Myself;Yourself – Episode 6 – another LoliTASTIC! Episode!

Here we have it, another hinko filled episode with all the trimmings. Lets just see what what happens this time when Hinako decides to move into Sana’s house for a day… 

Edit: didn’t work…time to kill >.>

In a Nutshell: We see Hinako running home from school and taking the elevator to her apartment. She enters her home and goes straight for the fridge where she sees a note telling her that her mother will be late from work again.

Moving onto Sana, he is eating some instant ramen and playing an eroge. He hears the doorbell and goes to answer it where we then see Hinako with a lot of bags demanding to be let in. She then kicks Sana out of the house telling him that he is going to get changed. Sana looked relieved for a few seconds then realises what the situation was and barged inside again…where we see Hinako getting changed (eekkk!!). Words of abuse comes flying towards Sana.

Moments later Sana is shocked to hear that Hinako has decided to stay at his house. She tells Sana that it isn’t a problem but he begs to differ. Hinako responds by telling him that he should be grateful to have a beautiful girl staying around. Sana stands up and goes towards her angrily but then slips on a magazine onto her. Just on cue Aoi walks into the house and has a spasm.
After they all calmed down Aoi is told about the situation. She freaks out a bit but Hinako reassures her that she has already told her parents this and they are fine with it. Aoi then agrees saying that nothing should happen then if she stays with Sana. Aoi leaves and tells Hinako to give her a call if she needs anything.

Later we see Hinako studying. Sana asks what she is doing (blatantly obvious isn’t it? ^^) and gets a response telling him that he should be studying rather than playing games. Sana inevitable gets his books out and begin struggling. After hearing some groans Hinako goes over to him and asks what is wrong. She takes a look at the question he is struggling with and is shocked telling him that it is the basics of basics. Sana then hangs his head in shame.

Later that night Hinako returns home from shopping. Apparently she is going to cook a meal which causes Sana to be in concern. Hinako happily tells her that this is a way to repay him but all Sana can remember is the previous event. Hinako tells him to not worry and that she has been practicing.

In the next scene we see some nicely coloured curry. Sana thinks that it may not be poisoned after all and Hinako boasts about her skills. They take a bite and fall over.
After going out for dinner we see them walking out of the restaurant. Hinako tells Sana that he didn’t need to have a kids’ meal as well but he tells her that it is because she is collecting the mascots. Looking at the two fluffy toys in her hands, Hinako is pleased.

Back at home, Hinako stands over Sana and tells him that she will be taking a bath now; any peaking and she will kill the yaro. Sana then takes this advantage to get information on her. He opens her bag but sees a pair of panties, immediately making him jump back! He then looks at the jacket and realises that should be where she puts her details. Sure enough he takes out her ID and calls her mother. The call puts him to a recording message where he struggles to explain the situation to Hinako’s mother. After that he then realises that it was actually Hinako’s birthday today (which explains a lot of things).
Sana then gives a call to Aoi, looking for help.

It is bedtime and Sana takes out the covers. He tells Hinako that he only has one bed but that she already knows as she sleeps on the bed and tells Sana to hurry up and turn off the lights. Sana sighs again.

After a while Hinako asks if Sana is asleep. He replies that he isn’t. Hinako then tells him that he can come to the bed if he wants immediately causing some sort of hilarious reaction. Hinako tells him not in that way but she just needs him to be a replacement for her pushie (awwwwww Hinako is cute…really cute…). While resting together Hinako tells Sana that at home she has a huge yeti pushie brought by her father as a birthday present and that she always sleeps with it. She thought it would be fine without it not being a kid anymore but that she now realise isn’t true…she then tells Sana again that he is the replacement and not to tell anyone (in the most depressive voice ever!). Sana comforts her and she thanks him.

In the morning, we see Sana making breakfast. He calls over to Hinako to wake her up. She wakes up and freaks out, asking why he is in her room and throws her pillow into his face. Sana is annoyed but Hinako tells him that it was because she wasn’t fully awake. He tells her to hurry up and get change so they can go shopping together.
The leave the house and we see Aoi with some binoculars. She calls to “someone” telling them that she has her target locked in sight.

In the train Sana tells Hinako that he needs some advice buying a present for a girl. Hinako asks who it is but Sana keeps his lips sealed. After running through the list and telling him face on that there is no way Nanaka and Aoi would be going out with him Sana gives his opinion on the girl’s personality (which seems negative and points to one direction *rolleyes*). But he then backs it up by saying that the girl also has a lot of good points.

At the mall they start going around some shops. Hinako picks out a purse saying that it fits the “adult on the outside, child on the inside” category perfectly, Sana praises her. After moving to various stores we stop in front of some shelves stacked with clocks. Hinako picks out a perfect clock but Sana ponders over it being too expensive. Shuu then comes waltzing in with his disco tech outfit and begins to give the whole “what a coincidence” routine. Hinako is obviously happy and is asked by Sana to help with buying the clock, he agrees to pay half and Hinako lights up.

After that they decide to have lunch and go watch a movie. This seems more and more like a date.
Later they return to Sana’s house where upon walking in, Hinako is greeted with party poppers. Sana presents her with the clock present and the rest welcome her with presents of their own. Nanaka gives her some cookies that are meant to resemble yeti kun but it turned out looking more like a ghost XD

After that they have cake and play some games. Sana looks at the clock and calls out to Hinako. She understands and says that she should be leaving soon. Standing up she thanks everyone for such a great birthday. Sana is concerned but Hinako says that she is an adult. Shuu then suggest that they should end things with a band and brings out the karaoke box.
Sana walks Hinako part way to her house where she tells her that she can go home alone. Sana tells her that she can come around anytime she wants and we see a sparkle in her eye. The light changes green but before running off Hinako returns while going half way and gives Sana a kiss on the cheek. Sana is left stunned.

Thoughs: Well it may not have contributed to the overall story but it surely did contribute to my enjoyment of this series

Every time Hinako shows up it just seems to end in with heart-warming heart filled moment and this was no different from the time she was crying over sana’s shoulders.

Quite the cute episode where Hinako ends up moving into Sana’s place temporary due to her mother being busy with work (again). it was later that Sana found out it was actually here birthday so I guess she just didn’t want to be alone over such an important time even if she didn’t actively want a party or any of that sorts.

Hinako is a really interesting character in my opinion. She is a girl who is trying to be a woman who ends up just doing the most OOC things for girls of her age. Yet it is her being lonely aspect which causes her to realise that she is a person who do feel the need for others, so perhaps she isn’t at all that mature.

This episode also had some great funny moments…with the return of the killer curry as well as Aoi having another spasm fit seeing Sana on top of Hinako (for various reasons ^^).

but the highlight for me has to be seeing Hinako offering Sana to sleep with her (no, not in that way you perverts!! XD) for comfort…such a heart-warming little scene – I just cant find the word the describe how fluffy it all felt…all the way through that I was just “awwwww” looking at how happy Hinako feels…ahh the simple things ^^

and the second highlight was the kiss of thanks…okay while it isn’t a total confirmation that she will fall for Sana (and with her lingering feelings for Shuu), it is something at least


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  1. 1 Shouken November 7, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    nice images.

  2. 2 deathkillz November 7, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Hotlinking my butt…This happened last time with imageshack but luckily it returned normal after “some time”.

    (tried to upload it again but the same thing came up with the images…sorry about this guys *sigh*).

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