Kodomo No Jikan Chapter 13 (Second Term)


After our brief trip through Key/Visual Arts Land last chapter, things get back to normal for Rin, Aoki and the gang……well at least as normal as they get in Kodomo No Jikan……..


The chapter begins with Kagami appearing to play with and suck on Mimi’s nipples….but it turns out to just be a water balloon and Mimi is upset with Kagami for teasing her and calls her a pervert (more like a yuri fiend).  Rin (who’s outfit only seems to cover her chest area) takes things a step further and actually gropes Mimi (Who’s pants are so tight I wonder how her she can walk in them)  into submission exhaustion.  Kagami warns them that they’ll get in trouble since they left school to buy snacks, but Rin just says she’s acting like a crotchety old lady (she is not amused to hear this).  Kagami is right though as Aoki catches Rin mid group session and an exhausted and violated Mimi who’d been struggling all this time collapses into a panting heap.  Aoki reiterates the rules about leaving school grounds too which Kagami rudely protests, but then Rin steps in with one of her awkard sexual references (this time claiming the water balloon is one of Aoki’s used condoms), and breaks things up.

Aaaaaaaannnnyyway…..during a staff meeting one of the teachers points out the problem with students skipping class, and Aoki vows to be a tougher teacher this year to see that the problem is stalled or stopped altogether.  In self study Aoki wants the class to read a book, to which Kagami protests that they are normally free to do what they want during the free period (she’s so smily, which makes it all the more terrifying), and Rin has brought along one of her manga to read.  Aoki confiscates it before leaving for his break (wait….in Japan they actually leave these young kids unsupervised during free period?!) and he manages to strike up a date with Ryoko Hoein as well.

Back in class, Mimi is just about the only one enjoying reading a book, but Kagami tries her hand at following the instructions in a knot book…..which somehow turns out to be bondage, which she get’s wrapped around her body (I don’t actually know how this is possible, but it’s damn amusing in it’s absurdity).  Next time in self study, Aoki recommends athletics and offers the students the choice between 10 laps or 300 jumping jacks, to which Rin replies they should play tag.  Before he can even look out, she’s out the 2nd story window on the ledge and when he tries to pull her back in she manages to tag him, have the students run from the Oni and tie his tie around a railing (….HOW?!).  In return for his release, Rin demands a kiss, which of course Aoki promptly declines, causing Rin to tell him she hates him (again).  She bolts and Aoki eventually manages to untie the Dead Knot and chase after them.

Outside Kagami is delighting in Aoki’s misery and Mimi thinks they may have gone to far, but Rin doesn’t think so.  Mimi begins to relate the story of Lewis Caroll to Rin and how teachers can do nice things for students.  She really starts to feel bad for Aoki and wants to go back to the class to straighten things out and Kagami thinks they should go back to class too, but only because she’s evil and thinks it’s the last place Aoki would look for them.  Soon enough Aoki catches up to Rin in a fury and literally tackles her to the ground in a fit of rage (his tie is brand name, and he’s damn well pissed off, and rightfully so).  Rin thinks he’s initiating foreplay, but this is no joke.  Rin catches on and bends over (pretty much causing her loose shirt she’s now wearing to fall up revealing…..everything) for a spanking like some sort of masochist (yep she’s undetterable) and Aoki of course can’t do anything now and averts his eyes (despite the fact Rin seems to want it).  Shirai-Sensei catches him and a defeated Aoki is reprimanded and returns to his classroom.  He feels he’s failed miserably at maintaining control, but some of the boys are really impressed with his running skills and have begun to respect him quite a bit.  The chapter ends with Rin at home reading her manga and Reiji asking her if she likes his new tie.  She doesn’t respond or look up.

Thoughts:  Two things going on here.  One is the current theme of Aoki trying to maintain better control of the class and solve the truancy issue, which doesn’t go to well until the very end when Aoki scores some points with the boys.  The other is the issue of taking things too far, which this whole chapter does in general.  Rin’s pranks go to far with her disrupting Aoki’s class and taunting him with her sexual advances.  Aoki get’s very frustrated and almost lashes out at her, but despite the fact she overwhelmed him in the end, I think Mimi’s story and advice sunk in, that she feels horribly guilty that Aoki got in trouble, and that the reason she’s so quite at the end with Reiji and his tie, is that she knows what she did that day was too far and doesn’t want to confront the issue yet.  She really does like Aoki and the last thing she wants is for him to be angry with her or to be in trouble.  We’ll have to wait till next time to see if she can bring herself to apologize to Aoki and simmer down.

Oh and readers can expect a summary/review of the first Kodomo No Jikan TV anime episode some time this weekend.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten


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