Prism Ark Episode 5 – Priecia’s bad day ~

Better late than never? yea yea I know I’m slow ^^. This week we see the “lows and highs” of Priecia’s training.

In a Nutshell: we start off with a bit of history. 16 years ago we are told of the story of how princia and her baby were attacked by an angel during a journey. Litte stops abruptly to tell Hyaweh off for spacing out and he apologises. He then looks over to Preicia who blushes and then looks away. Later on we see Kisarov giving his usual lectures on becoming stronger to the students.

Next we see Priecia practicing with Karin in the forest. Karin easily beats Priecia and tells her that she is lacking form and spirit in her attacks. Priecia becomes frustrated and charges again only to be knocked down with her sword flying out of her hands.
In a flashback we see a conversation between Priecia’s fanclub members discussing how Preicia has weakened ever since Hyaweh and Kagura showed up. The leave and we see Priecia walking out from one of the cubicles.

Moving back to present time we see Priecia getting agitated by the thoughts of Hyaweh saving her from the flames. She then tries to shake those images off and attacks with her signature move. Karin easily dodges it and attacks back, injuring Priecia’s hand and cutting her ribbons. Priecia falls to her knees in shock. The fanclub are also shocked at what happened.

Karin carries on insulting Priecia. She retorts by saying that she wants to protect Windland but Karin doesn’t let that simple question go off easily. She questions Priecia just what she wants to protect and giving out a list of options. She then goes onto commenting on how Priecia’s pride is worthless and that she will never master her sword if she doesn’t change the way she thinks. Karin then leaves a depressed Priecia to ponder it over.

At school we see how Filia is having trouble lighting a fire to cook with. Hyaweh comes in and tells her to leave it to him. She tries to give him matches but he refuses, taking out a gem. He then incites and incantation to light up the fire…but it turns into an explosion creating a hole in the wall. The male gang then shows up and complain but luckily all is not lost seen as Filia then brings out a basket of potatoes.

Around the same time we see Priecia’s fanclub having a meeting. They want to help Priecia and that Hyaweh, upon that mention, Fel shows up demanding to be in the conversation. A girl thinks that it is Hyaweh’s fault that Priecia ended up this way and that maybe they…laughing the girls think nothing more of the “they” subject. Bridget is listening on the conversation and nearly came up with the theory that Hyaweh could be the princess.

That night we see Priecia training in her room however finds herself unable to blow out all the candles and questions why.
Moving onto Hyaweh, who is taking a midnight stroll, we see him nearly getting hit with a giant snowflake. But upon touching it, it disappears. Fel the shows up apologising.

Fel asks him what he is doing and he tells her that he failed at an earlier spell. He asks the same thing and Fel tells her that she is training and the images a snow flake again. Hyaweh takes out a book to see what spell she is using but she takes it away telling him that he has to feel it to know.

Fel then stands on the high ground telling Hyaweh that magic comes from the heart. She is learning how to master snow because she thinks it is beautiful and that she has a friend who she wants to show this to. Hyaweh asks who this friend is but she dodges the question saying that she will continue to master this so that one day they can see it together.
Priecia is still training but soon becomes exhausted and so steps out on the balcony. Upon seeing Hyaweh and Fel talking together she then says that she won’t lose and storms back inside.

Hyaweh then suddenly realised something and runs off telling her that he has his own promise. He runs to his dorm where the other guys are and pulls out a dagger from his drawer.

In the forest hyaweh holds up his dagger saying that he remembers his promise and he can feel the prism. He then hears something coming from the waterfall.

Moving onto Preicia she is practicing shooting at the waterfall but complains how she is lacking power. She hears something and the shoots in the direction of the sound. An arrow comes down to redirect the attack which skims across Hyaweh’s face. Priecia demands to know what he is doing here but before he could answer Kagura pours over the potential bomb fire and hands out some rice balls with tea.

Hyaweh tells Priecia about the talk he had with Fel which made him realise a promise that he has also made. Something about an angel that he has to avenge.

Flashing back to Hyaweh’s childhood we see him and Filia being confronted by an angel in a field. He tries to attack it with his sword but is easily repelled telling himself that he is unable to do anything. Just when the angel moves to attack again a dagger is launched into its head and a black knight comes down to finish it off. The knight tells Hyaweh that he needs to believe in himself and his power, leaving the dagger behind.

Moving back to the present, Hyaweh says that even though he doesn’t know much yet he wants to be someone who can protect just like the black knight. Priecia seems to understand looking over to Kaguya and saying that they are alike. Priecia then says that the power to protect is strong and Hyaweh finishes off by saying that this is what a knight is. Priecia then formally declares that Hyaweh is her rival. Hyaweh tells her to keep it up and leaves.

Priecia then moves back towards the waterfall and resumes her training but this time she is able to firmly blow a hold into the waterfall. She is shocked and happy at this new power. Something so simple was able to give her power.

The next day we see Filia trying to light the fire again. Fel comes this time and tries to light it but ends up making a snowflake instead. She made a mistake saying that she uses a different element of magic. Hyaweh then comes into the kitchen again and give the fire lighting another crack. He succeeds and says that this is thanks to Fel. He then mentions the promise which Filia is happy to hear.

Moving onto Karin we see her reciting poetry to her pet. Priecia then turns up again and challanges her to a duel. This time round we see Priecia having more control as she ends up taking Karin’s ribbon this time. Karin compliments on her form and tells her that she is ready to learn a new move: mirage dash.

Back at the academy we see Kisarov announcing the end of term and we hear cheers throughout. At the office he discusses with Karin and Litte about Priecia’s progress. They believe that she is ready to start her first mission and so puts a stamp of approvement on her knight documents

Thoughts: Quite the filler episode but still significant to show a new side to Priecia. It seems that Hyaweh also has a little past he holds dear to him, his promise to protect his sister is something that will be major later on (hopefully). Fel as well, I wonder who her friend is hmm…


3 Responses to “Prism Ark Episode 5 – Priecia’s bad day ~”

  1. 1 hydrodynamics November 11, 2007 at 12:58 am

    So there’s v.little to do with quantum physics in the real script. There’s a fansub out there that turns cliche mediocraty into something truely divine. The gist remains the same but the bulk of it becomes ‘corrupted’ with a discourse on quantum theory, the jokes are side splitting. For example instead of fel talking about how she wants to master her magic for a friend, it becomes a comic skit about the laws of thermodynamics and the principle of entropy. Fansubs done by crazy quantum pyhsics students:)

    Oh and does Precia admit to having rabies in the real script?

  2. 2 deathkillz November 11, 2007 at 1:38 am

    err no…the fansubs script are all made up by people who have too much free time on their hands ^^

  3. 3 learn to dj July 7, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    Hey there. I want to to ask one thing…is this a wordpress web site as we are thinking about going across to WP. Also did you make this template all by yourself? Cheers.

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