Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 16 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MINOR spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these minorspoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED). Good reading!

As you can see with this episode, many revelations were given to how things really happened in Hinamizawa since the very start. The mastermind’s motives are now “clear”, so we can actually see how this path was followed and how such incidents happened before. If you are reading this, I guess you want more extensive view of these right? Well then !
Matsuribayashi-hen Analyses: [三四], [Ugomeki]

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. Satoshi, Satoko and Irie
  2. First Sacrifice
  3. Hanyuu and Rika



I. Satoshi, Satoko and Irie

Satoshi is finally portrayed back on the time he was withstanding the quarrels between Satoko and their aunt.
As you should know since Tatarigoroshi-hen and Meakashi-hen, Satoko was mentally tortured by her environment: her fosters parents, the past, the villagers, etc.

This episode reveals that her health was completely broken already around this period of time (roughly in 1980, so probably some time after the Watanagashi) : LEVEL5. If you consider the fact Satoshi mentioned how their foster parents are treating them, that means that Irie wasn’t even aware of this at that moment. After the mention of her being broken down because of the previous husbands of her mother, Satoko was already very unstable from the beginning.
It is ironic to say that her young age is not only the factor which turned her weak against this pressure but also the factor which prevents her to be beyond the no turning back point, as even in LEVEL5 she isn’t as insane as other L5 subjects (except maybe the end of Tatarigoroshi-hen)

Thus, this hint is probably demonstrating that Satoko was already very very mentally weak because of the Syndrome for a long time. This explains why she faked a child abuse because of Houjou. If he has remotely some similarities with his brother Teppei, Houjou is probably not the guy who would try to be understanding if anything fails, though there was absolutely no abuse whatsoever, so that’s already a “good point” (As nothing really reported any family issue aside of Satoko’s hostility, Houjou doesn’t seem to be a bastard like his brother). Thus, as I suggested before with the episode 12, chances Satoko was the one who pushed her parents are extremely high (the pressure, her aversion towards Houjou and of course, the syndrome).

Meanwhile, Satoshi is very affected by this as well. As you might already know, Satoshi is quite the “inhibitor” for Satoko, as not only he is the only one who is protective for her, but also a living shelter against the aggressive environment (standing between her and Tamae and Teppei). Therefore, Satoshi is absorbing the pressure as well, which was already explained by Rika in Tatarigoroshi-hen.
In this episode, it is important to note that Satoshi’s resistance is falling apart, as he is considering it would be nice if Satoko stays in the clinic for a while.

However, the anime was a bit too rushed in that regard, as the Piece #28 (see the fourth part of this article) demonstrates a much deeper inner conflict.
Satoshi doesn’t play his role of a “brother” as a mandatory: he truely cherishes his little sister. However, the pressure is taking its toll just like how Shion figured out in Meakashi-hen: Satoko is clinging on him all the time, which doesn’t lift any pressure on him.
The piece itself reveals that Satoshi is completely twisted with his own conscience, as he cannot accept his thoughts of “relief” if Satoko doesn’t come back home. And this part is probably a torn for him, because of this, it is rather a disgusting anguish within his heart, as his will and role are conflicting with his own “health”.

That’s why Irie is so considerate towards the Houjou siblings: none of them are cared by anyone. Rather, it seems most people would be happy if they didn’t exist to begin with (Tamae and Teppei would be happy as it means less charge for them, the villagers wouldn’t care of the fate of some Houjou, etc).
Thus, Irie took some actions by himself: trying to advice Satoshi when troubles arise, encouraging him to do some sports etc.
Same intention goes to Satoko, as Irie is directly trying to use her as a cure experiment, which is quite desesperate as it appears she got these for several years (Satoko mentioned it in the episode 12. Considering that it has been used like 3 years, that means it isn’t totally effective, so not really complete medecine).
Not only he wants to cure her, but he obviously doesn’t want Takano to lay her claws on her… The “nurse” blatantly hopes for more LEVEL5 subjects, so they will be able to dissect them alive and do research again, much like what they did with the first incident case murderer. No matter how you are looking at it, Irie values much more human life than this research despite his position, and so, his “duty” to do research on the Hinamizawa Syndrome.

Now… what would happen if Satoshi himself goes to LEVEL5…?
Remember… everything demonstrates that Satoshi was indeed the true culprit of the case of 1982: Houjou Tamae’s murder. Since it is obvious that the Sonozaki Family didn’t do anything to Satoshi (RULE Z), they would hardly have something to do with the “cover” and the disappearance of Satoshi.
Considering how the Yamainu is able to do such a cover for Takano and her fake corpse, it is obviously possible for them to take a random junkie and forcefully making his mental unstability worse so the said psychopath would have the details that only the culprit would know.
After that, we can speculate that either:

  1. Takano took Satoshi into custody, playing with his brain;
  2. Irie sheltered him outside;
  3. or another wild guess: he might have already died after fleeing by himself (going crazy, clawing out his throat, etc)

It is hardly possible to figure the whereabouts of Satoshi, but it is quite clear how he turned like this, and how the cover was possible to prove he was “innocent”.


II. First Sacrifice

This is finally the revelation of “how things have started” (Piece #13). As you could see, it appears the five abducted workers said the truth to the police: the Manager was going berserk all of a sudden, and they were trying to save their life. This is of course the result of the LEVEL5 on the said dam manager.
Now, the thing is… Is it Takano’s doing…? It is hardly possible to say since nothing really demonstrated if the Dam Manager changed in an abrupt way or not; let alone, we don’t know if Takano was already researching the substance which triggers the L5. As proved with the “murder leader worker” (let’s call him MLW), the workers were shuned and harassed by the villagers, obviously being the actors/tools of such project, along with the higherups of Tokyo.
With such pressure (which probably granted several issues… like hurled rocks, etc), their job is hardly a cake walk. Having enemies everywhere, their job is more like a bother than anything.

After what happened with the L5 dam manager, the workers, caught by surprise and distress most likely triggered some natural (not necessarily the syndrome) defense, confusion and “excitement”. Due the violent demonstration of hostility by their manager, the atmosphere led them to such atrocity.
This is very similar to what happened to Keiichi in Onikakushi-hen, as the syndrome only deceived what he saw, and he got the desperate “defense” behaviour. That’s why the workers and keiichi were so shocked only afterwards: this is a complete unreal situation which can be grasped only after what the irreversible was already done.
Such situation is a very favorable atmosphere to grow typical symptoms of the syndrome, which inevitably leads to another L5. This is the spiral of madness we already saw many times in Higurashi.

Thus, the MLW was an ex-convict under probation. He is obviously harboring aversion to the mere mention of returning to jail, thus leading to paranoia, quickly stacking with the already present symptoms of disease. As result, his instant reactions are suspicions and denial, with a very severe oppression. No wonder why he was “happily” butchering his “meat piece” with such grins. This afterwards leads to his complete breakdown when he is “caught”.
Reaching the terminal stage of the disease, with such enraged behaviour, it was a matter of time that he would do the same than any L5 subject: clawing out his throat.

Being in such level of the disease, the subject is what exactly Takano and Irie need, as the highest stage probably displays the strongest activities of the pathogen, giving much more insight of how the disease is working. This is explained with what Irie said with their research done “last year” when they were talking about Satoko. Since Takano is awaiting her dissection with glee, it is safe to assume that they need much further data, and probably more “different environment” for the disease and/or the MLW is probably dead already (not that change the fact he was in a vegetable state to begin with).

This is then how it is ironically matching the curse of Oyashiro-sama, since the “sixth murder with the right arm”, the MLW was missing ever since then. The “Onikakushi” of 1979.
And considering again the Sonozaki’s position against the dam project and the very violent propaganda they did, it is quite logical that RULE Z becomes tangible because of this: everyone quickly believe it is their doing.

On a different note, though still with the same case, the dam manager was shown as a very important acquaintance to Ooishi. Unfortunately, the anime wasn’t able to shows it well due the time constraints. This refers to Piece #24. That said, Ooishi’s suspicions are matching the RULE Z, quoted earlier, proving once again how the Sonozaki crippled the situation with their bluff.


III. Hanyuu and Rika

This episode introcuded something really “strange” for us… Basically, as already hinted last week, Hanyuu booted back in a new hinamizawa, though… she is obviously beyond the mere “2 weeks” deadline of Minagoroshi-hen.
However, Rika asked Hanyuu about the world of Minagoroshi-hen, as the Auau spirit was already there before her. There isn’t any proof that Hanyuu isn’t able to go much earlier than Rika, and that wouldn’t prevent her to not talk to Rika, which gives hope to the later as shown here. That means there is no proof that Rika has already “landed” in this world. Don’t forget that Rika already trusted Keiichi before, though Tsumihoroboshi-hen and Minagoroshi-hen were the true “revelations” that Keiichi can score miracles against fate.

So the Rika we saw in this episode doesn’t exactly prove it is the very last one, the “present” from Minagoroshi-hen. That doesn’t mean she won’t show up, but even after what Rika said, it doesn’t prove much that she is the one after minagoroshi, especially if Hanyuu talked to her. So, what i imply is: “consciouness of Rika – Minagoroshi-hen -” wasn’t transferred yet.

Thus, we don’t have yet the confirmation if Hanyuu got a power up because she was able to do truely her best in such desperate battle.
As for my personal opinion (with a “anime only view” of course), I’m not convinced at all. Considering that she didn’t materialized yet (as the odds are very high, as I explained already in the last analysis), I believe the timing isn’t good yet.
Also, bear in mind that “time change” is again something too dangerous to do so. Things can go into abnormal proportions and so, instead of relying on the “source of the problems”, it is rather a better choice to act against the problem completely.

That said, it is obviously not a simple retelling of the past, since Hanyuu proved that she has knowledge of Minagoroshi-hen (as she finally realized that she has to believe in it as well). She also has a direct “interaction” with the past we saw (be it her confrontation with Takano, or her discussion with Rika).
that is still only an observation and deduction from how the loop worked until now.

It is only pure speculation/observation for the moment, as any of the wild guess should be confirmed in episode 19.

That said, Hanyuu demonstrated her will is now steadfast, forceful. So now they need to rejoin all of them, the 7 friends against Takano. However, as I told you, things might also depend how the next and final “reboot” will occur. Would they be able to again go against Teppei if he reappars? What if Keiichi goes panzer like in Onikakushi/Tatarigoroshi?
Nothing i guess… As all of the chess pieces are in place. Even if the situation is against the odds of winning, Rika and Hanyuu already learned what is true strength and “miracles” aren’t something you wait for. They are what your hardship leads to.

As for what the actual episode has shown… Hanyuu was seen observing many people, with a “narrating” tone of what happened. Thus, I guess you might think “so Hanyuu can roam around, and she could actually tell Rika before right?”.
The problem is… well, isn’t it too soon to say so…? Well the hint is… what if you know the truth, but you think it is useless? No matter how you are aware of some critical informations, if your will isn’t tuned in such fashion you can use them, it is just null and void. Therefore, whatever Hanyuu did know or not, it doesn’t matter because considering how pessimism, it would hardly possible for her to say anything, as she thought herself worthless, useless. A mere observer.
More answers will come about her, but be aware that nothing if left “randomly”.



First, a warning: Whenever you click on a link in this part of this article, be sure to ONLY read the post I linked, and nothing else. People might be interested to click on the link of the root thread, and thus roaming on the thread. Even though pieces are in spoiler tags, it is a bit risky to read the name of the pieces, and you might read something you weren’t supposed to. So just stick with them, and follow the order of the anime, which will prevent you any unecessary/impertinent spoiler or confusion. Thank your for your understanding.

I believe it is finally the good timing to explain what is “Kakera Musubi”. Basically, Matsuribayashi-hen begins in the game much like in the anime. We are following the past of Tanashi Miyoko, from the orphanage until she is adopted by Takano Hifumi.
After that, the players are invited to participate to a “mini game”: Basically, several “pieces” are shown in front of the players, with the name of them, as well as with their “conditions”. Basically, the “gameplay” is that you have to check in the chronological order the pieces, which permits you to connect the pieces together.
This is explained immediately, as a prologue in the “worlds space”. I recommend you to read it, of course.

Prologue : [Welcome to the World of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Matsuribayashi-hen]

As you can see with this picture, several pieces are shown, with thumbnails having some animation when you highlight them. As the game explained beforehand, you have to got through of this mass of information so you will have the whole picture of what “happened”. This is somewhat “The Truth” served on a silver plate, though you can’t roam reckless otherwise…

Crack! You choosed a wrong piece, and its thumbnail is then covered by a broken glass look. Don’t worry, the game just warns you that it is just a bit too early to read this piece. So you just have to read back the conditions (usually a reference to a certain event of a piece) and so you can find out what is/are the piece(s) required before reading this. Here, the piece #40, Furude Rika, requires the confrontation between Houjou and Sonozaki Family. So…

This one should do the trick. Piece #26 [Local Project Meeting]. Luckily (well… I purposely chosed the second piece to begin ^^”) this is one of the few first pieces requiring no piece beforehand (as seen with the “condition). So as expected the piece doesn’t show a error message when clicked, and after it is read, a thin bluish overlay appears, proving you alread cleared the piece.
You can of course re-read any past pieces. That said, now that you cleared the requirement…

The piece #40 is finally “available”, as the game shows it to the player with a bright blue outline. This piece will also activate another one, Piece #38, which has the condition “Strawberry milk candy required”. Of course, don’t expect this thing will pop on “non broken piece”. With some trial and error (if too reckless), you will surely get through of this. This is rather a way to give some interaction to the players but also to see if they actually can connect the chronology with simple mentions of conditions and the content of the pieces already seen (thus, giving a better approach if you can relate the events you read with the requirements).

Now that the explanations are over, I can now give you the pieces which were shown in this episode. A nice number, though they will obviously have to skip some of them.

As you can see, there are many pieces covered already, though they are quite short and quick to adapt. Of course, I wholeheartedely suggest you to read them, since they are much more extensive on the characters thoughts and feelings, especially for Irie and Satoshi.

Also, here are the pieces which might be read, as they will probably won’t be covered anytime soon, as their chronological order should belong to the ones they used for this episode. Some of the non shown pieces might have a later appearance, so I will only suggest what it is safe.

Only one so far, as the pieces regarding the rest should be covered in episode 17, considering the preview.

As for my personal opinion/comparison, I believe the anime did well with the pieces, though they are obviously not able to put everything, let alone the thoughts etc (unlike Shion’s in Meakashi-hen, where it was obviously possibly, but oh well…). The change of the order isn’t that odd, as it is trying to use Hanyuu as the narrator, so she can go back and forth, and so by showing Satoshi right after the OP, it was a good move to link the research with Satoko’s state and then with the MLW. Of course, it is confusing at times, as they are jumping from prior 1979 to 1980 then back in 1979.


…Beyond the clockwork start of the fate of june 1983…
…resolve remains unbreakable…
…the last companion assures…

…a Powerful Fighting Spirit…

Will the miracle be realized? Will everyone be happy?
This is your decision to accompany everyone in their last battle…
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai continues…


This very long entry is finally done… I was really late, since as expected, many things cluttered my scheldule… (I still have 2 summaries to do… aya…). That said, things will neately be revealed, and I believe the “plot holes” will be filled in due time.
That said, I’m very glad how things are turning right now, so I will keep going with these articles (hoping it won’t be as cranky as before though…). Hope you will understand the goal of the KAKERA ^^
Next week will be 謀略 – Bouryaku – Strategy.


9 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 16 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments”

  1. 1 FlareKnight October 29, 2007 at 12:10 am

    Another good job analyzing the episode.

    One thing I did like was finally getting why Ooishi is so determined. Instantly making the Sonozaki family his opponents on this which will play its role during the series.

    Can understand Satoshi as well and its never a simple thing. Would have to be a really tough burden to handle. Plus the inner conflict. Like anyone there is that part that would like Satoko to stay at the clinic so it`d be a bit easier on him. He’s only human after all. What will happen to him should be very interesting. Since I’m doubtful he just ran off never to return. Have to think that Takano would be related to it. If she wanted to cut up Satoko no doubt she’d do that to Satoshi if the chance came.

    Am interested in Hanyuu. Certainly she had a low opinion of herself at times sticking to just the role of observer. I guess if you aren’t trying to find things since you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t find the answers. Looking forward to when the final round gets started. How Hanyuu’s new spirit and determination will shape things. What kind of problems will come up in the new world since sadly there always are some. But they have to win there is no other option now.

  2. 2 crazyinsaneanimefangirl October 29, 2007 at 12:25 am

    I like Irie, so I hope they can include at least a little on his personal history. It seems that Irie has a personal reason for wanting to cure Hinamaizawa Syndrome, just like Ooishi has a personal reason for wanting to solve the murders and Takano wants to decimate Hinamizawa.

  3. 3 Hecman October 29, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    Was wondering what this piece #28 and etc. was about. I read straight down… So KAKERA MUSUBI is a mini game for pc game that serves the whole story? Wow! I didn’t know there was so much information there! Heh. I avoid reading anything in forums that says anything that spoils the anime development.

    I thank you, Klashikari for another good anaylsis report, please continue!

  4. 4 Dark-Pie October 29, 2007 at 7:44 pm

    It’s unfortunate theres no way to play KAKERA MUSUBI ( short of buying the whole game ).

    I do think Hanyuu remembers already though. She knew Takano was bad and her will showed enough so that she could talk to Takano.

  5. 5 rescue January 17, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    I really like looking through an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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