Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 18 : Matsuribayashi-hen 5, Saigo no Koma

Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!
Origins were almost completely covered. Now it is the time to actually see how everything happened during these “incidents”… The chess pieces are gathering on the gameboard, and a specific “King” has waited for more than a century for this…

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Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Matsuribayashi-hen part5 : Saigo no Koma

At hinamizawa, Frederica talks a bit, saying that someone said that you shape Fate yourself. However, it needs a small miracle to do so.
A man is taking some picture in the scenery, and he notices two lively voices. Some children are playing around and this is… Rika and Hanyuu.

At school, Satoko is timid and observes her classmates playing outside. Satoshi approaches Mion in the classroom and thanks her. Because of her, Satoko’s life is lighter at school. Mion says she shouldn’t be thanked as she didn’t do much. Satoshi asks her to help Satoko, as he feels like he won’t be able to bring back her smile, and so, he needs someone strong willed like her. But Mion says she is the sonozaki heir, so Satoko would think she is a nuisance. Satoshi mentions he is there as well, then Mion then finds an idea of some club activities after school, which would prevent problems with their aunt. After a little while, Satoshi then tells her that he is looking for a part job, so he can buy a present for Satoko’s birthday.

Ryuuguu Reina is at home, and a woman is leaving with her luggage, most likely her mother. She comments she must be a good girl and shouldn’t neglect the red pills on the table despite she recovered already. Rena is silent and hostile. The woman then asks again if it is okay and if she is sure she doesn’t want to go with her, and Reina just nods, with her stern look. Her mother doesn’t change her expression and just leaves quietly.

As she left, Reina is annoyed and swipe the pills but she hears some footsteps in the corridor.

As she is taking her bath, attempting suicice, she looks at the wounds on her wrists, and she begins to “see” larvaes, freaking her out. We then hear Hanyuu, with her void “i’m sorry”, and Reina thinks it is oyashiro-sama.

At hinamizawa, Reina is visiting someone. The woman can’t recognize her, but when she says her surname, she recall “Reina-chan”. She is quite happy, but Reina corrects her and her name is now Rena. She is still glad to see her back. As she closes the door, Rena claims it is like this, as she is no longer Reina, but Rena. A new name, a new life.

At school, Satoshi is walking, but he has oppressed feelings due of some footsteps behind him. As he is under too much stress, he is turning, but doesn’t notice anyone, then Rena checks him, surprising him.
She wonders what’s wrong since he looked pale. Satoshi assures it is alright, but Rena wonders if he is just worried about Satoko. Rena says she had transferred quite recently and so she doesn’t know much but she assures him he can tell her anything. Satoshi confesses that he hears footsteps…. As he was expecting that to be strange, Rena confesses as well that she knows it .

Satoshi is talking with Irie, who is trying to convince him to stay in the hinamizawa fighters. But it isn’t good, and Satoshi explains he has a part job, so he will buy a present to her sister. Irie is impressed and comments how he is a caring brother.
Then, Satoshi asks him if he can keep his bat. Irie wonders why, but he is explaining he still want to practice a bit alone when he is in need. The doctor doesn’t see any problem with this.

Kuma and Ooishi are staring at the pictures of Houjou Tamae, beaten to death. Kuma comments about the curse of Oyashiro-sama, while Ooishi is irritated and still wants to avenge the old man (his “father” figure).

Irie and Satoshi are back from the toy shop. The doctor is quite impressed and amused by the size of this huge teddy bear.
Both enter in the car, and Irie notices that Satoshi is a bit feverish by his look. He suggests him to let him take a look at him after, and Satoshi thanks him. Satoshi is a bit in turmoil, and asks if his aunt is indeed no longer here, so Satoko is therefore safe. Irie confirms, but Satoshi begins to freak out, and repeat the question. Irie is quite puzzled, and Satoshi looks outside by the window, asking if she died. Irie confirms again, especially that he was the one who declared her. Satoshi is sweating a LOT, and repeat again, but Irie confirms it more calmely.
Satoshi begins to raise his voice, saying that he sees people looking like her, but since her aunt is dead, it shouldn’t be her.
Irie is a bit worried, but confirms it (he didn’t look at him yet).

At a red light, Satoshi panicks, sees “another aunt” again, and begins to talk erratically. As Irie is driving again, he tries to calm him down, saying she is dead. However… Satoshi’s state is chaotic and he doesn’t believe Irie, because it is INDEED his aunt. He can’t understand why he should kill her AGAIN. Irie begins to be very worried, and Satoshi begins to think it is really the curse of Oyashiro-sama…
Irie claims there isn’t any curse, and he asks him to calm down. Satoshi begins to apologize to Satoko, because he thought once that he should run away. Therefore, oyashiro-sama didn’t forgive him.Irie asks him to hold on, as they are soon at the clinic. However… satoshi begins to scratches his left arm, then his throat. Irie asks him to stop it.

Once arrived, Irie quickly barges in the clinic, while Satoshi is still in his L5 outbreak.
Irie then comes back with two colleagues. One of them is carrying him. Satoshi, completely lost in his chaotic state asks Irie to help him. As Irie is watching Satoshi taken into custody, Takano arrives and wonders what happened. Irie is regretful and speaks about his stress and all. Takano is however amused by the coincidence with the festival, and she wonders if it isn’t the help of Oyashiro-sama. Irie is puzzled by her comment.

Back with Rika and Hanyuu. Both approach the camera man, and Rika comments how it is a good place, where various things cannot be found in a city. He agrees with her. Then Rika begins to talk a bit, claiming she knows that he will also bring something which cannot be found in Hinamizawa. He wonders about it, but Hanyuu claims there is. Rika says they have lived in this village for a long time, that’s why nothing happened nor anything changed. While he is a bit puzzled as it might be a quality, Rika comments that he came in this village, looking for a change, which he confirms. She then explains they would like to welcome newcomers, as it will bring a good change. She gives an analogy about water being able to purify itself if it can have a stream, while stagnant becomes dirty like a Marsh. She then ends her speech with “Maebara“. The man agrees but wonders how she knows his name.

Suddenly, a man is rushing to him, calling him “customer”. It appears they don’t have much time for the visit, so he shouldn’t waste his time over there. Maebara-san agrees, and is going to join him. However, Rika and Hanyuu are no longer there.

At the Sonozaki mainhouse, Mion notices a relative of hers, with Oryou and wonders how it is going, since he doesn’t visit much. The man has a real estate job, and he is quite surprised there are many people interested to move in Hinamizawa.
After he left, Mion wonders why Oryou is okay to allow outsiders to move in the village. In fact, Oryou sure dislikes outsiders but she thinks it is time to change the situation, so they will refresh the air. She then comments about Ryuuguu Rena, and that she is friend with Mion. Oryou is quite pleased by this.
Mion agrees, and says it is always great to have more friends. Oryou begins to talk a bit and says she can’t do much, so someone else have to do something for the “air” of this village.

As they are going to enter back in the mainhouse, Oryou begins to talk about Satoshi, and the murder incident. At that time, Mion confronted her about it (reference to meakashi-hen). Oryou finaly realized at that period that it was time to finish this, as she thought everything would be settled if she and the eldery die, but it is way too slow. Therefore, she is expecting someone else to bring back the new “air”, and so Mion concludes about the outsider. It is obviously clear she is regretting how the Houjou were considered until now. Oryou hopes Mion will be the “new wind”, as she will be the new heir.

Outside of the school, a new student arrived and is impressed by the building. His parents arrives and calls him Keiichi. Chie-sensei and the principal arrive and welcome them. Keiichi is quite enthusiatic and claims to his father this school will be great

Afar, Rika is observing them with Hanyuu (who is in her spirit form this time). Rika (normal nipa voice) says she was tired of waiting. Hanyuu approves as keiichi will bring the miracle. Some bit of antics between the two.
Then Rika then reverts her Frederica mode and now, they have the last piece to defeat Takano’s will. And this is Hanyuu. Then she invites her spiritual companion to begin. Rika has lived 100 years for this world…


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  1. 1 Hecman November 6, 2007 at 12:40 am

    Hehehe… so thats how K moves to Hinamizawa. ^_^ Cool how Rika gathers her allies.

  2. 2 NetNN November 6, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    All the cast have arrived.

    Now, the fight will begin.

  3. 3 Dark-Pie November 7, 2007 at 6:14 am

    Great! I finally caught up with you guys.

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