Kodomo No Jikan Period 14 (Loli Knows Best)


After our brief trip through Key/Visual Arts land last episode, things get back to normal for Aoki, Rin and the gang…..well as normal as they ever get………………


At the start of the new semester, Hoein is admiring Aoki’s winning over of some of the boys in his class via his show of skill in Track & Field.  Aoki is rather pleased with himself as well that things are starting to go a little better for him already this semester, his students grades are even getting better.  One thing hasn’t changed though, and that is Rin who as always wants to show off her panties to her beloved sensei.  Realizing he can’t defeat the beast with anger, Aoki instead resorts to reverse pyschology and feigns the possibility of interest in girls who don’t just talk about perverted things.  Rin is of course undetterable however and instead offers Aoki a kiss, and then I swear to god actually reaches down and grabs his penis (okay Rin, a little overboard again).  She then makes fun of its size (Ouch Man) and Kagami offers her some hand disinfectant afterward.  All this time Mimi has been their pondering the theory that penises can grow larger (either he got an erection or she’s an idiot…..probably both).

In the staff room Hoin says that she has students that misbehave all the time and that when they do, it’s probably because they want your attention.  In other words, Rin thinks that Aoki doesn’t matter to him when he doesn’t respond to her appropriately (well he’s not allowed to, but I guess the author is trying to say that’s beside the point).  Back in class Aoki calls on Rin to do some tasks a few times and now she says she’ll be the one to ignore him, so Aoki let’s things slide (which isn’t what he’s supposed to be doing now, but since he’s an idiot).  Back in the staff room Aoki does some soul searching, and remembers that in his past, because his English teacher was hard on him, he never learned proper English, and he figures that being a hardass teacher is taking the easy way out of being responsible for each child, and that he was mistaken to ignore his students individual desires.  He goes to the classroom to through himself at the mercy of Rin and to apologize and she slaps him, saying she felt so lonely, and she’s glad that her sensei is here for her.

Back at her home, Rin falls asleep at the table (she looks so cute with her hair down) and Reiji finds her, noting that her eyes were red and that she was crying.  Reiji feels it’s still to early to leave her home alone for at least another couple of years lest something like this happen again (to his obsession).  At school the next day, Rin is smiling again and Kagami gets a little jealous, grabbing Aoki by the tie and that saying if he ever makes Rin cry again she will ruin him (break those balls Kagami).  He asks her if this is because she likes Rin, and she responds by punching him in the face and saying that’s none of his business.

Thoughts:  So once again a rift between Aoki and Rin comes to an end, but it’s Aoki doing the apologizing.  I think Rin knew she went to far and that was the reason she was crying, but she also was crying for being happy that her sensei finally showed her some affection.  I think in the school systems, once in a while the teachers all need to do something to show they still care about there students, though having one wrap her legs around you while crying will probably get you fired.  Anyway, Mimi won the most disturbing action award in this episode for the first time with her bizarre obsession with finding out about the male nether regions.  Overall I still think the author should have shown Rin to be a little more apologetic for her end of the mess as well.  It’s like her character flaw in having her tantrums was completely overlooked.  I don’t expect it to go away because it’s a focal point of the whole manga series, and she was only misbehaving to get Aoki’s attention, but the way it was just sort of never dealt with resorts in loose continuity between this and Period 13.  I support the lolita tormenting her elders fetish, but this particular manga often sticks to a certain sense of realism when it counts, and here I think it fell a bit short.  For that I think this is one of the weaker chapters I’ve read recently.  Hopefully that sense of morality and the feeling that a character has properly corrected a flaw and grown will return the next time there is a problem that Aoki needs to deal with.

Rating: Six And A Half Out Of Ten


2 Responses to “Kodomo No Jikan Period 14 (Loli Knows Best)”

  1. 1 Vincent November 4, 2007 at 11:39 am

    good analysation..>
    perfect margining, of whether where the story should lead.]
    GG ;D

    ~ Vinne

  2. 2 Vincent November 4, 2007 at 11:43 am

    intresting manga by the way ..

    notice how they feng-shuied the cover ??//
    made the eyes more alluring,..that just made me wow. >.)GG !

    ~ Vinne

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