Myself;Yourself – Episode 4 – LoliTASTIC!

Yep, you heard me, this was a lolitastic episode if I have ever seen one myself. This week we see how Shuu manages to get some of the love from this series (and it is about time that someone other than just the lead male got some attention). This happens when he saves a loli from some bullies, though not just any loli. I have to say that she is one of the most perfect silver haired, lush golden eyes, flat chested and killer zettai ryouiki loli I have ever seen (with the added bonus of being an oujo sama type…oh and very persuasive).

And due to some “problems” the summary would either be tomorrow or 6 days later…*sigh*

Edit: now if I can find the time to write up a summary of this I will…

Thoughts: For a diverging “filler” type episode I thought this was rather entertaining. Sure, we may be at a standstill with Sana’s relationship with Nanaka after last week’s revelation but still, getting to know Shuu was dam enjoyable (not to mention the comedy that followed with loli chan ^_^).

But behind all of the gloss we do see a more serious side with Hinako. We see that outside of her usual cheerful personality she is actually quite a lonely oujo chan as we see her eating by herself at a restaurant. It was there that she reveals that this happens quite often seen as her parents are often busy with work. This immediately puts her in the “cheerful but lonely” type character longing for someone to like, or at least to have some friends.

This followed with her “mature” personality, or what she pursues as being mature, such as eating by herself and not crying. This was ultimately broken down as Sana lends her a shoulder to cry on near the end of this episode. All I could say was “awwwwww you poor thing” as that is the truth in my opinion. Poor Hinako indeed…she is trying to be mature and strong while forgetting that she is basically still a kid.

As for what happened in the episode I am very pleased to say that they didn’t waste any time giving the viewers an enjoyable time. Besides knowing that Shuu’s ideal girl is someone totally opposite to his sister and the fact that loli chan over there can be quite manipulative, we also see Sana dying and Aoi’s annoying voice put to full use!

The end is also a bit significant towards Sana I guess, as he talks to his mother about their relationship.

This series is not dropping in standards so far ^_^

Images Edit: Okay I tired…but why is the thumbnails still not showing up for this post >.> *gah*


1 Response to “Myself;Yourself – Episode 4 – LoliTASTIC!”

  1. 1 Nazo August 6, 2008 at 3:03 am

    All your pictures from this episode are deleted… Can you reupload them please?

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