CLANNAD, Episode 6

It is finally time for the school foundation day festival! Usually, this kind of thing is pretty much stuffed of various events, and it is no exception for CLANNAD. As usual, various moments of fun, but a ruthless scene will bring a rather shocking and sad closure for this episode.


CLANNAD, Episode 6:

Foundation Festival of the Sisters

Tomoya pays a visit to the furukawa bakery but… some surprise around! In fact, Sanae had the… “brilliant” idea to create starfish shaped breads. Tomoya is completely dumbstruck by such demonstration, while Sanae is very enthusiastic by that. For the golden week, she decides to use such concept for her bread. ALL OF THEM are like that. She asks his opinion and he instantly replies it is horrible. Sanae is taking a melodramatic pose, wimping that Akio had the same reaction. Tomoya wonders where he is, and she answers that he fled, saying that “Sanae you are the cutest ever, but your bread is the worst!”. So she says she will do her best alone. She reverts back her genki mode and asks if Tomoya wants some, but he declines, which makes her sulk back in her depressed mode, saying that she can’t do it alone after all.

Sanae is very depressed and says to Tomoya she will look for Akio, while Nagisa and Fuko are at home. Speaking of the devil, both girls arrive. Fuko wonders where is Sanae, but Tomoya tells her she is outside, searching for Akio. In fact, there was a phone call for her, and it looks like someone after a big effort declared several times “he loves her”. Tomoya is quite puzzled, but when Fuko adds “but don’t do these breads anymore!”, he concludes it must be Akio who isn’t returning back, as he “confessed” to one of his daughter’s friends.
Suddenly, Fuko turns into her STAR MOE mode, and Tomoya reacts “dramatically” as if a kekkai (barrier/seal) was set against Fuko.

Tomoya begins to craft a tale, about the world several centuries later, as Fuko is “looping” her Star mode. Tomoya is the archtype wanderer swordsman with a cloak, and he arrives at the bakery. Using a big spell as a prayer for the…last legendary starfish user, he calls forth Fuko, and the bakery explodes, exposing … “Final Hitode Tsukai FUKO”!
Nagisa is fascinated by this tale, while Tomoya insists it was only a joke.

Then, Tomoya picks a juice box. He claims it will be his revenge, and put the straw in fuko’s nose, succeeding this time… Fuko doesn’t understand much, while Tomoya celebrates his victory though Nagisa isn’t happy with that.

At school, Fuko is trying to give stars again. Tomoya and Nagisa arrive. The later comments that she would like to see Fuko and her sister reunited. Nagisa will fetch some additional wood and Tomoya wants to accompany her, but she asks him to look after Fuko.
Speaking of the devil, she rushes to him, asking him to help her, as she is pursued by some strange people similar to him (of course, it is quite weird for her to ask that to the original).
She hides herself behind her, and 3 guys are dashing towards them. They are… quite freaky and they claim to be Fuko’s Fanclub. Of course, she tries to dismiss them, but the three fanboys are devoted to her, and they are leaving out, claiming they will help Fuko.

In an empty classroom, Tomoya is doing some “briefing” for both girls for the school foundation festival. Youhei is joining them (welcomed as the “weird hair guy” ^^’).
Youhei wants to be part of their group, but Fuko refuses, as he is strange. Youhei is owned, while Tomoya follows it up with the usual punchline “well then, see ya”.

Youhei is a bit pissed and challenges Fuko. Nagisa intervenes and tells to Youhei that they shouldn’t resort with violence. Tomoya agrees, saying he will be thrown in the dust chute once again!
Of course, Youhei wasn’t talking about that

Both of them have to carve a wooden sculpture. If he wins, he will join them, but if he loses, he will abandon.
The subject is… a nue (chimera?): monkey head, tanuki body, snake tail and tiger limbs… quite a mix. but looks like Fuko didn’t get all of this, as she resumes the list as monkey head, dog body and even favourite food as rice cakes XD.
They are starting and fuko is ALREADY done and… it is a keropi (see Kanon), which isn’t really the expected result ^^”
Youhei is boatsing, but he isn’t careful and hits himself with the carving edge tool.

After school, Tomoya and Nagisa are with Fuko. They tell her to go home first as they have some business to do. Tomoya is concerned if she can go home alone, but Nagisa thinks it is fine. She is amused by this scene and thinks it is like they are Fuko’s parents. Tomoya is surprised, and Nagisa is flushed, saying to forget what she said. The mood is a bit awkward.
On their way to see fuko’s sister, they bump on Yoshino Yuusuke. By remembering his name, he realizes he might be Fuuko’s fiancé.
They talk a bit, as they would like to invite her for the school foundation festival. Yuusuke agrees and counts on them.

Tomoya and Nagisa are inviting her for the festival. Kouko is a bit hesitant, as she is retired for three years and so only Nagisa knows her among the students. Tomoya tells her that there are teachers who would know her as well, while Nagisa insists as well. Kouko accepts after all and she tells them she made a promise with Fuko she will go with her. So, Kouko would like to go there on Fuko’s behalf, to see how it looks like. Nagisa is so touched she is completely overwhelmed by tears, saying Fuko will surely be happy. She flees and Tomoya joins her. They discuss at the park, and Nagisa is able to calm down a little bit.

At morning, Fuko is sleeping and she made TONS of starfish. Tomoya has no choice but to carry her to school. Both furukawa parents are encouraging them.
On their way, Tomoya complains he will be treated as horrible when she will wake up. Nagisa is very caring towards Fuko, and she believes her sister will be happy to see her.
Fuko wakes up, and as expected, she says it is horrible.

Fuko then says she had a dream… she is making a sand castle with a… “sponge bob patrick-like” starfish, and she is called by Tomoya who… is in short, with a bright playboy smile, saying “Oi, Fu-chan! YAHOO, Okazaki is the best!!”. He wonders why she is alone, he grabs her hand saying it is the starfish festival.
Fuko explains she didn’t get what was that starfish festival and Tomoya answers directly “as if i know!”

Students are preparing their stands. The trio is in the theatre room. Fuko then gives a starfish to Nagisa, who is touched by that.

The three guys of the “fuko’s fanclub” prepared a… starfish stand. Tomoya comments how their tastes are similar to Sanae’s. Of course, Fuko’s is turning completely MOE STAR mode.

Fuko “wakes up” and realizes she is wearing a maid outfit. She is in a café stand, and the Fujibayashi twins are working around with the same outfit. Kyou explains both D and E iincho (so both twins) were preparing this in cooperation.

Ryou suggests Fuko to give her present in the process. Nagisa is offering her service as well. As expected, Ryou is serving someone and Fuko gives to the customer a starfish as a follow up.

Fuko is giving more starfishes and it looks like it is working, as 2 girls are commenting about her happily, and they will attend the celebration. Nagisa, Tomoya and Youhei are observing the situation.
Youhei is trying to flirt with Nagisa, but Tomoya instantly counters it, mentioning a girl who looks single is passing by, attracting Youhei’s attention immediately.

Youhei is taking his chance. As he is trying to acquaint her, he bumps on someone wearing a teddy bear suit. Youhei asks this person to move out, since that girl is escaping. However, the “bear” disapproves. Youhei claims he will resort with force, but the bear doesn’t budge one bit. Youhei charges, but the bear is too fast, turns behind him and kicks him out, making him fall through the window.

Tomoya guessed it is Tomoyo. It looks like Tomoyo is doing some patrol.
Fuko gives her a starfish. The silver haired girl is a bit reluctant as her suit isn’t practical to keep this item, but notices fuko’s band aided fingers, and decides to accept it, as it is a nice handmade object. Fuko comments how nice Tomoyo is.

Fuko is going to turn back and bumps on Mitsui. The later notice her starfish filled bag. Fuko gives her a starfish. As Mitsui is holding it, she asks when the weddings will occur, but Fuko doesn’t know when it will take place. Unexpectedly, Mitsui will try to come if it doesn’t happen before exams, and she greets her good luck.
As she is parting, Fuko is very touched by this.

The day continues and Fuko keeps going with her distribution. Nagisa then thinks Ibuki-sensei will come soon.
She came, and she greets them, apologizing for being late.
However, as she is speaking, she mentions “both of you” (o futari). Tomoya and Nagisa are completely dumbstruck, and they realize what Fuko meant about “my sister won’t be able to see or hear me”. Kouko isn’t able to see her, and see the flowers behind her. She asks what is going on, while the couple is speechless and Fuko is silent, as she knew this result beforehand.



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  1. 1 brutalikyd March 31, 2010 at 12:35 am

    este ánime es xtremadamente bakan, uno d mis favorito… hasta ahora es el único anime q me ha hecho llorar!!

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