CLANNAD, Episode 5

Nagisa and Tomoya decide to postpone their activities for the drama club, and they will “investigate” Fuko’s case instead. The distribution of the wooden stars is en route, with some difficulties. Yet, everyone is nice and devoted for the star moeblob. As usual, some funny moments, and especially good chunk of heartwarming scenes.


CLANNAD, Episode 5:

A scene with a sculpture

Tomoya suggests Nagisa that they should pay a visit to Ibuki-sensei, as they might find a clue about Fuko. He then asks to the concerned girl if she will come with them, but she is reluctant to this.

Both of them are outside, and Tomoya is quite skeptic, as Fuko is definitely suspicious since she doesn’t even bother to accompagny them. Nagisa believes there is a reason behind it, but Tomoya has hard time to believe the fact Fuko is a ghost who roams around, while she is certainly human. Nagisa can’t say much and both go on.
They meet with Ibuki-sensei. She is surprised to see Nagisa, but she also recognizes Tomoya, back from the bakery scene (episode 3).
Ibuki believes Tomoya is Nagisa’s boyfriend, and of course, the later is embarassed and adamently denies it.
Tomoya does a weird face due the instant reply, and Nagisa tries to cover her blunder. The “malicious” teacher stays on the topic and asks Tomoya if he has a crush on someone, but the later says he doesn’t have any person like this. Ibuki-sensei is relieved since it will be a chance for Nagisa, who is completely speechless and flsuehd. She then tries to change the topic and congratulates Ibuki for her weddings with Yuusuke-san. The retired teacher is quite surprised and she asks them where they know it from, especially her fiancé name, because she didn’t tell his name to anyone but Fuko. Tomoya is shoked and asks further confirmation. She confirms it, saying she told that only to her sister who is in a deep and long sleep, as she already told this to Nagisa before. She often speaks to her, despite Fuko is asleep, and so, she wonders how they could know.
Tomoya explains they heard it at school, as some guys probably saw them outside, and so they spread a rumor. Nagisa asks how is Fuko. Ibuki says she is fine, though she is unsure about getting married while her sister is hospitilized. As she is looking at the sky as she says this, a light orb is floating in the sky.

Nagisa and Tomoya are discussing in the park, and the later is unable to believe all of this, but Nagisa claims Fuko is indeed at school, and she almost failed to restrain her of saying so to her sister. Tomiya believes it might be better if she did, but Nagisa believes it might be bad if she does it carelessly and Fuko was against it as well. Tomoya still wonders if she really believe in this stuff (ghost etc), as she might have heard that story from that Yuusuke. Nagisa still has a gut feeling that Fuko isn’t lying to them and on the verge of crying, refers about the fact she is resolutely carving wooden stars for Ibuki’s weddings. Tomoya tries to calm her down, but Nagisa won’t cry and she want to help Fuko. Tomoya is a bit clueless and wonders what she will do for the drama club, and Nagisa says it is important, but Fuko is a more important matter. Tomoya understands and will help as well.

At night, Nagisa and Tomoya were able to force Fuko to follow them at Nagisa’s home, since it isn’t really good for her to stay at school at night. Since Nagisa’s parents know about Ibuki, Tomoya asks Fuko to think about an alias for her surname. As the male lead explains to them, Both Akio and Sanae don’t have any problem to welcome her, though they wonder about Fuko’s parents. Tomoya explains they are “horrible” and they went on a trip all of a sudden. Fuko is a bit too static, and she is a bit late at the confirmation. Sanae is quite caring and asks her last name.

However… Fuko introduced her as “Isogai Fuko”… which is the same surname than their neighbors
Tomoya panicks and tries to cover the blunder. Fortunately, the “coincidence” is accepted and it seems there will be no problem.

Tomoya goes back to the dormitory, but he is almost caught by the big human wave of the rugby club members, who were trying to flee from Misae. The dorm mother is complaining of their inconsiderate behaviour, as they were peeping on the girl’s dormitory again. Tomoya suggests her to be more strict and they won’t goof around again. Misae isn’t exactly interested with violent means, then Youhei shows up. Tomoya calls him a peeping tom and he has barely the time to understand this that Misae gave the cat to Tomoya, inflicting the “divine punishment” joint lock on the poor blonde joker.
At youhei’s room, both guys are discussing a bit. Tomoya explains to Youhei that the drama club will be postponed as another matter has shown up: about a ghost, which interests Youhei. Of course, Tomoya doesn’t believe much about it, but he is worried about Nagisa and Fuko.

Tomoya pays a visit to the furukawa bakery, but there isn’t anyone inside. As he is walking upstairs, he is shocked to see TONS of wooden stars on the ground, while Akio is freaked out, bleeding! The Furukawa family members are helping Fuko in her carving task. A customer is coming, and Tomoya tells this to Akio, but the later doesn’t care and asks his young fellow to take handle this. Tomoya freaks out, and Sanae disapproves… but not really for the same reason, as she argues they can carve some stars while keeping the store. Akio acts once again exaggerately and both he and Sanae are taking their usual post back, while Nagisa will prepare herself for school. Meanwhile, Fuko is still concentrated on her task.
Tomoya comments it looks like a starry sky, but Fuko is quite puzzled by his comments. In fact, the wooden items are… starfish. Tomoya is obviously freaked by this, and Fuko adamently says it wouldn’t make sense if these were stars, which of course, make far less sense for Tomoya. Nagisa arrives, ready for school, and she is quite charmed by the starfish. This comment owns Tomoya, who thinks she heard it from Fuko, but it appears she figured that alone already. Tomoya is defeated, and doesn’t care anymore.

Fuko is trying to give the starfish at school, and it is somewhat effective, especially thanks to Nagisa’s help. Tomoya asks her if she shouldn’t meet her sister instead of doing that stuff, but Fuko wonders if her sister will hear her voice. Tomoya is puzzled and Fuko explains she has some gut feeling that she can’t interact with her sister and so, she can’t do anything else than this. Nagisa then asks her how her sister usually calls her. It is “Fuu-chan” and Nagisa asks if she can call her like this as well. Fuko gladly accepts. Tomoya tries to ask if he can do this as well, but Fuko refuses, saying it is horrible which of course displeases Tomoya right from the bat.

The trio is paying a visit to Yukine, who is alone in the source material room. Yuko tries to give the star to her. The later accepts but she is quite puzzled. Later on, the three of them explains her about fuko’s sister’s weddings.

The three of them are in the corridor, and Fuko thanks Nagisa for her help, but when Tomoya comments of his participation, Fuko disapproves and calls him her enemy (then arch enemy and then ultimate arch enemy). Tomoya is again pissed, more comic relief. Nagisa hugs Fuko, protecting her and she asks Tomoya to stop bully her. However, Fuko begins to turns into “STAR MODE” all of a sudden.
Then Tomoya notices Ryou and calls her out.
She is flushed and wonders what is going on. Tomoya asks her to say she is Okazaki and she turned into a girl to Fuko once she “wakes up”. Ryou asks why, and he justifies this because Fuko is always spacing out, so he asks her help to correct this. Then Tomoya asks Nagisa to follow him and they will watch it from afar.

As they are waiting and spying on them, Nagisa wonders if it is really for Fuko’s sake, but Tomoya doesn’t answer.
Fuko finally wakes up and asks what they were talking about but she realizes that everyone left. Then, Ryou begins the “plan”. Fuko is completely taken off guard and panics.
Tomoya cannot hold it well and steps back, trying to withstand his laughter, while Nagisa approches him, pouting.

Fuko is very confused, and Ryou is having trouble to control the situation. Ryou tries to calm her down, but Fuko claims she can’t, because it is the huge shock (DAI SHOCKU!). As she was closing her eyes while saying this, Tomoya switches his place with Ryou, and he tries to stays serious and nonchalant, and of course, playing dumb. Fuko is calmed and believes it was just a dream/hallucination.

Nagisa then arrives with Ryou and asks him to stop fooling around. Fuko notices Ryou and is shocked, claiming there are now 2 Okazaki Tomoya. Kyou intervenes and hurls a dictionary to Tomoya (who dodged it), then she rushes to him, and grabs him the collar, not really pleased with what he did with her sister. Fuko gasps and believes they are now 3! “Switching the person you are talking to” skill mastered !

Fuko gives to both Fujibayashi Twins a starfish each. Kyou comments it is probably a starfish, and Fuko is completely glad of this, claiming Kyou is her starfish comrade/ally. Tomoya confirms it and even adds Fuko did it with her whole heart content. Kyou is quite embarassed by her own joke.

Fuko asks both of them to hug their starfish. The situations is shiny for her *thumbs up from fuko*. Nagisa comments it is normal because both of them are pretty. However, Tomoya disagrees, and tells her that the older sister is a gorilla, while the imouto is a hamster. He barely finished his sentence that Kyou hurls her star at his head.
She rants about it, but Ryou says she shouldn’t to do this, especially with the present. Fuko as a stern expression, and Kyou tries to explain she thought the star would have some damage bonus so she has thrown it quite instinctively. However, she was just thinking that a starfish flying in the sky is fine too, pissing Tomoya in the process.

The trio meets with a third grade girl, Mitsui. Fuko recognizes and rushes to her and introduces herself (talking about her sister etc). Fuko tries to give her the starfish, asking her to join the weddings, but this mention changes her expression. She declines the offer, and justifies this that since Fuko is a freshman, she doesn’t realize it but Seniors are busy with entrance exams. She doesn’t have the time for this and walks off.

Back at the Furukawa’s house, Fuko is still carving some stars and Tomoya tries to cheer her up, but she claims she isn’t depressed. She is “happy” that Mitsui recalls her but that’s it. She thinks it is normal, since she didn’t attend classes until now, rather fetching some unused wood and carving starfish with it. With some regret, she actuallou would like to attend some classes as well. Tomoya understood and is going to call Kyou and Youhei.

The trio is heading to the usual empty classroom, and Kyou, Ryou and Youhei were waiting for them. The three of them are willing to help, but they wonder for what purpose.
Fuko is at the entrance and she is quite shy, but everyone asks her to join them. It appears they are organizing a class for Fuko, but the problem will be the teacher and Tomoya obviously says it is not possible with a real teacher. Youhei wonders who will play this role then. Tomoya says that since youhei is an idiot, it is impossible for him.

Suddenly, Sanae arrives as well, claiming class will begin soon. Tomoya is surprised to see her here. She explains that Nagisa told her about Fuko so she was okay to help them out. Fuko is very touched and stares at Nagisa, who smiles at her.
Kyou asks who is this person (as she thinks it is Nagisa’s sister, but Tomoya is evasive).

They are doing usual classes, and Tomoya comments how Sanae looks natural with this role.
During Nagisa “serious introduction”, both Tomoya and Youhei jokingly says she should be the iincho, but Nagisa disagrees, saying it should be Fuko. Tomoya agrees, and asks to their little fellow if she will do it. Fuko blushes a bit and nods, and no one has any objection.

Fuko then does her introduction. Sanae tells her that these persons are her classmates but also her friends. The scene touches her deeply.

As they are beginning the class, an old man is seen outside, somewhat sensing their activity.
As a white orb is floating outside, Tomoya comments Fuko is a normal girl, despite being a bit strange.


Thoughts :

Heartwarming. That is definitely the word which should qualify this episode.

First of all, I really liked Fuko X Nagisa interactions. In fact, I believe it is quite fresh to see a female lead character being so resolute but especially caring for others, without crumbling under her own problems. Nagisa is a very strong character who proved to be quite active. It is ironic, as in Kanon, Yuuichi was the big actor there, being almost “uber active”. Tomoya isn’t passive, but he isn’t the “leader” in a sense that he isn’t fighting like nuts alone. he is quite behind Nagisa, and the shift of roles between them is a very nice touch.
See especially these pictures: [1], [2], [3]+[4]. Cute no? they would be natural siblings I believe ^^

The other big point in this episode is probably the chemistry of ALL characters (minus Tomoyo and Kotomi, of course), who are assisting Fuko, without going out of their “reach”. Example: Yukine was welcoming them and cheering them up, though she wasn’t dragged out. The fujibayashi twins are naturally supporting them. Even Youhei didn’t feel like out of the blue. 

The class scene was of course the pinnacle of “heartwarming”. Touching expressions and scene, with a very neat image effect, soothing even more this. A very nice episode as you can read.

Despite Fuko isn’t exactly my favourite female character in CLANNAD, she is quite lovely, and works much more than Makoto from Kanon. The drama is “postponed”, But I believe it won’t take too long before it crash hard on Tomoya and Nagisa. 


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