Gundam 00 Episode 03 (Changing World)


Okay, Just A Little In Your Face For The First Frame Of The Episode

The episode starts off not even a second after where the last one ended.  It kind of reminds me of the way Gundam X used to have all those cliffhangers at the end of it’s episodes, and this one is resolved just as quickly and easily as the ones in that series…..



Well, There Goes My Sword, Better Get My Rifle….Wait Isn’t That A Bit Backwards?


Shield Goes In Front Of You Dumbass


Oh Yeah!  Well My Swords Pink And Made Of Beam Particles

Setsuna is parrying the Union Flags sword as Graham comments on whether finding the Exia so easily was either Destiny or the lack of a GN particle spread.  Setsuna is able to shrug off Graham’s attack and cause him to lose his sword.  Graham is getting ready to retreat from this data gathering sortie (he has no intention to sink the Exia, it’s pretty obvious) and tries to take a piece of it’s armor with him, but Setsuna shrugs him off again.  Frustrated Graham draws his rifle (not beam) and fires some shots at the Exia, which it is able to swiftly dodge.  Setsuna draws the beam saber, which catches Graham off guard and manages to cut the Union Flags rifle in half.  Following the laws of U.C Gundam style combat, Graham has lost a portion of his armament and beats a hasty retreat, leaving a disturbed and angered Setsuna behind.


He Means Rifle…..Really He Does

Back on the Union carrier, Graham is upset about losing his rifle, but Billy tells him that given the data on the Gundam they’ve acquired, losing the entire Union Flag would have been a good trade.  Graham also mentions that he got a feel for Setsuna’s age and personality during the battle and is even further intrigued by the Gundam’s now than ever.  Meanwhile Setsuna is wondering what the deal was with the Solo Union Flag Sortie (keep in mind that MS usually fight in platoons and that there was no reason to see a Flag in HRA airspace).

At JNN News HQ we are treated to a Tominoesque sequences of everybody shooting off bits of dialogue rapidly and chaotically, trying to get as much information for a story on the Gundam’s appearance on Ceylon Island as possible.  In a private room, one of the female correspondents reveals that Aeolia Schenberg suddenly appeared in the latter half of the 21st Century with the technology for efficient Solar Power conversion.  She also mentions that he never showed himself to the public (so that picture of the bearded man might just be a compository shot of what he was said to have looked like).  Most importantly, his name behind the CB means they would likely have access to both funds and top of the line hardware that may very well have been refined and improved over the last two centuries without ever being made public (think the equivalent of the stealth fighter who’s existence was denied and kept for many years, or the fact that the FBI/CIA/Homeland Security in the U.S has surveillance equipment several generations ahead of what is available to the public).  Finally she wonders why the CB waited 2 centuries to finally make their move.


The City Of The Future At Night

At the Office Of AEU Intelligence, the Director is also being briefed about Schenberg.  His bloodline is said to have ended with him, and no trace of his assets can be found.  The director says to file this and prepare it for a presentation to Parliament in the coming week, because he feels that the CB are not done with these armed interventions.



They Mean They Wished He Had Died

Meanwhile at the HRL space elevator, the CB minus Setsuna are gathered at a table in the lobby.  Setsuna finally arrives and Lockon, who appears to be the highest ranked member chides him for being late.  He says that space will be left up to Tieria and that the rest of them will head for the next mission (and if you wonder why these guys are all really boring and tired looking, I’d imagine it’s because they never seem to want to sleep for crying out loud).  Lockon also orders milk for Setsuna (probably as a method for implying that he’s still the youngest and most inexperienced of the group and not to get ahead of himself).  Setsuna is not impressed by this obvious gesture.  The reason they are all gathered at the elevator as Allejuah points out is that the Virtue needs to be returned to space as quickly as possible so that Ptolemaios can draw power from it (Solar Power I assume.  Though I’m not sure why Ptolemaios doesn’t have the same technology.  Perhaps it had nothing to do with Aeolia Schenbergs research legacy).  The plan is to sneak it by in a container on the freight elevator with the resources being used to build the HRL Satellite.  Setsuna stops Allejuah’s explanation here and tells him he’s talking about too much classified information in a public area.  Allejuah apologizes and Lockon points out that Tieria’s lift is departing.



In his cabin, Tieria is glad that he can finally return to space as he hates being on the ground.  As the rest of the CB leaves to get ready for the next sortie, one of the HRA Lt. Col’s from the Satellite defense (see episode 1) is returning from space (and interesting enough, he prefers gravity as opposed to Tieria.  The fact they made it obvious to point out the twos contrasting opinions on Space vs. Earth has me believing this is significant.  I get the sense their stories will be linked).  Before anything happens the Lt. Col wants to stop by Ceylon to see with his own eyes what happened (see episode 2).


Meanwhile In Vector Capital Of The Empire


You Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

Back at the Union MSWAD HQ, Graham and Billy have been reassigned to the newly formed Anti-Gundam unit for being the two individuals who have the most knowledge (if still extremely limited) on the Gundam’s activities.  A certain Prof. Lief Eifman will be in charge of the operation and Graham enthusiastically (perhaps a little too much) accepts his reassignment.


How I Earned My Degree


There’s Your Second Instance Of Implied Moe Tendencies That This Time Actually Pans Out A Bit


A Tsundere, In Gundam?!  We’ll Have To See

In school, the two students from last episode (Saji and Louise) are learning about the age old conflict between the Northern Presbyterian and Southern Catholic Irish population (and they don’t seem particularly interested).  Saji is troubled with having to learn history in an engineering school, but suddenly Louise is the practical one and states that in order to do business with technicians from other countries, they’ll need to know a bit about world history.  This gets her thinking about how her study abroad in Japan will be over in only 2 years and she’ll be returning home.  She asks Saji if she will be in his future and he absent mindedly replies, “Perhaps”, causing her to storm off.  She tells him he should be chasing her as he sits there dumbfounded and he immediately does right afterward *Whip Sound Effect*.


And Yet Your Directing A Covert Military Operation…..All This Time She’s Just Been “Playing” General


An International Man Of Mystery Eh

In an upscale restaurant, Liu Ming is meeting with an associate and comments that if he wants to see the CB’s next mission he should acquire three monitors as quickly as possible.  At the bar is Liu Ming’s bodyguard and a rather dapper looking gentleman sitting at the bar (possible spies) acknowledges Liu Ming and Companies discussion.

EYECATCHU! (not really)



For A Base That Was Just Wiped Out, They Aren’t Doing To Bad

At the HRA base in Ceylon the Lt. Col is observing the examination of Gundam Kyrios’ ejected missile launcher that was used to destroy the bases infrastructure.  The Lt. Colonel is finally named as Sergei and the techie describes the missile launcher to him.


Nice Custom Colours


Ummmmmmm…….. What……….

Back at the Union base, Billy infers that the GN particles are behind the Exia’s advanced maneuveribility, jamming and weapons, and Sergei is being informed of the same thing at the exact same moment (to the point where he finishes Billy’s sentence).  Graham and Sergei are also briefed on Aeolia Schenberg at the same time.  Dr. Eifman wants Graham to try and capture the Gundam Exia and in a Zech Merquise like fashion, requests the Union Flag be fine tuned and it’s limiters removed (Tallgeese anyone) so he can keep up with the Exia’s speed.




Gotta Respect A Guy With Such An Advantage Who Doesn’t Give Into The Temptation To Take The Easy Way Out…..Unlike Setsuna

Suddenly Graham and Sergei are informed of the Gundam’s appearing on two fronts.  In South Africa the Dynames is intervening in a feud over a Diamond Mine.  Lockon isn’t happy about it and feels like he’s being forced to bully the weak.  In fact he’s barely even trying to hit them and wants to scare them away.


Bombs Away


The South Is Burning Red

Meanwhile in South America, Kyrios is bombing a Marijuana field in an attempt to put the breaks on the drug wars (or at least deter people from fighting over them.  No drugs, nor fighting over the crop), and Dr. Eifman is in support of this and won’t let Graham launch (as if he could really make it there in time anyway).  Unlike Lockon though, Allejuah seems to be enjoying himself.


Unneccesary Posing


This Scene Is Missing The Classic Gundam Proximity Alert Sound Effect


This Is Just A Neat Shot I Liked.  No Snappy Comment Other Than That I Really Like The Way The Exia Holds It Sword


Hip Wings


AWWWWW COME ON!  Watch Out For The Beam Saber Guys!


Like Oh My God, Don’t Touch Me, My Dad Touched Once…..Once!

Exia is actually at Ceylon island itself finishing the job and Sergei requests a Tierien prepared for him as fast as possible.  The Tierien’s that are out already are no match for the Exia and are dealt with quickly, but just as Setsuna is about to confirm the completion of his part of the phase, Sergei sorties.  Throwing away his gun, Sergei charges with a pile bunker, which is chopped by the Exia.  Sergei calls it a sacrifice and grabs the Exia’s head, trying to pull it off.  Not knowing about the Beam Saber (same as Graham) he is caught off guard though and his Tieren is disabled.  Setsuna utters the “Don’t Touch Me” line again as well (that went pretty poorly for Setsuna despite escaping).


Nifty Little Dock Sequence


Yeah We Get It Gravity Evil And So On


The Fact He Refuses This…….It’s Not Cause He’s Gay.  Man It’s Almost Like Sunrise Is Going Out Of It’s Way With Double Entendre’s And Suggestive Meanings That Really Lead Nowhere

Back in space Ptolemaios accept Virtue into it’s docking bay after it ejects itself from the cargo container and starts transferring starts drawing GN energy from the Virtue.  Tieria is relieved to be back in space now and also refuses a drink from Sumeragi.


The Odd Couple…..And Jesus, Is Tomino Doing The Names Now.  What’s Next, Flex Rawhide Or Something


And The Series Thinks It’s Gundam X Now With The Episode Title Being A Line That Was Said In The Episode.

Back in Japan, Setsuna appears to be renting a room next to Saji of all people.  Saji introduces himself, but is barely able to get a name out of Setsuna before he goes into his room.  Funny story, Saji’s who’s sister he was just telling Setsuna he lived with is the JNN newscaster doing all that research on Aeolia Schenberg.  After she leaves for work, Saji get’s a call from Lousie to turn on the news.  The reporter says that the IRA has announced it will be ceasing all operations in Northern Ireland and the 400 years of tensions in Ireland are over.  Louise asks Saji what they are going to do about their report on the IRA they were supposed to do, now that it no longer applies and a visibly startled Saji comments that the world is changing at a rapid pace.

Thoughts:  This is definitely the episode where things really get started for Gundam 00.  The Celestial Beings are starting to have a real impact, and we also learn a bit more about their personalities beneath their stoic exterior.  Setsuna mumbles about people touching him several times in this episode.  One is lead to wonder where the trauma lies in all of this, as two times he screws up and is almost captured and two times, it’s the enemy getting a little too close that causes him to think of a way out.  Setsuna’s carelessness get’s him chided by Lockon, who appears to be the most senior, and thus highest on the pecking order of the CB.  Lockon seems like the most decent of all the group.  He is concerned about the people on his team (the milk he orders for Setsuna was a message that he’s still a kid and he shouldn’t be overdoing things) and his enemy, who he would rather force into retreat than kill in cold blood.  Allejuah seems to enjoy his job a little too much, getting overzealous, blabbing secrets and using excessive force (despite the fact he just commented about that to Tieria in episode 01, he’s no better really).  Then there’s Tieria, who has some weird fixation on gravity, and you could almost tell right from the beginning his issues concerning that, as the first time we see him, he is floating in Zero G.  I wonder how that is going to come up later on in the story.  He always struck me as seeming uncomfortable and irritable when he was on Earth last episode, in stark contrast to when he was in space in episode 01 and now we have confirmation of his issues.  That does it for the CB side.  On the Union side, is the obsessed Graham Acre.  He seems a little too focused on the Gundam Exia, to the point where he’s willing to follow any order necessary to get a second shot at shooting it down.  He doesn’t seem to care for Dr. Eifman, but is willing to stick it out for the hopes of getting a custom unit that is on par perfomance wise with the Exia.  On the HRA side is the experienced Sergei.  To date he has come the closest to defeating the Exia, and in an outdated Tierian no less.  I’m lead to wonder a bit what is going on with Setsuna.  He is unfocused, and overly confident, to the point where he has allowed pretty much every one of the 3 Superpowers to gather data on his Mobile Suit, and he has an unnatural bloodlust in battle that isn’t healthy in a soldier.  He needs to take Lockon’s advice and not push himself to hard if he intends to keep his devils luck.  On the civilian front is another interesting story.  Saji’s sister is the JNN reporter who is hot on the trail of the CB’s founder and extended personnel.  Should she later find out the person she’s looking for is living right next to her…..well I’m interested to see what lengths Setsuna might go if that should happen.  Finally, the major theme of this episode comes across fairly well.  As I expected, at the very least the Union is entering a period of R&D and military buildup, which is exactly the thing the CB would want to prevent.  The other nations are also getting their act together as well, with Sergei gathering information on the Gundam’s that attacked Ceylon Island and testing the Gundam Exia’s perfomance in person (which I guess he will now believe).  Only the AEU needs to start getting it’s act together.  The Intelligence is pretty weak on that front, and they have all but decided to take a wait and see approach, that I don’t think will do them any good.  And this is because on the Civilian front, we clearly see that the CB are having a rapid psychological effect on smaller military organizations like the IRA, who claims they are ceasing operations after 400 years, and this in what may only be a matter of weeks since the Gundams appeared.  I know it seems a bit abrupt, but when you think about it, major conflicts such as the Cold War and the 100 Years War (much longer) also ended quite abruptly as well, and those conflicts were on a much larger scale and between the super powers of their respective times.  Introducing an unknown element into a situation can often have unexpected rapid effects on the status quo, be it a peace oriented leader or dangerous weaponery (look what the Atom Bomb did for WWII).  I really enjoyed this episode a lot.  The plot is definitely underway now and I can see a lot of interesting and intertwining paths for our characters to follow.  The character relationship web has already started to get complicated and quite intricate (Which is the key to making me enjoy most series) and it’s only going to grow from here.  4 More days…..

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


4 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 03 (Changing World)”

  1. 1 Anon October 24, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    Your pics’ comments are as funny as always. Anyway, I agree with you that this is a great episode (I don’t care much about the lack of action).

    I also agree that Real IRA cease fire (not surrendering if I gather right), makes some sense for the IRA side. Being the ‘terrorist’, I’m sure that their funding is not as free flowing as their opponent, so it makes sense for them to lay low for the time being to protect their ‘assets’, aka. weapons, troops (I’m sure they can’t recruit as easily as their opponent), mecha, etc. Ego, revenge, history of 400 years war, etc won’t get you closer to victory anyway, a good strategist should not brood over these things. Hopefully we’ll see if they really stop the war or not in later eps.

    I think Setsuna’s attitude is somewhat understandable. He was exposed to killing on daily basis when he was small, and he must have quite a high kill-count even before he joined CB (considering that he managed to survive). Rather than bloodlust, I’ll say that he simply cannot feel the weight of lives anymore (immunized against violence or whatever the term is). Tieria, interestingly, has this same attitude, while Lock On has too much compassion for a soldier, I wonder how their upbringing was.

  2. 2 sadakups October 25, 2007 at 1:20 pm

    Haha. There goes Kaoishin-sama’s comments again. Loved the one that went “They Mean They Wished He Had Died”. ^_^

  3. 3 Moe Otaku! October 26, 2007 at 12:58 am

    woah… too long O.o aguu~

    “Shield Goes In Front Of You Dumbass”

    We’ll in all actuality depending on the precise velocity at which said object is traveling can lead to an undetermined factor of un predictable circumstanciations in which…

  4. 4 IKnight October 26, 2007 at 8:49 am

    I did find it hard to imagine the Real IRA still being operational after 400 years. But the episode was pretty enjoyable if not mind-blowing. I liked Sergei throwing away his gun, it had a certain ridiculous Western feel to it.

    ‘Don’t touch me’ is certainly an interesting catchphrase.

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