Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 15 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MINOR spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these minorspoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED). Good reading!

This “person” past is unfolding smoothly, and things begin to make sense. That said, it isn’t enough to tell what happen from 1979 (or even before) until the fated time of june 1983. Next week will introduce the Kakera Musubi, just like I announced last week.
However, we can have a little “in-depth” look in this episode, despite the raw information offered. Much like last week, it won’t be stuffed much, but this is a good sign.
Matsuribayashi-hen Analyses: [三四]

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. Hifumi
  2. Declaration of War



I. Hifumi

The episode introduced Takano Hifumi, Tanashi Takemitsu’s Teacher, and new Guardian of Miyoko.
As you can see, he is rather an isolated professor who didn’t have a peculiar formation, nor access to valuable information. Of course, his status is by far very small compared to his “examinators”.
That said, the difference is only between them. Doctor Takano is quite modest, but still can be considered as a scientist.

Basing the nature of his research, it is quite normal he isn’t able to get many support, though Koizumi was a good help about it.
Now, 2 factors can be seen:

  1. The examinators were presomptuous. Of course, it is fairly hard to believe things about parasites being able to completely control the thought process of humans. That said, the arrogance was the main factor of the refusal, and also you can add the gap between them and Doctor Takano.
  2. The unknown “shadow” roaming around the Hinamizawa Syndrome, as seen with Koizumi’s superior.

No wonder why Hifumi crashed against a thick steel wall on his research.
That said, he is quite motivated, because it is rather the research of his life. of course, as a scientist and researcher, achieving such research is a goal and a dream.

This is where the “god” mention shouldn’t be mistaken. Hifumi mentions it only as a “reference” or term to compare of the “living beyond death” and especially that Miyo bring it on, due her inability to comprehend it completely. Thus it turned into an awkward analogy.

Now, Hifumi was touching a very sensible subject… Parasites which can control humans?
To be fairly honest, I can hardly consider such claim seriously either.
In my opinion, such concept is rather preposterous considering that the “control” part requires then that parasites have also a conscience, and thus part of intelligence. Of course, animals and the like aren’t “dumb” or completely void of intelligence mechanism. That said, “control” is as you can see… it is like such concept of “tainting spell” and the like. Not exactly convincing for a scientific approach.

I believe Doctor Takano was too focalised on the Hinamizawa Syndrome, and thus concluded this “parasite theory” because of this. It is unclear how he got this theory, but such psychosis can be created by some specific non biological pathogen affecting the brain. That is another field which i’m not yet proficient to talk about so, let’s skip it.

Thus, Hifumi is rather “obsessed” with the syndrome, which is probably the origins of Miyo’s studies on the Onigafuchi tales and legends. As you could see on the TIPS and such, the tales and legends are cryptic and can lead to many messages which can be taken as an advantage for some elements of their research.
Is the disease really leading only on psychosis? At least, Hifumi did some serious analyses and such, since he knows the possible countermeasure against the psychosis, which perfectly fits the counterpoints against the triggers of the paranoia and thus the psychosis.

As i explained in various instances before, such theory nails some points with Oyashiro-sama. Thus it becomes very unclear how consider “Oyashiro-sama”, as the “existence” which chained Onigafuchi, thus Hinamizawa now.

Now, the most important point is probably the relationship between Hifumi and Miyo.
As you could see in this episode, Miyoko was so thankful to him that she turned herself to Miyo, by her own will (which was supposed to be only a nickname), giving the pun 1 2 3 4 : 一二三四 – Hifumiyo
This is very important, because Miyo then considers Hifumi as her sole family, and thus not only her savior but a dear person.
It isn’t really a matter of debt or gratitude, but something much more deeper. Of course, Hifumi pulls her out of her hellish hole, but it turns into a situation much more elaborated that one might think.

This is the source of her devotion and will. Takano was struck by her grandfather genuine quest and feelings. In such result, the fact she is trying to carry on his will and wish is only what matters to her.
Now, here is the little problem: is that all?
As you could see, Takano only mentioned what she wanted to do: “glorifying Takano Hifumi into a god”.
Nothing of “massacre” and such, especially that her officiers were only interested in the cure.

Now, here is the interesting fact: the mysterious “third party”. As seen in this episode, some shadow faction is keeping an eye on the syndrome. Any little mouse trying to do research on it might be a treat, which turned into the forced silence to Koizumi, while Hifumi was turned into ridicule.
Now what happens if the researcher is in their ranks and well famous? Miyo graduated from her University with an outstanding recognition for that kind of field. If they can recruit such person, especially linked with the “old researcher”, it is quite handy, isn’t?
Let’s not mention Tomitake’s reaction when he saw Miyo with an injection with the stimulant for the L5. Therefore, the odds such party would contact them are big. It is however unknown if the massacre was really required for them, or if it was Miyo who go twisted with such persons.

That said, it is very clear that Miyo was already “broken” in a sense that she would do ANYTHING for her grandfather, which can lead to such absurdity. She has her end, so her means are justfied heh…


II. Declaration of War

Hanyuu finally shows herself and she is certainly not happy.
As I already mentioned last week, Hanyuu is surely not the kind of person who would be so mad like this in her usual “daily life” considering her temper.

What does that mean? Simply she was struck by the will and wish of her friends. Like I said in the analysis of episode 13, Hanyuu was accepted by everyone, and everything turned into a synchronized Unison.
Seven of them are now finally united, while they were only 6 with a hopeless observer.

Hanyuu is the guardian of Hinamizawa, but her inability to interact hurt her a lot for centuries, especially because of the loneliness and the atrocities back from the Onigafuchi era.
Now… what is the signification of her ability to be seen?

It isn’t exactly clear if Hanyuu was really visible completely, but it is clear that Takano was able to see and listen to her. Her answers are certainly not random, matching what Hanyuu said and is (mentioning Hanyuu is a child, etc).
As seen with her wrath, Hanyuu bypassed all of her beliefs which were much worse than Rika/Frederica’s, considering she was a helpless witness for Rika, but also in the past. The idea of such miracle never crossed her mind, considering the flow of time and the events surrounding the tragedies.
Now, with what happened in Minagoroshi-hen, she can no longer stay idle.

It is fairly safe to assume that Hanyuu will take part DIRECTLY of the crusade against fate of june 1983. She was seen by Takano, so it is largely probable that she will materialize herself in the future, considering the big hint of the opening.
But why only now? Because Hanyuu finally has the courage, the will, the passion, and the wish to do so. Even though she wanted to help Rika, her own mindset was the complete hinderance. Of course, this is rather hard to really grasp with the short glimpse of it in the anime.
She isn’t under some lame “avenger” mode. As seen in this episode, Hanyuu was indeed hostile, but not didn’t have any murderous intent/bloodlust. This is pretty much normal and called for. Hanyuu wishes only for peace and such. She is now willing to fight, but the obliteration of the enemy isn’t the goal. The objective is to help Rika so EVERYONE will be happy in Hinamizawa. They will confront Takano and her mad scheme, but their will is solely for this earnest and simple wish.

Now, another very important element of this scene is probably the time line: This happens even before the Irie Institution was set in Hinamizawa, so largely several years before.
Hanyuu was however there with the memories of Minagoroshi-hen. That proves completely that Hanyuu goes completely “berserk”, and tap all her efforts into the success of such things.
If she is able to be back in such times, it is even possible to have some “battle preparations”, except if it is rather another restriction of the past, considering how dangerous the change of events can lead to. (see Akasaka’s inability to listen to Rika’s future telling in Minagoroshi-hen)

The concept of will is what rule Fate. If the will is strong enough, it opens to the possibilities and thus the means to end in X – Y -Z situations.
This is the main reason why Takano is able to fulfill her plan in ANY world until a unpredictable factor in the field occurs. That is why Rika talks a lot about strong will. Not only for the culprit, but for her friends, herself and now for Hanyuu.
Their wish fuses with their will, turning into the ability to fight the odds of Fate. Is that simple? very unlikely considering how hellish the trial was until now.

However, it isn’t a matter of “one person”, or “one chance”. It is now a battle involving everyone. A complete war. A fight for survival, a struggle of wish but certainly, a battle of will.


…Beyond the clockwork start of the fate of june 1983…
…The last piece has been awakened in midst of chaos…
…the last companion let a declaration…

…as a Warcry of certain Victory…

Will the miracle be realized? Will everyone be happy?
This is your decision to accompany everyone in their last battle…
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai continues…


heh… my sincere apologizes for the late release of this article, especially considering the short size of it. It was rather hard to actually give a meaningful entry for such episode. Also, I was completely overloaded by reviews and summaries to do… (3 at once, with 1 late summary is sure hard to keep track, especially if IRL kicks in as well)

I hope i will be more productive in the future. Don’t worry, my passion and will won’t falter and aren’t touched at all ^^
I’m not too sure if this article was really a necessary (since I even conceived to announce there won’t be any Analysis this week)… Well, you can prove me wrong with a comment or something ^^’

Well, “next week”, or rather in 2 days, the next episode will be 終わりの始まり – Owari no Hajimari – The beginning of the end. KAKERA MUSUBI will finally begin…


12 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 15 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments”

  1. 1 MooMoo October 21, 2007 at 9:55 am

    Loved the last part of this episode.
    Hanyuu wrath mode~ Grawr.

  2. 2 deathkillz October 21, 2007 at 12:11 pm

    Hanyuu should just smite Takano really…but then again I can’t wait to see how her transfer to the school will affect the outcome. Hopefully she will follow up her words ^^

  3. 3 Jakinbandw October 21, 2007 at 3:12 pm

    I feel stupid…

    I never thought about her setting up ‘battle preparations’ as it were.

    Still… Takano keeps hearing the weirdest things. Think about last arc: ‘I will carve the image of your cutting open my stomach onto my soul, so that the next time we meet I will no that you are my enemy’

    That is something that you just don’t here from your average 8 year old that is about to be killed… :p

    And now she has Hanyuu talking to her… She hears and sees the strangest things!

  4. 4 Khatru October 21, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    I always like to read your analysis, it’s very helpful since sometimes you give information from the game that was omitted in the anime… Sure, this time is different, but it’s always interesting for me to read another post on Higurashi Kai- and this post does have some interesting points that should be emphasized.
    No needs to apologize.

  5. 5 Hecman October 22, 2007 at 12:25 am

    So… good to read another analysis report, even if its short. I wonder when your gaving your insights since your doing summaries on other shows, Klashikari. Please if time permits, I would like you to continue your analysis, thoughts, and random comments.

    Shame the series is ending soon. Victory or defeat, it ends this one last arc. I’m happy to know and watch Higurashi. Even thought only 3 volumes came out so far… *cries* T_T

  6. 6 Dark-Pie October 23, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    They’re really setting up certain scenes to happen in the future. I hope they do.

  7. 7 Jane Goody April 22, 2009 at 6:53 am

    The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

  8. 8 klashikari April 22, 2009 at 8:39 am

    Guests posts? such like?
    Sometimes, I do post some comments on other blogs but I always put my username in case of, so I don’t have any idea what you are referring to ^^”

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