Prism Ark Episode 3 – Rabid Fangirls and P-P-P-PANTSU!?

My apologies for skipping out the review on episode 2. So, with a new episode comes a new adventure and from the looks of things this could be the redeemer one for the previous two – hopefully it won’t be a disappointment ^^

In a Nutshell: The episode continues with Priecia give Hyaweh hell after what happened at the end of last week’s ep. She shoots countless amounts of magical bullets only to be dodged by Hyaweh without breaking a sweat. The attacks end up causing stray kills as they land into a crowd causing “unwanted” service for the viewer (who am I kidding ^^).

Hyaweh continues to dodge the attacks and Priecia is surprised at his flexibility to dodge whatever she throws at him. Hyaweh is impressed by her powers and ends up jumping in front of her so that his face is within inches of her. He tells her that her sword can kill him and then comments on how pretty her emerald eyes look (as deep as the sea huh…the smooth talking dog ;). She then jumps back to widen the space again after giving a slight blush towards his words only to trip over a piece of golem debris. Hyaweh offers his hand but she slaps it away commencing her attack again.

Just as she was about to slash at him again, her blade is stopped by another one. Kisaraov tells her to stop this and then disarms her like a gentleman. He then turns to Hyaweh and presents with a heart warming speech of welcome. Karin then pitches in to give information on what they should be expecting at this academy. Hyaweh is then forced to give a speech as well on this.

A girl from a group of three thinks that Hyaweh is sort of cool but is then heavily stared down by the others, who think that he is stealing Priecia’s spotlight. Some other guy cheers for Hyaweh which resulted a basin being dropped onto his head by by one of the girls from the trio group.

Karin hands Hyaweh a mic but the guy is nervous and asks for advice. She calmly tells him to do his best being a man and begins to walk away. Just as Hyaweh tries to stop her from going, he trips on a piece of debris and ends up grapping the only thing in front of him as support…yep that being Karin’s pants…everyone is speechless and Kisarov gives him the *nice job* sigh.
Karin goes berserk, completely ignoring his apologies and she then turns her blade towards him.

Karin brings down divine judgement onto Hyaweh but it seems his dodging skill is at a much higher level. However, she then corners him and was about to attack with a strike that seemed to kill, but it ends up hitting the wall (intentionally of course ^^).
He thanks her for holding back but he then tells her that it is no good…before proceeding to close her robe so that she is no lover exposing her panties to him. He compliments her on how she had a good knight attitude not being embarrassed but a fuming Karin thinks otherwise. Combining her swords to become a spear she then blasts the bastard through the castle wall.

Later we see Bridget wondering around the school thinking about Priecia and her fight with Hyaweh, she becomes confused as to who to admire as they both seem like a prince and princess. She then finds herself answering some questions when another girl joins into her train of thought. After a while she realizes this and yells out, knocking the girl back as she was startled.

Bridget asks why the girl is here and then explains that they are roommates (with a rather cute visual illustration). The girl introduces herself as being Fel. She then asks why Bridget is so interested with Priecia but then interrupts her answer as she knows that the answer is obvious. It’s because Priecia is famous and an oujo sama. The talk then diverges into mentioning some badass knight bishie guy as she then feels depressed that she seems so insignificant in such an academy. Bridget cheers her up with words of comfort though Fel took it as some kind of magical drug, instantly becoming genki (with the BGM to follow suit).
They then talk about the one who fought Priecia, Hyaweh and…ZOMG HER EAR MOVED! O.O

Later that day we see Priecia on her balcony as she thinks about her fight with Hyaweh…this isn’t over yet! She thinks.
The next day we see Hyaweh entering a room only to have a basin dropped onto his head…someone must dislike him already. The rest give him a stare but he shrugs it off and tries to sit next to Priecia as a swinging blade tires to take his head off. He dodges that effortlessly and comments on how dangerous school can be.

Fel the makes her appearance to talk to Hyaweh. He then becomes intrigued with her ears as he grabs onto them telling her that they look like bike handles. She then shakes him off and said that those are her ears! A huge bell then drops from above.
Later it is time for lunch! Hyaweh excuses himself, leaving Bridget with Fel. It seems like Bridget doesn’t like the food too much but forces herself anyway. Hyaweh tries to have lunch with Priecia but she obviously rejects. He tries to talk about her fighting but ends up getting milk in the face.

Priecia’s yuri fanclub is annoyed at how Hyaweh is treating their hime sama and begins to plot something. After lunch they intercept her and tell her the three laws that they will abide by in order to protect her. Priecia notices something in the courtyard but before that she tells the trio to fly off (or something like that ^^). The fan girls go into crazy mode just being able to talk to their idol.

Hyaweh is napping in a field as he hears the cry of a girl nearby. We then see a really loli girl crying that she will be late for class as she stares at the pile of papers spread out on the floor. Hyaweh then goes up to the girl and ask what’s wrong. She then ask if the girl is looking for her mother as he wipes her tears with a napkin. She then gets angry and tells Hyaweh that she is the teacher! He falls onto his butt in disbelief but the damage is already done seen as he continues to refuse to believe her. This ended up with him standing outside the classroom holding up buckets of water.

After class, Priecia’s fan club continues to watch over Hyaweh to make sure he doesn’t do anything out of line. They then move off in a tangent as they end up striking the famous three musketeers pose for Priecia.
Hyaweh wonders about dinner but is then hit with an object. He picks it up and reads the message, telling him to meet in the forest.

He later enters deep into the forest where he is attacked by the fan club. He asks what they are doing and the respond that this is all for Priecia bla bla. They then fly on tome of some magical disks and attack. One girl seems to have succeeded but was then knocked off a second later…by Priecia herself.

She tells them that she doesn’t want any help and scares them off with a fake attack. Suddenly, a rain of knives come flying down at them from nearby. They dodge them with ease as Hyaweh picks up the dropped sword. Ninjas then appear and surround the two. The fight starts but they are able to hold their own. However as a red ninja then jumps out from nowhere it seems the tide of battle was about to turn. Arrows then rain from the sky smashing the ninja’s to pieces. They retreat and looking back we see a miko in a tree with a bow. She then jumps down and gives Priecia a hug while Hyaweh stands gobsmacked.

Thoughts: Now I am interested!

This was indeed the episode to redeem the previous ones and one which I hope would set an example for future episodes. The comedy was just LOL seeing a Tsun Karin going batshit over something that was really an accident, not that I am complaining seen as happy yaro over there deserved it for being a cocky bugger ^^

Hyaweh is just too strong for his own good lol, and hence he comes off as a bit smug to me as he shows off his limitless skills.
The story is now getting more interesting with the situation being set quite well. Here we have Priecia being an active rival towards Hyaweh though I doubt that guy even knows the meaning of it (dam I hate his carefree nature ^^).

The ZOMG EAR GRAB! Was entertaining but I must say the cliché of having a yuri fan club is overused – hence it proved to be more of an annoyance than anything else.

The episode ended on an interesting note…now that we have miko him coming along who knows that other crazy events with happen ^^


2 Responses to “Prism Ark Episode 3 – Rabid Fangirls and P-P-P-PANTSU!?”

  1. 1 darwin October 22, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    Damn…I was hoping that this show wouldn’t turn out like this – with the guys getting physically abused by the girls for the most trivial reasons.

    Nevertheless, I have to give it to Hyaweh for being able to dodge all of those “punches of fury”. So far the only other male character that I can think of who has managed to do that is Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma. It’s refreshing to see such characters in the anime world, which is generally physically dominated by females.

    I only wish they were more frequent…

  2. 2 Kaioshin_Sama October 23, 2007 at 7:36 am

    He wasn’t really like that in the game. Precia overpowered him every time I can recall as of Chapter 2 where I am.

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