in a costume and use her as a doll :p
Oh and the OP for ep 2 is just totally crazy/unexpected. What’s with the crazy gundam fad all of a sudden XD


Title: Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
Rating: B++ (A?)
Episodes Viewed: 3
If you like Girls Bravo then this series is totally for you. I just can’t fault it for being bad at all, and after the second episode I have decided that this series is an absolute keeper. The story is really good even with the fanservice and the characters are interesting. Moeblob Mayu is really moe which is balanced out with a tsundere appearing in the second episode. The male lead is also very likable surprisingly and while we all love to see his “troubled face” it is awesome that he remains a character free of taint (rather unrealistic but I would like to see more of his type). It has been a very good start and while on the service it looks like a huge service fest – below all of that lies a story which has quite a bit of potential. However, this does seem like the series that may run around in circles though hopefully it won’t happen.

“Troubled face”

Title: Gundam 00
Rating: C-
Episodes Viewed: 2
Not that impressed with this series so far. We had a rather confusing first ep followed by a more informative second yet the whole story has just focused on the fighting so far. I love fighting but failing to see the course for fighting is rather pointless imo. I would actually prefer more development first but this might have been done for the initial impact to draw in viewers. The characters all look generic (and a ripoff from Gundam wing) with 3 of them displaying the “strong silent type” trait, and it bores me to hell seeing characters who are so darn depressed all the time (and the male lead here kind of reminds me of Heero). The animation is good though but still purple explosions LAWL! XD
It’s good to see Haro back though and already we can see legions of fanboys drooling over the Chinese girl (fine fine I’m one of them as well XD).
Overall it isn’t a bad start but it could be a lot better.


Title: Kimikiss Pure Rouge
Rating: A-
Episodes Viewed: 2
Some can bitch all they want about this series but for me it is the best romance so far for this season. Set in a realistic background, this little piece of high school drama is just what the doctor ordered if you fancy some great development splashed in with romance. After watching the first ep I fell in love with Futami’s character already (voiced by Tanaka Rie? Biased? Hell yea! :D). The girl has everything that makes men die for. An ass kicking personality, rebel attitude, a genius and possesses great potential to do so much more (not to mention that she will crack some nuts if she feels like it). This is another series that feature more than one male lead which is another reason why I like it so much being tired of harem series these days. The story is fairly unpredictable which is another good point (well except for Futami playing hard to get with her unsuspecting victim XD).
Overall this series has some serious potential with such great character. Already we can see 3 pairings but with 6 main girls there could be more to come soon.

“Why did you kiss me?”

Title: Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
Rating: D
Episodes Viewed: 3
A replacement series for kaibutsu hime.A pretty average “solve the mystery featuring a monster of the week” type series so right now I am not expecting too much from this other than something to watch – or fill in any gaps. The humour while it does make me chuckle at times is getting rather repetitive and the story isn’t at all outstanding. I dunno about this one and might consider dropping it later if I become overwhelmed with other titles XD

“Thanks for the meal…”

Title: Minami-ke
Rating: C+
Episodes Viewed: 2
A pretty good slice of life series featuring a family consisting of three sisters going on about their everyday life. The characters in this series are quite defined with the youngest being the “smart genius silent type”, the middle sister being the “baka idiot and oblivious type” and the eldest being the “onee san normal and sensible type”. But as we do see in episode two their personalities don’t follow strict rules at all as they do things out of their given characters (taking the youngest one – she is dam cute when she becomes confused XD). So far I find this series interesting but nothing out of the ordinary yet (might be worth a B- but there you have it :p).


Title: Mokke
Rating: B
Episodes Viewed: 3
The first thought that came to mind when I watched the first episode, “ZOMG Totoro!!” seriously…
This serious is just a huge trip back memory lane for me as it shows the story of a fable like setting set in the backdrop of a rural area in Japan. I didn’t have any expectations before picking up this series so I guess that is one of the reasons why I am feeling so much heartwarming love vibes from it. The stories are “one off” mini tales that usually follow some kind of morale lesson (well it has been only 2 episodes sp far so I can’t tell for sure) which is something that is found in story books. The mood and theme of the series is relaxed but also mysterious as we never know what ghouls, spirits or monsters would come up next – for good or for bad. Addition note, the OP/ED for this series as well as the BGM is just drool…


Title: Myself;Yourself
Rating: B-
Episodes Viewed: 3
Ahh and this makes the 6th romance series for this season (and you would wonder why I get sick of them hehe). At first I wasn’t sure about this series but after the first episode with that unexpected cliffhanger, I was sold. The story itself is pretty generic but I just fell in love with the characters, especially the walking time bomb that is Nanaka. This feisty tsuntsun character is pretty awesome though most people dislike her starting personality but in the episodes that follow this changes quite considerably (as I have written in my recent entry for the series). The other high point of this series is the new discovery that Sana has a fear of 1) blood 2) knives or 3) both, which brings about the famous SD reference which everyone is pretty much hoping won’t happen, while completely forgetting the fact that this just isn’t the type of series that will go THAT far. The series makes you think about what has happened in the past which just opens up unlimited amount of speculations to be thrown about and rather thought provoking.
I guess the minus point is for making my ears bleed…all thanks to a high pitched busty heroine Aoi (I swear the bigger the chest the higher the voice goes XD).

“These ear plugs!! They do nothing!!!”

Title: Night Wizard
Rating: B-
Episodes Viewed: 3
Please respond with “hai or yes?”
Legendary catchphrase of the day from an evil evil loli type character. Yep so far I have been quite happy with this series and the direction that it is taking. While it isn’t something that would normally end up as being spectacular, like Dragonaut, it is a fun bit of fantasy/adventure/action fun. The story ironically takes a bit from Deltora Quest (which was a series I dropped as it bored me to hell) using the “jewel collection” quest as the main plot for the series. I like how the comedy around which the male lead exhibits usually includes him being tossed into an unwanted situation thus affecting his school performance. I have never seen a guy who wants to go to school as badly as he does XD. The animation is consistent and crisp but the villain designs could be way better – lolol golem lolol. Overall it is a pretty interesting story and I look forward to seeing if the evil loli is really…evil (as hinted in episode 3).

“Hai or yes?”

Title: Prism Ark
Rating: C-
Episodes Viewed: 2
Another disappointment! The start was absolutely crap mainly because of the events shown that don’t correspond with anything that needed to be told. I enjoyed the confusing plot at the start with the huge boss fight, or the lead up to the finisher because it is generally a nice idea as we have something to look forward to (taking an example from Gurren Lagann though it didn’t exactly explain anything in the end about the start XD). However, the merge with the flashback which is unrelated with the current story (ie it was from the first game Prism Heart not Prism Ark) is something too random. But putting that for one side the second episode gave a more normal look into the story. Still though, it remains rather fluffy as it doesn’t really capture the hearts of the viewers like other action series this season. And after looking forward to this I find it somewhat a disappointing start…hopefully things will take a turn for the best ^^.



Title: Rental Magica
Rating: C
Episodes Viewed: 3
And another fantasy/action series. So far, this series has shown to be pretty average. While the cast has potential I just think that the stories/mysteries have been rather dull and boring. The first episode showed nothing more than the cast introduction along with the president’s ability that backfired on him ironically. While the second episode had some development it fails to fully capture me yet. But with that said it is something enjoyable to watch along with all the other good series this season. The fantasy is also helped along with the extras thanks to SS subbing this which further helped me to appreciate the lingo around this series.

“Did you just say fetish!?” O.O

Title: Shakugan No Shana 2
Rating: B-
Episodes Viewed: 3
Shana!! Yay!! What the hell is with that first episode!? BOOO!
Seriously that was my response which the start of this new series. But thankfully it redeemed itself with the second episode though I am still unsure how much praise I can give it. The story so far seems pretty average with the mini boss getting trashed relatively easily. Also the fact that they had to introduced a plot hole in order for this series to carry on was pretty dumb…Yuuji did hear Shana’s confession goddamit >_<. But the introduction of a new transfer student was a nice touch especially when the girl who transferred looked exactly like Hecate though she isn’t proven guilty thus far. Shaky start but I hope I will improve.

“urusai urusai URUSAI!”

And that concludes my analysis. Another busy season for me as usual but that has to be my knack for picking up as much as I can possibly handle. While I didn’t have much hope for this season, looking at how each series seemed dull before they aired, overall I am pretty satisfied. No really outstanding series unlike last one where we had Gurren Lagann and Seto no Hanayome but on the whole we do have some interesting and entertaining ones 🙂


5 Responses to “Autumn series 2007 – Thoughts and impressions”

  1. 1 innominate October 21, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Whoa… 16 series…

    But the reviews are pretty neat; good job on the effort! ;D

  2. 2 Moe Otaku! October 22, 2007 at 1:45 am

    Your evil! I couldn’t even read this full thing because of the ratings you gave Clannad and Blue Drop! … sike sike… my sister just called so I’ll have to read the reviews later, but thanks for giving us your honest opinions 🙂

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama October 22, 2007 at 6:15 am

    If you think he’s harsh, you should see what I have to say from time to time. Tell im’ Deathie.

  4. 4 deathkillz October 22, 2007 at 8:34 am

    *nods* Kaio kun over there is OVER 9000! time harsher ^^

    …and so are the others on this team O.O

    and innominate…it’s 19 not 16 XD

  5. 5 innominate October 23, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    My math fails D:

    oh I know why… some of the pictures didn’t pop up, gah.

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